The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff

Tiny Home Perks and Murphy Beds

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Pack Logo and Release Date
The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff Logo. It releases August 13, 2019 for PC/Mac and September 3 for Xbox/PS4.

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff becomes available January 21 for PC/Mac and February 4 for Xbox and Playstation 4 Consoles. This new stuff pack features objects and systems that will not only help but also encourage living in tiny homes. They encourage it in a big way. If you live in a little house, you can get double skill gains on that entire lot and if you can crunch it down to the minimum size, will also get increased relationship gains and plant growth. Let's go over the main gameplay additions of this pack, then go over the build/buy that it offers.

The Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff Pack Gameplay

An overview of the changes in The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff and what you can expect from its big rewards for building a little house.

The Sims 4 Video

Tiny Home Lot Benefits

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff - Small and Micro Home Lot Requirement Tiers
There are three theirs of Tiny Home. Judge based on the bonuses you want combined with the living space you're willing to give to your Sim. Objects outside don't count, bear in mind... but Seasons players should beware of lightning.

The core draw of this pack is the system it adds that tracks the size of your lot and whether it qualifies as "Tiny" or not. There are, in fact, 3 size classes for homes. Small, Tiny, and Micro. Each of these has its own benefits. The game only counts floor that requires a foundation to be part of its calculations. Extra levels up top and basements do count, but pools and outdoor decorative patterns/objects do not. We're mostly calculating the square footage of a Sim's home in 1x1 "large" build mode squares (the same size as most chairs and sinks). Here are the three size classes, their requirements and the perks you receive for each.

House ClassSize MaxBonuses
Small100Feeling Fine, Lighten the Load
Tiny64Feeling Fine, Lighten the Load, Cozy Comforts, You Got The Touch
Micro32Feeling Fine, Lighten the Load, Cozy Comforts, You Got The Touch, Let's All Get Along, Let it Grow

Bonus Traits for Tiny Homes

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff - Tiny Home Lot Bonuses
You can view the bonuses you'll get for using the Tiny Home Lot Type by using the small button by lot info in the top left.

As I said above, you will get bonuses based on the class of your (Small/Tiny/Micro) home. Small gets the least, Tiny gets a couple more, and Micro homes get all of the bonuses listed below:

ImageBonus NameSize AvailabilityWhat it Does
Sims 4 Tiny Living Lighten the Load Home BonusLighten The LoadSmall, Tiny, MicroLowers bills - I looked this up in game code and it seems to cut bills to half their expected value.
Sims 4 Tiny Living Feelin Fine All The Time Home BonusFeelin' Fine All The TimeSmall, Tiny, MicroHappy, Inspired, and Focused Buffs last twice as long.
Sims 4 Tiny Living Cozy Comforts Home BonusCozy ComfortsTiny, MicroDoubles comfort values of all items on the lot.
Sims 4 Tiny Living You Got The Touch Home BonusYou Got The TouchTiny, MicroDoubles Skill gains on this lot. You read that correctly.
Sims 4 Tiny Living Let's All Get Along Home BonusLet's All Get AlongMicro OnlyDoubles Relationship gains from being in close quarters. Of course, it also doubles the losses when things go badly.
Sims 4 Tiny Living Let it Grow Home BonusLet It GrowMicro OnlyDoubles plant growth speeds on this lot.

Special Objects - Murphy Beds and Combos

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff - A Murphy Bed
A Murphy Bed in The Sims 4 Tiny Living

While there aren't many gameplay objects I would typically cover, it's worth noting that Tiny Living comes with a tv/bookshelf/radio combo that may be of use to living in a tiny home while still having access to entertainment. You can see these objects beneath the bit on Murphy Beds below, along with the majority of the build/buy items you will find in the Stuff Pack. They also have Murphy Beds. For those not in the know, a Murphy Bed is a type of bed that is stored in a wall and can be changed from day to night mode. You can store the bed up in the wall, and when up there can be a seat or something useful there while at night the seat is collapsed and the bed comes out. For players new to the Sims, this type of bed has a history of killing many thousands of Sims.

Murphy beds come in multiple flavors in this pack. You can choose to have one either with or without the loveseat. If you like, the pack also comes with Murphies that have either one or two bookshelves attached. You can, of course, attach your own - they're a special type that can snap neatly to the sides of a Murphy bed.

Murphy Bed Dangers - Warning (Death)

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff - A Sim has died from the Murphy Bed
Owning a Murphy Bed in Tiny Living without the Handiness skill is begging a visit from the reaper. Unless you leave it down, but then what's the point?

When a Murphy Bed is broken down, Sims are extremely likely to face death due to an accidental mangling by the Murphy Bed. It is key that you know the Murphy Bed only causes death when it's in the upright position. So a broken down bed is generally safe to sleep in, just don't put it up. It can occasionally swallow Sims but this isn't the thing that causes death, just bumps to the head.

View the Murphy Bed Death & Ghost Abilities

There's a new death in the pack, which you can see below by clicking the image. Deaths caused by the Murphy Bed result in a ghost who is an energy vampire. They can possess Sims, sapping them of energy to fill their own. Once the leeching is done, the ghost will have the target's energy while the target Sim faceplants the ground for a nice rest.

