The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

New Features: Winter Sports and Relaxation in a Japan-inspired World

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack is coming soon to PC, PS4 and Xbox
Snowy Escape features winter sports very heavily.

Snowy Escape Guides

New World: Mt. Komorebi

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack: The new Mount Komorebi location
Mt. Komorebi

A large amount of this expansion's content appears to have been invested in making the new Mt. Komorebi neighborhood. Not just on a purely graphical basis, but also to make it a believable representation of Japan in the game. Sims in this world will wear school uniforms, and take their shoes off when entering homes.

A monastery in Snowy Escape
A Monestary featured in The Sims 4 Snowy Escape launch trailer.

A lot of new objects were needed to decorate a world with both modern and traditional architecture like Japan, so you can expect at least 100 new build objects. Shoji doors, screens, tatami mats, tiled roofs, and paper lanterns are just a few of the new decorative objects you can use to replicate Japanese designs.

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack - Festivals make a return in this pack
Festivals are a thing in this pack, much like City Living.

There are a total of 14 new lots in the world, and what appear to be three distinct neighborhoods. You can explore a map of Mt. Komorebi here. In one area, you'll be able to attend festivals much like City Living (more on that below). Each of the three neighborhoods are themed, with Wakaba a newer part of the city with modern homes, Senbamachi having more older Japanese architecture, and Yukimasu hosting most of the winter sports.

New Activities & Skills

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack - climbing is one of three new skills in this DLC
Climbing is one of three new Skills in this DLC.

Given the mountain destination, it's not surprising that this pack features winter sports heavily. Snowboarding and Skiing are two of the new skills, along with rock climbing. Conditions on the mountain will play heavily into how well your Sim does at these, with expeditions up the mountain getting harder as you go toward the peak.


Skiing is a new thing in Snowy Escape, with there being various slopes you can use. First off, you'll need to get your vending machine skis, but after that you'll unlock new skis (and new tricks) as you level up the skill. Learn more about the Skiing Skill.


Snowboarding is the second new skill, and uses the same slopes as Skiing, unfortunately. I do not think we have a half pipe and that's a bummer. You can find your own Snow Bro and teach other Sims how to snowboard, unlocking rad moves along the way. Learn more about Snowboarding all the stuff you unlock.

Rock Climbing

Perhaps the most interesting thing with Snowy Escape is the new rock climbing skill that lets you summit the moutain. It's the main thing most players will attempt at some point. Start on beginner walls and work your way up (heh) to the top. Learn about Rock Climbing in my guide.

Mountain Excursion

Your Sim can use the phone to plan a social event. From there, select the Mountain Excursion event. This is, sadly, required in order to climb Mt. Komorebi so it is not possible to do it solo without cheating (by dragging someone who you teleport along). Once the event is thrown, you'll assemble at the Onsen to begin the journey up the mountain. Reaching the peak will give your Sim a unique reward trait and a special place to build.


Hiking & Misc Activities

Sims 4 featuring some nopes. an insec climbs on a Sim.

Hiking is also a new thing, though it doesn't appear to actually be a skill. I guess we're at the point that walking is a feature. I'm kidding for the most part, as this looks like a group activity. It appears you have several places to go and some side attractions like the old graveyard and mountain monastery to visit. There are also caves, which at this point I expect to be rabbit holes.

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack - relaxing in the onsen (hot springs)
Relaxing in the Onsen

Sims can use natural hot springs (onsen) to relax if they're not into extreme sports. You'll need to use a shower first, though! For kids, sledding is a new activity and it can even be done with a parent as shown in the trailer for Snowy Escape.

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack - japanese cuisine and kotatsu table
Japanese cuisine at a kotatsu table.

Japanese cuisine is represented in this pack, with hot pots and sushi. Of course, you can also eat with chopsticks and dine with family and friends around a kotatsu table as shown above.


The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack - skiing and other exciting physical activities might be one type of lifestyle
Lifestyles are things a Sim enjoys doing.

Lifestyles are a new feature and one I'm quite interested in. These reflect what a Sim likes to do, and are developed over time. Doing things a Sim enjoys are likely to make them happier, and missing out on a thing they like is hopefully going to make them sad in order go give them a bit of personality.

New Deaths

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion Pack
Nothing to do with death, I just needed a picture.

Sims can die in two new ways in Snowy Escape. Climbing can be risky, especially without equipment and especially during bad weather. Expect your Sim to survive a lot of the time, but not all of the time. Also, if you happen to use a vending machine and your item gets stuck, consider just leaving it. Your dumb Sim might crush themselves to death for a candy bar in a game that doesn't hesitate to shower you with more money than you can spend.


