The Sims 4 Logic Skill

Abilities & Finding Rare Microscope and Space Prints

The Sims 4 Logic - The Telescope
The Sims 4's Logic Skill can Let you Earn Money with The Observatory

The Sims 4's Logic Skill will primarily appeal to players who seek to complete all the game's Collections or have their Sims dominate in the games of Chess and Cards. It also plays a supporting role in the Astronaut and Criminal Boss Careers. Overall, it's not the most interesting Skill in the game, but does unlock a few neat abilities that have some minor money-making potential. This Guide to Logic will show all of the Skill unlocks, give some advice on getting Focused to raise Skill Experience gains, and highlight the main benefits of pursuing Logic.

How to: Logic Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_logic x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Mathematical Diagrams in The Sims 4
Painting Mathematical Diagrams can help your Sim get Focused

Getting Focused
Being Focused will help your Sim to gain Skill experience faster. There are a few ways to do that, particularly of note when you're focused on Logic. You can Ponder Moves at the Chess Board (then play for a further boost), Browse Simipedia on the Computer, and paint Mathematical Diagrams. The latter is done with an Easel while your Sim already has the Focused buff, but lets you make Diagrams that will put off a Focused Aura - perfect for hanging in a room (or cheesily outside) where you'll be using Logic Skill objects. You can read a bit more about getting Focused in my Emotions Guide.

Good Traits & Aspirations
The only Aspiration directly related to Logic is Nerd Brain, which tasks you with leveling it. The best Trait for a Sim that will pursue Logic is Genius, since they get an occasional Focused Moodlet that can help build the Skill.

The Microscope in The Sims 4
Using the Microscope is a good way to level the Logic Skill
This is because it takes so long to complete the Microscope Prints Collection.

Gaining Skill
There are several ways to improve your Sim's Logic Skill. Use the Microscope or Observatory ($1630/$1500) found in Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Study > Hobbies & Skills. The Chess Table is found there as well. The Card Table is found in the same room, under Indoor Activities. Your Sim can also use an Easel to paint Mathematical Diagrams while Focused, which will give you Paintings that can give off a Focused Aura. Most of these are equal in the amount of Experience they'll give - except Diagrams - but those are good for use in a room where your Sim will practice Chess or use the Microscope. If I were starting this Skill from scratch, I'd go about collecting Microscope samples and work on completing that Collection while leveling the Skill.

Skill Unlocks
Logic has fewer Skill unlocks than other Skills in The Sims 4. Here is what you get on each level up:

  • Level 1 - Each level of Logic raises the odds of winning at games like Chess and Cards, but of course depends on the other Sim's Logic.
  • Level 2 - Analyze Plant Samples and Discuss Logic with Other Sims
  • Level 3 - Gain more Logic Skill Experience from Playing Chess and Cards
  • Level 4 - Can read Intermediate Logic Skill Books (not really a perk, just a fact for all Skills)
  • Level 5 - Collect Fossil Samples and Analyze Under Microscope
  • Level 6 - Gain even more Logic Skill from Interactions...
  • Level 7 - Can read Advanced Logic Skill Books (again, this is true for any Skill but is the perk the game tells you.) The real boost that comes at this level is the ability to Search for the Truth with the Observatory while Focused.
  • Level 8 - Collect Crystal Samples and Analyze Under Microscope, also the Provide Logical Solution to Problems Interaction appears, which will help calm other Sims who are feeling stressed.
  • Level 9 - When your Sim wins at Chess or Cards, they'll get a better Moodlet
  • Level 10 - When Angry, the Sim can Rant Logically to soothe the negative Mood. Overall, one of the worst level 10 unlocks.
Sim playing Chess in The Sims 4
Playing Chess is Fun and helps your Sim to make new Friends

Chess & Cards
Playing Chess is tied directly to Logic. You will win more often at these games when your Sim has a higher level of Logic than the other Sim. The result? A great chance at making a new Friend, Skill Gain, and having some Fun. Ultimately, victory simply gives your Sim a 4h +2 Confident Moodlet (Chess Champion) that doesn't do much for a Sim pursuing Logic. Still, this is a decent way to level the Skill for most players - go to the Park, play Chess with other Sims, and make Friends. A player who wants to master Logic as quickly as possible while also completing collections will analyze Microscope slides, alone, while in a room full of Mathematical Diagrams.

