Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 168007 times)

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Okay, Let's do this!

Basically, I'm tricking myself into writing a story. I started this dynasty last fall and told myself I wasn't allowed to play past the first generation until I posted a story. So I played the first generation and then sat on it for six months. *sad trombone*

Now, I miss the family, and I really want to continue, so I finally got it together and edited the photos and wrote the story, and now I'm going to post it bit by bit and hopefully finish up posting right about the time I've played through the second generation and there will be puppies and rainbows!

So, without further ado . . .

Top Secret:  The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty

Arianna:  Okay, I'm going to deal with that later.

Chapter  1:  Yes and No
Chapter  2:  Go Time
Chapter  3:  Scraping By
Chapter  4:  Morris and Betty
Chapter  5:  What About Morris?
Chapter  6:  Things Heat Up
Chapter  7:  Busting the Triangle
Chapter  8:  Postcards from the Edge of Immortality
Chapter  9:  Hello and Goodbye
Chapter 10:  Done Is Better Than Good
Chapter 11:  Mentors
Chapter 12:  Clubbing
Chapter 13:  Breakfast at Chez Llama
Chapter 14:  Morris's Second Great Love
Chapter 15:  Narrowing the Field
Chapter 16:  Morris's People/Eduardo's People
Chapter 17:  Just Desserts
Chapter 18:  Recon
Chapter 19:  Waiting for Lucien
Chapter 20:  Wasting No Time
Chapter 21:  Nesting
Chapter 22:  Cool Guys
Chapter 23:  Betty's Swan Song
Chapter 24:  Encore
Chapter 25:  Bulking Up
Chapter 26:  And All the Ladies Wept
Chapter 27:  One Too Many
Chapter 28:  Shiny Places
Chapter 29:  When Life Gives You Hot Dogs
Chapter 30:  Brief but Momentous
Chapter 31:  Options
Chapter 32:  Revenge
Chapter 33:  Destination Wedding
Chapter 34:  Watching the Watcher
Chapter 35:  The Party Don't Stop
Chapter 36:  Llamaman's Greatest Fear
Chapter 37:  Party Season
Chapter 38:  Death and Whimsy
Chapter 39:  Ullal be Sorry
Chapter 40:  Adios, Mr. Coolguy
Chapter 41:  Awkward
Chapter 42:  Master of Revels
Chapter 43:  My Kind of Carbonara
Chapter 44:  That One Alien Detail
Chapter 45:  To the Moon
Chapter 46:  Hug It Out
Chapter 47:  It Tickles
Chapter 48:  Strangers and Enemies
Chapter 49:  White Wedding
Chapter 50:  Code Red
Chapter 51:  Trick or Treat
Chapter 52:  Otto-Matic
Chapter 53:  Foreshadowing
Chapter 54:  Creepiness Contest
Chapter 55:  Lucky In Love
Chapter 56:  Foolproof
Chapter 57:  Voodoo You Do?
Chapter 58:  The Era of The Goopster
Chapter 59:  There's Nothing Funny About Hysteria
Chapter 60:  Death-Defying Acts
Chapter 61:  The Bright Side
Chapter 62:  *sigh*
Chapter 63:  The Age of Innocence
Chapter 64:  Upstaging the Bride
Chapter 65:  The Thing About Big Moments
Chapter 66:  El Lobo
Chapter 67:  The Uptown Beat
Chapter 68:  My Dinner with Morris
Chapter 69:  Running In Circles
Chapter 70:  Identity Crisis
Chapter 71:  Before Sunrise
Chapter 72:  Onward and Upward
Chapter 73:  Platonic Movie Night
Chapter 74:  Play It Again, Betty
Chapter 75:  Livening Things Up
Chapter 76:  The Deep Woods
Chapter 77:  Poison Ivy
Chapter 78:  As Good As Gold
Chapter 79:  Don't Think Too Hard About It
Chapter 80:  Perfect Timing
Chapter 81:  Icarus
Chapter 82:  Troubleshooting
Chapter 83:  Plan D
Chapter 84:  Upper Echelon
Chapter 85:  The Last Pirate Captain
Chapter 86:  At Last
Chapter 87:  A Solitary Man -or- A Dish Served Cold
Chapter 88:  With a Wink and a Smile
Chapter 89:  The Randomizer is Not Kind
Chapter 90:  So This Happened . . .
Chapter 91:  The Bachelorettes
Chapter 92:  Sabotage
Chapter 93:  The Longest Day
Chapter 94:  These Things Come in Threes
Chapter 95:  I'm Not Crying. You're Crying.
Chapter 96:  Don't Get Greedy
Chapter 97:  Everybody Like Boom Boom Boom
Chapter 98:  To Serve and Not Be Served
Chapter 99:  The Block Symposium
Chapter 100:  Phase Three
Chapter 101:  The First One is Free
Chapter 102:  Unsavory
Chapter 103:  You Know How It Is
Chapter 104:  Love and War
Chapter 105:  Wild Times at Casa Spiffendale
Chapter 106:  Wrap a Towel Around It
Chapter 107:  The Taste of Life
Chapter 108:  Carnage
Chapter 109:  Ladies' Night
Chapter 110:  Hot Stuff
Chapter 111:  Cool as a Cucumber
Chapter 112:  World's Greatest Boss
Chapter 113:  Rage Quit, part I
Chapter 114:  Rage Quit, part II
Chapter 115:  The Interesting Thing About Zebras
Chapter 116:  Good Idea, Bad Idea
Chapter 117:  Underground
Chapter 118:  Trendsetters
Chapter 119:  Hipster
Interlude:  Apology
Chapter 120:  The Short List
Chapter 121:  Friendship is Magic
Chapter 122:  The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul
Chapter 123:  There it Is


