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Chapter Index

Prologue: Even Cowfolks Get dem Blues
Meet the Contenders (Stats)

Week 1
Day One
Dinero   1.1 - 1.2 - 1.3.
Soma    1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7.
Zanna   1.8 - 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11.

Week 2
Dinero   2.12 - 2.13 - 2.14 - 2.15.
Soma    2.16 - 2.17 - 2.18 - 2.19.
Zanna   2.20 - 2.21 - 2.22 - 2.23.

Week 3
Dinero   3.24 - 3.25 - 3.26 (Gen2 Heir) - 3.27.
Soma    3.28 - 3.29 - 3.30 - 3.31 (Gen2 heir).
Zanna   3.32 - 3.33 - 3.34 - 3.35 (Gen2 heir).

Week 4
Dinero    4.36 - 4.37 - 4.38 - 4.39.
Soma     4.40 - 4.41 - 4.42 - 4.43.
Zanna    4.44 - 4.45.

Week 5
Dinero   5.46 - 5.47 - 5.48 (Gen3 Heir).
Soma     5-49 - 5.50 (Gen3 Heir).
Zanna    5.51 - 5.52 (Gen3 Heir) - 5.53.

Mossimo's Fatherhood
P1.1 Where'd You Come From?
P1.2  Foiled Again!
P1.3  Tyelis and Caprice
P1.4  Melannia and Vitor
P2.5  Very Happily Unemployed
P2.6  Two More Birthdays
P2.7  Ninja Blues

Week 6
Dinero   6.54 - 6.55 - 6.56 - 6.57.
Soma    6.58 - 6.59 - 6.60 - 6.61.
Zanna    6.62 - 6.63 - 6.64 - 6.65.

Week 7
Dinero    7.66 - 7.67 - 7.68 (Gen4 heir).
Soma     7.69 - 7.70 (Gen4 heir).
Zanna    7.71 - 7.72 - 7.73 - 7.74 (Gen4 heir).

Week 8
Dinero    8.75 - 8.76 - 8.77 - 8.78.
Kendall's Tale: 8.80. I Am the Air
Ayato's Tale   : 8.81. I Am the Heir
Soma     8.79 - 8.82 - 8.83.
Zanna    8.84 - 8.85 - 8.86 - 8.87.

Week 9
9.88: The Home Stretch
Dinero     9.89 - 9.90 - 9.91 (Gen5 heir).
Soma      9.92 - 9.93 - 9.94 (Gen5 heir).
Zanna     9.95 - 9.96 - 9.97 - 9.98 (Gen5 heir).

10.99: The POPOs of Newcrest
10.100: Whistle While You Twerk

* The End *

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Even Cowfolks Get dem Blues
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2017, 06:40:53 PM »
Prologue: Even Cowfolks Get dem Blues

Purple shirt: Ahhh, just smell that clean, fresh air!
Green shirt: Who are you people and where are we?
Purple: I believe we're outside the Shrieking Llama Bar in Countryside Windenburg.
Red shirt: Arrgggh, I'm burning up! I need to get indoors, NOW!!!

Green: That's a great idea, Red. And I believe I'm getting rather thirsty, too!

Purple: I'm right behind you, Green! Any time is the right time for a drink!

Red: Since I'm a snob, I'm really dying to mock their outfits, but since I'm dressed exactly the same…

Shirts (in unison): Bartender, I'd like to order a drink, please!

Shirts (in unison, again): I'd like to order my favorite drink!
Eric the Bartender: What is this, anyway? Synchronized simming? Where are your nose plugs?

Green: Let me be the first to introduce myself. My name's Daniela Dinero.
Becoming a Mansion Baron is what I and my future heirs desire.

Eric: So, with your green skintone, I imagine you're related to that Jade Benjaminz?
Daniela: Not at all. I'm actually a bin clone.
I'm the clean twin of the dirty sim created last year for this forum's "2016 Handiness World Championships" challenge. 

Eric: So, you there in the purple shirt, what's your story?
Purple: My name is Yukio Soma, after the protagonist of the Food Wars manga, Yukihira Soma.
As you've no doubt guessed from my purple shirt and violet eyes, my family's dream is to own a chain of five-star restaurants.

Eric: And with your violet eyes, are you related to those Mori's?
Yukio: Not at all. And I'm neither a clean nor dirty sim. I'm a freshly-made CAS creation.

Eric: So what happened to that kid, Hiroshi Mori? How did he turn out, anyway?
Yukio: Here's a photo of him as a teen. He closely resembles Papa Sergio, don't you think?

Eric: I thought the new plan was to use the Gen3 heirs from that failed RDC as the founders of a new RDC. What happened?
Yukio: Well, we brand-new, unrelated founders can marry anyone we want without worrying about familial complications.

Red Shirt: Hmmph, I bet Watchette just wants to play Caleb, Yuki, and Sergio again.
…Bingo! And yes, Yuki Behr, not Candy! *shudders

Eric: And you, what's your story, gorgeous?
Red Shirt: My name is Serena Zanna. My family name is Italian for "fang" (sez Google), you know.

Eric: Aha, another one of those Italian vampires, eh? What's your origin myth?
Serena: Though my face was never shown, I appeared as a blonde in polaroid shots with Caleb in the first RDC attempt.
I'm the sim recently created by Watchette for this forum's "Masterpiece Bingo" tournament challenge.
And I'm not a vampire yet, but I plan to change that very, very soon!

