The Sims 4 Fabrication

Fabricate and Dip Candles in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

Fabrication and Candle Making Skill in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle
Fabrication is a new skill, allowing Sims to make furniture in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Fabrication is a new skill (along with Juice Fizzing) in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack. This new skill lets you use the Fabricator to create a variety of furniture types, with various colors requiring dyes. In addition, this skill lets you craft candles at the Candle Making station. This is a much cheaper place to start.

Buying Ingredients for Fabrication
Both the Candle and Fabrication workstations allow you to buy dyes. This either determines the candle's color, or the color theme of the object. As you can see in pictures of furniture below, you get what you expect when you put in a color on two separate objects (in that they will match).

How to: Fabrication Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_fabrication x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Sims 4 Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Getting Started

The new Candle Making Station in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion
Making Candles is a bit cheaper, but you'll still need a recycler to get Bits and Pieces.

Fabricators cost $1800 and Candle Making stations are a bit cheaper at $550. Both are found in Activities and skills > Creative. In order to Fabricate, you'll require a Recycling machine. which costs $845 and is found in Buy Mode > Activities and Skills > Outdoor. With the additional cost of $1,800 for a Fabricator, it can be expensive to get started.

Leveling Fabrication

A sim using the Fabrication Machine
A Sim uses the Fabrication Machine. Sometimes it fights you, when you're low level and this can result in some different effects. Being tossed about or sprayed in the face with paint.

For both the Candle Making and Fabrication activities, Focused is the ideal mood. You'll get a 20% boost to skill gains with regular focused, or 40% with Very Focused. Your Sim will gain levels either by making candles or fabricating things. See below for an important note on getting Bits and Pieces for your fabrication activities.

Bits and Pieces

Collect bits and pieces directly in the dumpster, and take any finds back to your Recycling Machine

The key currency for Fabrication and Candle Making is Bits and Pieces. You can see this mousing over the Fabricator and Recycling Station, or mouse over your current household funds in the bottom left corner of the screen. Bits and Pieces are acquired by recycling objects and collectibles - anything, really. You can recycle food, mySims figures, Earbuds from Fitness Stuff. You name it, you can probably turn it into bits and pieces. However, the main way to get these two is to dumpster dive.

This baby can chew up anything. Really. Just select everything you'd like to recycle, and it will give you the correct amount of Bits and Pieces... hopefully.

I highly recommend you take the Reuse and Recycle Lot Trait for your home lot, especially if you live in one of the new neighborhoods. In particular there are a couple Dumpsters in Port Promise that count as being "your" lot, so you can increase the rate they accumulate trash (while simultaneously doing the same to your home). However, if you want to make a living as a Fabricator, it's a great way to keep those Bits and Pieces flowing. Green techs can also make a Flowers and flora Rug. Other Sims in the household can collect these for you as well, since Bits and Pieces are both stored as a currency for the whole household.

If you shift-click the Fabricator with TestingCheats On, you can get Bits and Pieces for your Sim. There is no known way to buy them, I suppose you could purchase stuff to throw into the Recycler but it may be extremely inefficient. This function isn't found on the Candle Making station, despite the fact you could use this object all by itself.

Fabrication Skill Levels & Unlocks

The Master Maker aspiration in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle
Thankfully, Maxis included a Master Maker Aspiration which focused on Fabrication. Finishing this Aspiration will reduce the bits and pieces cost of all crafting.

  • Level 1 - You can create objects on the Fabricator or Candle Making table. A few recipes are available at the Fabrication station, while you can make Dipped (simple) candles.
  • Level 2 - The Living Chair and Outdoor Chair on the Fabricator.
  • Level 3 - Dressers are craftable on the Fabricator, and Cylindrical Candles can be made at the Candle Making station.
  • Level 4 - New Fabricator recipes: Dining Tables and Chairs, Plumbing, Kitchen, and Common Upgrade parts can be made there as well.
  • Level 5 - Floor Lights can be made at the Fabricator, and you can craft Rectangular Candles at the Candle Making Station.
  • Level 6 - Fabricator allows you to craft Single Bed. That's all.
  • Level 7 - Your Sim can now craft the Double Bed on the Fabricator and Carved Candles for Candle Making.
  • Level 8 - Kid Bed unlocks. The saddest level.
  • Level 9 - Outdoor Couches and Outdoor Trellis can be crafted at the Fabricator. You can amke Emotional Aura candles at the Candle Making station.
  • Level 10 - Fine Wall Decor can be made at the Fabricator.

Secret Recipes

By using Enthuse about Fabrication, your Sim can sometimes unlock recipes when talking to NPCs. This social has a 90 minute cooldown, but will teach your Sim to make Electronic Upgrade Parts, along with a new Desk, Chouch, and Wall Light recipes.

