The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff

Pumpkin Carving and other Stuff Pack Features

by Mr. and Mrs. Flynn Arrowstarr

Click to Enlarge. The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff.

The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff is the third stuff pack released for The Sims 4. The pack includes a number of decorations and fun things to create the perfect fall holiday atmosphere. Glowing ghosts, laser-light cauldrons, haunted candy bowls and more add up to help make the new Spooky Party event a (pumpkin) smashing success!

Pumpkin Carving Station

Click to Enlarge. The Pumpkin Carving Station is the featured item in Spooky Stuff. Use your Handiness abilities to create a creepy masterpiece to frighten, amuse, titillate or gross out your friends and relatives. Preserve the carvings forever, or stomp them flat when they rot, or even sell them for cold, hard Simoleans!

The designs available to your Sims are based on their Handiness skill (Motor skill for Child Sims). Carving a pumpkin will slowly build up the skill. The following designs are available to Child, Teen and Adult Sims:

  • Dud Pumpkin (failed carving)
  • Cockeyed
  • Classic - Motor 3
  • Cat - Motor 5

The remaining designs can be carved by Teens or Adults:

  • Ghost - Handiness 2
  • Smiling - Handiness 2
  • Owl - Handiness 3
  • Scared - Handiness 3
  • Puking - Handiness 4
  • Wicked - Handiness 5

You can then select one of four colors of pumpkin: Orange, Pale Orange, Green or White

Each carving costs $25 regardless of design or color chosen. Once carved a pumpkin can be places on the ground or on some surfaces. A few interactions are available when you click on a carved pumpkin:

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  • View
  • Light Candle
  • Light/Extinguish Candle
  • Put in Inventory
  • Smash*
  • Preserve ($50) - Handiness level 5
  • Possess (Ghosts)
  • Wear (Ghosts)
*Caution! Make sure you extinguish the pumpkin's candle before smashing it, or your Sim could catch fire!

A carved pumpkin will spoil after about 4 days. If your Sim has reached Handiness level 5, you can use the Preserve interaction to make the pumpkin last forever - or at least until your little ghoul or goblin smashes it. Like paintings, carved pumpkins can be sold. The sale value depends on the Handiness level of the Sim as well as the design used.

Spooky Party!

A new party is added to the game. The Spooky Party is - appropriately - a costume party. It can be held at any location, but it's best to hold at your Sims' house as you can prepare for a successful party easier. Throwing a Spooky Party costs $250 to throw and can cost more if you decide to hire a caterer and/or mixologist ($250 each).

Once things are set, any invited Sims on the current lot will switch into costumes. You can also click on your current Sim and use the Set Party Costume interaction to pick your favorite costume. At the party, chat up the other guests with some new Spooky Party socials:

  • Request to carve pumpkin
  • Ask for party treat
  • Discuss costume
  • Compliment costume

Build up enough party fever to score a Gold Medal to unlock the Super Llama costume!

New Recipes

To go along with the Spooky Party, three new recipes are available:

  • Cheese Eyeballs - Cooking 2
  • Spooky Cookies - Cooking 3
  • Zombie Cake - Cooking 4

Build Mode Objects

Click to Enlarge. A nice assortment of decor for your frightful holiday bash with the Pumpkin Carving Station as the centerpiece. The Fright Night Rug has three variations - not pictured is the Jack 'o Lantern rug.

Clothing and Hair

Click to Enlarge. It's all about the costumes this time for both the guys and gals. And a couple of face paints. Children also get into the act.
Click to Enlarge. One more costume each for the ladies. The butterfly face paint is also available for the guys.

New Styled Rooms

Click to Enlarge. The Dilapidated Den is a cozy spot to share a ghost story - or to be haunted by a ghost yourself!
Click to Enlarge. Another great place for the ghouls and goblins to gather is this Unliving Room.

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Comments (4)

I noticed a small typ-o under the picture of the costumes for the ladies. It says face pain instead of face paint Wink Butterfly face pain sounds pretty spooky though, haha Smile
lol! Face Pain sounds too spooky! Thanks, will get that fixed... although as typos go, I kinda like that one! Tongue

The show Fringe actually has an episode where a character is attacked by genetically modified butterflies!

Any news about supernatural beings on The sims 4... I miss my fairies and witches.SadSad
The Sims 4 Vampires! Grin

I had no idea before today that the paintings of the handsome lord Lucan, the beautiful lady Sanguina and the lord and the lady (translated from Norwegian) change during gameplay


This looks like a super fun pack! I love Halloween (it's my favorite holiday!) The pack is going for 5.00 dollars right now....Would you recommend this stuff pack?


We don't make recommendations but feel free to chat about it on the forum where you could ask other players opinions. Dine Out Forum Board

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