The Sims 4 Get Famous: Quirks

Fame Quirks List and How to Avoid and Remove Bad Quirks

Fame Quirks List in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion
There are a total 12 Fame Quirks in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack

As Celebrities gain fame in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion, they will also take on quirks. Having adoration of millions of fans causes Sims to change and grow obsessed with fame or the rich life. This guide will list out all the fame quirks, what triggers them, and how you can potentially tailor your fame quirks to be less annoying.

How Quirks Work

At level 1, a Fame Quirk slot is unlocked for your Celebrity. Stardom is already starting to go to their head. An additional slot is unlocked at level 3, and 2 at Global Superstar (max fame) bringing us to a total of four quirk slots.

Now, during normal gameplay you don't need to worry too much about these, but when a quirk slot is open your Sim's behavior is going to be tracked and any of the triggers below will cause them to get a quirk. The amount of times you'd need to use an interaction will vary. Actors using a mirror to practice a lot are susceptible to Vain Street. Sims who use a phone for entertainment can get Public Number. These can be highly annoying. For example, with Vain Street every so often the Sim will need to adore their fine self in a mirror, else they get a permanent tense moodlet. Permanent, so you HAVE TO use a mirror to make it go away or else overwhelm that mood with other positives. This can be a big hindrance in any place where you can't access a mirror.

Picking Your Fame Quirks

Vain Street quirk in The Sims 4 Get Famous
Vain Street was annoying to me, because it came up several times per day. Some of these have really short counters - your Sim will be really obsessed and need to use a device or object frequently to overcome the negative emotions. These don't go away like other stressed moodlets.

Since Fame Quirks are added automatically when a slot is open, it's not really possible to pick them.. however, you could ensure you get a particular quirk that you consider to be less bad by shifting your Sim's behavior toward that activity. Pick quirks that you can live with.


While I hated Vain Street for always coming up multiple times a day, its ability to make my Sim confident after fixing the issue was very handy. So I'm somewhat torn on it. The point of bringing this up is that some of these have hidden benefits after you've satisfied the Sim's desire. It may be possible to take advantage of some of them.

Removing Fame Quirks: Gameplay and Cheats

Explore My Mods! Color Picker for Builders, Seasons Tuner, Dine Out Reloaded and a Gameplay Overhaul! Like other modders, I've been working to make The Sims 4 a better game. Check out my many mods here!

Paparazzi Darling Quirk in The Sims 4 Get Famous
If you aren't too annoyed by Paparazzi, it may not be a bad Quirk to encourage on your Sim. Being friendly with Paparazzi can help encourage this quirk. You may even find it helps your quest to gain Fame.

There is a potion available in the rewards store (aspirations tab) that will allow you to remove fame quirks for several hundred satisfaction. When you use this, the quirk slot(s) will be opened again. You will never be able to avoid them entirely and it is possible to get the same quirk again. I'd personally shift toward a perk that doesn't bother me so much once I'd used a removal potion.

You can use testingcheats on then shift-click your Sim in order to go to the public image menu and remove quirks from there. Celebrity level can also be adjusted and fame can be frozen. You may choose to simply remain a four star celebrity and have only two quirks, if you do not care for any of the bonuses for level 5 Fame Perks.

Least Bad Quirks?

I do not think Serious Actor is all that bad, but you must act in a Drama to trigger it. If you are good at managing emotions, Emotion Bomb may not be too bad either. The junk you get in the mail from "fan" mail may cause your Sim to get moodlets outside your control, but again if you are good at overwhelming negative emotions it is not such a bad choice. Public Number and Vain Street are known to be super annoying, as is getting A Stan. The Sim will always be at your house, obsessing over you. No Touching may be another not 'too bad' one.

