The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure: Antidotes

Ways to Save a Sim from Death by Poison

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure:
Sure, yeah. I'll be your test subject. Of course!

Something I've seen fans enthuse about in The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure is that there's actually some danger to it. You got bit by a spider and your body's not fighting off the poison. Your Sim can actually die and there's no an easy fast way. Apparently some people would love a bit more danger (Sims team, you listening?).

How Poison Works

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure:

In the Sims 4, you start off with a simple bite or get hit by a poison dart, or go against my advice and try to walk through gas like a fool (which seems to be the highest chance of being afflicted thus far). Your Sim starts with a dazed feeling, and maybe this goes away and no harm done. However, you should get a notice that it DIDN'T go away. That's a sign you have just a few days before the Sim dies. You've got about 72 hours. If you don't notice moodlets, look for your Sim to do a lot of belching and be covered in green splotches. Only a percentage of cases are fatal, so don't freak out. Just hold on to some money just in case.

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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure:
in a GP with lethal poison, walking through a poison gate is probably not a good idea.

If you have $1,000 you can head to a computer - for example at the Alam Museum of Archaeology in Selvadorada, and use the menu to find 'Buy Antidote' for 1k Simoleons. This will take care of it. But you may need more than one if you do a lot of adventuring, and they're expensive.

Bone Dust

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure:
Apparently this isn't Bone dust, but some decoration you're not supposed to be able to pick up. Oops. You can find this false stuff in sarcophagii or sarcophaguses, whichever is grammatically correct. I didn't have time to look it up, what with fixing grievious errors and all.

Check your Sim's inventory. If you've been adventuring a good bit, you may already have ancient bone dust. If you do, that's fantastic. If not: you find Ancient Bone Dust while exploring. It may be found in a dig pile, or inside a treasure chest. Apparently there's some decorative stuff in temples that looks like it's bone dust, but isn't *sigh* I found the same thing in my own inventory - one is labeled ancient bone dust, the stuff you pick up in the temples is unnamed. Maybe this is a mistake by the team and one day you can actually pick something up in the temples.

You can also buy Ancient Bone Dust by having level 5 Selvadoradian Culture Skill. This will unlock it at the vendor, along with some other items.

Getting the Antidote

The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure:
The Ask for Antidote interaction can appear on any local. Just gotta listen to them talk about culture for a while. If things get really down to the wire, just buy some and make money off archaeology and avocados!

If you've got the bone dust, talk to some locals. Avoid people in touristy shirts. Talk about the jungle some, use a few interactions, and look for the Ask About Antidote interaction to come up under friendly. It wasn't there right away for me. You may need to talk to a few Selvadoradians. On the plus side you'll gain local culture skill pretty fast by doing this. Once you have the antidote, you're good - head to your Sim's inventory and have them chug it, or pass it to the poisoned Sim. You can repeat the interaction on the inevitably bored local for each bone dust you have.

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Comments (5)

Dose the posion kill vampiers?
I'd assume so.
Vampire Simsays...
No, I don't die when poisoned. Tried and tested...
Ann-Marie Bentleysays...
Thank goodness for your guide lol I wasn't ready for my sim to die of poisoning just yet.
Hey I just bought this pack. Will doctors able to meet these type of patience in the hospital?
No, every pack always only relies on the base game plus itself that way it will fully function regardless of what other packs people may own. The jungle poisons are only cured with the Jungle pack antidotes.
the antidote option wont show for me. must you be poisoned to get it?
Maureen Mooneysays...
I never got the Ask About Antidote social. However, my Salvadorian knowledge was maxed. I went back to our vill and clicked on the fridge, and there was an option to make the antidote.

Also noting, if your Salvadorian knowledge is high enough, you can buy secret wares from the vendors. You can buy bone dust there. I always max local knowledge before I go hightailing it out int the jungle.

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