The Sims 4 Herbalism Skill (Outdoor Retreat)

Recipes, Ingredients, and the Hermit's Secret Recipe

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - The Herbalism Skill lets you Brew Recipes
Outdoor Retreat brings the Herbalism Skill to the Game. Visit Granite Falls to get Started

The Sims 4's Herbalism Skill comes with the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack. This Skill is fairly straightforward. Gain levels and unlock new Recipes to Brew, and learn to identify Herbs found in the massive Forest of Granite Falls. This Guide to Herbalism will list all of the Recipes your Sim can learn, guide you toward the Hermit's location (without spoilers, unless you want) and list the effects of each of the creams, ointments, and liniments your Sim can Brew with the Skill.

How to: Herbalism Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_herbalism x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - Finding Herbs
Collect Herbs to Enable your Sim to Brew Concoctions

Collecting Herbs and Insects
Identifying Herbs is the first thing you should do to get started with the Skill. Later, Brewing Recipes will get you to level 10. Herbs are naturally the primary component of these Recipes, but some require regular Gardening produce, and many require Insects. A lot of the Produce needed for the recipes can be found via the Gardening Guide and around Granite Falls (even rares like Blackberries are found there). Finding Herbs is easy - just search around with the camera low, and watch for Plants that sparkle. If your Sim has Gardening level 5, you can not only Harvest the Plants, but also Take Cutting so that you can Graft them onto other existing plants and get more of them later on by incorporating them into your Garden at home.

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - Collect insects
Insects can be the hardest part. A good search pattern and keen eye are necessary

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat -
Dust Spirits come out at Night in Granite Falls

Insects are another matter all together. You must keep an eye out at all times while searching for Herbs and collect every one that you see. Bugs that fly are the easiest to catch. Those that crawl, however, are much harder. I suggest you keep your Camera at eye level as though you are looking through the Forest yourself, because otherwise treetops will obscure your view. Try to use a pattern and search the Forest without revisiting the same places. It can be tough at first, especially if you're new to Outdoor Retreat, but you'll eventually get the hang of it. Most insects are easiest to spot during daytime, but some like Fireflies and Dust Spirits only come out at night.

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - Identify Plant
As your Skill rises, you'll be more likely to Identify Herbs

Herbalism comes with two main interactions with Herbs. Simply click them in your Sim's inventory to:

  • Identify Plant
    Attempting to Identify an Herb will give your Sim some Skill Experience. You can do this over and over on a high-level herb to help you gain Skill, but it's not really recommended since the most experience comes from Brewing Recipes. By level 5, your Sim should be able to identify all types of Herbs (even Rares) within a few tries.
  • Eating Plants
    Each of the 10 total Herbs has a normal and poisonous variety. If you know it's the normal, it's safe to eat. If you're unsure, don't bother risking it.Some Herbs can leave your Sim itchy for a long time and even need a remedy to get over the ailment quickly. Thankfully, all maladies herbs may produce will go away with time. When testing this, it didn't give me Skill Experience, but it could help your Sim to identify an Herb.
Fireleaf can be found in a couple of places
Fireleaf can sometimes be found here (near the Hermit's cave in the National Park)
and another possible spawner is near the Waterfall Fishing spot.

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - the Hermit's hidden area has Morel Mushrooms
While False Morels are found all over, the Hermit Area sometimes has true Morels in the Rock Garden. It depends on your luck.

Brewing Herbalism Concoctions
As your Sim gains levels in Herbalism, you'll unlock new Recipes. You should save the Herbs you collect for a mass-brewing back at Lodging in Granite falls or your own Home to level the Skill. Making these will give you the most Skill XP out of any of the interactions. It's kind of like Cooking in that way. I preferred to take the Herbs home and plant them on my lot, to ensure I had access to these while at home. Trips to Granite Falls may be necessary in order to collect Insects, as previously mentioned, because they are required in a lot of the best Recipes.

