The Sims 4 Critic Career

Job as an Arts or Food Critic in City Living

Sims 4 City Living Arts or Food Critic
The Sims 4's City Living allows you to play as an Arts or Food Critic

The Sims 4 City Living features a Critic career, allowing you to work up the ranks and eventually exercise your judgment on either food or art. This Career's requirements are not very steep, though somewhat short hours may make promotion a bit slow. Note the swings between writing and art on the Art Critic path, or Gourmet Cooking and Writing with the Food Critic. Both produce an excellent way for a writer Sim to make extra money. Though the Writer Career is more focused, the two types of Critic can improve their job performance by getting out in the world and reviewing food or musical performances.

How to: Critic Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote adult_critic - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Work from Home

This applies to both branches of this career, along with the other two included in the City Living Expansion Pack. Each day before work, you will see a popup in the lower left corner. Selecting this, you can choose to have your Sim work from home, although you will not gain job performance. You'll get a couple of tasks that must be completed in order to secure your pay. This is mainly to let you earn money while retaining control of your Sim and is particularly useful at level 10 in the career, although you may want to move the bar up at that point to get some raises first. Aside from the tasks you're given, you have total control and can use the time to skill up or else work on career promotion requirements.

Inspired -->

The Ideal Mood for all levels and branches of this career is Inspired. Look ahead in the career levels to the other skill requirements as you advance. If you can get ahead in Writing early on, it is one less thing to do. It's useful to know if you will be going for Art or Food Critic early on so you can make some progress on Painting/Music or gourmet cooking.

Critic Job Levels 1-3

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Paper Deliverer$21/hourSun-Fri 6AM-11AM$105Practice Writing, Level up WritingNone
2Story Researcher$29/hourMon, Wed-Thu, Sat 10AM-5PM$203Reach Level 2 Writing, Write Column$241
3Beat Reporter$34/hourMon, Wed-Thu, Sat 10AM-5PM$238Reach Level 3 Writing, Write Column$283, Recommend Local Hangout Interaction, Respond to Mail Interaction (Computer/Phone)

Arts Critic Branch

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Art Critic in The Sims 4 City Living
Arts Critics can write articles at home or else review street performers in the city.

Arts Critic is a bit lackluster given there were missed opportunities to analyze paintings. You do get interactions to praise art, but you can't write a piece about a great painting at the art gallery. Instead, you'll head to San Myshuno and watch street performances. Karaoke doesn't count, but any place you can find a Sim playing a musical instrument you can seem to finish a review. It really is a simple task. Prepare yourself ahead of time if you'd like to get promoted quickly - there are shifts here from writing, to musical instruments and painting -- this last bit is why I kind of expected art reviews. Maybe I've missed something. More opportunities to head to art galleries may present themselves when working from home.

One good thing to say about this part of the career is that you do get a permanent 20% discount off all art purchases in build mode once you reach level 8! If only the game had more little perks like these hidden in Careers.

Arts Critic Jobs

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
4Snooty Pundit$47/hourFri-Sun, Tue-Wed 12PM-5PM$235Reach Level 2 Music/Comedy, Reach Level 2 Painting. Review Performance or Write Column$283, Review Performance Interaction
5Show Scout$66/hourFri-Sun, Tue-Wed 4PM-9PM$330Reach Level 4 Writing, Level 3 Music or Comedy, Review Performance or Write Column$331, Study Art Interaction
6Refined Reviewer$93/hourFri-Sun, Tue-Wed 4PM-9PM$465Reach Level 5 Writing, Level 3 Painting. Review Performance or Write Column$463, Room with a View Wall Painting, Praise Art Interaction
7Cultural Connoisseur$130/hourFri-Sun, Tue-Wed 12PM-5PM$650Reach Level 4 Music or Comedy, Level 4 Painting. Review Performance or Write Column$649, True Performer's Performance Space, Snub Art Interaction
8Chief Critic$182/hourFri-Sun, Tue-Wed 12PM-5PM$910Reach Level 7 Writing. Review Performance or Write Column$908, Critically Connected Perk (20% off art purchases in Build Mode) and Yes, It's Art Room Unlocks
9Syndicated Superstar$273/hourMon, Wed, Fri-Sat 12PM-5PM$1,365Reach Level 8 Writing, Level 6 Painting, Level 6 Music or Comedy. Review Performance or Write Column$1,090
10Grand Steward of the Arts$454/hourMon, Wed, Fri 12PM-5PM$2,270Review Performance or Write Column$1,090, Street Performer's Corner Room Unlocks, New CAS Clothes, The Critical Throne (Toilet)