Spiffelogue:  Huntington Estates

I:  Let the Spiffelogue Commence!
II:  Shokugeki
III:  Salt in the Wound
IV:  Too Hot to Handle
V:  Mrs. Pringlefeather's Lament
VI:  The Pink Joke
VII:  Grim Determination
VIII:  Elevator Pitch
IX:  The Hall of Fame

Arianna:  Um, hi there.

Eliza:  Hi! Iím Eliza! Are you new in town? Iíve never seen you before. I know everybody, so you must be new. Iím so glad to meet you. My husband Bob and I live here and we love it! Such a great town. Super nice people. If you need to know anything, just ask. I am a fount of information. Iím actually kind of surprised to see you here. Most times I have to hunt people down and introduce myself. Iím basically the welcome wagon. Where do you live? Daisy hovel? I havenít seen any moving vans.

Arianna:  Iím actually over in Newcrest, at Twin Ora-

Eliza:  Oh, of course! Thatís why I havenít seen you! Newcrest is still a little new to me. Twin Oracle Point, did you say? Thatís a gorgeous lot, with the view of the water, and that big pflume shooting out. Wow. Thatís a dynasty lot, isnít it? How did you score that one?

Arianna:  Oh, well, Iím doing a dynasty, actually. Itís, um, my ninth, but my first in Newcrest. Iím from Appaloosa Plains, originally.

Eliza:  Ooooh. Isnít that the town with all the horses? I think I had a pen pal there once.

Arianna:  Yeah, thatís actually why I failed so many dynasties to begin with. The horses kept eating my life fruit seeds. Well, once it was a horse, and two other times it was my dogs. But what can I do? Iím a total animal lover. Well, I used to be. Iím super relieved there arenít any animals around here.

Eliza:  Eight failed dynasties, huh? Youíre pretty brave to start another one.

Arianna:  Well, seven failures. The eighth is still technically in process, but I just couldnít face it anymore. I needed a fresh start.

Eliza:  Perfect. Let me know if thereís anything at all I can do to help. I love dynasties. Iím such a fangirl!

Arianna:  Well, actually. I need to make a bunch of friends, like, really quickly. So youíre one so far, and thank you for that, but I was hoping you could kind of introduce me around . . .?