List of Herbs in Outdoor Retreat

The following are the herbs in the game pack. As noted before, there is a poisonous (bad moodlet) and normal (often good moodlet) version of each Herb. I'll also list what happens when you eat them in the notes section. Growth times etc. are for your reference when planting them in your home lot. Prices are for Perfect variants.

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Herbs List
IconPlant NameRarityBase ValueGrowthHerb's Effects when Eaten
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Chamomile ChamomileCommon$1424hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +1-3 4 hour Happy Moodlet (Quality-determined)
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Toxic ChamomileToxic ChamomileCommon$1524hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +2 Tense Moodlet for 2h
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat ElderberryElderberryCommon$618hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +1-3 4 hour Happy Moodlet (Quality-determined)
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Noxious ElderberryNoxious ElderberryCommon$718hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +2 Sad Moodlet for 2h
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat HuckleberryHuckleberryUncommon$818hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +1-3 4 hour Happy Moodlet (Quality-determined)
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat MuckleberryMuckleberryUncommon$918hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +2 Dazed Moodlet for 2h. Dazed Sims are better targets for Romance.
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat FireleafFireleafUncommon$1318hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +1-3 4 hour Happy Moodlet (Quality-determined)
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Poison FireleafPoison FireleafUncommon$1118hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +2 Angry Moodlet for 2h
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Morel MushroomMorel MushroomRare$1724hMorels are sometimes found in the Hidden Area of Granite Falls. Eating gives +1-3 4 hour Happy Moodlet (Quality-determined)
Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat False Morel MushroomFalse Morel MushroomRare$1924hFound in Granite Falls National Park (Big Forest). Eating gives +2 Uncomfortable Moodlet for 2h

Herbalism Recipe List & Skill Unlocks

The only Skill unlocks of Herbalism are the new Recipes your Sim learns. Here's a list of all of them and how to get the Secret Recipe:

Outdoor Retreat Herbalism Recipe List
LvlRecipe NameBrewing Requires Ingredients:Potion Effects
1Insect Repellent Liniment2 Noxious Elderberry, 2 BasilPrevents Insect Bites while in the Wilderness, which can happen when collecting them.
1Sadness Alleviation Lotion2 Elderberry, 1 FireflyEliminates any Sadness-inducing Moodlets
1Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Recipe3 Morel Mushroom, 2 False Morel,
1 Blackberry, 1 Dust Spirit
Learn from Friendship with Hermit. See below. Likely the best Fertilizer in-game - it should last a long time, but will require further testing. Use it to help Evolve Plants.
2Deodorizing Cream1 Elderberry, 1 Strawberry,
2 Parsley
Replenishes the Sim's Hygiene Need. Higher Quality seems to do more.
3Soothing Skin Balm2 Chamomile, 2 Basil,
1 Locust
Heals or reduces duration of any insect bites and possibly burns
4De-Stressing Decoction2 Chamomile, 2 Muckleberry,
1 Walking Stick
Eliminates Stress Moodlets
5Tummy Therapy2 Huckleberry, 2 Sage,
1 Termite
Alleviates Nausea-type Moodlets and other stomach-related ailments
6Clear Mind Distillation2 Toxic Chamomile, 2 Huckleberry,
2 Parsley
Gives Sim a +2 Focused Moodlet for 4 hours
6Fireleaf Extract2 Poison Fireleaf, 2 Morel Mushroom,
1 Fire Ant
Makes Sims extremely uncomfortable giving Unrelenting Itch for 8h and an upset stomach
7Natural Herbicide Oil2 Toxic Chamomile, 3 Fireleaf,
1 Stink Bug
Can only be used on a plant when the 'Weed' option is available. Pouring this oil will remove the weeds and stop them from growing for a time.
8Energizer Infusion3 Muckleberry, 2 Poison Fireleaf,
1 Dragonfly
Gives a +2 Energized Moodlet for 4 hours
9Rage Relieving Salve3 Noxious Elderberry, 2 Fireleaf,
1 Tomato, 1 Rainbow Firefly
Eliminates any Anger-producing Moodlets
10Elixir of Fertility4 False Morel, 2 Sage,
1 Bee, 1 Will-o-the-Wisp
Increases the likelihood of Twins and Triplets

*Value was intentionally left out of the table. These are not worth selling most of the time given the cost and value of ingredients themselves. These are for using to benefit your Sims!

Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat - Learn a Recipe from the Hermit of Granite Falls
You can learn a Recipe from the Hermit of Granite Falls

Secret Recipe from The Hermit
Talking to the Hermit of Granite Falls may give your Sim some Herbalism Skill experience when you talk about it with them, though it seems to stop at a point. The Hermit's role in Herbalism is, upon reaching Good Friends, that you can use the special Interaction, 'Learn Herbalism Recipe' to get the Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Recipe, no matter your level. Be careful cooking this, as it can cause a fire at low level. Becoming Friends with the Hermit is also crucial to Milestone III of Outdoor Retreat's Outdoor Enthusiast Aspiration. Visiting this area is highly recommended, as it's possible you will find Herbs you don't yet have, along with the will-o-the-wisp (rare insect) at night.

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Did they include anything for storing insects and the new plants? I don't like having a lot of things in my inventory since it doesn't stay where I put it. Do I have any other option besides Keeping them in my inventory?
22nd August 2015 2:31pm
Hi Donna, I'm still waiting too.
Have you tried placing them on your lot and adding them to your household inventory? This way they are saved and accessible but not crowding your Sims inventory. Smile
11th November 2015 10:11am
Does that allow you to use the items without having to put them back in your inventory? Sorry if that sounds like a dumb question, just looking for clarification. I would like to have them stored somewhere without having to pull them out individually every time, like the fridge kind of, but that may be asking for too much. Laugh
Items have to be in your inventory when making the herbal potions. With general cooking you can use items from the fridge when the 'use fresh items' check box is checked on the menu that appears when you click on the fridge.
25th May 2016 4:02pm
We now have the The Ornate Beauty storage chest that can be found in your Buy catalog. It came in the game patch on November 3rd 2015 (PC Version / Mac Version Smile
2nd January 2016 3:57pm
I created a basement room under my house and keep it all there on shelves. I downloaded some modded ones that can hold things that usually belong on an endtable or desk. It's nice. out of the way, but still there
5th May 2016 11:21am
Carl, this is a great guide but I thought I would add to this that you have to click on the little rangers cabin in Granite Falls to actually visit the big woods. I was so completely frustrated with outdoors until I figured this out. i couldn't find anything that talked about it, so I thought I would mention it.
Glad you enjoy the guide. You can also use your sims phone to travel to the forest area or use the 'M' to bring up the map or scroll right out with the mouse wheel until your cursor turns into a magnifying glass where you will be given the option to travel to...
8th January 2016 2:53pm
Identifying plants is so hardI
5th May 2016 11:19am
It is but you'll soon get into a pattern of knowing where they all are. My sim can complete the plant collection pretty swiftly now that I know where they all spawn. First time round was so frustrating though and it took me ages! Also keep getting your sim to 'try to identify' even after he gets it wrong as trying will level up the skill to.
5th May 2016 7:19pm
Basil Fu
I cannot find dust spirit, walking stick and will-o-the-wisps. Any precise location and timing (day or night) for these?