Daniela: So Restroom Dude, I'm going to wipe the floor with your purple whatchamacallit!

Yukio: Oh please! Get over yourself, you arrogant artichoke!
All you're good for is making money! Where's the artistry in that!?

Yukio: But we restauranteurs? We cook, we cosplay, we create architectural dreamscapes! Now that's art!

Daniela: Right, and you're going to be all artistic while staying dirt poor, I guess? Don't make me laugh!

Serena: While you mere mortals argue over petty details, I and my aristocratic lineage will be making history!
We will be forging new inroads into Sims 4 gameplay as well!
You two will end up choking on our smoke trails, commoners!

Yukio: How can you be so mean and snarky with such a pretty smile on your face?
Serena: How can you be so charming and two-faced at the same time?

Eric: As much as I'm enjoying your snarkfest, I just have one question.
Why are you all dressed up in plaid shirts, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots?
I mean, I almost decided not to serve you people! We have a dress code here, you know!

Daniela: Well, Watchette told us to get back on the horse!
Yukio: Yeah, so we got dressed up as cowfolks, you know?
Serena: But then the Pets Expansion isn't out yet, so we couldn't find any horses.
Eric: I see, so you came to the Shrieking Llama instead? (Hey! That horse wasn't there before!)

Sorry for the corny joke! May the best cowfolk win!

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Meet the Contenders: Mansion Barons
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2017, 06:41:16 PM »
Meet the Contenders
          Note: Completed requirements display in brown.

The Dineros: The Mansion Barons
The Dinero Family Tree <-- Clickable link
Total Museum value: $114,457

Founder: Daniela Dinero
Museum contribution: $9,362
   Traits: Creative, Cheerful, Materialistic
   Lot: Rippling Flats (40x30)
   Career: Painter/Master of the Real (Level 10)
   Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
   Museum Portrait: Yes ($9,362)
   Mansion Baron aspiration: done
   Gold-medal Parties: Dinner Party, House Party, and Incognito Party

   Spouse: Salim Benali
   Children: Moss Dinero

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
Museum contribution: $48,442
   Traits: Cheerful, Creative, Vegetarian
   Toddler Skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
   Teen Job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)
   Museum Portrait: yes ($9,514)
   Unique Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire (done)
   A in High School: yes
   Collection: Paintings/$38,928 ($8827, $7750, $6810, $5454, $3510, $3422, $3155)
   Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Daichi Yoshida, Aaradhya Kumar, and Cassandra Goth
   Skills: Violin (Level 10) and Writing (Level 10)
   Enemies: Yukio Soma and Serena Zanna
   Lot: Asphalt Adobe (30x20)
   Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
   Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, and House party
   Mansion Baron Aspiration: done
   Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 10 )

   Spouse: Aaradhya Kumar
   Children: Mina Dinero plus twins Alfonso and Jagger

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
Museum contribution: $8,857
   Traits: (Inquisitive,) Cheerful, Geek
   Toddler Skills: L3 Potty; L5 Imagination and Thinking (Happy Toddler)
   Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid (and Rambunctious Scamp)
   Teen Job: Retail (Level 3)
   A in High School: Yes
   Museum portrait: Yes ($7,540)
   Unique Aspiration: Angling Ace (done)
   Skills: Video Gaming and Fishing (both maxed)
   Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Nora Parr, Wolfgang Munch, and Lucas Munch
   Enemies: Megumi Soma and Lio Zanna
   Collection: Fish x 7 ($1,353)
   Lot: Tranquil Crescent (30x30)
   Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
   Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, House party
   Mansion Baron Aspiration: done
   Career: Tech Guru/Startup Entrepreneur (Level 10)

   Lot: Tranquil Crescent (30x30)[/color]
   Spouse: Krishna Bheeda
   Children: Mint Dinero

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
Museum contribution: $7,571
   Traits: Music Lover, Cheerful, Vegetarian
   Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Communication)
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
    A in High School: "A" grade
   Teen Job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)
   Skills: Piano and Guitar (both Level 10)
   Unique Aspiration: Musical Genius (done)
   Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Hugo Villareal, Sofia Bjergsen, and Mortimer Goth
   Collection: $1,120 (Whirlyflower frog @$160 x7)
   Museum portrait: $6,451
   Enemies: Akira Soma and Lio Zanna
   Lot: Oracle Twin Point (50x40)
   Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
   Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner party, House party
   Mansion Baron Aspiration: done
   Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 10)

   Spouse: Alex Goth
   Children: Sage Dinero

Gen5 Heir: Sage Dinero
Museum contribution: $40,225
   Traits: Inquistive; Self-Assured, Cheerful,
   Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Communication and Imagination)
   Childhood Aspiration: Social Butterfly (done)
   Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Krishna Bheeda, Masato Yamaguchi, Max Villareal
   Teen Job: Retail Employee (Level 3)
   A in High School: "A"
   Museum portrait: $9,670
   Unique Aspiration: Friend of the World (done)
   Skills: Charisma and Handiness (both Level 10)
   Collection: $30,555 (camping mascots x7)
   Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)
   Lot: Avarice Acres (40x30)

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Meet the Contenders: Restauranteurs
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2017, 06:43:05 PM »
The Somas: The Restauranteurs
The Soma Family Tree <-- Clickable link
Total museum value: $114,895