Eliza:  Say no more! BOB! Fire up the barbecue! Weíve got a new dynasty girl in town!

Eliza:  Okay, you chat with Bob, Summer and Alice, and Iíll go hunt down some more folks.

Arianna:  Hi! Iím Arianna. Is that franks and beans? It smells . . . nice.

Bob: So, um, I know Eliza can come on a bit strong . . .

Arianna: Sheís wonderful! Sheís just what I need. Are you . . . okay with this?

Bob: Oh, you know. Iím just along for the ride.

Arianna: Thanks, Bob. Friends?

Bob:  Friends.

Arianna: Wow, Eric. You remind me so much of my third husband. Well, my third through sixth husbands. All the same guy! Booker. Boy was he a handsome fellow. He had these eyes like . . Pow!

Eric: Iím married

Arianna: Oh, gosh! Of course! Iím really just looking for friends at the moment, I swear!

Nina: Uh-huh. Sure you are, hot pants.

Arianna:  Okay, guys, why donít you go ahead and get settled in. Iíve got to run to the gym.

Eliza:  The gym? Arenít you exhausted?

Arianna:  Yeah . . . but Iíve got to go . . . meet someone.

Eliza:  You just met, like, fifty people. Who else do you want to meet?

Arianna:  This one in particular has some . . . special skills. Heís a . . . handyman! The house, once itís built, is going to have a lot of . . . plumbing and stuff, and thatís going to break, so weíre going to need a handyman to . . . see about the pipes . . . and such . . .

Bob: Whatever. As long as thereís a kitchen. Eventually.

Arianna: So . . . um . . . hi. My um . . . turnbuckle has a loose  . . .  gasket?

Don: Oh-ho! Sounds like youíre in need of a handyman. Zoe, I want you to do five more minutes at that pace, and then cool down. Iíll be right back. Watch your form! No slouching!

Zoe: (suspicious) Okay, Don. Hurry back.

Arianna:  How'd I do?

Don: Well, you found me, thatís a good sign. Not super-smooth on the code introduction, but we can work on that. I assume youíve spent the day acquiring our other assets?

Arianna: Yes! Oh, wow Iím so relieved to have someone to talk to about all this. I mean, I know they hired me because of my dynasty experience, but all this subterfuge is totally new to me.
Eliza was on board from the start, though. Boy, were they right about her! Sheís perfect for getting to know the town. She knows everything. Bobís pretty quiet, but he seems solid and he makes a great hamburger.

Don: Okay, okay! Letís keep the chatter to a minimum. Zoeís pretty winded, but that doesnít mean sheís not going to hear anything. Strictly business until we get back to the lot, yeah?

Don:  Howís the build coming? Did you get my specs for my room?

Arianna: Yes! Dark colors, lots of red, comfy bed, and I even got that weird lamp you asked for. Itís . . . strangely alluring.

Don: Good, good. Perfect. How about the subject; have you made contact?

Arianna: No, I was kind of hoping heíd be here, actually. Two birds with one stone and all.

Don: Yeah, no. Havenít seen him. Heís more of a regular at Builders & Burners. You can try there first thing tomorrow. Okay, you down a sleep replacement while I finish up with Zoe, and then I want you to hit up the clubs, keep making friends. And remember, as far as anyone knows, Iím just your handyman. I am not employed by the agency in any official capacity, and neither are you until you make some connections, so making friends with everyone is key.

Arianna: Okay. Got it. No sleep. Friends. Keep moving.

Don: Actually, you can start with Zoe. Sheís an easy target. Very friendly herself. Come on over when youíre freshened up.

Arianna: Angee! So glad I met you, Zoe. Come by the house anytime!

Zoe: Oh my gosh, I totally will, especially now that Donís living with you. *giggles*

The next morning . . .

Arianna: Don, I need you to answer your phone. Iíve been at the gym all morning. Iím sore. Iím exhausted. The ďsubjectĒ is nowhere to be found, and even if he was here Iím not feeling terribly alluring right now. I need help.

