The Sims 4 Super Sims Challenge

Making the Best Possible Sim for Skill and Career Gains

Click this image to watch my video on Super Sims (the guide that inspired this), then come back to take advantage of my checklist if you'd like to make your own!

Back in December, 2019 I started a Let's Play series with the intention of re-learning toddlers, children, and teen stages of the Sims 4. It was a success, and now that I'm on the 9th episode at time of writing I feel ready to speak with some authority on what perks, rewards, and traits your Sim needs to truly become a Super Sim. Here's the text version of the guide, with a handy checklist you can hit to jump to a section and learn about it.

If you have not yet seen it, you can click the image above to watch my video on Super Sims. Additionally, here's a link to my Sims 4 Let's Play Playlist if you'd like to see my journey with this idea..

Super Sim Checklist


Childhood and Teen


Super Simmin

Buffs and Stuffs

Super Sim Guide in Detail

Aging Settings

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Aging Settings
The aging settings, for your convenience.

I highly recommend players doing this casually set aging to at least normal lifespan if not long. I used long because I was very rusty but it's certainly doable for average players on normal. It's likely doable on short with preparations ahead of time (lot traits, parenting skill leveled up and a strong grasp of the emotion system). It will vary based on which packs you own, as you may not have Discover University, Parenthood, or Seasons.

Pre-Birth Traits

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Baby born with father winters baby
Sims can be born with special traits if their parents are magical in some way.

The process of making a Super Sim can begin before birth, if you'd like to give the Sim one of three existing traits that are determined by having one of the parents be special. Here are the traits, their boosts, and my thoughts on how well they contribute to the Sim's Super-ness.

Magical Bloodline (Realm of Magic)

Having at least one parent be a Spellcaster from Realm of Magic will result in the child getting the next rank of the magical bloodline. There are three total ranks:

  • Weak Bloodline: Gives 10% more Spellcasting XP and +1 talent point on each rank up in Spellcaster. You are also 10% less likely to suffer an overload.
  • Strong Bloodline: Gives 20% more Spellcasting XP and +1 talent point on each rank up in Spellcaster. You are also 20% less likely to suffer an overload.
  • Ancient Bloodline: GIves 30% more Spellcasting XP and +1 talent point on each rank up in Spellcaster. You are also 50% less likely to suffer an overload.

When I was deciding if I'd include this on my Super Sim, I looked at Ancient Bloodline as it's possible to cheat strong onto the parent and have the baby come out with Ancient. The faster spellcasting XP gain is interesting, but a temporary benefit while leveling the caster. Again, we have a temporary bonus in the +1 talent points as there is no limit to the amount of times your caster can fill the bar.

The Sims 4 Super Sim -
Ancient Bloodline is perhaps the most powerful of the secret traits in The Sims 4. However, what good does it do you if the game's overload mechanic makes it such that when master caster you will rarely overload? I'd reconsider making 3 generations of Sims for this.

So ultimately, we have the overload chance for a permanent benefit. In my video I demonstrated a caster duplicating about 10 potions of needs with only one of the perks that reduces charge gain (practiced practicality). She was only at about 15% charge after this. Because I find charge to be a joke as a power gating system, I didn't care about Ancient Bloodline. I know that I'm not going to cast 30+ spells in a row, and if I do I can use Discharge to drop charge before it gets me. If it does, a familiar will be there to save me. It feels good to get to explain myself a bit more thoroughly on this, and I've written a bit much on it... but I take it I've adequately explained my position. If you want to know more about the mechanics of Magical Bloodline, See my guide to Magical Bloodline and how it works.

Sulani Mana (Island Living)

Sulani Mana is acquired by using Try for Baby with one of the Elementals of Sulani. This is extremely hit and miss and that's why I didn't consider this trait. It gives the ability to use a blessing on plants that will increase their quality rank by one with an 18 hour cooldown. In addition to this, the Sim can summon meteors that will hit a random (seemingly unoccupied) spot on the current lot. This is good for getting metals and crystals, and that's no doubt. These two boosts are actually not bad and definitely fitting of Super Sims.. however, I don't like another factor here.

