Author Topic: Sims 3 - Building and Construction Requests Thread  (Read 371684 times)

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Re: Sims 3 - Building and Construction Requests Thread
« Reply #1525 on: November 07, 2016, 06:24:52 PM »
Elizabeth, what kind of details/guidelines can you provide?  (ie: lot size? # of bedrooms? what expansion/stuff packs do you have? etc)


UPDATE:  Just noting that I'm withdrawing my offer to help due to lack of response.

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Re: Sims 3 - Building and Construction Requests Thread
« Reply #1526 on: November 14, 2016, 02:46:20 PM »
Hi, if anyone is still building homes, I have a bit of an unusual request.

Summary: I'd like a house, and I use this word loosely, with gates (either tall or short) instead of walls -- with the exception of the bathrooms. I suppose as long as the room has the Loves the Outdoors moodlet, it can be a mix of gates and walls, but I'd like everything but the bedrooms as open and connected as possible. Connected kitchen and living space with room for skilling in or near the main living areas (at least sculpting, inventing, and room for 2-4 easels, desk) along with space for 3-4 terraniums) and either a firepit or fireplace, ~5 bedrooms(see details), large garden. Preferably one story, but two is fine if it only contains bedrooms and bathrooms. As close to the front of lot as possible, please. Optional: pond, basement for family pictures/statues.  I'd prefer if it had a very woodsy/cabin-ish look. Doesn't have to be fully decorated.

Lot Size: 30x30 to 60x60 [Currently in Appaloosa Plains, with plans to move to Union Cove with the home, on the dynasty lot.]

Price: Hopefully with the lack of walls, it'll be under 50,000, but feel free to go crazy. I have a lot of tiberium I can sell.

Expansion Packs: WA, AMB, LN, GEN, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons. (All the EP's up to Seasons, unsure if I missed any.) No SPs.

Store content: Prism Art Studio, Cow Plant, Through the Spy Glass Bathroom set, Gothic Glamor living and office set, Faire Folk Slumber set, all free Halloween/Fall/Christmas content, Explorer's Loot, Grady's Pet Swap.  Individual Buy pieces: Put Some Birds On It (wall decoration), Ultra Basket Case (laundry basket), and Gothique Candle Stool, Headstart Playpen, Swiftgro Station with the greenhouse roof pieces and windows (do not have the lot).

Details: I currently have a Loves the Outdoors family, and I'd like to keep the moodlet in as many areas of the home as possible, and keep a very open feeling for the living areas, where everyone can be skilling but still be near each other (and smell the incense holders from WA. I've noticed it works when in a gated area of about 10x10, haven't tested further, but I'm fine with adding more holders.). I'd prefer if the living room and kitchen were connected to each other, with another open space that can be used as a toddler/child area or a studio. A dining area is optional, I currently have them sit around a firepit in their living room to eat. The garden area should be large enough for the Swiftgro Station/sprinkler area with ceiling coverage. A pond, either in the living areas or outside, would be nice, but not necessary. Skilling areas around the home are fairly important to me, and if these could be in a central area, I'd appreciate it. Current skill items: 4 easels, a sculpting station, and an inventing table. Looking to add martial arts, more sculpting. Eventually hoping to try every skill with this family, including glassblowing (from the Prism Art Studio, needs 5x4 area, but not absolutely necessary at this time).

More about the bedrooms: I currently have a married couple, two toddlers about to age into children-one witch girl, one alien boy, and a Simbot who is sleeping in a sarcophagus and I'd like to keep that. I'm hoping to turn this into a legacy with the children, so room to grow would be nice. These can be as small as just a bed and nightstands, or contain more personality. I'd prefer if at least one had a dresser, but it's not necessary for all. For the married couple, both are witches, and if an alchemy station could fit in, that'd be great. The children can use a combined rooms for now, but eventually I'd like a room each that's big enough for them and their spouses in the future. A room for the Simbot is not required, since he's currently acting as a butler/family painter. One extra room would be nice, a nursery, either on the first floor so everything's accessible, or if on the second floor, with a fridge and near a bathroom. For the bathrooms, no sinks are required. At least one with a tub, but just a shower and toilet is fine.

Landscaping: I'd prefer a pond, preferably near the garden or covered with the same roof, but it's by no means necessary. I'd prefer room for mining with 2 miners, and a time machine outside as well, along with a play area, and martial arts spot. As stated earlier, currently in Appaloosa Plains, but I will be moving to Union Cove once the kids are Young Adults.

Thank you in advance! I know the Sims 3 isn't extremely active, and I appreciate anyone who is still building, or takes on this challenge. Or if anyone could offer advice, or show me to a home that could fit with the Loves the Outdoors theme. Thanks again.

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Re: Sims 3 - Building and Construction Requests Thread
« Reply #1527 on: October 23, 2017, 06:02:19 PM »
Please oh please let someone still be alive here enough to even think about doing this request. I would love to have it done considering it will help me and my friends to have a perfect visual for our roleplays.

