The Sims 4: Moving Tutorial

Moving a Sim out or Moving Households into a New House

Moving an entire Household of Sims in The Sims 4 is fairly easy, but moving out a single Sim can be confusing for new players. This tutorial for managing Households will cover both of these concepts - so you can kick out a recently divorced Sim, a teen, or just move the family to a nice home you found in the Gallery and placed in your Neighborhood.

Moving a Sim Out in The Sims 4

Moving one or more Sims is perhaps the most confusing part for players unfamiliar with the game, so I'll start with that. You may need to do this with a Teen who has grown up, or when Sims have broken up and no longer want to live together. To do this, press Esc to bring up the main menu and select 'Manage Worlds'.

Now, select the Home of the Sim you'd like to move out. Click the '...' button and select Manage Household.

This screen will come up. Here you have two options. If you want to simply remove a Sim from the game, you can go into Create-a-Sim and delete anyone. But, if you want your Sim to live on in the Neighborhood, you must select 'Transfer Sims Between Households'.

Pick the Sim(s) you want to move out, but realize that Children can't live without an Adult (although Teenagers can!). You have the option to 'Create a New Household' at the top, should you not want to move the Sim into an existing household (like throw Teen Cassandra Goth in with the Pancake household to get rid of her). Most will want to pick 'New Household' as this will let you pick where the Sim(s) will live.

With 'New Household' chosen and the Sim placed on the right, you will then be taken back to the map. If you want your Sim to move into a home in the Neighborhood, pick 'Manage Households' at the top right corner in the map view. You will see your Sim either under Played or Unplayed Households. Pick the Sim, then Move Household onto Lot (the Moving Truck icon) and select OK.

Now you can select where that Sim will live. You can use Control + Shift + C to bring up the cheat console and type freerealestate on to give them more options on where to live, but that is up to you. A single Sim will only have $20,000 having left the household, so normally will need to live in one of the starter homes. Once you have picked where that Sim will live, you've successfully moved that Sim out of your home. You can then click on the Household you want to play - either playing the new Sim in their new life, or resuming play with your previous household. The Sims 4 lets you switch between Households at any time through 'Manage Worlds', allowing you to play any Sims in the Neighborhood at any time and saving all that progress in one save file.

Moving a Household of Sims

Moving to a New Home
To begin, click your Sim's phone and select 'Move Household' under the travel category.

You will be taken to the map, where your funds will determine what homes you can afford. Homes you can afford will be in green, while homes you can't afford are yellow. If you want to cheat, you can at this point press Control + Shift + C and type the command freerealestate on. This makes all houses free.

A Warning on 'Sell Furniture': If you plan to sell your Sim's furniture, it is advisable to place anything you want to keep in your Sim's Household Inventory by going to Buy Mode, and clicking/dragging those things to the inventory. When you elect to Sell Furniture, it means everything - not just furniture - so if you have a large garden, you should preserve those plants, along with any awards you want to keep. So, if you don't want to lose stuff, go back to your household and take care of this before moving your Sims to their new house.

Affording Houses Tip: A home you can't afford can be made affordable by clicking it, and selecting to either sell your own furnishings or buy the house unfurnished.

If a house is not vacant, as many are not, you may select to either Move In with those Sims or Evict them. Evicting them will place them in Household Management, where you can then select a home for that family.

Once you've chosen a home, you will get the option to either keep your furniture or sell it to make more funds available. Remember what was said about about the Sell Furniture option, and select what you want. You will also get to choose between keeping the home furnished or buying it unfurnished. If you purchase it furnished, you can immediately sell the things you don't like to recover some money.

When you're done, your Sims will be in the new home. You can find your belongings in the Household Inventory (bottom left button in Buy Mode).

Moving Lots

Learn to move lots around in The Sims 4 by going to our Lot Placement Tutorial.