The Sims 4 Super Sim has sulani mana
Sulani Mana lets Sims summon meteors, from which you can get metals and crystals. This can be useful indeed, but there are issues with the trait and how you go about getting it.

You are in absolutely no control of how the Sim you'll get will look and the game only spawns a few Elementals. The ghosts of Sulani are essentially townies and will give their townie genes to your Super. They may not even be able to breed with you, which is something I experienced. My female Sim didn't find a big hunk of a man but rather three female ghosts showed up when I used my Sim with the trait Child of the Island (which may be REQUIRED to do this unless you're lucky) to summon and woo them. I had to move one into my household, use gender and pregnancy controls, then hit up the genetic lottery. The girl I got from this was quite cute, but you may not be so lucky. All in all, if I'm going to have to cheat to do this, I may as well show a ghost a good time, pretend I got the trait, and apply it to a toddler I made or else extensively modify the kid with cas.fulleditmode if I do it legit.

I was doing my first episode of the LP and not about to deal with all this with the mic hot and my actions being recorded, because I'd already had one of those unexpected events and didn't want my first thing to be to cheat as I'd prefer not to open that can of worms.

Father Winter's Baby (Seasons)

The Sims 4 - Father Winter meets my super sim
Instead of making babies, Father Winter makes a nice plasma donor to my vampire who doesn't care about whims.

Hoo boy, where to begin. Father Winter needs to use his north pole magic to fix his trait or ask the devs to make it apply to Aspirations. Father Winter's Children will not only get his genes but also a trait that does absolutely nothing without the Whims system (found under gameplay options) enabled. The devs have this strange disconnect with players by adding such a cool secret trait that boosts whims when hardly anyone uses whims. It gives 50% more satisfaction for finishing a Whim, and as far as I know you cannot pass this trait on. Anyway, it's not even a contender because I don't care about Whims. Do you?

Parenting (Parenthood)

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Parenting from the Parenthood Game Pack
Parenting skill can help you to see the consequences of your choices when a kid gets in trouble.

This could fit into any of the below sections, but I wanted to acknowledge that if you are going to have an existing Sim give birth to your Super Sim you are in the best position to begin leveling parenting by caring for the baby and reading some parenting manuals.

Why is parenting helpful? First, you can bump one of a kid's needs a bit higher when you're at least level 3. More importantly, you'll have better results with all the various pop ups that happen regarding "kid did dum thing!", "what do now?". It will begin to tell you which Character Value will be raised or lowered and extra options that are often better solutions will appear, making it easier to max out values. The full list of parenting skill unlocks can be seen here in my Parenting Guide.


Top Notch Toddler

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Toddler skills. If you max them all you get Top Notch Toddler.
There are 5 toddler skills in The Sims 4. Max them all to get Top Notch Toddler. You'll accidentally get Happy Toddler if you aren't paying attention.

To get Top Notch Toddler, which should be one of the best traits in the game, get your Toddler to max on all Toddler Skills before aging up. Movement, Communication, Thinking, and Imagination all have 5 levels while Potty has 3. Top Notch Toddler gives a 25% boost to both skill gains and Career gains for the rest of the kid's life. It's very powerful, or well, it used to be. But anyway, it's hard to pass up such a good trait. IF you fail to hit that because you are playing on short or something I warned you against, you should know that the game has a backup plan for you: Happy Toddler. It gives only 10%, but it's a nice consolation prize! Learn more about Toddlers in my guide here.

Childhood Aspirations

The Sims 4 Super Sim -
The four child aspirations in The Sims 4. Finish them all and your Sim will get a +20% skill gain across the board. That's super!

There are four Childhood Aspirations that need to be completed in order to make your Super Sim feel Super early in life. The 20% boost per category they provide may not be big, but other boosts aren't available to you yet because the game won't allow children to drink. If you complete Artistic Prodigy, you'll get a boost to all Creative skills in adulthood that is, painting, violin, flower arranging, etc. Finish Mental, and you'll get a boost to all skills that benefit from focused, like handiness and programming. Ultimately, the Social Butterfly is a bit less useful as there aren't as many social skills, and Rambunctious Scamp comes in dead last in priority because there is like one physical skill in this game. If you're trying to get it done fast and don't care about perfection, this where you compromise.