Founder: Yukio Soma
Museum contribution: $9,044
   Traits: Creative, Foodie, Cheerful
   Lot: Midtown Meadows (40x30)
    Museum Portrait: yes ($9,044)
   Career: Culinary/Chef (Level 10)
   Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $131,421
   Star Rating: 5.0 stars (Week 3: Sun/Mon/Tue)

   Spouse: Yuki Behr
   Children: Megumi Soma

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Museum contribution: $15,743
   Traits: Creative, Geek, Foodie
   Toddler Skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
   Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
   Museum Portrait: yes ($7,887)
   A in High School: yes
   Collection: Novels/$7,856 ($1,513/$1,418/$1,174/$1,040/$867/$836)
   Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Serena Zanna
   Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 10)
   Aspiration: Bestselling Author (done)
   Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Daichi Yoshida, Hugo Villareal, and Wolfgang Munch
   Lot: Comfy Cubby(20x15)
   Career: Writer/Author (Level 10)
   Restaurant: Nacho Mama, resale value: $101,147
   Star Rating: 5 stars (Week 5, Tue/Wed/Thu)

   Spouse: Braddon Storey
   Children: Akira Soma   

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Museum contribution: $32,922
   Traits: Creative, Romantic, Self-Assured
   Toddler Skills: L3 Potty; L5 Communication and Imagination
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
   Teen Job: Retail (Level 3)
   A in High School: Yes
   Aspiration: Serial Romantic (done)
   Skills: Charisma and Handiness (both maxed)
   Collection: Camping mascots/$26,765 ($4418, 4336, 3901, 3815, 3694, 3373, 3228)
   Good Friends: Yukio Soma; J Worthiington III, Sofia Bjergsen, Cassandra Goth
   Museum Portrait: $6,157
   Enemies: Moss Dinero and Lio Zanna
   Lot: Oak Alcove (20x15)
   Shop: Jungle Spice, resale value:$150,048/$100,000
   Retail Perks: done
   Career: Politician/Charity Organizer (Level 10)

   Spouse: Jun Shiomi
   Children: Satoshi Soma

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Museum contribution: $19,627
   Traits: (Inquisitive) Cheerful, Loves the Outdoors, Foodie
   Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
   Museum Portrait: $9,773
   Teen Job: Manual Labor (Level 3)
   A in High School: yes
   Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (done)
   Skills: Gardening and Fishing (both Level 10)
   Collection: $9,854 (5 sturgeon and 2 anglerfish)
   Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Luna Villareal, Sofia Bjergsen, and Masato Yamaguchi
   Enemies: Mina Dinero and Lio Zanna
   Lot: Beech Byway (30x20)
   Shop: Satoshi's Comeback, Shop value:$117,043/$100,000
   Career: Athlete/Bodybuilder (Level 10)
   Retail Perks (5/5): done

   Spouse: Erina Haas
   Children: Momo

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Museum contribution: $37,559
   Traits: (Charmer); Creative, Self-Assured
   Toddler Skills: Level 5 Communication and Thinking; Level 3 Potty
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
   Enemies: Mint Dinero and Laura Zanna
   A in High School: A
   Museum Portrait: $9,540
   Teen Job: Retail (Level 3)
   Aspiration: Chief of Mischief (done)
   Skills: Mischief and Piano (both Level 10)
   Good Friends: (Yukio Soma); Ruki Zanna, Makoto Yamaguchi, Meredith Mixon
   Collection: $28,017 (paintings x7)
   Lot: Fern Park (30x20)

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Meet the Contenders: Vampires
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2017, 06:43:32 PM »
The Zannas: The Vampires
The Zanna Family Tree <-- Clickable link
Museum value: $117,939

The Founder: Serena Zanna
Museum contribution: $14,546
   Traits: Genius, Snob, Cheerful
   Lot: Optimist's Outlook (40x30)
   Vampire Aspiration: Vampire Family
   Museum Portraits: $14,546 total (normal/$8,327 and dark/$6,219
   Garden (6/6): Cowplant, Deathflower, Dragonfruit, Plasmafruit Tree, Sixam Mosquito Trap, Wolfsbane
   Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers: Tamed Thirst and Mist Form
   Career: Scientist (Level 10)

   Spouse:  Caleb Vatore
   Children: Massimo Zanna and Lio Zanna

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
Museum contribution: $27,229
   Traits: Cheerful, Active, Family-Oriented
   Toddler Skills: Maxed all 5 skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
   Childhood Aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
   Teen Job: Manual Labor Level 3
   Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Imane Al Fassi, Paolo Rocca, and Morgan Fyres.
   Unique Aspiration: Bodybuilder (done)
   A in High School: yes
   Museum Portraits: $16,959 (normal/$7,652 and dark/$9,307)
   Skills: Fitness and Fishing (both Level 10)
   Collection: $10,270  (Sturgeon: $2544, $2177, $1680; Anglerfish: $1496, $1189, $681, $503)
   Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Yukio Soma
   Lot: Sandy's Run (40x20)
   Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers: Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures
   Garden (6/6): done
   Career: Athlete/Pro Athlete (L10)
   Vampire Aspiration: Master Vampire (done)

   Spouse: Morgan Fyres
   Children: Vitoria and Laura (twins)

