The Sims 4 Astronaut Career

Rewards for Smugglers and Space Rangers

The Sims 4 Astronaut Career
Astronaut Career Tracks: Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger

The Astronaut Career is arguably one of the toughest to get promoted in The Sims 4 given it's hard to maintain a positive mood during long shifts, but rewards you with a lot of neat objects and abilities. It synergizes with the Rocket Science Skill, along with Fitness. As an Astronaut, you get an unique Space Ship, free, while other Sims must spend $5000 to get started. You do have to assemble them for $1000, as well as perform the Space Ship Upgrades to get a fully-featured ship. You will need to have a ship built in order to do the daily task of Space Missions later in the Career, but could skip that and get promoted just a bit slower, relying on Skill books to meet promotion requirements until you get a free ship.

How to: Astronaut Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote astronaut - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

The first seven levels of the Astronaut Career require you to work on your Sim's Fitness and Logic Skills. The two branches are very similar in Promotion Requirements in this case, unlike other Careers which can be radically different.

Good Traits for Space Rangers and Interstellar Smugglers

  • Active Trait - Helps with getting Energized, which is the ideal mood for the upper levels of the Career.
  • Choose Athletic Aspiration - This will let you Drink Energy Juice by clicking your Sim, allowing you to get Energized on demand. It's even better than the description of High Metabolism indicates, and you can later change Aspirations.
The Sims 4 Astronaut Career Rewards
The Various Rewards of the Astronaut Career 1-7

Astronaut Job Levels and Career Unlocks

The Career begins with an ideal mood of Focused, but changes to Energized at level 4. You can get a 4h Focused Moodlet from Observing the sky with the Telescope, but don't worry too much about that. Put effort into working out to meet Fitness Skill requirements later on, and do your daily task of playing Chess to build Logic. By the time it is Energized, you should have a few means of getting Energized via Fitness. Use Chess to raise your Logic Skill, or use the telescope and perhaps work on the Space Prints Collection for fun.

Astronaut Career Levels 1-7

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Intern$26/hourMon-Fri 8AM-5PM$234Play Chess.Enthuse About Space Interaction
2Module Cleaner$34/hourMon-Fri 12PM-9PM$306Play Chess. Reach Level 2 Logic Skill$581, Astro Solar System Light
3Technician$54/hourTue-Fri 1PM-9PM$432Play Chess. Reach Level 3 Logic, Level 2 Fitness$756, Astro Model Rocket, Point Out Constellations interaction
4Command Center Lead$71/hourMon-Wed, Fri, 2PM-10PM$568Work Out. Reach Level 4 Logic, Level 3 Fitness$869, Star Seeker Original Blueprints, Track Satellites on Telescope
5Low-Orbit Specialist$96/hourMon, Wed, Fri, 8AM-5PM$864Work Out. Reach level 5 Logic, Level 4 Fitness$1130, Portable Galaxy Lightshow
6Space Cadet$104/hourMon, Wed, Fri, 6AM-4PM$1040Work Out. Reach Level 6 Fitness$1299, Mission Control Item
7Astronaut$119/hourMon, Wed, Fri, 8AM-6PM$1190Work Out. Reach Level 6 Logic, level 7 Fitness$1689, Salyut Aeronaut Chair, New CAS Parts

Space Ranger Career Branch

The Sims 4 Space Ranger Rewards
Click to Enlarge. The Apollo Rocket and Uniform for Space Rangers

The ideal Mood for this Branch of the Astronaut Career is Energized, just like the other. Athletic Sims get energized fairly often, so it's a great Trait for the Career. You can also get this Emotion going by taking a Brisk Shower right before work. Reward Items for the Career make the Sim Confident, unfortunately.

The Space Energy Drink Recipe will make your Sim Energized, which is helpful for boosting Career Performance. It is wise to have Fitness maxed early on, so that you have more time to do Space Missions after work.