Character Values (Parenthood)

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Character Values
Responsible is the most valuable Character Value to a Super Sim, as it provides a direct career gain boost for Adulthood.

There are in total five Character Values that come with The Sims 4 Parenthood: Manners, Responsibility, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Control, and Empathy. For each one you get to 90%+ green, you'll receive a trait if they're still that high when you age up. It's best to lock in when all 5 are good, or at least be careful and not age up without checking. When you hover over it the game will indicate you will get the trait.

Read about all of them and see activities that boost or lower values here. While you'll start work on this in Childhood, it's best to focus on finishing it in Teen years because kids, frankly, have actual goals while Teens are left with nothing unique to do. Children need to finish all four Childhood Aspirations but you can work on Scouts and Character Values lightly then go hard on them when your Sim is a teen to wrap it up. Teens can volunteer to get empathy. One I had trouble with was emotional control, but just get a negative moodlet and jog to clear mind or use an instrument to play. For conflict resolution I had my Sim's mom beat up Father Winter and proceeded to farm conflict resolution by using help to fix bad relationship. Sometimes you have to get creative.

Teenage Days

Scouting Aptitude (Seasons)

The Sims 4 Super Sim - getting all the badges in scouting
Getting all the Scouting Badges nabs you yet another 25% bonus to skill gain. What's with that number.

The Sims 4 Seasons brought a Scouting "after school activity" that meets on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. They offer a scouting badge board, and if you follow the board and collect all 9 of the badges you'll receive the Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait. This is better than the Childhood Aspirations as it's a single reward that does 25% for all skill gains. This is a bit easier than the Aspirations as well, and very easy to finish by the teen years when all activities are open for you. Here's a list of the badges and more on scouting: Scouts Guide for Seasons.

Great Traits

People have many preferences for traits. Thanks to my friend Playalot, I've fallen in love with Dance Machine from Get Together. It has a strangely OP ability to Disco Nap and regenerate energy much faster than normal. Foodie is another nice one, as with Stoves and Grills Master you can push Sims' pleasure ever further when you feed them Excellent quality meals. I love this because it also goes with the Refined Palate Celebrity Quirk. Meaning it turns it into a positive, making you ever happier to have the best quality food. Read the buffs section about foods for more details.

Bonus Trait

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Picking a good bonus trait for challenge
You get to pick a bonus trait on teen. If you want your Sim to have higher skill gains, go with a Knowledge Aspiration.

Upon hitting teen, you need to pick an Aspiration. With it will come a Bonus Trait based on the category you pick. While you can get a full list of Aspirations and Bonus Traits (listed under teach category) I am going to go into a few I think are worth mentioning here. Since one of the main goals of a Super Sim is to have extremely high skill gains, Quick Learner is incredible for that as it comes with a 25% boost as good as Scouting Aptitude. You get this for picking a Knowledge Aspiration, which you can change immediately when you get to Live Mode.

Other good choices are Muser (for higher elevel when you are inspired for Creative tasks) and Bodybuilder (as it locks the muscle meter to a minimum based on where it's set on Sim creation). Additionally, Collector from picking a nerd er.. Nature aspiration is interesting, but I think it primarily gives you bonuses to the rate you find rare base game collectibles such as metals, crystals and figures that reference some game no one knows.

High School "A" Student

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Traits for a Super Sim
If you're doing well as a teen, the traits panel should be looking like this.

Getting an A in High School is just a matter of filling the meter twice, which is fairly easy to do if you are also doing homework - which you will, because you're chasing Responsible, right? If you do this, you'll get to start 2 levels higher in Careers should you choose to do that. You'll also get a decent scholarship and find University is lower priced. All in all this is one of the weaker boosts, but if your Super Sim can't manage high school they are not going to enjoy programming.


The Sims 4 Super Sim - Traits you can get as rewards for a super sim challenge
By adulthood, your traits menu will be overflowing. It got to be about twice this size at one point!