*Deep breath*
Okay, Iíve got one more gym to hit up, and that will be every single one in the universe until they open up that freeway to Windenburg. CALL ME BACK! Youíd better be doing something really important right now.

Arianna: Okay, boxing, . . .boxing, . . . being nonchalant . . . Oh gosh! There he is!

Arianna: Oh! Hi! You! . . . there. You there. Could you maybe give me some advice on my . . . left hook? Iím a little pathetic and you look like you know your way around a punching bag.

J: Hi yourself. Yeah, Iíve boxed a few rounds in my time. Why donít you let me get a good look at what Iím working with?

Arianna: Gosh, youíre so nice, and handsome, too. Do you want to grab a drink after this?

J: Donít mind if I do.

Later on . . .

Arianna: So, thanks for coming out with me. Let me just get something out of the way right now.

J: Wow. Okay. I like the way you operate. Should we go in for a drink or do you have anything else youíd like to take care of?

Arianna: Maybe a few more things. This is going extraordinarily well. Iím actually pretty good at this.

Arianna:  Iím actually enjoying this. Wow, and he is an amazing kisser. Okay now for the big finish.

Arianna: Now, how about that drink.

J:  Hmmm?

Arianna: So, basically, Iím doing this dynasty. I need someone to help bring in the next generation, and you have phenomenal genes.

J: Wow, thatís an interesting idea, but-

A:  I know youíre non-committal, and Iím totally willing to work with that. You can quit your job, fish, work-out all day, whatever you want.

J: Neat. I like that, but-

A: And hereís the kicker: you donít have to marry me. You donít even have to be my boyfriend. I will never bring it up, and if you get a whim for it, fantastic,-

J: Thatís an interesting-

A: -but if not, weíll just be romantic interests until the end of time, and there will be zero pressure. You just need to live in the house until you die. What do you say?

J: *pees himself*

Gold Medal Date!

A: So, thatís a good sign, right, Gavin? I mean, he obviously had a great time if he wouldnít even stop talking to me to go to the bathroom, right? I say we nailed it! Meet you back at the house, J!

A: I am so killing this. I am an amazing spy after all, and I didnít need Don for darn thing!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2016, 07:38:02 PM »
Nice start!  Arianna is very pretty and I love how you portray everyone.  Good luck!
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2016, 08:51:21 PM »
I am impressed that you scored J I cannot wait to see what the heir looks like.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2016, 09:24:00 PM »
I love Arianna! On her date with J, she was even more self-absorbed than J was and he wet his pants, hahaha.
Also she's lovely--she's going to live with Don and J?  Embarrassment of riches?

This was so fun! Looking forward to reading more!  ;D

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2016, 07:30:38 AM »
This looks like fun. From "BOB! Fire up the barbecue" to J peeing his pants and Gold Medal Date, I was giggling the whole way through. Good luck!
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2016, 09:04:15 AM »
Oh, J, you could have gone to the bathroom first, lol. I love this, even Eliza wasn't so bad that I actually enjoyed seeing her. Arianna is beautiful!
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: June 14, 2016, 10:44:31 AM »
@Ricalynn Thanks! I was super nervous to start, but it's really fun!

@ratchie You will not be disappointed. Gen 2 is quite gorgeous.

@oshizu Thanks! Embarassment of riches, indeed, especially since Don is almost never out of his sleepwear. Brazen!

@MarianT Thank you! I'm glad I made you giggle. I hope I can keep it up!

@Nettlejuice I'm glad Eliza didn't get on your nerves too much. :) She's even better after her makeover. I think it's her hair that usually irritates me so much. I figured she deserved a chance to play dynasty for once, and she's been a very enthusiastic helper!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: June 15, 2016, 02:08:29 PM »
Chapter 1:  Yes and No

A: It was incredible, Don! He was eating out of my hand. I mean, sure, most of my marriages have been on the quick side, but this time I was really on fire. I felt so smooth and confident! I really felt like I could pull this thing off. So anyway, he moved in and heís upstairs sleeping off his humiliation right now.