Space Ranger Career

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
8Planet Patrol$179/hourMon-Thu, 10AM-6PM$1432Do Space Mission. Reach Level 2 Rocket Science, Level 8 Fitness$1790, Build Your Own Rocket Kit, Space Energy Drink Recipe
9Sheriff of the Stars$297/hourMon-Thu 10AM-5PM$2079Do Space Mission. Reach Level 4 Rocket Science, Level 10 Fitness$3149, Astro-Bunny Beyond Infinity
10Space Ranger$422/hourMon-Thu 10AM-5PM$2954Do Space Mission. Go to Work!$4567, Apollo Rocket Ship, New CAS Parts

Interstellar Smuggler Career Branch

The Sims 4 Interstellar Smuggler Rewards
Click to Enlarge. The Retro Rocketship and Uniform for Smugglers

The ideal Mood for this Branch of the Astronaut Career is Energized. The items you receive, however, will give your Sim a Confident Aura. It hardly matters however, since Emotional Aura items stop working when your Sim goes to work. As with Space Ranger, the reward items will make your Sim confident.

The Alien Juice Drink recipe you get from this Career will give Sims a random positive Moodlet after drinking it.

Interstellar Smuggler Career

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
8Moon Mercenary$201/hourSat-Mon, Wed, 4PM-12AM$1608Do Space Mission. Reach Level 2 Rocket Science, Level 8 Fitness$1790, The Monolith, Alien Juice Drink Recipe
9Alien Goods Trader$299/hourSat-Mon, Thu, 4PM-11PM$2093Do Space Mission. Reach Level 4 Rocket Science, Level 10 Fitness$3865, Zero-G Training Bag
10Interstellar Smuggler$413/hourSat-Mon, Thu, 2PM-11PM$3717Do Space Mission. Go to Work!$5025, Retro Rocketship

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Comments (4)

raeanna reynoldssays...
Okay I am confused... Besides the amount of money to build a ship, and the fact that the Scientist career is an active career, are there any benefits to pursuing one or the other? I can get to Sixam with either career. ... Or can I not visit Sixam with the Astronaut career? This page doesn't say you can like the Astronaut guide does, if so.
raeanna reynoldssays...
Oops that last sentence was supposed to be "This page doesn't say you can like the Scientist guide does, if so."
The Astronaut career is basically a 'rabbit-hole' career. Your sim can't go anywhere or do anything really as it all happens 'off the active lot'. If you want your sim to be able to go to Sixam and have a chance at the alien party etc your sim will need to be in the science career. The science career is the only one that will allow your sim to upgrade the rocket with the worm hole that takes your sims to Sixam.

However, the Rocket Science skill allows your sim to build and upgrade a rocket so that your sim can have the txt adventures and complete the plant collection. So your sim can actually still build a rocket without having any career at all.
To the best of my knowledge, the rocket upgrade for traveling to Sixam is not career locked at all. Anyone with GTW and level 10 Rocket Science can build the upgrade for $1000. The Astronaut Career has no special advantage or disadvantage in getting to Sixam.

Scientist Career is probably quicker and definitely cheaper, although you need to get fairly deep into the career to build an upgraded wormhole generator. Scientist doesn't need Rocket Science at all to get there.

Scientist also has some other cool inventions. Cloning machine is incredibly powerful.
Ok, this is some good info. However, I am not sure if this actually matters or not, but is there a specific thing your Sims have to do to go down the certain branches? If so, that would be good info to know about.
All the tasks are listed in the guide above. You will get the choice of either branch when your sim is has advanced to L7. If you look at the guide above you will see the skills and skills levels needed at each career level so you can skill-up your sim ahead of time.
My young adult sim son started this career, but he started at level 3. How is that possible without connections (reward trait). Is it because his sister works there at level 6 or 7? Or was it because his skill level exceeded the requirements for levels 1-2?
If a teen sim leaves high school with an A grade they will start all careers at Level 3.
Thank you! I had no idea. That's great.
Smile im doing the astronaut career im lvl 7 if i quit will it save my lvl?
Cuz when i get gtw im gona do the scientist Career
Usually sims will start the level below after quitting a career. Certain in-game rewards will keep that level static, such as the Get Famous perk 'Career Hopper'.

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