The Sims 4 Spa Day: Wellness

Skill Guide to Yoga, Meditation, and Massage Types

Wellness allows Sims to give others massages, teleport via meditation, and practice Yoga
Wellness practitioners give incredible massages. Pictured is some of the decor ala a Styled Room from the Spa Day Pack.

The Sims 4's Wellness Skill comes with the Spa Day Game Pack. The Skill is all about focusing the mind and relaxing the body. Through ancient techniques like Yoga and Meditation, Sims might obtain a font of happiness for themselves and others should they master it. The Skill offers loads of positive Moodlets that can affect the practitioner as well as other Sims who get to enjoy their gifts. This guide will show you around the Skill, levelling it, and how to bestow its benefits upon your Sims.

How to: Wellness Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_wellness x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Spa Day Video Review and Gameplay Guide

A review of gameplay features included in the Spa Day game pack. Includes heavy information on the wellness skill and its many abilities.

The Sims 4 Video

Ideal Mood: Focused
The best mood for this skill is Focused, which means you'll gain faster if in that emotional state. Pondering moves on the chess board is one option when at home (Click here for others), but given you may not be doing this at home I recommend using Sharpening Saffron Aromatherapy from one of the incense holders available at the Spa. Being nearby, you'll get the moodlet automatically. Using the Practice Yoga interaction on a mat will also give your Sim a 4h +1 Focused Moodlet.

Meditate and levitate in The Sims 4 Spa Day
Meditation allows Sims to levitate, and eventually teleport

Gaining Skill
Sims can gain Skill by practicing the three main Wellness activities provided by the game pack - meditation, giving massages, and yoga. The last of these three is likely the best method. Yoga moodlets can put your Sim in a good mood, particularly if you use the mind concentrating routine to get focused in combination with incense. To get started, you can purchase a yoga mat, meditation stool, or massage chair/table for the home. The best thing to do is to actually visit the spa you placed in the neighborhood for a day of dedicated wellness instruction via the Yoga Instructor NPC. Additionally, you will find Wellness books are available for purchase using a computer if you'd like your Sim to learn at home.

Nopeing out of a Yoga pose
Sometimes, Sims just say 'Nope' and refuse to try a Yoga pose at low level. They can eventually become as good as the trainer.

Skill Unlocks
The following are the skill unlocks for wellness. As you level, your Sim will fail at things much less often and better keep up with the Yoga instructor. Things like meditation will go more smoothly, and you'll levitate faster and receive a positive moodlet from your meditation.

  • Level 1 - Practice Yoga, do routines, meditate and give hand/foot massages
  • Level 2 - Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods Social, Bake Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake, Yoga Boat Pose Unlocked.
  • Level 3 - Give Aromatherapy Massage. Yoga Triangle Pose Unlocked
  • Level 4 - Offer Mental Relaxation Tips Social unlocks, can do the Tree Pose in Yoga
  • Level 5 - Give Deep Tissue Massage, Unlocks Warrior Pose in Yoga, and Sims may levitate while Meditating
  • Level 6 - Give Sports Massage, Suggest Visualization Techniques Social. May do the Lord of the Dance Pose in Yoga
  • Level 7 - Can make Superfood Salad, do the Bridge Pose in Yoga, and may teleport when levitating during Meditation
  • Level 8 - Can Recommend Self Esteem Exercises, Give Stone Massage, and perform Handstand Pose in Yoga
  • Level 9 - Can give Fertility Massage
  • Level 10 - Brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea and Share Detox Secrets
A Yoga Trainer at the Spa
A Yoga Trainer has the pink icon over her head. Her class awaits instruction.

Yoga is a fun activity, and raises that need while the mats are portable and allow you to do it anywhere. Taking Yoga Classes is a simple matter of heading to the Spa. You'll find the yoga NPC has a pink icon over his/her head that indicates their status. If you can't find them right away, it'll be obvious who they are when a class starts (it's the room with all the mats on the 2nd floor). Every two hours a new class is announced, on the even hours and will start at 12:30, 2:30 etc. Classes last about an hour and a half and incur various benefits, namely skill gains and a long-lasting Moodlet that can help you in other endeavors.

You'll gain steady Wellness Skill as you engage in Yoga, and it counts as exercise for the purposes of losing weight and toning your Sim (in fact it works as well as cardio or weight lifting). I recommend going to a mat at the Spa and using practice Yoga first in order to get focused, then asking the instructor to do Mind Concentrating classes. All classes are $110. Classes do not seem to give more skill experience than just practicing alone, but the moodlet is excellent and will see you through some serious practice in Wellness or any other Skill. I'd take one class, then spend time practicing or meditating afterwards. This is not set in stone of course, if you are going only for one class and your Sim is in the Culinary Career, then by all means get yourself an inspired moodlet before heading to work!

