The Sims 4 Piano Skill

Earning Tips, Serenades, and Licensing Songs

The Sims 4 Piano
The Piano Skill allows you to Serenade, Write & Sell Songs, and Play for Tips

The Sims 4's Piano Skill is largely an accompaniment to the Entertainer Career's Musician Track. This Skill is not a big moneymaker, but does have some features unique to instruments in the game. If you're a music lover, you're sure to enjoy this Skill along with Guitar and Violin due to the sheer number of songs that Sims can play. Here is what you will unlock while levelling Piano, with further information on the more interesting interactions.

How to: Piano Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_piano x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Ideal Mood: Inspired
Pianists gain Skill Experience and perform better when Inspired. Taking Thoughtful Showers is a common way to do this, but the Skill offers its own methods of helping your Pianist find Inspiration. The second level in this Skill lets you use a Computer to get a +2 Inspired buff for 4 hours, and level 3 allows you to Plunk for Inspiration to get +1. This second one lasts 8 hours! If you can get some Inspirational Auras from Musician Career Reward Items, you will find it very easy to get to Very Inspired and gain Piano levels very quickly.

Piano Skill Level Unlocks
You'll unlock many genres of music as you go, and each of these gives you new songs to play - 4 to 5 each! So, there is a lot of music to be appreciated in this Skill, even if it is not an outstanding money maker.

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  • Level 1 - Practice Piano
  • Level 2 - Rhapsodize about Piano Sonatas Interaction, Appreciate Classical Music on Stereo, and Research the Piano on Computer (Inspired +2 4h buff)
  • Level 3 - Can Play Traditional Songs, Plunk for Inspiration (Inspired +1 8h buff)
  • Level 4 - Can Play Blues Songs, and Play a Concerto
  • Level 5 - Can Play Romantic Songs, and may Listen and Learn to other Pianists who are more Skilled
  • Level 6 - Can Play Post-Bop Songs and Serenade other Sims with Piano
  • Level 7 - Can Play Latin Songs and Promise to Dedicate Songs to other Sims (Romantic Interaction)
  • Level 8 - Pianist may Write, Scrap, and Name Songs. They can also play sings from the Ragtime Genre, and Perform Jazz Up the Place.
  • Level 9 - Can Play Classical Songs and may License Songs that have been written on Piano
  • Level 10 - Can Play Avant-Garde Songs and Mentor other Sims on Piano
Playing for Tips with the Piano in The Sims 4
Playing for Tips in the Park requires placing a Piano

Playing for Tips: Concerto
At level 4, your Sim will be able to get Tips for playing Piano, so long as you can draw a crowd. One solution is to buy and place a Piano at the park. Simply visit the lot and press F2 to go to buy mode, and from there you may place the Piano wherever you like. Tips earned are 2xLevel so, at level 10, you'll get $20 Tips from Sims.

Romance and Piano
Piano offers two great Romantic options for Sims pursuing the Skill. Serenading gives the Pianist a +2 Confidence Moodlet for 4h, while the target gets an 8h +2 Flirty Moodlet. This can put the target in the right mood to help your romantic advances succeed. Piano also gives the ability to Promise to Dedicate a Song, which gives the target a +2 Flirty Moodlet for 4h. Combine these, and you've got a great date. Sims who are Flirty can Tickle the Ivories on Piano and play some romantic music.

Serenading another Sim with Piano
Serenading a Sim makes the Pianist Confident and the target Flirty

Licensing Songs
At level 8 Piano, Sims may begin writing their own Songs. Writing a song takes a long time, but will let you License it by using the Mailbox. You may have only one licensed song from each Instrument at a time. Licensing pays off for quite some time, so you can theoretically have one Piano, Violin, and Guitar song licensed and giving you $100-300 a day or more for each. This is great cash, and will supplement a Musician's income while working in the Entertainer Career.

Mentoring other Sims
At level 10, you can Mentor other Sims in Piano. This will help them learn the Skill much faster than usual, and is a part of the Musical Genius Aspiration.

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Comments (9)

Which song will bring in more money after licensing?
I took a screenshot at piano level 10:
To be honest I don't know if there is a difference between the songs. I've never tested it and can't find any information on the web. I usually write the song that came available last figuring that that one would bring in the most money. Maybe you've got time to test this out and post back your results/tips? Smile
Will my child sim gain anything from learning the piano or violin? I've never actually seen my child sims play any instrument very well and they seem to have no memory of it as a teen.
Children can't learn the guitar until they are a teen but piano skill will continue through from childhood to all other life stages. Smile
Joseph Olubajisays...
i love my pianoSmile
thanks for these tips Wink Blush
Ariana Goettingsays...
Is there supposed to be able to hear music when your sims play instruments? I can't hear anything, I put the volume all the way up and still, nothing!
Ariana Goettingsays...
I meant am I supposed to be able!
Yes, definitely and it has always worked this way. Maybe you are experiencing a bug caused by out dated mods? If you do use mods or cc take them all out and delete the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder and try again. If you can hear the sim playing music then you'll know it is a mod or cc so you can begin to work out which one is causing the issue.

No mods, still delete the cache file and try again. That is often enough to fix bugs. Also you could Repair your game.
Open up Origin, Click on the Game Library tab then Right-click Sims 4 > Repair Game.
How do you mentir sims?
Most skills can be mentored, but not all. When one sim has mastered the skill (level 10) they can 'mentor' or 'teach' that skill to another sim when that sim is doing the skill. So in the case of piano: have the lower skilled sim play the piano and then while controlling the piano playing sim click on the L10 sim and choose the 'ask to mentor' social. You can also control the level 10 skilled sim and click on the sim who is doing the skill.
If you have a sim who you know has level 10 in a skill but is not part of your household you can still use this technique. Invite the skilled sim to your sims house, start your sim playing the piano (or whatever) and then ask the non-controlled NPC to mentor your sim.
Mentoring also works between adults and children/teens you just have to experiment as to which skills can be mentored. For some examples: swimming can be mentored, basketball, chess, handiness (repairing plumbing or using the bench), singing, musical instruments, painting and so on. Cooking and gardening can not be mentored.
Why isn't there a guide for the pipe organ skill?
Literally Carl just hasn't had time to make the page. I've sourced all the info so if you want to know something specific just ask.
what's the name of "rookie plays the banjo" irl?

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