The Sims 4: Vampire Power

Gaining Perk Points and Vampire Ranks

Gaining Vampire skill experience to become stronger
Vampires gain experience and power points, improving their rank and expanding the selection of Vampire Powers and Weaknesses

Vampires in The Sims 4 gradually expand their capacity as creatures of the night and grow in strength, unlocking new perks as they progress. As Vampires use their abilities, they gradually gain experience which is reflected in the unlocking of new Vampire Powers. There are about 17 total levels to be gained, each of which will provide additional Power Points which allow you to select perks. It is possible to unlock all perks. However, this expanding power comes with a downside. With each additional rank, the Vampire will grow closer to the darkness and be required to develop new weaknesses. This ensures they do not become too vampiric and balances their humanity.

Gaining Levels as a Vampire

There are two components to leveling up your Vampire's skills. Vampires have a rank, with a title, such as Master Vampire. Each rank has a few sub-levels to it. Each time you cross a mark on the progress bar, you'll be rewarded with points. Fill up the bar, and your Sim will ascend to the next level of Vampire. This unlocks more potent passive and activated abilities on which you can expend Power Points and enhance your Sim with new potential.

The Sims 4 Vampires: Sleep in a coffin to regenerate Vampire Energy
You don't have to sleep in a coffin to regenerate vampire energy, but it gives you some outdoorsy-build options. Coffins count as indoors for sleeping during the day, while a bed does not.

Vampire skill level is gained by feeding and utilizing Vampire Powers, nearly all of which will grant some experience. Dark Meditation is an ability that can be used by self-clicking your Sim -- this power will regenerate Vampire Energy and generate some experience. Doing this after exhausting your Sim's energy is a good way to skill up. A means of power leveling vampire levels is to study Vampire Lore, starting at the computer, and progressing to ancient books.. that can be ordered from the computer as your Sim graduates. The Sims team made an oversight in design (at time of writing) that allows you to continually gain Vampire ranks sitting a computer and learning about vampires. You somehow stop learning vampire lore but continually gain vampire power. I suggest you ignore that capability until this oversight is fixed, for your own enjoyment of the game. Make the break points the point you'd need a vampire lore skill book, as the developers should have. They did a good job otherwise but this is a bit of a spoiler. I'm not even sure the books should give points past the third rank anyway.

Vampire duel in The Sims 4
Dueling Vampires in The Sims 4

Aside from these options, there are two notable exceptions that stand out to help you improve your skill. When you meet another Vampire, you can choose 'Vampire Spar', a Friendly action, which will set your Sim up to duel another Vampire. Additionally, under the Vampire menu, you can sometimes find 'Request Vampire Training' that will let the targeted Sim teach your Vampire the ropes. Because some of your powers, like feeding, are on a cooldown, unlocking additional vampire abilities will help your vampire to level up faster. Getting to Minor Vampire does not take all that long, and each rank comes swiftly, though each additional level beyond that takes substantially longer. Beyond Minor Vampire it takes a fixed amount of 'points' for each additional Vampire Rank.

Vampire Ranks and Power Point Rewards

When designed in Create-a-Sim, Vampires begin with 2 Power Points. For each additional level up, they gain more power points, but gaining power comes at a cost. To continue to select new Vampire Powers, you must periodically choose a weakness for your Sim. The table assumes that you start as a new vampire with no bonus from being turned or being the offspring of a more powerful vampire. If your Vampire is a Fledgling, but has 2 bars filled they would be a Fledgling Level 3. You gain 48 points reaching the end of this table but need 160 points to max all of the vampire abilities.

In addition to this, in order to take Vampire powers you must adopt weaknesses. Each time it says that you must take a weakness in the table below, you will have to take one more up to a maximum of five. It is not possible to select only positives at any rank from Minor Vampire to Grand Master, as it'd be impossible to confirm in the selection window without taking weaknesses. You have to take as many weaknesses as are appropriate for your vampire rank, with individual ranks of weaknesses with multiple counting as a whole +1 weakness.

Vampire LevelReward Point Gains & Weakness Requirements
Fledgling Vampire Level 2Gain 1 Power Point
Fledgling Vampire Level 3Gain 1 Power Point
Fledgling Vampire Level 4Gain 1 Power Point
Minor VampireGain 2 Power Points and Take on a Weakness
Minor Vampire Level 2Gain 2 Power Point
Minor Vampire Level 3Gain 2 Power Point
Minor Vampire Level 4Gain 2 Power Point
Prime VampireGain 3 Power Points and Take on a Weakness
Prime Vampire Level 2Gain 3 Power Points
Prime Vampire Level 3Gain 3 Power Points
Prime Vampire Level 4Gain 3 Power Points
Master VampireGain 4 Power Points and Take on a Weakness
Master Vampire Level 2Gain 4 Power Points
Master Vampire Level 3Gain 4 Power Points
Master Vampire Level 4Gain 4 Power Points
Grand Master VampireGain 5 Power Points and Take on Two Weaknesses
Max Level Grand MasterGain 2 Power Points per full bar

Leveling Faster

If you want to level your Vampire faster, I suggest you take the Occult Student power after you've learned a couple other spells. You can learn Detect Personality and Hallucination early on in your Fledgling status to give you something other than feeding for skill gains. Once you have these, Occult Student will kick in and reduce the costs of those Vampire Powers, allowing you to use more and stay awake longer. Dark Meditation can be used once you're low on energy, so that you can gain additional experience while recharging the Vampire's batteries in order to use skills once more.

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Comments (7)

Just played for a few hours and it's pretty awesome. The only thing I noticed is that I was losing energy at the romance festival because of sunlight, even though it's night time. Hmm. I wonder when 'night' really starts and finishes. Very fun so far Smile
What do you have to do to get permission to drink blood? High charisma and high friendship level doesn't seem to help, not even BFF. I've only succeeded once: I had a vampire ask her husband (good relationship level) Coolpermission to feed and that worked. Anyone else have better luck asking permission?
I really can't offer much advice but it seems that the longer you've known the sim the easier it is to get permission. But my vamp has also had permission from sims he has just met! There is obviously a chance element in the acceptance. The sims who walk through FH at night pretending to be vamps seem easier to drink from too.
Does anyone know how to activate vampire spars/duels? I can never seem to find those interactions in any of the social menus Shocked
Vampire Spar is under the friendly socials, you may need to chat first until it appears. The other is the 'mean' version and so is under the mean socials.
Hello. I would like to know if any of you know what the most replayable sims 3 expansion pack is. Thanks
That would depend ou your own personal likes and dislike. Although this links you to a post about TS4, the same applies for TS3
Laugh I love the vampires.
I know am late to the game by posting on here but if you want a good way to farm vamp exp have a child and get them to toddler and use the command ability to try and wake them and in fact they don't wake I think it might have to do with if your child is a vamp themselves will have to try it out with my cheat save later but since I had a child with another vamp that child will become a vamp so in any rate it's a good way to farm exp as 'hoomans' always do what you command unless they drank the vamp resistance drink.
I don't really know what's wrong, but for some reason my sim can't gain any more power points once it reaches master vampire. The bar's maxed, but no matter what I do it won't earn any points, it just stays at max. I even tried the vampire XP cheat, but it still won't work. Can someone help me with this?
This issue is a known bug. It was supposed to be fixed with UPDATE: 4/16/2019 - PC / Mac So if you still have this issue in a game that was created after the patch was applied it might be a good idea to make a Bug Report

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