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Taking a Yoga Class in The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack
Yoga brings many benefits, mostly in the form of powerful moodlets and toning the body.

Effects are very positive when things go well. On a bad day, they may get a 4h Bent out of Shape Moodlet that lasts 4h and provides some minor discomfort (+1). However, when Yoga has a positive effect - and it usually does - it gives powerful effects. Effects are not as pronounced when your Sim does it alone when compared to a class. The Moodlets provided by Yoga are:

Yoga Benefits

Yoga RoutineTaking ClassSolo Routine
Brain Boosting12h +2 Inspired Moodlet8h +1 Inspired
Energy Centering12h +2 Energized Moodlet8h +1 Energized
Mind Concentrating12h +2 Focused Moodlet8h +1 Focused

So, taking classes is much better as far as Moodlets go, but don't let that discourage you from practicing the exercise solo. Yoga mats are portable, so you can do this from home or even while out fishing, in order to get the Moodlets you need to succeed! Inspired and Focused affect a lot of different Skills and Careers and the boost is long enough to last through a work shift. Good stuff!


Practicing Meditation eventually allows your Sim to teleport
Meditation will allow your Sim to teleport anywhere within a neighborhood.

Know that meditation stools can be put in your inventory, allowing your Sim to do it just about anywhere. Meditation provides a few key features, though the benefits are not immediately obvious. Moodlets like Embarrassed and Stressed can melt away while in a zen state. Meditation doesn't provide any need gains. When successfully meditating, needs will sometimes stop decaying all together, but this happens rarely. You can use this to prevent their needs from dropping when you're a couple of hours from work and in a great mood, plus sometimes get the additional 4h +2 Happy Moodlet that Meditation provides. Meditation also offers random relationship gains with known Sims, and may provide a small bit of skill experience in other Skills.

Achieving a zen state and learning to levitate, Sims can then teleport anywhere within the same neighborhood by clicking on the ground. This ability does not require your Sim to be meditating at the time to use it. One last thing of note is that I've seen Moodlets over 12 hours plus in duration stop decaying during meditation, which may be tied to the need freeze, but am not sure if this is a bug as many other Moodlets decay while others are frozen. Once more about this mechanic is known, I'll update this section.

teleport to hidden lots with meditation
Sims are able to teleport to hidden lots with Meditation

Credit for this tip goes out to Playalot, a Moderator of our Forum. Sims who can teleport are able to revisit the hidden lots at any time after they've unlocked them, so it's another good use of the ability. In investigating, I've found that the Sim themselves must visit the hidden lot, and you can then teleport by clicking them when they're levitating on the stool. There's no easy way to teleport out, so Forum member grimsoul recommends bringing a couple of extra stools with you to place on the hidden lots. Now you can teleport between the two hidden worlds, and use Go Home when you're done. Alas, you'll still need to go on vacation to access the Deep Woods of Granite Falls.


Wellness skill gives great massage options to Sims
The Wellness Skill gives a number of great massage options to Sims.

Wellness practitioners can give great massages, but all Sims can give massages that are worth getting. Having someone in your own household learning Wellness is worth it for the excellent massages. A stone massage that costs $300 at the spa can be given at home free of charge, aside from the initial investment of a massage table. It only offers +1 Happiness, but lasts a whopping 24 hours! One of the best Moodlets in The Sims 4, for sure. Aromatherapy massages give Sims the ability to give others specific emotional boosts and will be very helpful.

Massage Moodlets

Note that none of these stack, and using a new one will overwrite the previous Moodlet. Just get the one you want from the get-go. You are, however, able to stack hand/foot massages with the massage table massages. These take about 80 Sim minutes to complete. Note that prices are for when you're getting them from the Spa workers. When given by one of your Sims at home, they are free.

Massage Table Massages

  • Swedish Massage ($120) - +1 12h Happy Moodlet
  • Deep Tissue Massage ($180) - +1 24h Happy Moodlet
  • Sports Massage ($230) - +1 12h Energized Moodlet
  • Stone Massage ($300) - +1 24h Happy Moodlet
  • Lavender Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Focused Moodlet
  • Yiang Yiang Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Inspired Moodlet
  • Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Confident Moodlet
  • Mint and Rosemary Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Energized Moodlet
  • Fertility Massage (Female Only, $380) - +1 12h Happy Moodlet, increased likelihood of twins/triplets.

Hand/Foot Massages
These take about 40 minutes to complete. Click a massage chair in the Spa or buy one for home to get the option to purchase/give a massage. As stated above, these do stack with the above massages. You can have 1 hand, 1 foot, and 1 body massage Moodlet active at once. Go for a body massage, then get a foot massage is probably the best route to take in order to maintain your moodlets and leave the Spa with enough time left to accomplish something significant.