Aspiration Rewards to Chase

The game doesn't have that many great aspiration rewards, which is a bummer that dawned on me when doing notetaking for my Super Sim video. However, there are a few that stand out that I think are worth talking about

  • Poetic (Bestselling Author) - This allows your Sim to write the Book of LIfe, which can fill Sims' needs when they read a book that has been bound to them. It can also bring a ghost back if they read their own book and are in your household.
  • Long Lived (Bodybuilder) - This increases how long your Sim will live once they are in the Elder stage. It's not necessary if you will turn aging off, or will fight off inevitable death some other way such as via Potions of Youth. I just thought it was worth a mention.
  • Role Model (Super Parent, Parenthood) - Get this one if your Sim will reproduce and make little super Sims. It gives a +50% boost to Character Value generation for toddlers, children, and teens.
  • Naturalist (Freelance Botanist) - Gives your Sim immunity to fire, preventing something that could actually kill a Super Sim.
  • Beloved (Friend of the World) - Stops relationship decay with other Sims. Talk about best friends forever!

University Degree (Discover University)

The Sims 4 Super Sim in University
My Super Sim had no problem getting scholarships.

I didn't do this, but you certainly can pursue a degree with your Super Sim. You could pursue all of them, but I recommend against it given the minimal purpose to such a thing. Just go the Celebrity route if you want to do this and get the career-related perks. University is not bad per se, there just aren't many lasting rewards to come from it. If you feel a sense of completion, by all means. There is one case where I'd go - if I wanted to break the careers system. Be a celebrdity with a degree and entrepreneurial + top notch toddler. Holy smokes. See, now I am reconsidering it myself.

Celebrity (Get Famous)

Players who own The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion can choose to make their Super Sim a Celebrity. Its primary contributions toward making a Sim "Super" are in two areas - one is the fame perk of Celebuserums. These are delivered to the mailbox every now and then and provide +100 to various positive emotions for 3 hours. They give a +20% skill gain. Many players will simply use these to force their Sim out of a bad emotion and into a good one but they can be stacked with your other bonuses here to make a Sim's skill gains even higher.

Another thing Celebrities can get is the ability to rapidly get promotions in careers. This requires two perk points as you'll need both rank 4 and 5. They can career hop exceptionally well to the point that I recommend this over a degree if you want to max careers. They get double the raises and a huge boost to career performance (remember, the bar only moves so far each day so with top notch + emotional boosts + this you are already pushing it). A celebrity with a degree in overmax would be a sight to behold.

They're also great at making friends, but since that doesn't matter except in the area of completing aspirations, I don't really consider it much of a boost. There are also other exploits such as the camera that give quick friendship for no reason other than "we forgot to make it count as only one picture".

Vampire (Vampires)

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Maximizing skill gains
I most definitely did.

Vampires do not need to pee. That's a fantastic start isn't it? But overall, them having one less need is a great boost, considering their penalty of dying to sunlight is negated by the game lacking a reason to ever leave your home. Plus, if you choose weaknesses carefully you can avoid any major negatives and reduce the energy drain sunlight has on you. Remember, you won't die unless your energy reaches 0. Vampires get some really great boosts, but most of it in relation to being super is packaged in one reward.

The Child of the Moon reward with 3 ranks is their best offering for boosting skill gains and success rates with abilities. It functions somewhere between 10pm and 6am and gives a whopper of a bonus of +100% on max level (50, 75, 100) though it will consume about 15 of your perk points. This was a key bonus in me breaking the skills system so I'm quite fond of it.

They cannot die to emotional deaths and are immune to poison. But another thing about vampires is nice - you get to control the mood of an entire room, sometimes to hilarious effect. I had a lot of fun with a vampire comedian and killed about 8 Sims in a few short hours. One of my prouder moments in gaming.

Spellcaster (Realm of Magic)

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Duplicating potions of needs as a spellcaster
A spellcaster dupes potions of needs. Coming from other games, duping is like.. a bad thing.

