The Sims 4 Business Career

Rewards for Investors and Managers

The Sims 4 Business Career: Management and Investor
Sims 4's Business Career offers Management and Investor Branches

The Sims 4 Business Career features both Management and Investor Branches. Both of these may offer you opportunities that could, at random, make your Sim some extra money based on what you select and some random variation. The Career relies heavily on the Charisma and Logic Skills, no matter which branch you take. While it starts with an Ideal Mood of Energized, it shifts to Confident at Regional Manager (level 5) while the Career offers you to select a branch upon reaching level 7. Since Emotional buffs are fairly easy to get, you don't need any special traits to pursue either of these Careers. However, Outgoing and a Popularity Aspiration (to give the Gregarious Bonus Trait) may be helpful to leveling Charisma and making Friends. While Friends are not necessary, it's just a perk to be able to have your social interactions succeed more often and perhaps level Charisma faster.

How to: Business Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote business - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

The starting Daily Task, Fill out Reports, can be found on the Computer under the Web menu. Filling out Reports may sometimes give your Sim a Bored Moodlet, "Paperwork Drudgery". This is tough, as it takes a few hours to do and you're already gone for the 9-5. Just accept that your Sim has less time in the early levels and will eventually get a better job without the boring paperwork.

Business Career

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Mailroom Technician$16/hourMon-Fri 9AM-5PM$128/dayFill out ReportsGossip about Office Romances Interactions
2Office Assistant$20/hourMon-Fri 9AM-5PM$160/dayFill out Reports, Reach Level 2 Charisma$130, Desk Nameplate (Stolen), Make Fun of Corporate Goons Interaction, New CAS Parts
3Assistant to the Manager$23/hourMon-Fri 9AM-5PM$184/dayFill out Reports, Reach Level 2 Logic$156, S.A.L.E.S. Award, Imitate Boss Interaction
4Assistant Manager$35/hourMon-Fri 9AM-5PM$280/dayFill out Reports, Reach Level 3 Charisma$187, Brag About Job Title Interaction
5Regional Manager$53/hourMon-Fri 9AM-5PM$424/dayFill out Reports, Reach Level 4 Charisma$281, Pie Chart Presentation, Offer Career Advice Interaction, New CAS Parts
6Senior Manager$75/hourMon-Fri 9AM-5PM$600/dayFill out Reports, Reach Level 4 Logic$527, Tiny Tranquility Zen Garden

Management Career

Sims 4 Business Management Rewards
Management Branch Rewards offer Confident Auras

The Management Career Branch features Confident Aura items, which are appropriate for the Career however not very useful for gaining progress in it because they don't work when you're out of the room. They may, however, help with the success rate of Make Business Calls (found on the Phone under Household), which may only be done from 8PM-8AM on Weekdays - meaning your Sim needs to do them after work hours. Making these calls can help you get promoted faster so long as you have the Skill requirements met. Sims who make successful calls may get a Confident or +2 Embarrassed Moodlet depending whether they succeed or fail at the deal. It's more important you complete them than if you bother to make them. I'd do them after work so that there is no chance of going into work totally embarrassed and risking some kind of freak accident emotional death. In order to get Confident before Work, you can simply Psych Self Up using a mirror or make your Sim brush their teeth.

Management Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
7Vice-President$90/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$720/dayMake Business Calls, Reach Level 6 Charisma, Level 5 Logic$746, Executron Executive Desk Throne
8President$134/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$1072/dayMake Business Calls, Reach Level 8 Charisma, Level 6 Logic$1074, Executron Bookshelf, New CAS Parts
9CEO$201/hourMon-Fri 10AM-6PM$1608/dayMake Business Calls, Reach Level 10 Charisma, Level 8 Logic$1612, Executive Guest Chair
10Business Tycoon$375/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Fri 10AM-6PM$3000/dayMake Business Calls, Go to Work!$2417, Executron Executive Desk

Investor Career

Sims 4 Investor Career
Sims 4's Investor Branch offers Focused Items

Investor Benefits
The Investor Branch has an Ideal Mood of Focused. It is the one I'd prefer between the two choices here, simply because of the Invest in Stock ability. Researching Stocks is the daily task (done under Computer > Web) and can give a +1 Focused Moodlet when complete. You'll also gain the ability to invest your Sim's money in stock. It seems that if you first use the Research Stocks ability and get the Moodlet you will have better results from investing, although you can still lose money. You can get up to 2.5x your money, or lose big and get only 20% of it back - there's a huge range of possibilities. Sims may invest $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000. In the long run, it seems worth the risk if your Sim has the Simoleons to spare. Investments may be made every 48 hours.

