The Sims 4 Mother Plant

The Source of the Infection in the StrangerVille Game Pack

The Sims 4 Mother Plant in the StrangerVille Game Pack
The Mother Plant

The Sims 4 StrangerVille features a new entity - The Mother. This massive mother plant is the cause of all the weirdness in StrangerVille, meant to be discovered by following the StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration which functions as the game's storyline (you can do it without the aspiration, but it's not recommended). This guide will help you win the battle against the Mother Plant while also giving you tips for befriending her and the advantages of doing so.

How Mother Works

The Sims 4 StrangerVille after The Bloom you can get Bizarre fruit.
Once The Bloom begins, the plants in StrangerVille evolve and appear like this. You're then able to Nurture them to get a Bizarre Fruit.

The Mother Plant is not directly hostile to you, but does start deep in the red on friendship. Throughout the day and at night time for player Sims, she will Possess Sims who are 'Infected' by the virus. Eating bizarre fruit will infect a Sim as will exposure to spores, though this second route of infection may only occur if you don't have a hazmat suit. I've not yet been infected any way other than through bizarre fruit.

Naturally she is not too fond of Sims given how she's in a prison and all. Interactions with her will not go well very often unless you are actively mind controlled. You're able to fight her to finish the story but are recommended to do so with Sims you've recruited who are vaccinated (and this may be required due to the storyline).

Mother Plant Death

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Mother Plant Death
The new Mother Plant Death.

Attempt to fight the Mother Plant alone, or perhaps taunt her enough, and she'll actually eat you like above.

Befriending the Mother Plant

Get Bizarre Fruit

The Sims 4 StrangerVille how to buy bizarre fruit
You can buy Bizarre Fruit from the Curio shop in StrangerVille

Bizarre fruit are acquired via nurturing the plants that come out of ground after you've made it to 'The Bloom' in the storyline, which occurs after opening the key card door in the Secret Lab. You can buy them from the Curio shop in StrangerVille as well, which is especially useful for players who have finished the story but did not know you can befriend her.


Communicating with the Mother Plant in The Sims 4 StrangerVille
Communicating with Mother will gradually build a relationship. It takes several hours of effort at minimum to get the relationship bar to green.

While you can communicate with the Mother Plant, you're not going to get very far unless Possessed. Eat a Bizarre Fruit to trigger this "mood". When you then use the Communicate social which appears, your Sim will telepathically talk to her and gradually build up a relationship. When it's positive you start to get some benefits, like being able to ask her for a Bizarre fruit, which can help finish off the process.

Friendship Benefits

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Mother Gifts
Mother will begin to offer Gifts to your Sim at 50% friendship.

At 50% relationship the benefits of being friend with Mother will appear when you click her. There is a new, "Request Gifts" menu option when you click her. You can only request 1 gift per 24 hours, but they are extremely long lasting when a moodlet is involved.

Gifts do the following:

  • Career Success - Give a +3 Focused Moodlet for 24h. In addition it gives a hidden +10 career performance mod that stacks with emotional boosts.
  • Energy - Request Energy is probably the best here. Get a +3 Energized moodlet for 24h, and your energy does not decay.
  • Life Extension - Functions similarly to a Potion of Youth, resetting your age back to the beginning of the current life stage.
  • Riches - Request riches will give you anywhere from 500 to 2,000 Simoleons.

Fighting the Mother Plant

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Fighting the Mother Plant
Fighting the Mother Plant.

For details on how to get to the point you can fight the Mother Plant, see my Walkthrough of the StrangerVille Mystery Aspiration. I don't yet know if it's humanly possible to defeat her fighting alone, but it's fairly unlikely as you really need your allies' help.

During the Mother Plant battle, you're able to click your allies to issue commands, like 'Throw Infection Cure' to damage her. She has 250 hp, and one infection cure brings her down by 20hp. During the fight, you'll gradually deal damage based upon which Battle Tactic you've set. Access this menu by clicking on the Mother Plant. There are several options, which I'll repeat here:

Sim Commands

  • Throw Infection Vaccine - Does the same as when an Ally throws one, as far as I can tell.
  • Retreat! - Your allies take more damage, but so too does the Mother Plant.
  • Mega Spray - Deals damage similar to throwing an Infection Vaccine, 90 min cooldown.

Group Commands

  • Be Careful - You and Allies take less infection but also deal less damage to the Mother Plant. Useful for allowing for cooldowns on more powerful abilities to be used to bring her down instead of automatic damage.
  • Charge! - Your allies take more damage, but so too does the Mother Plant.
  • Take a Breather - Allows your Sims to recover from infection while taking no damage. Use this just after firing off all your other cooldown attacks like Infection Vaccines and it may be the only tactic you need!
  • Warbling War Cry - repels the Mother Plant's Zombies

After You Beat Mother

The Sims 4 StrangerVille bring back the Mother Plant
Reviving the Mother Plant.

You can revive the Mother Plant by clicking her with a Bizarre Fruit in your inventory. As plants disappear after you save StrangerVille, you will need to head to the Curio to buy the fruit. Once you've revived her, you can communicate normally with her without being possessed, and build up a relationship that way. She's receptive after she's been put in her place.

By doing this you can get all the benefits of befriending her without having to leave the town strange. However, once she is beaten she will let you set the Strangeness Level so that you can do the Strangerville Mystery with other Sims in the same save file. Do this by clicking her and selecting, "request strangeness". The strangeness levels are based upon the chapters - the lower strangeness level is just after 'The Bloom'.

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Hi Carl! I like your post since Sims 3! Really help me a lot
I wanna ask u "By doing this you can get all the benefits of befriending her without having to leave the town strange" can I leave the town even I befriending with her? thanks a lot xoxo
1st April 2019 6:12am
You can befriend the Mother before fighting her if you want. This would leave all the sims infected and very strange, it will also leave the purple cloud above the crater. However, if you befriend her, then fight her, you will still either have friendship levels left or can befriend her again and then set the level of weirdness you want by clicking on her and requesting levels of strangeness.
2nd April 2019 4:54pm
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