D: I gotta say. Iím impressed.

A: The only thing is, Don, I like him. I mean, I really like him. Heís wonderful. Iím afraid itís going to be difficult to keep my emotions out of the whole process.

D: Well, you get better at that with experience. I can give you some tips. Listen, howís your other aspiration coming along?

A: Oh, the Friend of the World thing? Awesome! I just need a best friend to finish my current milestone, and I was going to ask Eliza as soon as she wakes up.

D: No, I mean your other other aspiration. The one you spent most of your previous lives working on.

A: Oh . . . . yeah I should probably go plant something, huh? Oh, good morning sunshine!

A: You look refreshed and handsome. Listen Iíve just got to pop outside and do a bit of gardening, but then we can go on a date later and hash out some details, k?

A: Gardening. Itís always gardening. Just once Iíd like to do something exotic and exciting, like logic.

E: So youíre the handyman, huh? You look remarkably handy, I must say. Youíre probably the handiest-looking fellow Iíve ever seen.

D: You should see me repair a stereo. Sícuse me a second, I think I hear some handiwork knocking at the door. You let me know if you need anything fixed, though, alright?

Arianna: Don, leave her alone. She has a husband to fix things for her. Now go answer the door. Eliza, come out here. I want to ask you something.

Don: Good afternoon, Nina, darling. How lovely of you to stop by.

A: So, Iíve got an opening for a best friend, and you are by far and away the best candidate. What do you say?

E: Are you kidding me? Iíd love to! This is the best day ever!

A: Love you, Liz. Thank you for everything.

E: You ainít seen nothing yet, bestie. We are going to work this dynasty until it shines! When can we get pregnant? Bob and I are ready at a momentís notice!

A: Just let me practice my speaking in the mirror for a bit. I promise as soon as Iíve got this first aspiration nailed down and I can start my job weíll both jump on the baby train, okay?

E: Okay!

Later that day . . .

J: Oh, man. Arianna! You are never going to guess what whim I just popped. I can hardly believe it myself. This has been such a crazy day. Do you want to be my girlfriend?

A: Oh . . . . um . . . .no. Thank you, though! Just . . . no.

J: Okay, cool. Iím going to go hide from everyone in the bed for a few.

Don: Arianna, Iím going to go ahead and finish fixing this stereo, but then could I speak to you outside for a sec?

Nina: Oh, boy did you ever blow it. J is a total catch. You should have heard yourself, ďOh, um, no, I blah blah blah . . ď So lame.

Arianna: Go home, Nina. Youíre juiced.

A: Don, Iím sorry. Iím sorry. I know! I mean, I donít know. I donít know what I was thinking. I just . . . I like him, and he likes me, and I just maxed charisma, so I was feeling really confident, and then he was there and I wasnít expecting it and . . . I just donít know if I can go through with this.

D: Arianna, heís the key to the whole operation. This doesnít happen without J. You know that.

A: I do! I do, I just . . . I have to tell him, Don. If this is going to be real, if weíre actually going to be in a relationship, then I have to come clean. I canít have secrets between us.

D: That is not part of the plan.

A: Well, then weíre changing the plan. This is not just an operation; this is my life, and itís Jís life, too. Itís going to be a good life, and an honest life, and I wonít have him finding out at the end of it that I was using him. Heís got to be in on it, and thatís final. 

A:  So, J, thank you for agreeing to come on this date with me. I know this is a little awkward after . . .

J: Hey, itís cool. Iím happy you asked. Could I request ahead of time that I be allowed regular bathroom breaks, though? Iíve been humiliated to the point of near-death a couple of times in the last few days, and Iíd really like to avoid that happening again if possible.

A: Yes. Bathroom breaks are allowed.

J: Should we decide on, like, a hand signal in case youíre talking and I donít want to interrupt you?

