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Current General Game Bug List
« on: March 24, 2016, 12:59:53 PM »
Current General Game Bug List

Updated: Feb. 2019

This list is no longer being updated, due to the amount of bugs there are in-game. It's easier to search on them when asked about.

This was made to clear up some of the stickied BUG posts on the Gameplay Help board and put them all in one place for easier reference.

If you find you are experiencing a game bug, let us know. We'll try to help search it out with you!! :)

Quick Links:
Current Bugs / Get To Work Bugs / Get Together Bugs / City Living Bugs / Dine Out Bugs / Vampire Bugs / Parenthood Bugs / Cats & Dogs Bugs / Gallery Bugs / Gameplay Issues

If you find you have any game bugs, please go over to the (AHQ) forum using the link below and on the first post you should see a Me Too button under it. Click it to help show that others are having similar issues and hopefully that should help get it some attention from the game developers and other Sim Gurus.

The Sims 4 Bug Reports

Compiled list of Bugs on AHQ Forum

Please Help Us Report Game Bugs or Issues (Where & HowTo)

AHQ is an EA forum where players help other players, and also has staff to help with game questions, bugs, tech questions and other game issues. There are also game devs that try to help with the game bugs.

Current Bugs

[BUG] Excessive and overlapping thought bubbles

[BUG] Items collected in personal inventory are disappearing

[BUG] Collectibles Reset - Household Collections get lost on traveling/moving

[BUG] Can't Resume Painting an Incomplete Painting after Travelling/Exit Game
-- Work-arounds in thread linked above.

[BUG] Dishes being ignored when cleaning up

[BUG] Toddler not being taken care of regardless if at daycare or left with another Sim

Invisible laundry on the clothesline

Bed ownership is being ignored

[BUG] Reception functionality at The Front Desk broken for active careers

[BUG] Time freezing/Skipping Backwards *Possible Fixes* (Was fixed in patch 12/12/17 - PC / Mac but is back again with vengeance *sigh*) Patch PC / Mac
-- I'm still getting consistent time skip when triple speeding it.

[BUG] Sims constantly wanting to wash non-existent dishes - If you are still seeing this crinrict is asking for people to make a new thread on the EA Bug Forum: (click)

[BUG] Random achievement/level up sound effect

[BUG] Time speeds up after woohoo; sims look like they teleport out of bed

[BUG] Party Glitch - Hired sims don't appear at parties

[BUG] Disallowed First Name

[BUG] Black and White Party bug?

[BUG?] Can't take screenshots with C key

[BUG] Camera disappearing

[BUG] Games Not Saving

[BUG] On First Starting up the Game... it just Never Loads

[BUG] Lot types in Granite Falls can only be Rental or National Park

[BUG] Executron Executive Desk Throne - doesn't work!

[BUG] Neighborhood Lots Can Not be Visited, End Up At Neighborhood Screen

[BUG] Can Not Place Trim on Walls that have a Staircase Connected to Them

[BUG] Sims Can't Cook/Fridge [Possible Fixes]

[BUG] Codes instead of text/ Blank text and bubbles *Fixed!!* - But still around!!

[BUG] Disappearing Lots and Houses - *Possible Fixes!*

[BUG] Toddler parent living in different household not leaving

[BUG] My Sim's age keeps changing!!

[BUG] Sims Saved to Library, wrongly marked as CC *Work-Around*

[BUG] Can't get married at their wedding/ Aka Sims Can't Propose *Work-arounds*

[BUG] Sims Don't Sit Down to Watch TV etc *Fixed but will still happen in older games*

[BUG] Glitches with Friend Making/Social Butterfly Aspiration? *work around* Traveling resets the friendship meter

Gameplay Issues

Needs bar appearing as white box

Household Not Loading (Tips)

Sims will not respond to commands

Game Crashes in Manage Worlds

Loading family, loads map again *Fixed!!* (Somewhat)
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