So yeah, if you're a Spellcaster, you're already a Super Sim. I'm not joking. You have no needs, you can teleport, dupe objects, have death immunity, and can cast a bunch of different spells to fix your problems near-instantly. These things aside, Spellcaster just wouldn't have done what Vampire could for my footage in the Super Sim video. I wanted to cap out skill gains and Vampire's +100% gave me what I needed.

While Spellcasters' perk system mostly revolves around being a better spellcaster, they do have a few potions that could help to boost how well your Sim performs. They get a +50% skill gain for the aptly named Potion of the Nimble Mind which I initially overlooked. It does require Parsley and Spotted Dirt Frog to craft, but you can dupe the original if you hold onto it as you are given free samples of potions when they are first discovered. It is not super convenient, but it is doable to keep this bonus active when you need it.

Mermaid (Island Living)

The Sims 4 Super Sim as a mermaid
Mermaids aren't entirely un-super, and could be a valid choice for some players.

Mermaids are not an occult like Vampire and Spellcaster, in that there are no ranks, they do not learn powers. When you eat a kelp, bam, you know how to call the leviathan to harass your enemies (but only if they're in water). Anyway, they do get some powers that make you super in areas other things can't touch - for one, you can swim faster ... but there isn't really anywhere to go, and jet skis exist. But they do have good powers, such as the aquatic lure that can be cast on a fishing spot to improve Sims' success rates there. They also get a couple abilities that can be used in water such as Siren's Call which can fill motives at the expense of another Sim's. It's really only viable for regular use if you live in Sulani due to loading screens.

All that said, Mermaid is not going to interfere with your ability to be Super in any way. Their hygiene is replaced with hydration and that's all. There isn't really a reason not to be a mermaid when I think on it.

Scientist (Get to Work)

The Sims 4 Super Sim - should you be a scientist
Scientists get the Cloning Machine and ray gun. This inspired the spellcaster's spellbook, or so it seems...

Scientist + Vampire was my original choice when comparing to Spellcaster (not that casters can't be scientists, but I digress). The main reason to do this is to get access to Scientist's high level cloning machine in order to make your super a duper. This will let you duplicate just about any small object that can sit in one tile on the ground, including money tree seeds.

Essential Reward Traits

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Rewards to buy for a Super Sim.
Some rewards are better than others, depending on your goals. We need these for a Super Sim!

Some reward traits contribute toward super-ness, so I've listed them below. You will not find need-freezing abilities here. If you want that, you know what to do. I do not consider it fun at this point, because it is game-breaking for me. Managing my Sim's needs guides me in the game and disrupts my flow in an appropriate way, otherwise I'd stand at the flower arranging station until I'm level 10, have a million bucks and have nothing to spend it on. That'll happen anyway, it just gives me some breathing room and play time before I'm there.

  • Morning Sim (1,000 points) - This gives you 25% faster skill gains for the hours of 5AM to 12PM.
  • Night Owl (1,000 points) - Like above, but works from 8PM to 3AM.
  • Marketable (1,500 points) - Increases sell value of craftable items (even some from game packs) by a range which goes from 10% to 300% the regular sell value. Yeah, it's great, and I think it may be stronger than creative visionary for painters. No... it definitely is.
  • Stoves and Grills Master (1,500 points, Outdoor Retreat) -
  • Creative Visionary (2,000 points) - Increases the rate of Masterpieces by 20% more often. Not as strong as it seems, it's not making it from 15% to 35% I believe, it's more like if you'd make 10 you will now make 12.
  • Entrepreneurial (2,000 points) - Gives a strong +25% increase to career gains when the bar's moving. It's extremely strong, in line with going in with a very strong emotion or top notch toddler. It stacks nicely with both of those.
  • Carefree (3,000 points) - Makes your Sim immune to stress. This means low fun won't get to them, nor feeding off their mother while being a guilty drinker vampire. It's going to be repeated in immunities I recommend but it's good enough to mention twice.
  • Savant (4,000 points) - The most over-priced reward I'll mention here, but it does give that extra oomph to a Super Sim who has points to spare. This gives you another 25% to all skill gains. It's like study spot is installed permanently on your Sim.


