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Age Extension and Immortality

The Sims 4 Life Extension and Immortality
Drinking the Essence of Life from a Cow Plant will reset your Sim back to day 1 of their current life stage. Potions of Youth do the same, costing 1500 Satisfaction.

There are a few ways to make your Sim live forever in The Sims 4. Some involve cheats, while others do not. Let's explore some of the means of life-extension in the game, and what we can do to make that a regular part of the Sim's life.


Age Settings
Know that there are aging settings in The Sims 4's gameplay options menu. You can select whether all Sims age, or only those in your household, or disable aging entirely. Setting the Life Span to long will make children and teens take quite some time to age up, but you'll have loads of time to accumulate satisfaction for the following reward.

Potion of Youth
The Potion of Youth Reward is the easiest means of keeping a Sim youthful without cheating. The potion only gives one drink, but will reset the Sim back to the beginning of their current age group. Use it right before they age up for maximum value. Simply accrue 1,500 Satisfaction points by pursuing Whims and your Sim's Aspiration. and purchase this. You can even transfer these between Sims. This is my main go-to for keeping Sims young. However, there are other a couple of other options.

Cow Plant
When a cow plant kills a Sim, they give an essence of life that can be drank, offering the same benefit as a Potion of Youth. But a Sim must be killed. Don't feed the cow plant, and have them in a place guests will mingle or else have one of your own Sims take the cake it puts out as bait when hungry. Do this once, the Sim gets a negative moodlet. Do it a second time, and the Sim dies and leaves behind the essence, which is available when you milk it. You can learn more about Cow Plants in the Gardening Guide.

Get to Work - Scientist and Cloning Machine
Scientists can make the Age-Away serum, which will reset a Sim's age back to day 1 just as the other options do. It also is rather easy to get, though you've got to be level 10 in the Career. Additionally, the Scientist Career gets access to the cloning machine which can be used to make copies of potions, such as Age Away and Potion of Youth, and even Ambrosia or its ingredients. There are other great benefits to this Career, so I highly recommend it.


Free Potion of Youth
Multiple routes to a free Potion of Youth. You can cheat to give your Sim points by using sims.give_satisfaction_points 1500 (or more) with testingcheats on. Additionally, you can use bb.showhiddenobjects to be able to find potions of youth for $0 in buy mode (use the search function).

Make Sim a Ghost
This requires a cosmetic change, given your Sim will be transparent. Look to our Ghosts Guide for cheats to make your Sim a type of ghost and take on the side effect of immortality. They won't age, and can't die!

Edit in CAS
Apparently, at time of writing, using the cas.fulleditmode cheat along with testingcheats to set your Sim back in age will result in them losing all their reward traits, while aspirations stay completed. This is no good, as you'd have to cheat to add them back in given the inability to redo the aspiration. Just use the points cheat above for this!

Prevent Death

With all this stated, Death can still take you (unless you're a Ghost). The solution to this is to have a Sim who has Death Flowers (Graft Orchid with Pomegranate) in their inventory to protect the other Sim from death by giving them to Grim on his visit. Additionally, Sims with high level Mischief can toy with death to perhaps prevent a Sim from dying, Sims can plead, and this works better when they're Confident.


Eternal and Immortal Buyable Traits
Created by vitopiresa at, you can buy the two listed traits for 6,000 and 8,000 satisfaction each. These are permanent. Eternal stops a Sim from aging, while Immortal will prevent a Sim being taken from the reaper. You can Download the Mod Here.

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Thank you Carl! Laugh
26th July 2015 4:22am
Hey glad you brought this up on the Forum, it inspired me to make the page.

I updated it today, thanks to a friendly visitor from who noticed I hadn't put the cloning machine in there. With it, you can copy Potions of Youth, Ambrosia and Age Away potions. Good stuff :)
26th July 2015 11:27pm
Grin Thanks for making this Carl ;) Like Anakin said, you've everything so organized and I found what I needed! I'll make sure to check your other ones if I need to find something!
5th February 2016 6:25pm
Carl,all the cheats that are on here wont work do you know why?:huh im playing on PC does that effect anything?
7th February 2016 12:04pm
The cheats are still all active and working. Have a read through Carl's Guide to cheats and also a thread on the forum that is really useful.
Guide To Using Cheats
Forum thread on how To Turn On Testingcheats
7th February 2016 6:35pm
Mines was the same, but I looked into it on the site and found that if you typed testingcheats on it would all work... I'm not an expert but this worked for me.Laugh Huh Grin
28th October 2016 7:56am
Try this typ in testing cheats on then try the cheats you want to use but typ them how they are shown
18th January 2017 11:42pm
pleads also work better when flirty and worse when angry or sad
Any interactions where there is even a buried negative moodlet will have a higher chance of failure. Especially marriage proposals. There is also a special interaction with Grim when your sim is flirty that has a better chance of success than pleading.
13th December 2016 3:03pm
How Do You Get Cloning Machines?
From the Active Scientist Career that came with Get To Work Click for Guide to Scientist Career
14th June 2018 7:10pm
Carl, I love this website. You always have everything organized and everything that I need. I was looking at your website back in Sims 3 and I really appreciate it.
28th July 2015 5:10pm
Thanks for the compliment, I hope it's as easy to find things when we are at 150+ pages.
30th July 2015 11:28am
Hi carl like your guidesSmileCool
12th August 2015 3:59am
I use this website every time I need to get some Sims 4 facts. Thanks for making this website! Smile
Glad that we could help you :)
12th August 2015 4:40pm
Carl, could you find a cheat that lets you make a sim younger? It's sad to see my favorite sims become old.
You can revert their age in create-a-sim using cas.fulleditmode, but I hear they lose their reward traits when you do this. Sadly, the best thing to do is either tweak the game's settings to stop them aging or be proactive with your life extension methods, always earning enough points to get a potion of youth or some other method before they age up.
21st August 2015 3:07pm
TwistedMexi's custom cheat mods work well. After downloading and installing his mod use CNTL + SHIFT + C in game to go to the "cheat mode" then enter "TM.setage {age level} {sim 1st name} {sim last name}" and return. You can reset your active sim's age even easier with "TM.setage {age level}" and return. Go to this URL "" to download them.
11th September 2015 6:47pm
To anyone who's interested there's a mod on that adds "Eternal" and "Immortal" as Aspiration Rewards. Really useful mod for stopping your sims from agingSmile
13th October 2015 7:01pm
Erica Bridges
Hey found a cheat :::
CTRL+SHFIT+C and type in Setage. This will set ur sim back to original age
10th November 2015 10:13pm
Is there a cheat that could help me to kill a sim? Or how could I kill a sim?
19th November 2015 10:35am
A way to kill a sim is to build a 1x1 square pool, build walls around it and add a door and have your sim go swim in it. Once they are swimming pause it and go back into build mode, and delete the door. It takes a while but eventually they get hungry or tired and drown. Laugh
21st December 2015 4:17pm
LOL I always do that!!ScaredScaredLaughLaughSmileSmileGrinGrin
28th October 2016 7:58am
You can try the cheats from TwistedMexi's site
26th December 2015 9:14pm
Hey, this mod looks great but apparently you cant use it anymore with the december 4th patch. could you fix it please?BlushBlushBlushBlush
4th December 2015 8:15pm
I mean the immortality and eternal mod
4th December 2015 8:18pm
Try again it was updated on Dec 8th
26th December 2015 9:51pm
You will need to contact the modder who made this. Neither Carl or I have had anything to do with the creation of this so we can't help you!
13th January 2016 4:29pm
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