A Sim dies to the murphy bed in the sims 4 tiny living stuff pack

My Personal Opinion of Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds are energy 1, and only give you a seat. Sure, they're cool, but unless a Sim has level 8 Handiness, the risk of death repeatedly coming up is in general not worth it. I feel these beds are tuned to break down far too frequently. While "in use" they'll gradually lose "health" points and eventually break down. The problem is, the developers chose "sleeping on it" as in use. Personally I feel they should drain in chunks when going from up and down as I'm not taxing the motor to sleep on it, am I? If you disagree, realize that a Murphy that isn't upgraded is going to break down 1x per full fill of the Sim's energy meter. In fact, if it could, it'd break down twice as it only takes a few hours of "use". Now, when upgraded to break down less they'd only do this about once every 3-4 nights of full sleep. But for households without Handiness, this is asking for it. Only Handy Sims should own Murphy beds. They are in general safe for kids to use, as they will not kill children as far as I can tell.

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Other Build/Buy

As I had stated, there are several build buy items of interest here. First, note that bookends were changed in a recent patch to provide full bookshelf functionality. This means the bookend that comes with this pack does have some use, as does the combo stereo/tv/bookshelf wall hang item you can use as well as the larger model. Both of these are pictured below. The rug, tables, even lights are from Tiny Living so there isn't anything in these pictures you will not get if you buy the pack.

The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff - Objects you get with the pack - the new chairs and seating
New seating that comes with the Tiny Living Stuff Pack. Yes, even the toilet.
The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff - Objects you get with the pack including tv and others
The TV/Stereo/Bookshelf combo items I mentioned above. This helps save a ton of space but they're rated at Fun: 2 which is a bummer.

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Comments (12)


Super Scandinavian! Looks like the IKEA STOCKHOLM line- which is a little higher end than many of it's other items that are made of dryer lint and spit. Although from the sounds of the Murphy bed, that might be from the store's regular LINT line!

Nel Janssonsays...

Hi! I`m a 59 years old woman in Sweden who has played sims for as long at it´s been on the market. I love it and I LOVE you´re

site and you`re youtube chanel. Keep up the good work . Lots of love and gratitude. Nel Jansson


Does anyone know if the Murphy bed breaks down during woohoo? Or only sleeping? Thanks!


Well, it breaks down during use so probably woohoo counts as use. There's a bug report here you can add a Me To


How about building up/down? How is the footprint counted?

Brian Zsays...

"Extra levels up top and basements do count, but pools and outdoor decorative patterns/objects do not." So with an extra floor, you're doubling the square footage, and also wasting space with a staircase.

Brian Zsays...

Hmm... a 4x8 house that consists of just a nice bathroom, with a ludicrously extended roof sheltering what amounts to a nice house with no walls...


If your tiny home has a pet cat or dog, know that the programmatic food feeder (that blue/red automatic food dispenser) can fit underneath the wall tv combo. Handy for those who want a pet.

Brian Zsays...

A little trick I just found: Place an empty room in your back yard, and put a roof on it. Get the roof the way you want it, then demolish the walls and floor. You now have a levitating roof, and it doesn't count towards your total number of squares! You can have a stereo out there, plants with Sheltered status, whatever you need a pavilion for. Some columns will help make it not look silly, and you can apply flooring to the ground.

Brian Zsays...

I know I saw the part about being able to upgrade beds, but for some reason it didn't stick. And then my sim got focused, and started upgrading her bed on her own. After that, I had her upgrade some other things, and with the ludicrous skill boost from a micro tiny house, she was level 8 in no time and did the second upgrade to her bed. Normal single bed, I'm fond of my sims and don't want them to die in a Murphy bed. Well, between the upgrades and the lot bonus, she can now get a full night's sleep in 4 hours!

These bed upgrades are long overdue. Finally, you can buy the bed you want, and not have to put a pretty princess bed in your rustic cabin!


Agree, finally I can use the bed that suits my build and just upgrade it. I've hated that princess bed for over 5 years now! lol

chloe bsays...

Is there any new life aspirations, skills or game achievements linked to this pack ?




Is anyone else's create a sim acting really weird after downloading this pack? I just downloaded tiny living and create a sim glitches. It looks like question marks all over their skin and red eyes. Anyone have any tips?


Sounds like you have CC and/or mods that need updating. This pack broke a few mods.


I just got the pack today after the new sims update. For some reason I don't have the Tiny Home Residential as a lot type. Can anyone help?


The option is still there but in a drop down menu now.

Wilson Aumansays...

After intensive playtesting,, a sim with the dance machine trait can Disco nap on the unupgraded murphy bed many times, over 8 times before the murphy bed breaks down (it depends on how long the disco nap is. Sim can safely disco nap on the sofa part of the bed with no problems. I found the safest way is to lower the bed and keep it lowered until you get around to upgrading it. Remember the bed only causes death when malfunctioning when it is lowered. Also if you get the gnome lot trait the bed will be fixed overnight without any problems. So there are many ways around the murphy bed deaths. You can and should save first before lowering a murphy bed before it is upgraded is wise.


Yep, Dance machine for the win, all my sims have this trait, makes energy gain so much easier to manage, 2 Disco Naps and their done. Yes also to murphy beds, if left down they are not an issue, but they have been retuned by the devs and don't break as often no anyway

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