Further, sometimes an NPC will craft "something special for you". These do not come from the Enthuse interaction, but rather the NPC essentially giving you schematics. A variety of recipes is learned this way, along with the Voodoo doll and the handiness parts (common, kitchen, plumbing, electronic), or the small woodworking sculptures. You can learn to craft a few food items on the fabricator as well, like protein plate (level 5 fitness). Civil Designers who take Green Technician will get the ability to make a few foods on the Fabricator at rank 6 of the Career. They require one bit to craft. Sims who visit may also gift you things you know how to create already, like Eco Upgrade Parts.

Stuff You Can Make

You can craft all the items listed above at the Fabrication Machine. There may be a few things not pictured, but we tried to give you a good view of the possibilities.

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Comments (12)


There are fabrication recipes missing from this list :( hidden recipes can be unlocked by enthusing about fabrication with other sims. So far I’ve seen at level 1: fabricated desk, fabricated wall light, level 9: fabricated trellis. Hopefully we can find them all!


As far as I found out, we are aren't eligible to purchase 2 dyes (Grim dye and Houndstooth dye) from a fabrication/cande-making station, we can find the in a dumpster though. Also, you can get additional fabrication schematics by Enthusing about Fabrication with a Master Crafter NPC or by inventing them I think. Got a couple from Master Crafter.


Do you get the hydroponic planter recipe by enthusing about fabrication cause it is not available otherwise? I maxed fabrication.


It is part of the new career that came with the pack, Civil Designer.


Thank you!


Have Any Secret Recipes unlocker mod?


It takes 3 hours to make a molded candle!!! This seems tuned wrong. Someone probably has a mod already.

Question: what is the ideal mood for crafting? I thought it was Inspired, because when you choose the Maker aspiration it gives you the Muser trait. But when I leveled up the juice fizzing skill all the way, it gave me Affizinado, which gives me focused moodlets when crafting.


It's focused. At least on the Fabricator.


Please make post about candles, what they do etc.

Thanks :)


Scented Candles Effect:

Sage = +2 Focused 8 Hours

Daisy = +1 Focused 8 Hours

Chrysanthemum = +2 Happy 8 Hours

Bluebell = +1 Happy 8 Hours

Bird Of Paradise = +1 Playful 4 Hours

Rose = +2 Flirty 4 Hours

Tulip = +1 Flirty 4 Hours

Death Flower = +2 Sad 4 Hours

Lily = +1 Sad 4 Hours

Snapdragon = +2 Energized 4 Hours

(Glitch, Swapped Effect with Orchid)

Orchid = +1 Energized 4 Hours

(Glitch, Swapped Effect with Snapdragon)


Would be very useful to have a page about what can be found while doing "Dive for Deals" and "Dive for Meals".


‪Is there info on how to use the new club activities that came with Eco Lifestyle? The Club members don’t use the candle making and fizz machines ‬so choosing them club activity is useless unless I am doing something wrong...


Thanks for all your guides; I've always found them very useful and well put together. But I think you may have a bit of misinformation here, and if not, I'd love to know where you found it. It doesn't seem like the fabricator can make pizza and such; it can make granola, garden salad, protein plate, and veggie dumplings. I've been digging around the code with Sims Studio and there's simply nothing there I can find. WHY it can't make something useful like pizza I don't know, but I swear Maxis has something against easily gotten or prepared pizza. Just thought you might like to know.


Thank you for pointing this out, this is simply a bit of miscommunication between Carl and I. He must have thought I said those items (Pizza, Cupcakes and Gummy Bear Pancakes) were unlocks but they are simply gifts that a Master Maker may sometimes bring to your Sims door. I'll get this fixed to represent what actually happens in-game. There are two sets of unlocks for the Fabricator, one for the sims in the Civil Designer career and then the other list (which is smaller) for sims not in that career.


Is a shame, though. Not sure why they thought we needed a new way to make a salad. All I can think of is maybe they consider those recipes healthy and green and keeping with the pack's theme? Anyway, thanks for all you peeps work.


idk it seems quite weird to me that a 3D fabricator can be used to make food! lol But then again...the meat wall... Guess the devs were just trying to find something to unlock for that particular stage in the career.


How do you craft the wooden bike jacket? You have it listed among the craftables and I believe you, but everywhere else tells me I can only get it from dumpster dives, and I've only been able to get it off the Debug menu. Is it a career unlock? A social unlock? Do I have to find it in the dumpster to learn how to make it? Do I have to invent it? Gifted the schematic?

I've been trying since June to no avail!


You have to find it in a dumpster.


I have been playing this pack for months with and without mods and have made a complaint on the ea forums as well. I have yet to be able to make the standing lamp with the round shade. Has anyone else had this issue??

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