Fame Quirks List and What Triggers Them

ImageQuirk NameWhat it DoesWhat Triggers QuirkQuirk Description
The Sims 4 Serious Actor Fame QuirkA Serious Actor Hates Funny and Mischievous socializing. Completing Dramatic Gigs in the Acting Career. The acting studio is not the place for pranks or jokes, especially for an actor trying to evoke the right emotion during a dramatic scene. Such behavior frays on the concentration of actors, and eventually they snap. Anytime anyone attempts something funny or mischievous with a serious actor, they'll show their anger instead of cracking a smile. They'll hold everyone accountable for their professionalism on set, and anyone that steps out of line can expect to be the subject of a furious rant.
The Sims 4 Brushes with Fame QuirkBrushes with Fame Needs to socialize with other celebrities. Touching Celebrities with more Fame than your Sim. For some celebrities, hobnobbing with the rich and famous becomes a way of life. They get sad if they spend too long amongst the general public, separated from other celebrities that they can actually relate to. They find themselves drawn to increasingly famous Sims, always seeking out the companionship and personal touch of those who are-at minimum-equally as famous as themselves.
The Sims 4 Emotion Bomb Fame QuirkEmotion Bomb Loses emotional control when Sad or Angry. Becoming Very Sad or Very Angry. When the world rotates around you, it's easy to become the emotional center of your own universe. For these celebrities, anything angering will cause them to fly off the handle and become enraged. Anything that saddens them requires the world to stop as they struggle to process their feelings. These intense outbursts don't last long... After working through an emotional meltdown, they're back to acting as if nothing was ever wrong at all.
The Sims 4 Fan Mail Fame Quirk"Fan" Mail Receives junk in the mail. Celebrity socialization with fans. Celebrities who open themselves up to the adoring public are occasionally in for a rude awakening, when they discover that not every Sim is a true fan. In reality, there are some Sims who actively dislike celebrities, and will make it a priority to ensure the target of their ire receives frequent "gifts" in the mail. Try not to take it personally.
The Sims 4 Juice Enthusiast Fame QuirkJuice Enthusiast Needs juice to have fun. Frequently drinking juice.Celebrities that are Juice Enthusiasts find themselves always wanting a drink of juice. If they don't regularly drink juice, they'll slip into foul moods, and will have a difficult time raising their Fun.
The Sims 4 No Touching Fame QuirkNo Touching Hates physical contact with strangers. Being touched by strangers with less Fame than your Sim. Celebrities are forced to live their lives with little privacy, but invasions of their personal space still crosses a line. When they find themselves touched by non-famous Sims who aren't in their family, or who they aren't in a committed relationship with, they may grow to dread physical contact. They put on a smile for a fan who wants a friendly hug, but inside they feel tense, unhappy about the lack of respect for their boundaries. However, should they manage to avoid direct contact for awhile, they gain a renewed sense of confidence to take on the world.
The Sims 4 Paparazzi Darling Fame QuirkPaparazzi Darling Attracts more paparazzi; gains reputation from having picture taken. Being friendly to paparazzi. Some celebrities simply adore being in front of the camera, and the paparazzi are happy to oblige. Celebrities that are Paparazzi Darlings will attract bigger crowds of paparazzi, they'll love having their photo taken, and they may earn positive reputation when their picture is taken.
The Sims 4 Phone Fanatic Fame QuirkPhone Fanatic Obsessed with their phone. Using a cell phone for entertainment. Celebrities who are Phone Fanatics are addicted to checking their phones. Whenever they have spare time, you'll likely find them tapping away at their phone's screen. Occasionally, they'll become Tense if they haven't been entertained by their phone recently.
The Sims 4 Public Number Fame QuirkPublic Number Receives text messages from fans. Using Social interactions on the phone. Celebrities with the Public Number quirk have had their phone number leak, and must endure receiving text messages from various Sims each day. Some Sims are just thrilled to have the chance to contact someone famous. Other Sims are quick to express their dislike of the rich and famous. Regardless, everyone has an opinion... and they're eager to share it.
The Sims 4 Refined Palate Fame QuirkRefined Palate Requires "Excellent" quality meals. Eating "Excellent" Quality Meals. With fame comes fortune, and with fortune comes an expectation for the finer things in life. Such is the burden that some celebrities must endure. For these Sims, once they've gained a taste for the finest foods, there's simply no going back to just any old meal. These celebrities will find eating food that's of "Excellent" quality most delightful, but they'll turn their nose up in discomfort when forced to swallow food that's "Normal", or-dare I say-"Poor".
The Sims 4 Stan Fame QuirkStan Gain a Stan that obsesses over you. Signing autographs for fans. Some fans take fandom a bit too seriously. These misguided Sims are known amongst celebrities as "Stans". Thankfully Stans don't mean you any harm, they just have a burning desire for you to know that you're the center of their universe. Their behavior manifests itself in a variety of ways, from attempting to chat with you while out in public, to showing up at your residence and digging through your trash cans. Should you choose to invite one into your home, keep a close eye on them... They'll always look for a chance to swipe a souvenir from their favorite superstar.
The Sims 4 Vain Street Fame QuirkVain Street Loves admiring themselves in mirrors. Frequent use of mirrors. Maintaining a gorgeous appearance is of peak importance to celebrities... you never know when a paparazzi is going to pop out and snap a shot after all. This can lead to an inflated ego, and mirrors become a necessary crutch to constantly reaffirm that, yes... they're still gorgeous. Admiring their own reflection can instill a celebrity with confidence, but they also become anxious if they're separated from a mirror for too long.