  • Low Wellness Skill Hand Massage - +1 4h Happy Moodlet
  • High Wellness/Masseuse Hand Massage - $40 from Masseuse. +2 4h Happy Moodlet
  • Low Wellnes Skill Foot Massage - +2 6h Happy Moodlet
  • High Wellness/Masseuse Foot Massage - $40 from Masseuse. +3 6h Happy Moodlet

Special Socials

Those specializing in Wellness unlock a few unique Social Interactions as they level that can greatly impact another Sim's mood and give them powerful emotion-related Moodlets. Here they are, and what they do! They stack! This means you can fire them back to back and make a Sim Very Happy, Focused, Inspired, etc. So use them after giving the other Sim a nice massage, and give them a great day.

  • Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods - Level 2 Wellness. 4h +1 Focused Moodlet
  • Offer Mental Relaxation Techniques - Level 4 Wellness. 8h +2 Happy Moodlet. Super useful!
  • Suggest Visualization Techniques - Level 6 Wellness. 4h +2 Inspired Moodlet
  • Recommend Self-Esteem Exercises - Level 8 Wellness. 8h +2 Confident Moodlet

Skill-Specific Recipes

Levelling Wellness unlocks a few unique recipes for Sims, one of which seems to provide minor advantages over other foods that are cooked at level 1. However, they are not as useful when compared to a dish made by a cook with talent in the kitchen.

  • Sugar Free Carob Coconut Cake - This one gives an extra +1 Happy Moodlet, regardless of quality. Though higher level foods from regular cooking can do better than a total +2 Happy from the dish when excellent (pretty tasty and sweet goodness moodlets combined), it is a boost available without skill in cooking.
  • Superfood Salad - It's really just a salad, as far as I can tell, but it seems to be made rather quickly since it doesn't require cooking.
  • Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea - This one presumably gives relief of certain negative moodlets, while providing a +2 4h Focused Moodlet. It's similar to Pitch Black Tea in effect.

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Comments (22)

Thank you!
Thank you for this article. I've been playing this and I was wondering if you knew the specific emotional boosts from massages and incense. I've been trying them out, but it would be great to look at a list so that I don't have to risk having a bad emotion for hours. Also, at higher levels, are sims able to perform more yoga routines? My sim is at level 7 wellness and can still only do the brain boosting, mind concentrating, and energy centering.

I've yet to get to test them, came down sick at the worst time. But as soon as I'm able, I'll put them all up. Some of them give fairly obvious emotions, based on the names, while others are not so direct.

Poses are what increases as Yoga is leveled. This is mainly to show your Sim doing better at it. This is particularly noticeable when you take a class, and your Sim follows right along with the instructor when they used to struggle. It's a fairly satisfying thing to see :)

Those are indeed the only routines you can do. The success rate goes up substantially. I don't think I had a failure (resulting in Uncomfortable moodlet) after level 2 or so, but it could be pure dumb luck.

How to you travel to the spa I have looked on the map and the Phone and can't find out how to get there
It's a new GamePack. If you haven't bought it, you may never find it. Otherwise you can 'add' the Spa to any of your worlds and then travel there by zooming out and chosing 'travel' or by using your phone.
The socials that come with this skill are amazing! Today I added that, and updated the category on massages to state what all of them do. Should help some of you save some money to know that the expensive stone massage and the deep tissue massage give the same Moodlet!
Thank you for making this page, since just today I got the S4 Spa Day. I built my own spa, and my yoga mats are in the same layout as the Sims 4 made spa that comes with the extension. However, with the Sim made spa, the Yoga Instructor comes and teaches a class. With my setup, no instructor comes to stand on a mat and call for a class. I've waited long enough for one to come, but nothing happens. Please help! ^-^
Here is the position of my yoga mats:
__ (this one is for the instructor)
__ __
__ __
__ __
I had stayed at the lot so long that the instructor stopped coming at one point, had to go home and come back. I think it's got a schedule for when they are to arrive, and you can run out of slots. But if they never did anything there, it sounds like the Sim might have got stuck and returning could've reset it. Did this improve for you at any point?
One thing to check: Did you use the special instructor-mat in the position for the instructor? It's a separate item, apart from the usual yoga mat. As I understand it, it only shows up in build mode when you're editing a lot set as a Spa (or maybe Gym -- without cheats, anyway).
Just thought i'd mention that if you use the books to gain the wellness skill as a teen, it does not flow onto the parent/s like other skills do, if the parent/s has the vicarious trait.
I'd point out that you can teleport from a meditation stand starting at level 5. Level 7 is when you gain the ability to teleport from anywhere.