Food Critic Branch

Food Critic in The Sims 4 City Living
A Food Critic reviews a drink. This career is a little more interesting than Art critic, if only because there are more opportunities to review food than street performances.

For this branch of the Critic Career, you can head out to the town and go to a bar/restaurant and review food or drink. You can just as easily stay home and write an article, however, so may want to do that on days when your Sim's time is running short. You'll need to get to level 5 in regular Cooking in order to unlock Gourmet Cooking, so it is best to get started early. By choosing this career, you'll almost always have Excellent-quality food. Food Critics can bump up the quality level using the Improve Dish Interaction. Checking mail will give you a good or bad moodlet, depending on what type of reader mail you've received.

Food Critic Jobs

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
4Chow Chaser$49/hourMon-Fri 10AM-4PM$294Reach Level 3 Cooking Skill. Review Food or Drink or Write Column$438, Spare Utensils Wall Plaque, Review Food/Drink Interaction
5Food Stall Frequenter$73/hourMon-Fri 10AM-4PM$438Reach Level 4 Writing, Level 5 Cooking. Review Food or Drink or Write Column$438, Fine Outdoor Eating, Laud Meal Interaction
6Restaurant Rater$110/hourMon-Fri 1PM-7PM$660Reach Level 5 Writing, Reach Level 2 Gourmet Cooking. Review Food or Drink or Write Column$657, Belittle Meal Interaction
7Local Gourmand$164/hourMon-Fri 1PM-7PM$984Reach Level 4 Gourmet Cooking. Review Food or Drink or Write Column$986, This Cake is No Lie Painting
8Expert Epicurean$230/hourMon-Fri 10AM-4PM$1,380Reach Level 7 Writing. Review Food or Drink or Write Column$1,380, Improve Dish Interaction
9Kitchen's Worst Nightmare$345/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Fri 10AM-4PM$2,070Reach Level 8 Writing, Level 6 Gourmet Cooking. Review Food or Drink or Write Column$1,656
10Curator of the Finest Flavors$441/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Fri 11AM-4PM$2,205Review Food or Drink or Write Column$1,762, Golden Bowl of Fruit, Only the Best Dining Room Unlocks, New CAS Clothes

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When Yelping = Professional Reviewer
Didn't LGR state in his 'Dine Out' review that he wanted a critic career for that mini-pack?...

congrats. you get your wish.
lol indeed! Laugh
Question: what does pto mean? it's one of the options for work, like go to work and work from home, but I don't know what it means and I don't want to select it because of this.
Paid time off
PTO = Paid Time Off
Did anyone else notice that level 4 art critic's pay is lower than level 3 critic??
It is because you work less hours that level 3; which is in the description of the Career Level as well as explaination of the Critics career description.
Question: how many vacation days to you get at level 10 art critic????
All careers start with 3 vacation days. As you progress through the career your sim will gain one for each promotion and occasionally get granted one from RNG chance. So potentially by the time your sim reached L10 they could have accumulated 12 or more days.

This may be a dumb question, or maybe a bug? But I had my lvl 1 Critic/Paper Deliverer work from home, and was tasked with competing in the spicy curry challenge at the Spice Festival. But 1) I have no idea if the Spice Festival is even happening on this current day and 2) if it does happen, it'll be after his shift? Am I just screwed, or is there a way to get around this?


Here is the link for the Festival Guide (click). If the festival isn't on the same day don't panic, your Sim will get a new task the next work day.

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