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
Museum contribution: $29,222
   Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Family-Oriented (Independent)
   Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Communication & Imagination)
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
   Aspiration: The Curator (done)
   Portraits (2): $15,197 (normal: $8378, dark: $6819)
   Teen career: Barista (Level 3)
   "A" in high school: A
   Collection: Paintings/$13,025 ($3204, 2601, 2026, 1779, 1209, 1202, 1004)
   Skills: Painting and Mixology (both maxed)
   Good Friends:  Serena Zanna; Bella Goth, Masato Yamaguchi, and Wolfgang Munch
   Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Megumi Soma
   Lot: Cookout Lookout (30x20)
   Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
   Vampire Aspiration: Master Vampire (done)
   Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 10)
   Garden (6/6): done

   Spouse: Jung Storey
   Children: Ayato Zanna

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
Museum contribution: $31,123
   Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful, Self-Assured
      Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Communication and Imagination)
   Childhood Aspiration: Social Butterfly (done)
   Good Friends:  Serena Zanna; Jagger Dinero, Alfonso Dinero, and Arun Bheeda
    Unique Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (done)
    A in High School: yes
   Teen Job: Retail Employee (Level 3)
   Skills: Writing and Handiness (both Level 10)
   Museum Portraits (2): $20,623/total (Normal: $10,891; Dark: $9,732)
   Collection (7): $10,500 (camping mascot sculptures x7)
   Enemies: Mina Dinero and Megumi Soma
   Lot: Hillside Highlands (30x20)
   Vampire Aspiration: Vampire Family (done)
   Two Tier-5 Vampire Powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
   Garden (6/6): done
   Career: Politician/Politician (Level 10)

   Spouse: Bella Goth
   Children: Ruki Zanna

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna
Museum contribution: $16,819
   Traits: Inquisitive; Cheerful, Music Lover,
   Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
   Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
   Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Nobuya Yamaguchi, Ritvik Srivastava, Shaurya Nair
   Museum Portraits (2/2): $13,977 total (Normal: $7,900; Dark: $6,077)
   Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
   A in High School: "A"
   Unique Aspiration: Nerd Brain (done)
   Skills: Logic and Homestyle Cooking (both Level 10)
   Collection (7/7): $2,842 (Roast Tofu Chicken x7)
   Enemies: Mint Dinero and Satoshi Soma
   Lot: Civic Cliffs (30x20)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Even Cowfolks Get dem Blues (new)
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2017, 03:59:17 AM »
@oshizu ! I was so shocked to see your other RDC got moved to the graveyard! :( Buuuuuut, I'm pretty stoked to see you giving it another go! :) Loved the prologue, though I'll admit the horse puns were pretty shocking. ;)
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Even Cowfolks Get dem Blues (new)
« Reply #6 on: March 03, 2017, 08:23:59 AM »
Way to get back on the horse!  Good luck with your restart!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Even Cowfolks Get dem Blues (new)
« Reply #7 on: March 03, 2017, 10:04:57 AM »
Better luck this time!
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: It's Day One (What Horse?)
« Reply #8 on: March 03, 2017, 10:22:49 AM »
Thank you! I think I only had one horse pun? Did you find some unintentional puns, too? Oh dear!

Thanks so much, Caterina! I really appreciate your moral support!

Thank you for wishing me well! I'll need the luck!

Disclaimer: Although this is a new Rival Dynasties Challenge with new founders, I have kept two out of three spouses from my first attempt.
I'm curious to see if sons sired by these same spouses will result in...oh heck, why bother talking in circles?
Salim and Caleb's sons will be respectively named Moss and Massimo...Okay?  ;) (Of course, ultimately, it's up to them what happens...)

Week 1/Day 1: What Horse?

Daniela Dinero, Mansion Baron

Daniela: You've all seen the map of Newcrest by now, I'm sure.
So you will agree that my only choice is Rippling Flats in southern Newcrest.
My lot is the smaller of the only two waterfront lots in all of Newcrest.

First on my list is to befriend a certain someone in San Myshuno.
There may be other sims with writing skills, but with those tragic eyebrows?
I think not. I mean, I want my own Moss, too!

Hey, Salim! Don't look away while I'm talking to you!

Salim: I felt rather put off when you barged your way in at 8:15 this morning.
But I'm enjoying our conversation now. (And she's really quite beautiful!)

I'm going to pretend that he didn't start playing a video game while I tried flirting with him…

*hums: Whatever Daniela wants, Daniela gets. And little man, Daniela wants you!

Daniela: After becoming my boyfriend, he agrees to try for baby. When we enter his bedroom, however, this is what I find. Really!?

Salim: I've had to push my bed against one wall to protect myself!
So many unscrupulous females hoping to abuse my superior genes these days!

Salim: Well, I'm glad you figured the right way to move me in!
Daniela: What?
Salim: The last idiot asked me to move in at my place and all my furnishings vanished!
Daniela: Oh yeah, I read about that. So unfortunate!

The humble beginnings of the forthcoming Dinero Dynasty! *kaching!

Yukio Soma, Restauranteur

Once again, we Restauranteurs have been sent off to the north, which is the smallest district in Newcrest.
I suppose we can make do with the smallest lots! And when we can afford it, we could even buy an extra lot to use as a recreational site.

I'm standing in front of my lot, Midtown Meadows, which is the largest lot in this district.

So, Watchette, are you going to throw some camping gear at me like last time? Or will you actually build me a home?

You know if you just leave me a tent, @wfgodot will laugh you at you (again)!

*bows to peer pressure
Fine! I've built you a little place. Happy now?

Yukio: No windows?
You only have $2,000 left.

Yukio: So…no floor or wall coverings?
I repeat, you only have $2,000 left. But, hey, check out your lavender penguin TV! Your glass is half full, dude!

