The Sims 4 Gardener Career

Work as a Florist or Botanist in Seasons

The Gardening Career in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack
Botanists can apply for research grants on the computer, earning a large sum of money. Florists rely on the solid performance of making floral arrangements and selling them from home or in a retail setting with Get to Work.

The Sims 4 Seasons comes with a new gardening-focused career. This new addition to the Careers list is great at making money, because Gardening is already a profitable endeavor, while taking the career is a side bonus that will give you an hourly wage without leaving your home lot. Working from home is a feature unique to this, the Social Media, Politician, and Critic Careers. Select 'Work from Home' an hour before work to focus on your garden and other activities.

How to: Gardener Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote adult_gardener - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Work from Home

This applies to both branches of this career. Each day before work, you will see a popup in the lower left corner. Selecting the house icon, you can choose to have your Sim work from home (the default is go to work). You'll get a task or two that must be completed in order to secure your pay and career performance. Performance is calculated the next morning, so you get more than what is seen when you complete the daily assignment. Aside from the tasks you're given, you have total control and can use the time to skill up or else work on career promotion requirements. You make more money by working at home because of this.


Gardener Career Levels 1-4

The Gardener Career branches off fairly early at level 4. For these early levels, the ideal mood is Energized to gain bonus performance at work. While your daily task is to harvest harvestables, you've got Seasons installed so may not have anything right away. A fast-growing, all-weather plant that can help you with the daily task is Sage. Sage can be acquired from the starter herbs pack you can order on computer or get from buy mode. Head to Outdoor > Outdoor activities. You can open them on the ground now!

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Dirt Digger$20/hourSat-Sun, Tue-Thu 8AM-3PM$140Reach Level 2 Gardening Skill, Harvest HarvestablesN/A
2Soil-Sifter$21/hourSat-Sun, Tue-Thu 8AM-3PM$147Reach Level 3 Gardening Skill, Harvest Harvestables$300, Starter Herbs (Seed Packet)
3Seed Scatterer$23/hourSat-Sun, Tue-Thu 7AM-2PM$161Reach Level 4 Gardening Skill, Harvest Harvestables$400, Starter Fruits (Seed Packet), Garden Planter Box
4Leaf Cutter$25/hourSat-Sun, Tue-Thu 7AM-2PM$175Reach Level 5 Gardening Skill, Harvest Harvestables$500, Seasonal Summer Plants, Sprinkle-O-Matic 2001 (Sprinkler), #1 Mom Wall Decal(???)

Botanist Branch

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The Botanist branch of the Gardening Career in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack
Botanist is focused on

Take Botanist if you'd like to hone in on Gardening's scientific side. You'll have to level Logic, but you should make plenty of money off your Gardening. Overall the gardener makes a bit less money than the floral designer with arrangements, but does earn more per hour from the career. The special ability they unlock at level 10 allows research grants on computer, and fills the gap in earnings potential between the two careers. You can earn upwards of $1500 for a 2 hour interaction.

The success rate for research grants can be improved by being focused, and also leveling the writing skill. You'll do that naturally when you apply for grants, so there's no need to grind writing though you may speed up the leveling by writing some books! You can also get inspired by blogging about gardening and focused by posting findings, but these two interactions seem to exist purely to give Sims a moodlet. It may be useful to get inspired before doing a string of grant proposals since it would provide a boost to writing experience.

Botanist Career Levels

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
5Plant Nerd$40/hourMon-Fri, 9AM-5PM$320Reach Level 6 Gardening Skill, Level 2 Logic, Harvest Harvestables$600, Cowplant Berry
6Stem Researcher$45/hourMon-Fri, 9AM-5PM$360Reach Level 7 Gardening Skill, Level 4 Logic, Harvest Harvestables$700, The Drifter
7Sap Splicer$70/hourMon-Fri, 9AM-5PM$560Reach Level 8 Gardening Skill, Level 6 Logic, Harvest Harvestables$800, Life Under a Microscope
8Flower Fellow$75/hourMon-Fri, 10AM-6PM$600Reach Level 9 Gardening Skill, Level 8 Logic, Harvest Harvestable$900, Hooplankton
9Bouquet Biologist$90/hourMon-Fri, 10AM-6PM$720Reach Level 10 Gardening Skill, Level 10 Logic, Harvest Harvestables$1,000, Rhapsody in Blue
10PhD of Pollen$420/hourMon-Fri, 11AM-6PM$2940Harvest Harvestables$1,200, Blemish Blossom

Florist Branch

The Florist branch of the Gardening Career in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack

The ideal mood for a florist is Inspired. Your floral designer might want some tips from my Flower Arranging Skill Guide. While the floral arranger makes less per hour, they do not have to focus on logic (which doesn't make as much money as some other skills) and can instead hone in on the main money maker that is floral designing. It is actually one of the best in the game at the present, when you make masterpieces that are high-value. You can also work from home and run your own florist shop (retail) without any drawbacks. There aren't many special interactions here, though you can do some writing activities on computer.