  • I have all Expansions and Stuffs packs, so feel free to use as much of these as you wish.
  • I do not have any Store Content, so please, do not use these.
  • This build does not have any STRICT boundaries. You can even alter the shape of the build as you see fit and as you find looks better (which is why I'm going to describe the characters that live in certain rooms and not the rooms themselves, but please keep the same idea.)
  • There are no specific landscape and outdoors decor that you are required of this build besides a small porch where the parents can sit outside and watch their children play.
  • Thank you!

This request will be very large. I want this build to have 4 floors (and a basement) with around 16 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. This "Mansion" is more about housing people and less about recreation and design, but I do still want it to nicely decorated.
The first floor will have a kitchen and large dinning room with a hidden kids playroom to the left of the foyer. The stairs will be straight a head in the foyer to the other floors and basement. To the right of the foyer will be the living room and a hidden laundry room and guest bathroom. the laundry room will have a back door to the back of the mansion.

The second floor will begin with personalized bedrooms that were planned for specific people. There are bathrooms in "Me n Kuru"'s, "Eevee n Greg"'s, "Shadic and Nighty"'s, and "Peony"'s rooms that have separate bath and showers. There are also two random bathrooms in the hall way in front of the stairs that have only baths.
Darci is a young girl who is really girly and bubbly, but tends to be shy. She loves pink and plushies. She is the kind of girl that would try to stay up all night and sneak play while she has school the next day. She's also very forgetful.
Jacob, Darci's twin brother, is an anti social boy who has a dark side to things. His room is filled with dark blue type colors and spends most of his time reading any kind of books, but his favorite type is romance.
Shadic and "Nighty" are their mother and father. They recently had another boy child, so the crib is out in their room. They're both introverts that used to do very bad things, but ever since they have found each other, they have done their best to lose their bad habits. Shadic's favorite colors are black and red, and she tends to be.. irresitible, while Nighty can be seen as that "emo guy" who is very protective of his family.
Peony is a mute lady who got named Peony by Darci. She is a ghost who just suddenly found Darci as she was playing in her room and tends to do things that she likes. She is usually seen with red or dark red/ pink clothing.
Jasmine is a 2 year old little devil fairy who refuses to talk to people she thinks are idiots. She enjoys blues and dark colors, and is more technology loving than playing around with stupid toys. She might be a little spoiled. :)
Hayden is Jasmine's older brother (fairy) who loves green and red colors. He's also playful, but more mischievous and enjoys picking on his little sister. He has a crush on a little dragon girl, so I would imagine he has a few dragon related objects about his things.
"Me" and Kuru are Hayden and Jasmine's parents. Kuru doesn't care about the decor of the room much as long as he gets to sleep with Hayden and eat as much as he likes. "Me" AKA Cori is a bit on the Gothic side, enjoying dark colors. Her top three favorite colors are red black and purple. She is also a fairy.
Eevee and Greg are animal lovers. Greg doesn't stay in the room often, as he is part wolf and enjoys staying at his den across the forest that surrounds their mansion. Eevee is more of a weeb and enjoys the Japanese styled buildings. She wears Kimonos a lot and enjoys childish things such as My Little Pony and etc. That might be because she is a young teen.

The third floor's bedrooms are more like guest bedrooms, so they will be less decorated and more comfy. As more people join, they will slowly be decorated. (The location on the floor of each room does not matter) There are no bathrooms in any of the bedrooms, but there are two in the hall way in front of the stairs like on the second floor.
Jerrett stays on the third floor, and is very messy and dirty so his room will not be white and nice looking, but more run down and unkempt. His job includes making bombs.
Zera stays on the third floor. She is a fairy, being Cori's niece. She specializes in Ice magic, and requires a very cold room. She really loves music, but she's not great at singing, so she dances. She's a wonderful dancer.
Bob and Moon recently joined the Mansion and live in a room together. Moon would like the room to look nice and pretty, however, Bob requires dark colors as he doesn't like leaving his room often and would rather sleep all day.

The Attic does not require anything specific, so do as you wish with it. Make it look like a storage area or whatever. One thing that might be useful when doing something to it is that Jerrett used to stay up there and make loads of bombs, but the owner of the mansion does not let him do this anymore.

The basement, or the lab, has no specific designs as it is as it's called, a lab. it has a lot of technology, medical items, and a mini library. Have fun with this!

Please, don't take on this request if you feel like you don't understand what is going on or if you get a headache trying to do it! I've attempted this build multiple times myself and got annoyed and tired of trying because I'm not that great of a builder and can't find ways to make it big enough for everything but small enough as to not make it look too empty. Enjoy the challenge, and thank you if you tried!

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Re: Sims 3 - Building and Construction Requests Thread
« Reply #1528 on: April 26, 2020, 03:09:05 PM »

I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I looked around and it seems correct. I have been trying to build a new house for my legacy family for quite some time now but am having an incredibly difficult time (guess you could call it a writers block). I am wondering if anyone would be willing to design this house just to give me some ideas and such. I really like the layout of the first floor, but the second floor could go literally anyway. I am trying to have a master on the ground floor, along with a half bath dining room and office. The second floor I'm trying to have another master, a full bath, and two or three more bedroom. Any help would be appreciated!