A wide shot of a neighborhood in mount komorebi
A wide shot of a neighborhood in Mt. Komorebi

Sentiments have come with a base game update, and function somewhat like memories from older Sims games. These reflect a Sim's opinion of an event, and are not necessarily always positive. One Sim might have enjoyed a group activity, while another hated it. Reflecting on memories may impact Sims emotionally, while they can also have an effect while whatever is happening.

Big moments like weddings, making new friends, or having a cheating spouse are all guaranteed to give a Sim an opinion about something and that is where Sentiments comes in. These mostly have an emotional impact. There is some tie-in to the Lifestyles system in this pack, thus why it's listed in the Snowy Escape guide.

Snowy Escape Guides

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Comments (10)


Carl !! Thank you so much for your guides I live by them !!! So excited to snowy escape


I was very exited about this pack and especially excited about anything that would improve the terrible emotions system and the robotic nature of gameplay in sims 4. This is more a complaint to the creative team at EA not you. I saw the lifestyles and relationships and thought finally an abandoned part of the game gets a much needed update. But, then I looked at the lifestyles and all I see is reiterated traits. For example: What’s the difference between family oriented and close-knit? What is the difference between loves the outdoors and outdoorsy? On and on. I was hoping these sim traits would be more impactful not just repackaged. I hope I’m wrong, but now I’m skeptical. And as much as I love the memory system in sims 3 with this absurd emotions system in 4 it just seems to me that sentiments will make the sim even more erratic. They already go lose their head when they burn a toast. Do I really want to add another reason for my sim to be happy again or angry at minor issue? Unless they fix the emotions themselves (add scared or make them more exclusive) I don’t know how this can improve the game. Maybe only make them less like clones... Thanks for the update. I do always like them.


And one more note: I really am hoping the EA team tackled the non-existing relationship issues. There are no visual, animation or impactful relationships distinguishing factors for long term game play in the game. You have co-workers, family members, enemies, friends, lovers and on and on existing only in written communication somewhere under sim description panel and nearly no interactive, discernible or playable differences for long term game play. Friends, enemies, lovebird or soulmates, siblings, ex-wives and husbands...on and on have nearly no option and variants to game play. If sentiments only impacts memories then it’s completely useless. For example a sim that moves to a university is a stranger in her family home and has same interactions as any other sim. If a family member dies all other family members get the same emotion without any regards for relationship status. Basically if the siblings hated each other’s guts they still get 2 alloyed days of being sad. Also, the interactive system is sloppy. It is often that one sim can do something, for example their job or trait (the one thing they can do) and then the sim on the other side can’t have a reaction. For example a private attorney can look and represent clients, but no other sim can ask to be represented when they find out the sim is an attorney. Sims can’t catch other sim doing something like cheating, robing someone blind etc. it’s all so one sided.

Brian Zsays...

I think the main difference between say, "Loves the Outdoors" and "Outdoorsy" is that Loves the Outdoors is a CAS trait that you pick, and is permanent. Outdoorsy is something you pick up as a result of things you do, and can change again as you do other things and your new 3rd lifestyle bumps it off. So "roughing it" was a blast when you were a teen, but in your 40's it's no longer really your idea of fun. It might not make so much sense to pick Family Oriented for your Young Adult who is going off to college and fully intends to go crazy with the partying, but perfect sense for them to become Close Knit as they get older and start a family.


Will you be including cheats such as cheats to set sentiments and lifestyles?


He Carl, It seems that the kotatsu tables have the same issue as the beds from tiny living where they break after a few moments of use.


Thank you for this guide! Just got the pack and wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. :)

Liza Bsays...

Can you go more in depth about the new recipes/foods. What is learnable? I noticed one of my sims can make sushi from home but others cant despite having ate the sushi.


Carl hasn't any plans right now to do anything much with the new foods. They don't really add much to game play so making a guide for them isn't really likely. We will probably get around to adding them to the recipe list on the Cooking skill guide page at some point.

The Sims that can not make sushi at home despite eating it, probably the game just didn't register that they have eaten it so try making them eat it again. You should get a notification about it in the top right hand corner of your screen. But the game is very buggy now and needs some serious attention from the QA devs


this look real good tysm <3


Am I the only one having issue with the snowboarding/skiing in Snowy Escape since the last update?

Denise Owenssays...

Where can you swim in Wakaba's River??


In the area shown on the last screen shot of this guide


Hey! Thanks for your good work!

Are you gonna write anything about the salaryperson career?

Can't wait to read your thoughts!

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