The Investor's Career Reward of items that give Focused Moodlets may aid in Investing, but is sure to help in other computer-related endeavors like Programming and building their Logic Skill should you place a Chess board or other Logic-building item within the same room. The easiest way to get Focused before work is to use a chess board and ponder moves just before the carpool arrives.

Investor Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
7Futures Trader$112/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$896/dayResearch Stocks, Reach Level 5 Charisma, Level 6 Logic$746, Executron Personal Stock Ticker
8Hedge Fund Manager$145/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$1160/dayResearch Stocks, Reach Level 6 Charisma, Level 8 Logic$1343, Executron Desk Pen Set, Give Fake Investment Tips Interaction, New CAS Parts
9Corporate Raider$218/hourMon-Fri 8AM-4PM$1744/dayResearch Stocks, Reach Level 8 Charisma, Level 10 Logic$1746, Chronos Magazine (Framed Collector's Edition Issue)
10Angel Investor$406/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Fri 8AM-4PM$3248/dayResearch Stocks, Go to Work!$2619, Executron Executive Desk

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What sims4 that i can get these career?
25th July 2015 11:00pm
It came with a free update last year.
27th July 2015 12:33am
Lorri LaMarche
after downloading the career mod and the venue mod it does not show office for the venue in build mode
1st August 2015 6:49am
I haven't tried that mod so I can't help you. Try posting a question on the creators page where you downloaded the mod from.
14th January 2016 7:40pm
Is filling out reports supposed to take 10 hours? All my guy does is use the bathroom, shower, fill out reports and go to work.2 hours of sleep a night. This seems
7th December 2015 9:01pm
That used to happen with my Business Sim, Thomas Trust. But he's insane, so I think it took ages because he talked to the computer desk (facepalm). Now I just check every so often to make sure he's not doing that. Make sure he's not multitasking and see if that works.
20th December 2015 3:49pm
It takes my sim much less time than that! Maybe try deleting the cache files and repairing your game and hopefully that should speed things up for you.
Deleting Cache Files
Repair Game
14th January 2016 6:30pm
Has anyone encountered the headhunted chance card? What are the outcomes? Should I stay loyal or move on? I always pick based on my sims personality which so far has gotten me nowhere in this career. If anyone knows what happens I would love your input.Unsure
14th January 2016 3:39pm
I have encountered that work op a few times. The chance of a successful outcome is just that, chance. I've had both a successful and unsuccessful outcome with each choice! Choosing by your sims personality is probably the best game play option. Smile
14th January 2016 6:26pm
Miss Green 6
Yes, I have just only experience before and I choose "Move on" it gave me a bigger career opportunity which I thought was great! GrinSmile
6th April 2017 3:41pm
How do you research stocks?Unsure
29th January 2016 9:14pm
Click on your sims PC. Web>Research Stocks. Smile
30th January 2016 5:57pm
Whenever i invest 2000 or 5000 it tells me i got a good return from my investment, but i only get back 1000 - 2000. Is that how its suppose to be, because i can never make a profit from investing in the bigger numbers
16th March 2016 10:31pm
Might be useful to clear out your cache files as investing should give you positive returns. It is a random chance but I've mostly received a positive return or an outright loss in which place the game message tells me that.
17th March 2016 6:19pm
For some reason the cheat for promoting in Business is not working
28th May 2016 2:48am
Hmm, just tried it and it worked ok for me. Were you in live mode with the game paused with the correct sim selected?
29th May 2016 7:12pm
How do you fill out reports?ScaredScaredScaredScaredScaredScaredScaredScaredScaredScaredScared
3rd June 2016 8:28am
Click on computer > web > fill out reports
5th June 2016 9:06am
How long does it usually take to get promotions in the investor career track?
12th August 2016 1:39pm
The usual is probably about one every two days if you are using the 'work hard' tone and sending your sim with a long lasting 'correct' moodlet and of course completing the daily tasks and staying ahead of the needed skill levels.
12th August 2016 6:44pm
How do I complete the daily task of "solving 6 cases" for my colonel?
18th August 2016 9:39pm
I'm a little confused as this is posted in the guide to the business career... yet this goal is for the active detective career that came with Get To Work. So... I'll link you to Carl's guide for that career. Basically by going to work actively with your sim and completing the daily tasks.
Detective Career
20th August 2016 12:59am
Thanks for the reply. I am confused as well because I have not been able to find an answer to my question. I do not have Get to Work and this is the closest thread to what I have that I have found.
20th August 2016 3:35pm
I'm really stumped to which career it could be. Unsure As the only career that has that name and work task is the detective career at level 9. But.. you would need Get To Work for that even to be an option.
20th August 2016 7:32pm
since i dont really want to go to several different pages to find out there isnt im wondering if there is a cheat to get perk points
2nd September 2016 9:17pm
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