Floral Designer Career Levels

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
5Petal-Placer$35/hourThu-Mon, 8AM-3PM$245Reach Level 6 Gardening Skill, Level 2 Flower Arranging, Craft Flower Arrangement$550, Bonsai Tree
6Stem Cutter$42/hourThu-Mon, 8AM-3PM$294Reach Level 7 Gardening Skill, Level 4 Flower Arranging, Craft Flower Arrangement$650, Violets are Blue Flower Arranging Table
7Anther Artist$60/hourWed-Sun, 8AM-3PM$420Reach Level 8 Gardening Skill, Level 6 Flower Arranging, Craft Flower Arrangement$750, Caress Wheel Barrench
8Floral Organizer$60/hourWed-Sun, 9AM-4PM$420Reach Level 9 Gardening Skill, Level 8 Flower Arranging, Craft Flower Arrangement$850, Starblossoms
9Leafy Luminary$75/hourTue-Sat, 9AM-4PM$525Reach Level 10 Gardening, Level 10 Flower Arranging, Craft Flower Arrangement$950, "Blossoming Beauty" Wall Painting
10Visionary of Vases$350/hourMon-Fri, 10AM-4PM$2100Craft Flower Arrangements$1,000, Domec Floral Floor Vase, A Single Rose

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Comments (8)

Nice work on the Gardener page, and such a quick addition! :)

I noticed as I leveled up that there are also a few new "full body" outfits for Gardeners (and Botanists and Florists)--including, it seems, the outfit from the previously-NPC-only Gardener job! (With customisable colours in CAS, of course.) Very neat! I should have paid attention as to what level they unlocked, though, but I suspect at 1 and 5, respectively.
Is there a special interaction from gardener career? I feel like the scientist is still the best option with his/her research ability in doing gardening.
All sims can 'research a plant' even if not in the Gardener career but no, I don't think there are special interactions.
So people don't think you're crazy, I'll point out that I just added research grants to the botanist section. It's perhaps the most interesting bit about this career track, but functions a lot like hacking. Florists don't need the extra money from my testing. They are OP.
While in the Botanist career my sim had the "analyse" interaction with plants instead of "research". It seemed to be an upgrade but I wasn't paying enough attention to know in what way.
She lost the option when she left the career.
Has anyone successfully submitted a grant pruposal? Mine keeps getting denied and they tell me to "write better" but her writing skill is at 10, so that can't be it! She's level 8 botanist.
Sara Stevensonsays...
When I work from home as a gardener I only ever make 11 simoleons whether it says my boss is happy or not happy. The only way I can actually make any money is to go into work which isn't the way I want to play and it's really fristrating me.
Celina Parkersays...
I have the same issue. My sim only ever makes 10 dollars from working from home so I just keep sending her to work. I would like to do the work from home option but then she wouldn't have any money to survive.
Yeah, I only get 10 simoleons so all of the money I get from the career (I don't send her because I wanted her to work from home) is what she sells from her inventory or store. Seems pointless besides the promotion items for decoration really.
Looks like the $10 pay is a known bug with no solution. My current gardener is getting that. I swear a previous gardener I had was getting normal wages. Maybe an update messed it up.
Well that would explain this then! I haven't had this happen to me in my game so I was very confused as to why some peoples gardening sims weren't being paid correctly like mine was! Thanks for leaving us the info and link to the EA Bug Forum report.
Has anyone successfully submitted a grant pruposal? Mine keeps getting denied and they tell me to "write better" but her writing skill is at 10, so that can't be it! She's level 8 botanist.
You don't get a paycheck the next work day? I always get about $10 as soon as my sim finishes the work activity (harvesting, reading a skill book etc) but then the next work day I get the full paycheck for the day of work, and a promotion if my sim has earned it.
Oops this was supposed to be a reply to Sara

I NEED HELP NOW! my sim can't pursue the floral path because of her college degree. i tried demoting her to get back to where the career path splits but they just fired her!! I DO NOT WANT HER TO BE A BOTANIST!


Yeah, that's the downside of career branches, once your Sim is passed the choosing point there is no going back. You'll either have to do the career with another Sim or stick with the Botanist branch.

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