Oh look! There's Yuki Behr jogging by your house! What a coincidence!
Yukio: Very funny, Watchette, especially since you know she's in my club with me.

You realize she's only a teen, right?
Yukio (sighs): Yes, I do. And I have plans to sort that out when you return in a week. Oh, and Watchette?
Yes, did you have something else to say before I leave?
Yukio: Yeah, thanks a lot for the lavender garbage can. I so prefer that to wooden flooring and wall paint! *rolls eyes
Yeah, you're welcome, Yukio! I'm perceptive like that! See you in a week!

Serena Zanna, Vampire

The district where the Zanna reign begins lies in the east of Newcrest.
And I, as founder, take up residence at Optimist's Outlook.

I wonder if you've guessed my traits already? I am a cheerful, snobby genius.
And yes, I am Italian. But no, I am sadly not yet a vampire. That, however, can be easily remedied.

Caleb: Serena, darling! In another life, you moved to Willow Creek to compete in a tournament and I flew over to be the first to greet you!
Serena: I have not forgotten you, Caleb, not for even a moment. And so today, it is I who come to you.

Caleb: You're the one who left those polaroid photos for Selene Sciarri to find, aren't you? Naughty girl!
Did you miss me that much?

Serena: During the tournament, I dared not ask you but now I am free.
Will you turn me, Caleb?
Caleb: The words I have been longing to hear!

Caleb: You will be my first and only progeny, Serena.
I will treasure you more than life itself….well, actually, I'm immortal, so I'll need a different metaphor.  Hmmmm, let me think.

Lilith: Don't mind me, folks! And don't hold back with the moaning and slurping, by all means.
I'll just be over here, playing chess by myself…

Serena: I drink from Caleb's wrist to partake of his vampiric essence. And I thus seal my pact with Caleb as my vampire master.
When I formerly lived in Willow Creek, I'd never imagined this day would finally arrive!

Serena: Soon after, Caleb and his sister Lilith move in with me.
For now, the three of us dwell in this hastily-built two-story house.

Serena: As you can see, I have truly begun my transformation into a vampire!
Caleb: Yes, darling. I wonder if you will transform while Watchette is away or wait two weeks for Watchette's return, instead?

Serena: May I ask a silly question, dearest Caleb?
Caleb: Yes, of course, my love. What is it?
Serena: Seriously, dude! Just how long do you expect me to talk like this? I'm pure street, yo! Did you read my T-shirt? I ain't no Victorian princess.

But hey, baby boy, I'm going to make one heck of a Vampire Queen!

Coming next: The First Nooboo, The First Toddler

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Day One (What Horse?) (03/03)
« Reply #9 on: March 03, 2017, 01:01:00 PM »
Woo! Back on the horse! Though if I remember correctly from the Mori legacy, you were more into saving horses . . . ;)

And was that a hint at  . . . of all things . . . Mossimo 2.0? *eyes fill with happy tears* I'm so excited!

I love your new founders, particularly Serena. So devious! And so sassy! Although Yukio and his lavender fascination are quite wonderful, too. :) The penguin TV is a definite glass-half-full scenario, and the trash can is just gravy. I mean, come on!

Very happy to see that Salim and his eyebrows will live on as well. I had the same issue when Cressida was seducing him with the bed against the wall. You'd think he didn't know what a hot commodity he is with that furniture arrangement! Good job getting the furniture this time, such as it is. :)

Yay for incoming nooboos and toddlers!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Day One (What Horse?) (03/03)
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2017, 02:49:00 PM »
If I wasn't so sick, I would be rolling in the floor at the intro oshizu. You are something else.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Day One (What Horse?) (03/03)
« Reply #11 on: March 03, 2017, 03:22:19 PM »
Yes, lol, what a great memory you have...saving horses! I almost put Yukio in that dance costume but he protested that it was too early in the story!!!
I did have a Western-themed restaurant planned for the Mori's third restaurant. Maybe the Somas can make it happen. *coughs
And I'm curious (like, dying of curiosity, curious) to see how the sons will turn out with different mothers. We'll see what happens.
Stupid Tamari totally crashed my first RDC, lol!

And I know you didn't mean "Cressida was seducing [her grandfather Salim]."  Tallulah, right? Right!?
Lol, getting Salim's furniture! But getting the Vatores' furnishings this time around was super wonderful!

Awwww, thanks! I'm glad the corny silliness made you smile!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Day One (What Horse?) (03/03)
« Reply #12 on: March 03, 2017, 06:25:33 PM »
I really like Serena, I think she's super cute.  I can't wait to see what Massimo will look like.  I like the house you built them a lot.

Speaking of houses, I'm happy to see Yukio gets one and isn't just living with his belongings strewn all over the place.  You're welcome, Yukio and I better get a plaque.

I hope this Moss is as handsome as the last, and as flirty. 

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Day One (What Horse?) (03/03)
« Reply #13 on: March 03, 2017, 06:31:07 PM »
Yes!  You're back!
I have no favorites...other than Serena.  She's just so street, yo  ;=)
Glad to see you're back at it (and feeling inspired to go fire the game up and finally get on with week two of my dynasty).

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Day One (What Horse?) (03/03)
« Reply #15 on: March 03, 2017, 09:37:56 PM »
I laughed at Salim trying to protect himself. What? You're a popular guy! I'm glad he and Caleb are both in, but I'm curious now to find out who ... wait a minute, Yuki and Yukio? I give up. You win.