I'll get this one out of the way first - Carefree is an immunity to stress for 3,000 reward points. It is the premiere base game immunity you should seek for your Super. Most other immunities stem from Seasons. Hot weather, cold weather, those can both kill you.. but not if your Sim's immune! These can be bought cheaply and stave off death in extremely rare circumstances. You can go for total immunity if you're willing to spend more. What's not thought of as an immunity is Storm Chaser, but it'll make your Sim happy when in a thunderstorm instead of scared. This lets you retain control, which is a pretty super thing. They can be rare but I like the idea of nothing being able to spook my Sims.

Super Simmin'

Tiny Home (Tiny Living)

The Sims 4 Super Sim tiny home bonuses from tiny living
Tiny home, big bonus...

I'll always remember picking my jaw off the floor during the Tiny Living livestream when they were reading off the bonuses you get for living in a tiny (64 tile or less) or micro (32 or less) home. Players with Tiny Living get the single biggest buff available because it's so broad - double skill gains, double relationship gains, double positive moodlet duration, half bills, double plant growth rates. Because they ran out of things, they also increased the comfort stat. You can get 4/6 of the buffs including the double skill gains in the tiny class (the middle one) or all 6 in micro. Anyway, it's worth seeing how your Sim functions in a tiny home with all these other boosts. If you go so far, save a skill that takes a while to level and just don't touch it. Wipe your lot and give it a try in a club gathering while drunk on snaggle. You'll love it. If you'd like to learn more about the Tiny Living Stuff Pack Click Here.

Clubs (Get Together)

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Clubs are powerful for super sims
You can do some really stupid things with Get Together's Clubs

Clubs are the main feature of Get Together and boy did they deliver some boosts. The single biggest skill gain boost that isn't Snaggle Fluster is available here, for all skills. THe only thing you need to do is get 300-500 club points, which is a trivial matter if you make the club activity sleeping and never end the meeting. You can eventually tack on a +3 happy while the meeting's active (and it always is, right) as well as emotional boosts of all kind. Tinker the club activities to suit what your Sim's doing and the points will roll in continually. It's an extremely broken feature gameplay-wise, though Maxis have done a good job of supporting new activities that came after Get Together. It works fine, it just highlights the game's weaknesses as without skills to gain there isn't much to do. Despite that it's still fun to break it with a Super Sim.

Snaggle Fluster

Get to level 9 Mixology Career (Culinary Career starts it). Now do not gain skills and just sort of stay there so you don't get promoted. Wait for the opportunity Mythical Drink Guide to come up, and buy the recipe. You now know how to make Snaggle Fluster, a drink that gives +300% skill gains and drains bladder at more than 5x the usual rate. So, pee first. If you like, you can save the game just before work and repeatedly reload if you do not get it before the shift is over. Another alternative is to cheat to get it, but you need Twistedmexi's AllCheats mod. Instructions for doing this are on my Sims 4 Cheats Video at 14:47 (link starts there for your convenience).

Buffs and Stuffs

Lot Traits for Children

The Sims 4 Super Sim - Lot traits can provide another boost.
Lot traits can provide up to +75% with a specific trait and Study Spot. Study Spot rocks, but isn't worth buying Discover University to get. If you have it, use it with your Super Sim.

I recommended three lot traits in the video. First, if you have Discover University, know that Study Spot effects Skill_All which includes Toddler and Childhood skills, so yay for that I guess. Also, Good Schools will increase school performance but isn't all that important compared to the previous trait. Child's Play I ended up ditching as I don't like random playful moodlets, but they don't really hurt Toddlers. It's just not good to me to have to override playful to get focused when playing a child.

Lot Traits for Adulthood

For players with Discover University, Study Spot keeps its spot, because while it's not as powerful as others such as Fast Internet, it impacts all skills. The base game has many of the skills covered with 50% boosts - if it says it boosts x skills, it's a 50% boost in general. Quite strong for zero effort. You can swap these out as often as you like, but don't be like me and use a skill without a boost should you go for stacking all the bonuses and checking. I'd use a musical instrument + great acoustics to test if I had it to do over.