A: That wonít be necessary. Look, there are a lot of things you donít know about me, and I think itís time I brought you on board. This is not a dynasty for dynastyís sake, and you werenít a random spousal choice. Itís kind of a long story . . .

J: I wonít deny, itís a lot to take in, but hear me out, because I have a few thoughts: 1. This is still a very good deal for me. I get a beautiful, charming spouse, an undoubtedly beautiful child, and I get to live in what is, by all appearances, a near-exact replica of the Von Trapp Villa from The Sound of Music-

A: Yeah, Iím not actually too creative about architecture so when they said, ďBuild a mansion,Ē I just went with the first thing that popped into my head.

J: Good. Then, 2. I get to spend my life as I please as long as I work in a little fishing and childcare now and then.

A: Yes.

J: So, the only thing thatís new here is that by becoming a willing accomplice to this dynasty, I get to royally cheese off both my father, J Huntington II and my grandfather, J Huntington the original by unraveling the many ridiculous and intricate secrets of my familyís history and wealth.

A: Iím kind of surprised you donít seem to have a problem with that.

J: Arianna, I hate my family. Theyíre a bunch of old, secretive, elitist blowhards who care about nothing but maintaining their wealth and power. Why do you think I ran off to live with a bunch of wacky misfits in the desert? Why do you think I wanted to become a bodybuilder? I wanted to make them angry. I wanted them to disapprove. I wanted to get away and do everything in my power to ruin my pretentious, prestigious family name. What youíre offering me is a chance to do all that on a much grander scale, and Iím very excited about this opportunity.

A: Wow, you are just full of surprises, arenít you?

J: Look whoís talking.

J: So, is that everything? Will you be my girlfriend now? Iím still hanging on to that whim, you know.

A: Youíre amazing. Of course I will.

J: And now, as punishment for rejecting me the first time, I will subject you to some impassioned, angst-ridden poetry on the subject of love and heartbreak.

A: *gritting teeth* I deserve this. I deserve this . . .

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #8 on: June 15, 2016, 02:44:19 PM »
Oh, I was afraid of something terrible happening when she rejected J but I'm happy they sorted things out. As much as I hate Eliza she's much nicer here, so Don leave her alone =P
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #9 on: June 15, 2016, 03:58:20 PM »
J: And now, as punishment for rejecting me the first time, I will subject you to some impassioned, angst-ridden poetry on the subject of love and heartbreak.

Way to reel him in, Arianna! You go, girl!
(If I hadn't known that was Eliza, I would never have recognized her!)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: June 15, 2016, 10:41:07 PM »
Oh, this is so cute! Your founder is gorgeous, and I love your writing style. I'll be staying tuned... :)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #11 on: June 16, 2016, 07:07:27 PM »
@Nettlejuice Me too!  I hate it when my sims surprise me in terrifying ways! It worked out, though. I got him calmed down in time. Took me a while to work out how I was going to weave that into the story, though. In the end, I think it makes things more interesting.

@oshizu Thanks! Yeah, Eliza cleans up pretty nicely. She's actually quite a cute sim with a little wardrobe help.

@Shmeggo Thanks so much! I'm glad you like the style. When I made Arianna, I was just trying to make her appearance match what she looked like in Sims 3, and I'm really happy with how she turned out!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #12 on: June 17, 2016, 03:09:10 PM »
Chapter 2: Go Time

A: Hey, thanks for helping me get ready for work. Listen, after I gain one more level, what do you say we go upstairs and try for baby?

J: Meck chate!

Eliza: Bob, itís go time. Ariannaís finished Friend of the World, bought Connections, and got a job. You. Me. Baby-making. Now.

Bob: Hey, you know me. Just along for the ride.

Arianna: Oh, wow. That was fast. Maybe I should have waited until I had a few more promotions, and we could actually pay the bills. I havenít even planted carrots yet.

Eliza: I have never been so sure about anything in my life.

Arianna: Well, it worked. Weíre totally having a nooboo.

J: Woot! My boys can swim!