Best of luck to all three contenders!
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: What a Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather (03/04)
« Reply #16 on: March 04, 2017, 05:46:34 AM »
I'm glad you like Serena. I'm wondering if she somehow managed to curse my first RDC attempt so she could leap out from My Library and marry Caleb (again).
You are such a riot! Yes, Yukio managed to rub your hypothetical disapproval in my face and guilt me into building him a home. He thanks you and is considering a billboard--plaques are so commonplace these days!
When Daniela's nooboo ages up, let's look at a collage comparing the toddler portraits of Moss #1 and #2.  :-)

I'm so happy that my restart might result in your sharing your new RDC. I'm so impatient to see  what hilarity you have in store for us!

Thank you for the welcome and for letting me know that green is your favorite color.
I'm going to take more time with the Mansion Barons on this second attempt so I've chosen their helpers accordingly.

I was so puzzled why Daniela and Salim couldn't try for baby until I took a good look at his bedroom. I dunno, maybe he has insecurity issues and likes to sleep next to the wall?
And yes, absolutely--Yukio and Yuki.
I didn't understand what you meant by your giving up and my winning?

1.1 Daniela Dinero (1/3): What A Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather

Week 1/Sunday

Daniela: Not long after arriving on her lot in eastern Newcrest, Serena the vampire wannabe phones to chat.
I guess she and I can be friendly rivals for the time being.

Serena: So, get this! The second I arrive here, a very nice-looking guy in a pink shirt shows up at my lot and stares at me while I phone to join the Scientist career.
Daniela: Cut to the chase, girl. Are you interested or not?

Serena: Not. There's a sim I married in a different save file and I'm going to try to revive the romance!
What's Sergio doing all the way over there from Windenburg Island?

Daniela: Looking across the street from my lot in southern Newcrest, I get a big surprise.
There's a fellow who looks exactly like the pink-shirted guy that Serena told me about.

It's so odd! I wonder if the game senses who my favorite spouse candidates are, like the way Caleb was the first to visit Serena during my tournament challenge last week.

Daniela: Although Salim has already joined the Writer career, I am hoping to buy Connections before I start working.
So, here we are at the Stargazer Lounge to date, flirt, and socialize with each other.

Salim: Yes, if you must know, I've been skulking around eastern Newcrest ever since Watchette left us this afternoon.
But I'm not happy that Serena Zanna would phone to rat me out like that! *looks upset

Daniela: When I finally get Salim to lighten up and enjoy our date, Mila Munch introduces herself and proceeds to get up in our business.
Salim: Darling, it's very hard to flirt with you when that lady keeps intercepting my socials and changing the subject!
Daniela: Tonight marks my very first Mean social as I tell Mila to get lost. Sheesh!

Salim: I see that you are always green and sometimes mean, but I'm still keen
To marry you. Will you be mine, Daniela?
Daniela: You are the only man I would ever want to live with forever, Salim. But please, don't quit your day job!
You have no future whatsoever as an MC.

Daniela: I'm torn between moving ahead with Soulmates or trying for a gold-medal wedding party. But I decide to ask Salim to elope!
Have you noticed that the most time-consuming requirement for founders and heirs has been maxing a career?
I need to join a career!

Salim: Watchette is so impressed by my versifying that she forgets to take a wedding shot with confetti.


Daniela: I've almost enough points to buy Connections!
Salim: Because I'm Lazy, my immediate goal is to buy the Carefree trait.
Daniela: Before trying for three gold-medal dates, Salim and I take a break to explore our neighborhood (while grubbing for points).

Daniela: By 1 pm, we've enjoyed three gold-medal dates and, thanks to Connections, I join the Painter career at Level 4.

Salim: As a Writer, I don't really need to Work Hard; I just need to stay in this career.
So Watchette convinces me to buy Marketable and Creative Visionary instead of Carefree for now.

Daniela: Feeling Very Flirty, I begin my daily task by starting three Flirty paintings.
I can complete these emotional paintings for the Painter aspiration at another time. No reason to waste my Flirty mood, right?

Salim: My daily task requires reading, and I'd like to read up on Vampire Lore.
Daniela: Oh yes! With that Count Vlad roaming the streets at night, we'll sleep better with garlic wards.

Salim: By the way, dearest. Aren't you aspiring to become a Mansion Baron?
No offense, love, but this place is even uglier than my old apartment. And that's saying a lot!

Daniela (sighs): I know, I know. Watchette and I have been trying to decide on our helpers.
What difficulty level should I choose, Salim? Easy or Hard mode?

Salim: Explain what your choices are, Daniela.
Daniela: I won't invite the Free Spirits (Ulrike Faust & Maaike Haas) to avoid boring our readers.
Easy Mode = The Landgraabs. They'd bring $85,000 in cold, hard cash plus everything in their blinged-out Affluista Mansion
Hard Mode = The Bheedas. They'd bring only $3,200 but have lots of cash-earning potential (Arun = L4 Writing, Jesminder = L5 Painting).
Plus, their nooboo would be around the same age as ours.

Daniela: We'd probably insta-complete Mansion Baron with the Landgraabs.
But wouldn't you share more in common with the Bheeda family? What do you think?

Salim: As you might guess from my family name, my family hails from Benali Village in the Nadia district of West Bengal, India.
It's a small village of nearly 5,000 villagers in slightly less than 1,000 households.
On the other hand, I believe Arun and Jesminder Bheeda trace their ancestry to Gujarat on the opposite coast of India.