Also, and this is probably nothing, there seems to be a veery small decrease in energy on teleportation. This could easily be just the natural decay of the need though, so someone might want to check that.
I definitely intend to revisit the skill. Not understanding the need freeze and how/when that triggers bugs me. It could be very useful if you have a Sim in perfect shape ready to go to work, for example. You freeze their needs for an hour or two so that they go in tip-top shape!
Thank you Carl, and all you others who make these guides and add-ons!! You have all helped me so much ♥♥♥
Thank you for this article. I've been playing this and I was wondering if you knew the specific emotional boosts from massages and incense. I've been trying them out, but it would be great to look at a list so that I don't have to risk having a bad emotion for hours. Also, at higher levels, are sims able to perform more yoga routines? My sim is at level 7 wellness and can still only do the brain boosting, mind concentrating, and energy centering.

Can you run a spa business? Is there a way to get paid from having the wellness skill?
Admin: I'm afraid that there isn't. It'd have been great to get paid giving massages in some way, but nothing like that is included. It's still a decent pack, and I'm happy with it - but definitely get why so many people wish they had entwined this with the Get to Work EP somehow.

Best you can do is sell massage equipment at a retail store :(
Can you run your own spa if you have both spa day and get to work?
Admin: Afraid not. All you can do is sell the new objects.
Thank you for this article. I've been playing this and I was wondering if you knew the specific emotional boosts from massages and incense. I've been trying them out, but it would be great to look at a list so that I don't have to risk having a bad emotion for hours. Also, at higher levels, are sims able to perform more yoga routines? My sim is at level 7 wellness and can still only do the brain boosting, mind concentrating, and energy centering.
Yeah, those are all of the yoga routines. Sims just get better at them and less likely to get an uncomfortable moodlet.

It's possible you're seeing an outdated version of this page and need to F5. The page has been updated with the effects of all the yoga routines and massages of both types. You can see info on mud baths and other little things on our Spa Day main page as well.
xD Is there ANY way to work at the spa , I rly want my sim to give massages and yoga classes CoolCoolCoolCoolCool
This might be a dumb question but how do i place the spa? and where is it located? in my inventory
Admin: Go to Manage Worlds in-game by hitting escape. Head to the Gallery (Top right) my library and you should see Maxis on the left under view content by. From there, just pick one of the spas and select place lot. Hope this helps.

Edit: I just made this page based on your question
at level 9 it's says you can give fertility massages but how do you give them?
Admin: They are done with the massage table. You can buy it and place it in the home to give any type of massage the wellness Sim has unlocked. I believe you can also have a masseuse come to the house for a fee.
Lois Tsays...
Can any of the protein powder be used at the Spa? Can any food be served or made to serve at the spa. I only see some sparkel drinks on a tray. I put another bar in the spa in hopes of some cips? Thank You for your thoughts.
Hi, is it possible to own a spa business on spa day pack?
Sorry, you can't :(
Lucifer Amadeussays...
Carl, do test this out. Try giving a swedish/deep tissue/stone massage with incense lit around (you can put the incense under the massage table). Most of the time, i get +2 instead of +1 boost when i do this. Stone massage with incense is very powerful. That's like +2 24h boost.
Lucifer Amadeussays...
Also, it's ylang ylang, not yiang yiang. I'm gonna guess if we light corresponding incense when doing the aromatherapy massage, we'll get +2 instead of +1 boost.
Thank you! Good spotting!
Good tip. The same mechanism applies to matching incense with a bath with soaks. It increases the moodlet from 8 hrs to 12 hours.
Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea cures illnesses too! Well, I say "cure" but it does the same as the medicine, really just relieves symptoms for a bit and speeds up the process a little.
How to brew Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea
Just click on a tea brewer and it is one of the options.
Just a minor typo ... it's Ylang Ylang, Yiang Yiang. Ylang-Ylang is Cananga odorata, the cananga tree. It's used in the real world as an oil in massage and yoga.
Pregnant sims cannot do yoga or accept massages, but there's a nifty oversight from EA ... a pregnant sim can't click on the massage table and get a massage, nor can another sim offer to give the pregnant sim a massage, but the pregnant sim can ask another sim for a massage. Very useful i.e., to prep for work.

If you use incense, sooner or later you're going to have a fire. Put it on a wood table, fire. Put it on the floor near yoga mats, fire. I think that the code must be something like a counter ... ten uses of incense, and you've got flames. There is a foolproof trick tho ... put the spring blossom incense holder on an underrated underwater shelf. Position it on the wall six clicks up on the floor. Surround it with two massage tables or two tubs or four yoga mats ... you get the incense buff and no chance of fire.

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