Mathematical Diagrams
As mentioned previously, when Focused you can paint Mathematical Diagrams with an Easel to get your Sim some Logic Skill. This is a great thing to do at the early levels, not for the experience, but for the Focused Aura you'll get. You can also 'View Focused Work' to get a second boost. Having several of these in the room with the Auras on and looking at one before you begin working with the Microscope or Telescope will greatly boost Skill Experience.

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Finding Rare Microscope Prints in The Sims 4
Finding Rare Microscope Prints requires Plant, Fossil, and Crystal Samples

Collecting Microscope Samples - Crystals, Fossils, and Plants
Using the Microscope without a Slide will, on average, give your Sim a painting from the Microscope Prints Collection every two hours. There are 12 Prints in all, but you will get many duplicates in the process. They sell for about $100 for a Common, so you can certainly live off it - it's just slow money. The rate of finding samples can be increased with the Handiness Skill level 9 upgrade, Augment Eyepiece.

Dig for Crystal and Fossil Microscope Slides
Digging for Fossils and Crystals will net you Rare Prints

You can greatly increase the rate you find Prints and give yourself a chance at Rares by gathering Plant, Crystal, and Fossil Microscope Slides. The first of these is very easy to come by - simply go about the Neighborhood or Park and take Samples from Plants. You can also take one sample from each of the Plants on your home lot a few times a day. Crystals and Fossils are found while Digging. Once found, click the item in your Inventory and drag it to the world. From there, you can click collect Microscope Sample. Broken Fossils won't work. Keep all these Crystals and Fossils. You can take another sample several hours after you've used the previous one, so it means fewer you have to find in order to complete the Prints Collection. This makes it a whole lot easier, because collecting MySims Trophies and treasure maps to find them gets frustrating when you're looking for Crystals and Fossils.

A Crystal and Fossil in Sims 4
You need only one Crystal and Fossil. You can take Samples a few times each day.

Searching around for these is a good way to work on several collections at once for those of you who want to gather everything (just grab Frogs while you're at it). The system that gives you samples is somewhat simple and you do not need to find different types to get all the Prints. Find at least one Fossil and Crystal to finish the Collection.

I found it annoying that the Prints don't give off a Focused Aura, and actually broke my Sim's Focused Aura Paintings. It's possible this will be fixed in a future Patch. Using the Microscope gives a 4h +1 Inspired by Science Moodlet that interferes with being Focused. If you want to stop this, just use a computer and Browse Simipedia get +1 Focused from it while also having at least one Mathematical Diagram in the room with the Microscope.

The Space Prints Collection in Sims 4
Finishing the Space Prints Collection requires Stargaze & Search for Truth

Collecting Space Prints & Using the Observatory to Search for the Truth
Using the Observatory gives your Sim a Focused Moodlet the entire time they're inside, so this is a really great way to level the Skill. You'll also find the Space Prints much faster than the Microscope Prints, and these can be sold for some decent money. Space Prints give off a Focused Aura, however weak, and are really great to look at - I'd prefer to decorate my home with these more than any other painting in the game. You'll have more luck finding them if your Sim is also skilled in Handiness (level 9), because you are able to upgrade the lense on the Observatory, while also making it less likely to break.

The first two interactions you get with the Telescope, Observe the Sky and Stargaze, yield totally different Space Print sets. Observe the Sky is doable at any time, while Stargaze only comes up at night. I had trouble finding some Common/Uncommons from often using Observe the Sky, and they began coming up when I used Stargaze. Of the 15 Space Prints available, it seems that 5 are found with Observe, 7 with Stargaze, and 3 with Search for the Truth, below.

At level 7 Logic, you are able to use the Observatory to Search for the Truth. To do this, you must be Focused and it must be night. This boosts the odds of finding Rares, and in fact is required to find the last three Space Prints. Upgrading the Telescope with Handiness can help to prevent it from Breaking so often, and likely boost the odds of finding Rare Space Prints. Sims may Woohoo in the Observatory, so it's also a way to have additional fun outdoors. You can use the Observatory day or night and every so often get a new Print from the Space Prints Collection.

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Actually, the level 10 unlock isn't that bad. I like using it whenever I have a really angry sim, and it get rid of their anger straight away, so it truly isn't that bad. I just wish that when I'm looking for space prints I'd actually get the ones I need, not the repeats. Especially since I have one more print to go - a common print - and I get the rarer prints more than the common ones!
I can see it would have it's uses, I must confess even though I have had situations where I could have used this unlock... I still haven't! Cool

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