I don't think my sims enjoyed their vacation as their user was more interested in scouring the woods and redirecting them to odd and random locations to harvest strange plants and pick up disgusting insects, regardless of their needs...
19th May 2016 4:33am
I routinely find Will-O-The-Wisp at night in the Hermit's area near the large evergreen dead-fall (for a rare, it shows up fairly routinely for me). I can't remember where I found the Walking Sticks or Dust Spirits. My no-can-find is Termites and I've been looking since OR was released. Huh
19th May 2016 5:36pm
I've been thinking that the Dust Sprites have glitched out as I can't find them in their usual places either which is near the water falls near the Rangers Hut. Walking sticks are on the far side of the Hermits 'wild' garden which is a round feature in the Deep Woods. The spawner alternates between Walking Sticks or Jewel Beetles. And Penni has described where to find the Will-O-The-Wisp which only appears at night.
19th May 2016 6:45pm
Melanie Hoyle
I've seen up to 3 dust sprites in one night at the Granite Forest. Willow-the-wisps appear in the hermit's area at night. I saw walking sticks near the fishing area at the hermit's place in winter.
15th May 2019 11:00pm
Basil Fu
I think there is a major glitch.

Twice when my sims were on vacations they got hit with utility bills of about $15,000. My sims own the Landgrabb mansion and they never had a bill exceeding $8,000.
19th May 2016 4:42am
My Sims were just on vacation today and their utility bill was nearly $150,000! Shocked That's a LOT of masterpiece paintings for a line cook to pump out.
19th May 2016 5:44pm
There is a glitch, it has been around for a very long time. If you are off the home lot on Mondays when the bills come the bill calculation seems to take into consideration the value of the lot your sim is currently on as well. The only work-around available at the moment is to cheat the money back to what it was before the bill minus what your household bills normally are.

There is a bug report if you want to add a 'me too' on the official EA Bug Report site
The Sims 4 Bug Reports
19th May 2016 6:47pm
My Sims were just on vacation today and their utility bill was nearly $150,000! Shocked That's a LOT of masterpiece paintings for a line cook to pump out.
20th May 2016 12:23am
Sorry for the double post - The page reloaded and I accidentally resubmitted. Blush
20th May 2016 12:30am
No worries, happens all the time! lol But that was one mega bill!! Scared I try to sell all the fruits etc in my sims inventory on Sunday before the bills are calculated around 4am Monday morning as everything in the households sims inventories are taken into consideration as well.
20th May 2016 9:24pm
My Sim has a level 10 herbalism skill, and she has all 10 wild plants --- and has identified all of them. However, the asperation says she's only identified 8/10 wild plants. How do I fix that?
21st June 2016 10:14am
Hmm, maybe get her to eat one of each plant again? I've only had this happen when I already had some of the plants in my garden (planted by another sim who had completed the aspiration earlier.) The aspiration requirement completed once my sim had eaten the plants again. If this fails use aspirations.complete_current_milestone cheat. (Apply testingcheats on first)
21st June 2016 6:41pm
Thanks --- I'll have her eat one of each again, and see if that works ---- otherwise, I'll use the cheat.
22nd June 2016 6:36pm
I can't find a muckleberry to save my life Sad it's so annoying.
10th November 2016 8:46pm
Keep harvesting all the plants in the National Park area (the large forest lot with the waterfall fishing areas). Smile If for some reason one isn't spawning you can remove all the plants and they will respawn in about 2-3 sims days as long as you are actively in the area.
12th November 2016 1:04pm
What is the cheat of herbs?Grin
25th April 2017 2:49pm
You can spawn plants in using specific cheat codes and then plant them but make sure you save your game before doing this as it really can cause glitches. Ensure you are on a lot you can enter build mode on and that there is plenty of space around your sim. Usually the cheated plant will spawn at your sims feet.
CTRL + SHIFT + C followed by the cheat testingcheats on then followed by the plant cheat code you want.
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x1071C Toxic Chamomile
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x10725 Poison Fireleaf
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x102A0 Fireleaf
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x10723 Noxious Elderberry
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x1025C Elderberry
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x107E5 Muckleberry
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x107E4 Huckleberry
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x10724 False Morel Mushroom
objects.gsi_create_obj 0x10261 Morel Mushroom
14th September 2017 6:05pm
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