Step 1: Buy a bar. Step 2: Get focused. Now, if you're level 1 mixology you can make Amygdelight which gives a +50% boost to focused skills such as handiness, gardening, and rocket science for a few hours. It's worth it up to a point - once you're extremely high with like 500% it's only another 10% speed to get this 50%. Just pointing that out, but worth it to show off if you do not have snaggle fluster.

Good Eats

The level 7+ Gourmet Cooking recipes give a better moodlet for those who eat it when it's also high quality. If your Sim is a Foodie they can get even better boosts from excellent meals, more so with Refined Palate. For a level 7 dish it's a +3 happy 6 hour epic meal moodlet that makes hunger decay at only 20% the usual rate while active. If the chef has Stoves and Grills master it can be even better. I keep forgetting to test foodie + stoves and grills master with refined palate and write that down, but we're already in absurd territory when you only need +7 for very focused/inspired etc.

Produce Buffs

Grow three plants of different types. Do not evolve the first. Make the second nice, and the third magnificent. This will take a while. Now, you can snarf down one of each and get +1, +2, and +3 4 hour moodlets from them for the different levels. That's right, they stack. I don't think they're supposed to, but this is something Maxis shouldn't change because we need serious work in other areas. Anyway, you can take advantage of this, but I found it just fine to be able to top off hunger with a nice produce that can also be used to adjust mood when needed. Super handy.


Something I considered is that a Super Sim probably should have every area of the home at +3 decorated, just to give them some kind of goal with money because there isn't anything else to do with large sums. Just something to chew on. Anyway, newer players need to know about this so I figured I'd include it. If you decorate a room well, you can get all the way to +3. Just don't try to do so with objects that say environment 1 or 2, more like 7 or 8 when you look at them in build mode. This is because it takes dozens of 1s to make up for one 6+ item.

Home Upgrades

Super Sims should have bidets on all toilets, their plumbing should never break, and they should have access to the finest things with all the best upgrades. Showers should be faster, beds can be highest quality and upgraded with massage controls. Their TV should pick up weird channels. I think it's nice to have goals and upgrades have a big impact on Sim life. I don't think you should let your Super have a bad toilet, they're smart enough to make it a good one.

Desirable Objects

Artifacts are great, if you have Jungle Adventure. THey can do a few things no other object can, like make bob pancakes hallucinate a meal and be hungry all day. They can also summon a skeleton maid or give you some spare change when you use their powers. The Celestial Crystal crown competes with this as it also takes crystals. Perhaps this is a way to justify the bad genes you're likely to get from using a Sulani Elemental to sire your child.


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One thing that you left out when you said, "Spellcasters have a great perk system, but none of it is related to skilling." is while this is true spellcasters still have an invaluable tool to skill up, Potion of the Nimble Mind. It lasts 4 hours and gives a 50% skill gain rate. With copypasto you can easily keep that boost up 24/7 when skilling. This allows casters long term to easily keep pace with vampire that only get the skill gain at night with it's perk.

One more pointer.Celestial Crystal Crown has some skill gains (20% to 50%) but has a downside besides needing crystals, an embarrassed moodlet. But if you have the Shameless reward trait you didn't mention you are immune to that downside as your sim can't be embarrassed a emotion known to cause death.

I love your guides..Keep up the great work. This is my go to sim information site.


Another tip Speed Reader increases reading speeds and skill gain speed from books. Spellcaster perk Knowledge is Magic speeds reading and skill gains from both books and computer research and they stack. Books can out pace other skill methods with both of these.


There's one more thing you might miss: Mentoring. It does help sims learn faster and makes this Super Sim challenge a generations challenge.

And Sulani Mana can be given to an adult sims, but the process is really time-consuming. But it's possible and I found it more reliable to get the trait that way.

Brian Zsays...

How does an adult get Sulani Mana? It would be awesome to introduce that to the family gene pool, without introducing a random generated townie to the family gene pool...


Also, I'm pretty sure Celebrity's Palate overdrives the Foodie's buff. Good foods give Foodie sims +4, but when they got the quirk, it's down to only +3.


I personally hate chasing career advancements with both Celeb's and Having degrees.