Bob: Did you just call me a-

Eliza: No! The dashes between the oís make it an elongation of your name, not a naughty word, now celebrate with me!

Bob: Go Team Pancakes!

Arianna: This will be fine. Plants are growing, logic is being leveled, everyone is on board. There is no need to panic, about the bills or anything else. As long as nobody has twins, weíll be fine. Juuuuuust fine.

J: Arianna, my love. Iím sure youíre wondering why I brought you out to this lovely sylvan glade today.

Arianna: Well, no. You said we were going fishing, and I wanted to try and take a cutting from a cherry tree-

J: I will keep you in suspense no longer! I have popped a very important whim, a whim some thought I might never pop, but before I go into that I want to make sure you are feeling flirty. Are you feeling flirty?

A: Yes . . .?

J: Very flirty, even?

A: Now that you mention it, yes.

J: Any negative moodlets hiding buried in there? Morning sickness? Anything like that?

A: Nope, just flirty.

J: Are you sure, because there are no beds to hide in here, and I really donít want to die today. Would it help to hear some of my poetry? I know how much you like my poems.

A: Iím positive. Please proceed.

J: Okay, then. You asked for it. Arianna Spiffendale, will you make me the happiest, most surprised non-committal man in the world by becoming my wife?

J: I guess that means yes.

A: Yes, J. Yes, of course I will.

J: Cool.

A: Yeah.

J: So, you still want to go fishing?

A: Eh. Might as well.

J: Psst. Iím really happy.

A: *blushes* Me too.

Several Days Later . . .

Eliza: Thatís right. Eatiní strawberries. Danciní to Pop Music. Takiní names- Ooooh, holy Moses that hurt!

Eliza: *huff, puff, pant* Hi! *groan* Howís it going? Are you a gardener?

Gardener: Yes. Are you in labor?

Eliza: Yes. Want to feel the baby?

Gardener: Kí

Gardener: Yeah, heís really jumping around in there.

Eliza: Itís a she! *huff puff* At least I hope so. Letís cloudgaze!

Gardener: Kí

Eliza: So -ow, that hurts- we realized that if she has a boy and I have a girl it will *groan* work out perfectly, but *huff huff* if one of us has twins then -aaaaaaaagh- it could be really awkward and so *pants* it would be nice to have a full house so that *groan* we know for sure what will happen *huff puff* . . . you know?

Gardener: Stands to reason.

Eliza: So . . . youíll move in?

Gardener: Yeah, why not?

Eliza: Good! Because we need to get home, like, now!

Arianna: Elizaaaaaaaa!  Why is there an old man cleaning our kitchen counters?

Eliza: I asked him to move in! Now we wonít have twins, isnít that great?

Arianna:  What do we even know about this guy? Did you even find out his traits?

Eliza: Heís family-oriented! Isnít that great?

Arianna: And?

Eliza: He . . . probably loves the outdoors! Heís a gardener!

Arianna: Eliza what arenít you telling me?

Eliza: He doesnít hate children? Isnít that . . . great?

Arianna: This is not a good time to mess with me!

Eliza: Okay heís evil and I didnít find out until we got home and itís fine because we can just lock the door to the room with the dollhouse and now if youíll excuse me Iím going to have a baby right this second!


*Several Days pass in which babies are babies and skilling and promotions happen unphotogenically*

Arianna: Hey, welcome to the family, Morris. You and I are going to be together for a very long time.

Eliza: Welcome to the family, Betty! Itís going to be a wild ride!

Arianna: You can meet your dad in a few minutes when he wakes up.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #13 on: June 17, 2016, 03:32:37 PM »
So many great things happened this update!

Congrats on the unembarrassing proposal, J! Very smart of you to check in advance that everything would go smoothly!
Congrats too to Arianna--you are almost an honest woman now!

Morris and Betty! Welcome to your family's home, lol.
Can't wait to see more shots of the kids!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #14 on: June 18, 2016, 06:10:05 AM »
Congratulations on the babies and the proposal! An evil gardener, well he won't be around too long hopefully xD
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