The Sims 4 Skill Cheats

Raise and Lower Skill Levels

Sims 4 Skill Cheats allow you to raise or lower the Skill's level
Skill Cheats let you raise or lower each Skill's level individually. There is no cheat to max all skills at once, however.

Thankfully, the Sims Studio left in some development cheats that let us manually adjust Skills to any level we desire. This page is for handy reference to avoid you having to go through our massive Cheats page for the info you need. Here are the console commands you need to raise and/or lower Skills. Each cheat lets you select the level you want your Sim to have. If you want to see each level-up notification, you can do it by raising the skill level one at a time - 5, 6, 7 etc. Otherwise, we've got links to the skill guides here so that you can see what unlocks with each level and get information on using the abilities you'll be getting.

How to Use Skill Cheats

Opening the Console
Type Control + Shift + C (Mac users make sure you're actually using control and not command). Type testingcheats on to allow the use of advanced cheats. A white box will appear at the top of the screen where you can type in the following commands. Replace X with the level you want to set the Sim at. Remember that a select few skills may cap at level 5 as more Expansions are released.

Note the space between stats.set_skill_level and major_skill x. If you want to max all skills, I've typed all of these out so that you can copy/paste them in-game, replace the x with the skill level (10 in most cases) and master all skills fairly quickly.

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I tried copying and pasting the baking one to level to 10, but it's not working. :(
23rd August 2015 8:08pm
Hi! I was having the same issue, but I figured it out! you only copy this section of the cheat for all of them - stats.set_skill_level major_baking x
23rd August 2015 8:13pm
I can't do it either. The cheat isn't working for me.
29th July 2017 8:38am
You need to do testingcheats on Before you do it!
19th May 2018 11:21pm
to me it worked
23rd December 2018 2:42pm
Hi, i can't get this cehat to work Unsure i am trying to get level 10 in baking, bt when i write down:- stats.set_skill_level major_baking x it dosen't work! am i suppose do write:
- stats.set_skill_10 major_baking x or something?Blush
12th September 2015 12:50pm
stats.set_skill_level major_baking 10
18th January 2016 7:07pm
Hi to write the cheat properly-
stats.set_skill_level adultmajor_(WRITE SKILL NAME)
Hope this helps. ☺
9th July 2016 5:42am
Just use this: stats.set_skill_level major_baking 10 Grin
1st June 2017 12:17pm
So, I tried to use the Stats.set_skill_level major_Gourmetcooking 10 cheat. it leveled the skill as promised, but when I click on the fridge, or the stove, it says I'm still cooking level 3. Then when I cook something it says I leveled up to 4 after awhile, yet still shows 10 on the main skills section. Am I doing something wrong?
27th September 2015 4:29am
Try exiting out of your game and reloading it.
18th January 2016 7:08pm
Hi, you're probably confused with regular cooking and gourmet cooking.
22nd August 2017 8:17pm
why there's no dancing skills?
The dancing skill came with Get Together. If you don't have that expansion pack then your sims will just have the basic dance moves.
12th February 2016 4:30am
i have the expanchion pack and its still not working
9th August 2016 5:50am
It's actually Minor_Dancing, not Major.
20th October 2016 9:54pm
I tried the major painting cheat for the sim child and it did not work, is it the same for adults and kids?
3rd April 2016 7:12pm
Children do not have the ability to paint in The Sims 4 so that skill isn't unlocked until the teen age. The cheat will work then. Smile
4th April 2016 4:33pm
The cheat that works best for me, once u have turned on testing cheats type in stats.set_skill_level AdultMajor_Gardening x
X being any level u want and replace the skill with the same names as those used above. Hope this helps!
13th May 2016 4:35pm
Thaaank you I saw Forgoten Groot and my sim was on handiness 2. So usefull. Thanks so much.
4th June 2016 11:50am
Im trying to get my sim hid wellness skill up to level 10 but it won't work! What am I supposed to enter?
Stats.set_skill_level major_wellness 10
7th June 2016 2:58pm
I made my sim level 10 piano and it worked, but then i tried the same with cooking and it won't work anymore? My sister is also having the same problem MadSad
25th August 2016 6:45am
hey! I've tried to get the cheat to work but it won't, I've typed it in multiple times and it doesn't do anything
I'm trying to level up the programming skill and the gaming skill and it simply won't do it
what should I do?
17th June 2016 10:46am
Have you tried the copy/paste method?

How to: Copy and Paste Cheats

1. Make sure you're in Live mode, then press Shift-Ctrl-C all together to bring up the cheat console.
2. Copy and paste the desired cheat. (Mouse over the cheat with left-click held down to highlight, right-click and select copy.)

For example:
stats.set_skill_level major_programming 10

Which would make a sim have level 10 in the programming skill.

3. Paste it into the cheat console by pressing Ctrl-V together

Also remember to enable testingcheats on first.
15th July 2016 7:20pm
Thank you so much! This was really helpful:-)
20th January 2017 2:51pm
Is there one for cooking? I'm currently trying to have a decent wedding, but my caterer is doing NOTHING. I have to be able to make my cake so I can complete the tasks. I did the gormetcooking one, but I don't think that correlates with JUST cooking. Sad
26th June 2016 8:14pm
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