Here's why: With the celeb's perk Career Hopper, all your career levels stops decaying (which is a major buff if you are that kind of Super Sim player when you can try to have all careers maxed out).

But with degrees, they set your career advancements back to the degree's given level (in my case it's lv 8). So they are conflicting with each other and maxing the career to lv 10 a bit useless at this point.

So I only do one or another in my case. As a Responsible + Entrepreneurial + Celeb's Career Hopper sim + Working Hard is already enough to gain promotion on every single work day already.

Kevin Johnsays...

I have been doing this and my super sim just turned into a teen (normal life span). With Tiny House though it is SUPER easy. My toddler easily got all skills to 5 (3 for potty), so I got a head start on manners and conflict resolution. As a child she got all 4 aspirations, all scout badges, and all 5 parenthood traits maxed (admittedly it took until the day she turned teen). Now I am planning for her to focus on magic for her teen years (her dad was Darrel Charm so she already has Ancient Bloodline). Then it's off to University (cause I haven't played the pack yet).

Oh and to add some sort of challenge back, I made her move out as a teen so she wouldn't have access to the family wealth.


carl... is peace and quiet worth it? if you don't cancel that reading skill book, stacking research and debate bonus, peace and quiet, study spot, and the boosting lot trait is my go to for new sim. Admittedly you are locked to skill books in this configuration.


The lot trait Peace and Quiet just adds that next level of skill gains boost so in combination with Study Spot reading skill books becomes fairly effective.


How do you get several Bonus Traits "High Metabolism" + "Knowledge"? Was that feature or bug several patches ago?


Knowledge came from Selecting Nerd Brain aspiration in CAS.Metabolism is the fitness aspiration bonus trait you get for selecting the aspiration in CAS,How did Carl get both? He cheated in the Metabolism bonus trait by selecting that aspiration in-game then having cheats on and going into CAS using a dresser. He did this as he was sick and tired of him sim gaining weight constantly half way through his Let's Play video series. :)


Thanks, got it.


Hi, i have a question. The bonus trait you get is for the first aspiration you choose right? When you complete that aspiration and you choose a second one, you won't get a second bonus trait for that second aspiration am I right?




Does this guide need an update (from the packs that weren't in here yet)? Anything I should know?


It's mostly opinion, so I wouldn't expect much revisiting. I don't think Carl's has recommended any new official packs for quite some time, in his videos.


I would just like to add that with the Spa Day refresh, children and teens that do yoga build their emotional control stat, even if they do not have a negative moodlet.

While teens just build the Wellness skill while doing this, Children gain both Mental and Motor skills, albeit a bit slower than in other tasks that build those skills individually (at least it seems that way to me). However, I love the utility of building not just a parenthood stat but a skill (or two) as well.


I would like to point out that you could put the lot trait Island Spirits on if you are in Sulani. That allows you to get the island spirits visiting you. You could then befriend/seduce one then switch the lot trait for something more useful


If you have Sims 4 University, join the bot savants and/or the brainiacs for a robotics skill boost and all mental skill boosts


Can you do a new Super Sim guide with the Top-Notch Infant trait, Growing Together Child Aspirations, and High School Years Aspirations?


I did a test with one of my sims. She has top-notch infant, top-notch toddler, completed all of the child and teen aspirations including the ones from Growing Together and High School Years, reached the top of all the Teen After School Activities, Reached the top of the Video Gamer Streamer and Simfluencer careers, got Scouting Aptitude, has all of the positive Character Traits, has all of the reccommended reward traits, and she's a Dance Machine, Cheerful, and an Overachiever (Origninally Family-oriented but i changed it to overachiever because I was curious). She's also the daughter of Darell Charm, so she's got the Ancient Bloodline spellcaster trait. Her house is a Tier 2 Tiny House with Study Spot and Chef's Kitchen. She had NO cooking skill, made ONE Garden Salad, and by the time it was ready to eat she was at Level 8 Cooking skill I would definitely love to see what you can do with a Supersim like that.


Just want to add - the journal is super reliable for building emotional control! Also, it helps remove their actual bad moods (e.g. teen mood swings)

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