So, the Bheedas and I don't share an Indian dialect or regional cuisine. Still, it would be great fun to live in an all-vegetarian household!

And we could all go on a retreat to that new ashram in Granite Falls!

Salim: Look at us, we have so much in common!
Arun: I know! Not only do we wear the same cool shoes but we're both Level 4 Video Gaming!
Daniela: Fans of the bandaged piglet will be happy to see that it survived the move to Newcrest!

Salim: It's the moment of truth, Arun! Will you or won't you?
Arun: How could I not? I phoned my wife and we're both so touched that you and Daniela are willing to go vegetarian for us!


It's a little past midnight when I drop by San Myshuno to see if the produce stall's open.
Luckily, I'm able to buy 18 carrots here before my third trimester!
And now off to the Willow Creek art museum to earn more points from Painter Extraordinaire.

Arun: Choosing us instead of the Landgraabs makes the challenge harder for the Mansion Baron founder.
I keep telling myself that whenever I start feeling demoralized by this awful room décor and cheap office chair!
Salim: Oh c'mon, Arun! You've seen the images of how this writing room turned out before, right?
We'll be swimming in cash in no time!
Arun: I certainly hope so, especially since I quit my Tech Guru job to join you at Walrus Books!

Salim: Watchette, do we have no money? Is it really out of the question to cheer this room up a little?
As soon you both reach Tier III of Bestselling Author, I'll turn this room into paradise on Earth.

Daniela: The instant I see Jesminder, I realize I should have bought carrots or strawberries for her as well.
Apparently, she will go into labor a mere hour after I do!


Jesminder: My gosh, Daniela, you are absolutely huge and you look ecstatic!
Daniela: Why yes, today I earned my first promotion and tonight I will meet my nooboo!

Daniela: When our husbands come home, Jesminder and I decide to throw a dinner party.
I want a gold medal for one of my requirements. Jesminder hopes to complete both the Master Mixologist and Master Chef aspirations.
Jesminder: The party starts out innocently enough…a little dancing, dinner, telling jokes.

But by the time we reach silver-medal status, both Jesminder and I have gone into labor and feel Very Uncomfortable.
But we stick it out and earn a gold medal. (Sorry for the walls-down shot.)

Daniela: I go alone to the hospital, accompanied only by Salim.
We return home to find that evil vampire running by.
Salim: Don't worry, dear. I made a few garlic braids yesterday afternoon.

Daniela: The one on your left is our son. He's a greenboo, so we've named him Moss.
Jesminder: Our son is on your right. We've named him Krishna.
It feels so strange to leave the bassinets indoors but, alas, the Dineros lack a rooftop patio!

Initially, Moss doesn't seem happy at all about being picked up and cuddled.
If you stare hard enough, you can almost see the beginnings of the tragic eyebrows.

Salim: C'mon, little Moss. You can give us a smile, can't you?
That's my boy! You're going to become a true charmer, for real!

Author's Note

You have surely already figured this out, but I claim no familiarity or expertise with the cultural diversity that is India, except perhaps an amateur's love of the various Indian cuisines and a personal fascination with the birthplace of Buddhism.

I thought it would be fun to try and give the household of the Mansion Baron founder a different flavor. If you notice that I've made a cultural faux pas or otherwise unintentionally offensive comment, please shoot me a PM.

Speaking of curry, does anyone else love the manga "Addicted to Curry"? It's a (Japanese) manga that explores the variations of curry cuisine from South to Southeast Asia. But I digress...

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: What a Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather (03/04)
« Reply #17 on: March 04, 2017, 08:42:25 AM »
Yay, you're back! And so are Moss and his eyebrows :) *ships Mossimo 2.0*

I love your new founders - best of luck to all of them (and you).

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: What a Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather (03/04)
« Reply #18 on: March 04, 2017, 11:33:32 AM »
I'm having a giggle fest reading this! You do have a way Now, I'm going to have to go read about this challenge to see what it's all about. Might have to try it.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: What a Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather (03/04)
« Reply #19 on: March 04, 2017, 11:39:43 AM »
Little Moss has a built-in wingman!  Or maybe the young baby Bheeda will become a very skilled spouse for one of the other bloodlines?
Not gonna lie, I rather enjoyed that this update started with my girl Serena even though it was Daniela's week.  Team Serena!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: What a Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather (03/04)
« Reply #20 on: March 04, 2017, 05:25:09 PM »
I meant to thank you for showing Hiroshi, but I was on my phone so of course I forgot 90% of what I wanted to say :P
He looks awesome.  I hope you at least save him for another challenge?

Oh Salim.  What a nice rap.  Interesting house.

I'm glad you went with the Bheeda's, I can't wait to see the new Moss and his friend Krishna aged up.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: What a Rolling Stone Doesn't Gather (03/04)
« Reply #21 on: March 04, 2017, 08:51:16 PM »
Nice choice with the Bheedas. I agree, the Landgraabs would make this almost too easy, so it's probably more fun to go with a bit of a challenge. I think you'll still be able to complete mansion baron before Daniela reaches the top of her career, and the Bheedas seem like fun!

Welcome, Moss 2.0! I'm so excited for this! :)
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Much-Needed Renovations
« Reply #22 on: March 04, 2017, 10:21:19 PM »
Thank you for wishing me luck. I hope I have a better grasp of the rules this time.
The founders thank you for the compliment!