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Comments (13)

I actually like the quirk "Stan". I play Vamps often single ones and well stans make a great meal. As they are often on lot it saves me time to have to go and hunt down dinner randomly running around the neighborhood. Also you can use them to raise social needs in a pinch. And when you don't need them they stay by you trash can digging through it then throwing away the trash pile they just made. I like "stan" as a quirk and honestly find it more useful than annoying for my famous Vamps.

Paparazzi Darling is a good one to in my opinion. You get good moodlets from it, ready made meals for the vamps, and it make boosting your rep real easy.

No matter what avoid public number. It is super annoying. Super super annoying.
For me, the most useful quirk is refined palate. It is solid +3 happiness for 3 hours if you eat excellent food. As long as you don't touch normal rated food, I think you'll be safe here.

For loner sims, no touching is good if you want to boost confidence. Carl, can you add moodlet boost and negative moodlet from these quirks?
I find this quirk, Refined Palate annoying. There are many much easier way to get positive moodlets from food that last longer than 3 hrs. Even eating harvestables that are normal quality and then good will give you stackable positive moodlets that last 4 hrs each.
With the "Carefree" reward trait, Vain Street doesn't seem to be affecting my sim at all. And if you like to play vampires, Refined Palate will also have the least impact on them.
Wow, my opinion on the worst Quirks are pretty different from yours!
My least favorite ones are the ones that add more idle animations that interrupt your Sims' flow of doing stuff.
The Phone Fanatic has to be one of the WORST. Even if you aren't tense from having gone without playing on your phone for too long, they still occasionally do an animation where they tap around on their phone, which pauses whatever you were doing until they finish. And it can happen during any action!
Then there's the No Touching one. This one is annoying too because they'll play an angry animation every time they get hugged by someone with less fame than them, which can make conversations take even longer than they already do. And it happens even for their best friends!