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Omg, I'm not gonna saty long...but I've been searching everywhere! Noone and nothing tells me how to own two lots at the same time but with one family (household) only! Do you know!?Sad
12th August 2015 8:13am
That is not yet possible.
26th October 2015 3:37pm
You can still visit and play other households mid-game. So it's kinda the same thing.
15th December 2015 8:38pm
I'm not good with comp so need help. How can I rename a lot.
12th August 2015 10:04pm
Joyce L Noettl
so sorry but I'm 82 just learning computers bye won't be on again
29th August 2015 3:48pm
Aww Joyce it's okay! At least you tried technology. Applause! Grin
23rd November 2015 5:14pm
if you want to rename a lot, you first go on to 'manage worlds' then you go on the the house you want and then you click build then when you are on the lot click 'more info' then you will be able to find the rectangle that has the name in it and you can then change it. Smile
2nd January 2016 7:19pm
Is there a way, when you move one sim out of a household, that you can take heavier items (stuff that goes in family inventory) with them?
29th August 2015 7:01am
From my understanding the household inventory stays with the original household, so you would just have to leave the Sim you want to keep the stuff in the original household and put everyone else into a new household.
28th September 2015 4:18pm
I just moved house, before I moved I selected 'keep furniture' then moved to a plot of land where I built my own house, where is my furniture because at the moment, all that is in my house is the baby cot and walls, but my furniture is not in my inventory, WHERE IS IT??
7th November 2015 8:40am
It should all be in the family inventory you access when going into build mode.
7th January 2016 11:07pm
I've been having trouble with my home. You see, I moved to a bigger lot because the lot I was on was already out of space. I moved into a 50x40 lot and brought my old home via downloading from my library. The problem is that rather than letting the house exist where ever I wish, it only allows it to exist in the middle of the lot. I can move the house as a whole, but it doesn't allow any door to be considered the front door, which means I can't get any of my sims in or out of it. When it's in the middle I can't really do add what I'm planning to add because there's no room to build. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
28th November 2015 12:58am
There is an option when in build mode to rotate the entire lot. It looks like a cross and is located to the left of the bulldoze icon in the top build tools menu in the middle of your screen.
With this you can rotate the whole lot and place it anywhere you like. Any portions that become highlighted yellow will basically be 'cut off' when the placement is finalized.

To make a door the front door, click on it in live mode and change it to the front door. if it already is the front door the game will tell you. Smile
7th January 2016 11:21pm
I don't know what happed but I started to panic but it turned out to be ok i am just wondering how it happend I have a family on a lot and some how I have a other family on the same lot when I mean 2 different family's i mean to different saved games if this makes any scene
So you have accidently saved your game twice? If that is the case when you go into the menu to load a game you can delete the second copy from there.
4th January 2016 5:37pm
So I didn't realize that all the sims age even when you don't play them and I want to start a new neighborhood. I have progressed a few of my sims. Can I move them to the new neighborhood. And I mean a new world where the goths are old etc. Because they aged as well. I learned to stop the age but it's too late.
9th January 2016 11:58pm
To start a new game with sims just save them to your library and then you can place them into a new game easily through Manage Worlds.
To move sims within the same game (that you are not actively playing) use Manage Worlds to evict them. Find them in Manage Worlds unplayed sims menu and move them into a house where ever you want them. Carl has all the details on this page of the guide.
10th January 2016 4:19pm
Can your sim move in to a sim you did not creates house.I am a new at this gameGrin
7th February 2016 12:22pm
So you want your sim to move in with another sim? You can do this once you have actually placed your sim into a game by putting them on their own lot. Then go to Manage Worlds>Manage Households and follow Carl's directions from there. Smile
7th February 2016 6:32pm
I really confuse. Sims can't move in to a venue lots right? But I have an unplayed household lives in the library at willow creek. The lot marked by book sign (library) and the grey diamond above that. Is this a bug? If it's not, please can you tell me how to do that? My latest expansion pack is Get Together.
Thank you Smile
9th February 2016 9:13am
Yes, you are correct sims can not live on community lots. Did you change the lot type at any point? To fix this I would evict the household in question and then go and change the lot type around a few times and end up back with it being a library. If that doesn't fix it try evicting the household first then deleting cache files and repairing your game.
Deleting Cache files
Repairing Your Game
9th February 2016 2:02pm
I really sure I didn't do anything with that lot. When I first installing a new pack my game was updated and have no CCs and mods. I'll try repairing my game thanks for the reply Smile
9th February 2016 6:35pm
I have moved a sims out of the household and placed him on a new lot. The thing is, I don't wanna play this sims anymore but just let him live his life Tongue How can i do this so he can get married, have babies etc? When I move a sim to another lot, they don't have a family or anything. They just get old and die, so the sims I do wanna play don't get any relatives from the sims that have been moved out.

Thanks! Smile
20th February 2016 11:08am
There are mods that allow this to happen but the vanilla game has no story progression. Smile
20th February 2016 10:12pm
Lindsay Lafferty
hi! so i just got the sims 4 and i am really confused on how to move around. when i get to the neighborhood map it does not show any clubs, cafes, gyms, or anything! i don't know how to get to places by myself or with a date. the only way i am able to go to a bar or whatever place I'm going to is by starting a group event with my club or if someone invites me out. so any advice or help would be so great! thanks!
27th February 2016 2:52pm
To get into Map View either hit the 'M' key or select 'travel' on a sims phone. This will take you to your current world's view where you can see all the neighborhoods in the world. Choose a lot to travel to by clicking on it's icon.

To see the other worlds in the game click on the world globe icon on the top left of your screen when in the current world view. This takes you to the 'World Select' page where you will see large round icons of Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest and other worlds depending on which packs you have. Click on a world to travel there.
27th February 2016 3:25pm
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