I'm really happy that you got some giggles from this silly story!
I'd never played a rotational game so had been avoiding this challenge for two years, haha. But I'm enjoying all the variations and possibilities. I'll be checking your blog to see if you start one! *winks

I have no plans for Krishna at the moment. I'm just going to wait and see how he turns out.
Serena thanks you for your favoritism! Isn't it hilarious that Sergio's turned into such a stalker?

I'm glad Hiroshi meets with your approval! When you hadn't mentioned him last time, we were worried that he disappointed you. He takes after his father Sergio 100%.
Thanks for your half-hearted comment about Daniela's house, LOL. To be honest, I don't really like building a little bit at a time; I prefer to save up then go to town, hehe.
Thank you for supporting the Bheedas. Both Arun and Jesminder have been pretty awesome so far!

Yes! Another vote of support for the Bheedas. Apart from the need to complete all the move-out requirements, I hope I can find something fun to do with this household.
And I've also realized anew that, yes, gardening is a great source of income…

1.2 Daniela Dinero (2/3): Much-Needed Renovations

Week 1/Thursday

Arun: This morning, first Salim then I reach Tier III of Bestselling Author.
After we publish all the novels we'd been hoarding so far, Watchette starts building...finally!

Salim: Um, what kind of house is this, Watchette?
I spent several enjoyable hours this morning, browsing through breathtaking images of traditional South Indian homes.
But I don't really understand it, so this is my special W.K. architectural style.

Salim: W.K. architectural style? I've never heard of that before. What does it mean?
Who Knows? Actually, I made a skylight but couldn't figure out who to place roofing around it, then I just gave up. Whatever.

On the plus side, there's this cute little corner with the elephant topiary or whatever it's called.

And the Writing Room gets an overhaul.

Salim: Hmmph, I'd hardly call this "paradise on Earth."
Arun: Awww, don't be that way, Salim! We got the most expensive wall paper and flooring!
Salim: I guess we'll just have to wait for the Comfort +7 chairs, eh?

Hey, you two! Less yakking, more writing! You gotta really want those nicer chairs!

Daniela: Watchette's heart is breaking over our garden, though!
No dragonfruit, no cowplant, no scientist, no grafting….what is this world coming to!?

Salim: We briefly consider inviting our gardener to move in, but decide against it.

Arun: Just call me Mr. Versatility! I've started reading a Gardening skill book.
I mean, it's not enough that I switched careers and aspirations!
But it's cool. I'm a vegetarian--gardening is where it's at!

Jesminder: I love both these portraits of Daniela, but they're worth under $2,000 each.
I'll just have to try again!

How are you doing out here, Arun?
Arun: Well, I'm Level 4 Gardening now so only one more level and I can start grafting!
Are we going to go fishing for cowberries anytime soon?

And yes, Sergio, we've noticed you walking back and forth over there. Don't be pathetic, okay? Your time will come, dude!

Moss: It's never too early to practice my tragic look.


Jesminder: After yesterday's renovations, our kitchen-dining area has a new look.
Arun: And we even have a sunken area with skylight for our hookah, I mean, bubble blower.
Daniela: I think the time is ripe for another party, folks!

Daniela: My house party is going along just fine when we get stuck on the "Eat cake 0/4" goal.
It's usually a really easy goal but it just won't trigger.
Even after I "Call to meal" using the cake, everyone keeps going to the fridge to eat something else instead.

After Salim, Jesminder, Arun, and I have eaten what feels like two cake slices each, the party finally earns its gold medal.

Daniela: Look who celebrates his birthday soon after my house party!
Moss: Oh yeah, I'm ready to rock and roll!

Jesminder: We get our son's birthday notice before Moss is even finished ageing up!
Arun: What a blessing Moss and Krishna are so close in age.

Salim: Here's a collage with both my boys.
Apparently, Moss 2.0 wouldn't oblige the Watchette with a pout but he's adorable just the same.

What are you doing, Arun? Does that mean what I think it means? Dare I hope?

Arun: You are looking at Mr. Versatility with Level 5 Gardening!
Ooooh, there's so much grafting for you to do, dear Arun!

Author's Notes

Since it's the night before switching households, I'm ending this update here so I can focus on the toddlers and their skill training.

Current Status

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed Requirements
  Mansion Baron: Tier I

*Incomplete Requirements
  Portrait: Not yet
  Reward traits: Need Frugal
  Gold-medal parties: Need one more
  Mansion Baron: Tiers II through IV
  Career: Patron of Arts (5)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
Toddler skills: None

Coming Next: Moss and Krishna, Being Adorable (hehe)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Much-Needed Renovations
« Reply #23 on: March 04, 2017, 11:28:28 PM »
Awwww, little Moss is a cutie!
The gardener's cute too.  Maybe keep her in mind for a future vampire spouse, perhaps?  They need a garden, after all.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Much-Needed Renovations
« Reply #24 on: March 04, 2017, 11:30:03 PM »
Way to go, Dineros, nice, productive first week. Just to let you know, at least in my game at the moment, there's a bug with cuttings. If you take them off the lot where you made them, they lose their plant type data (my poor vamps, dang cherry trees wouldn't grow and cutting just killed the first one so we had to start all over with a second, grr). Seems like you've got the MB bloodlines down to a science. Can't wait for the boys' toddler cuteness.