My favorite quirks are the ones you can overcome the negatives for really easily.
1) Refined Palate
This one's just easy. You have to eat Excellent food to get this quirk anyways, so if you've gotten it you can handle it. It makes a VERY simple source of +3 Happy moodlets.
2) Paparazzi Darling
Who cares if you get more paparazzi around due to this, they don't get in the way like fans do, and there doesn't seem to be a downside to not indulging in getting your photos taken. Basically an easy Confident moodlet source.
3) Vain Street (with Carefree)
Not that it's very hard to overwrite +2 Tense with happiness, or that taking a few minutes to admire yourself is that bad, but your Sim DOES get the Tense moodlet rather often if you don't indulge in the mirror enough. But with carefree this becomes just an easy source of a +2 Confidence moodlet. Perfect for acting!
4)Public Number
The negative moodlets from this seem easy to overcome. So far it's just been +1 moodlets. The other quirks seem harder to overcome, so this is like the lesser of all the other evils.
I agree with your comment about idle animations. There are just so many of these, especially if you have every piece of DLC. I think my fav quirk (or should I say the quirk I find least annoying) is Paparazzi Darling as it basically doesn't effect your sim at all.
Got "No Touching" after a lot of touching with sim's LI... In their own house. And it's count all touches from not-famous-enought: friend, LI, colleagues. Lesser than your fame status? Farewell, comfident buff.
I love the refined palette quirk. It's amazing. As long as you are a decent cook or have a decent cook, your meals will always be excellent and you will get this +3 happy mood just from eating. Both my celebrity sims have it, and it works wonderfully.
Some details about Brushes with Fame quirk. You need to socialize with other celebrities every 24 hours otherwise permanent +1 sad moodlet.

Also removing quirks seems buggy, they still linger e.g. juice enthusiast sim still gets +2 energizing buff when drinking, vain street sim still can admire fine self, phone fanatic still uses his phone a lot.
I found Vain Street to be super useful for sims in the Acting career. I'll direct them to "Admire fine self" for a +2 confident moodlet on set just before a performance, and maybe "Psych self up" as well if there's other competing emotions. That gives +3 confident overall for 4 hours, which is plenty of time to finish a shoot. Plus, like mousef said, if you get the Carefree reward trait then Vain Street only impacts your sim if you want it to.
My sim has "Fan" Mail but has only ever gotten one letter begging for money, and apparently my sim found it amusing and got a Playful moodlet. Otherwise it's just been a "good thing it wasn't a more annoying one" quirk. I avoided mirrors like the plague until my quirks filled in, my first celebrity sim got Vain Street and I found it SUPER annoying.
After quite a bit more game time passed, my sim with "fan" mail still hasn't gotten anything unpleasant. It could well be that she has maxed good reputation. She has gotten things that would be a weird thing to get in the mail, but so far it has been: several fish (free fertilizer!), a couple lumps of clay (she and her partner seem to really enjoy shaping them), and a couple future cubes (meh, they just sit in her inventory, no effect at all).
in case anyone gets confused like i did - the 'admire fine self' interaction is on full-length mirrors. its not available on face mirrors.
Get Carefree.
Take Quirks that give you a Tense buff (vain street,phone fan etc.)
Get the positives and none of the negatives.

i think paparazzi is a fun quirk... but it can be SUPER annoying. one time, my celebrity sim was about to die of starvation.. but the paparazzi was out side her house. instead of eating her food, she went outside to get her picture taken. i thought she was just gonna die right there while posing for the paparazzi! so i made her bribe the paparazzi to leave. then i had her quickly go inside and eat her food. that was a close one! but thats not all! one time she was grilling hamburgers and a fire started!! wanna know what she did? she went out side to pose for the paparazzi. wow. just, wow. and thats still not all!!! one time in a different celebrity world. my celebrity was had several embarassed moodlets, but he was not VERY embarrased. his bladder was really low so he was very uncomfertable. and the paparazzi was outside his house. so he went to get his picture taken. but he wet himself while getting his picture taken. at this point he was MORTIFIED i did not have a mirror to give himself a pep talk. so he ended up dying of embarrasment. while this quirk is fun, it can be deadly.


If you don't have a mirror you can always send (and resend) your Sim to sleep or nap until the deadly moodlet has expired.


The No Touching quirk is pretty annoying if you want your sim to have any emotion other than confident, as well as Vain Street. Refined Palate really isn't that bad if your sim is even slightly good at cooking, and then you get a nice buff with it. With Emotion Bomb, bad moodlets go away quicker because the emotional meltdown gets rid of them all, so that one's good too.

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