The Sims 4 Seasons Weather Machine

Manipulating the Weather (With Handiness Upgrades)

Dr. June's Weather controller machine in The Sims 4 Sesasons Expansion Pack
Dr. June's Weather Control Device lets you change the current or seasonal weather, and even advance to another season entirely. Skip the holidays if you like!

The Sims 4 Seasons includes a weather machine, and with minimal effort on the part of your Sims, you can alter the current weather or even change the likelihood of precipitation throughout the entire current season. With a high level in handiness, a Sim can even change the season entirely. This guide to using the weather controller is meant to give you an overview on using it and what the individual handiness upgrades can be used to do. Click here if you'd like a cheat to change the weather.

Weather Machine Video Guide

How to Get One

snow in the summer in The Sims 4 seasons
Making it really cold and snowy while everyone is in warm weather clothing could be used to interesting effect.

You don't need to build anything to begin using the weather machine. Find Dr. June's Weather Control Device in buy mode under outdoor activities for $1,500 Simoleons. This is clearly meant for wealthier Sims, as it does give a lot of power but a poor Sim couldn't afford to dish out so much to avoid some mild inconvenience. You won't be able to make money with it, though if you have outdoor activities that generate income for you (such as fishing) it will make the experience much more enjoyable. This is also incredibly helpful for gardening, but not for that reason.

Using the Weather Machine

How to change the weather in The Sims 4
The weather control device can change the day's forecast immediately.

When you start, you can only change the weather for the current day. Assuming the Sim is successful the weather control device will fire into the sky, changing the weather for the current day. . You'll be notified if the attempt was unsuccessful for some reason. Success rates are dictated by the handiness skill along with upgrades to the machine. Being focused does help with success rates at low handiness. Note that while you can make a blizzard in the current season, snow doesn't seem to accumulate unless it's winter. Failure to use the weather control device means being zapped, and we all know what happens if you're zapped twice in a row (death).

Upgrades: Modifying & Changing the Season

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How to change the season in The Sims 4
If you wonder how to change the season in the Expansion, this weather machine upgrade is the answer.

Sims who upgrade the weather machine get a significant improvement in functionality. With just level 3 Handiness, a Sim can upgrade the device with "Capacitive Efficiency" which allows them to change the weather in general for the remainder of the current season. Each selection only increases the odds of the selected event, so some days will be whatever you selected - rainy, sunny - and others will use the default weather.

With level 8 handiness, you can upgrade to the "Temporal Modifier Unit", which lets the Sim advance to a different season. It doesn't have to be the next season! Helpful if you're a gardener and don't have much of anything available for the current season. You can do this twice if you'd like to start the current season over. The full list of upgrades is:

  • Climatic Hydrator (Level 2 Handiness) - Increases the success rate when dealing with precipitation in general (snow and rain).
  • Gyroscope Durability (Level 2) - The weather machine will break less frequently.
  • Humidity Chiller (Level 2) - The Sim's success rate at controlling snowy/cold weather increases.
  • Moisture Vaporator (Level 2) - Increases the success rate on interactions that "clear the skies", I suppose meaning when you have selected to make it a sunny day or end some rain.
  • Capacitive Efficiency (Level 3) - Allows you to select among options such as mild, snowy, normal (winter for example) for the current season. This increases the odds of that type of weather throughout the remainder of the season.
  • Self-Repairing Nanites (Level 5) - Makes the weather machine unbreakable.
  • Temporal Modifier Unit (Level 8) - Allows you to use the machine to change to any season.

If you find some uses for the weather machine that you think are pretty great, share them below!

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Comments (1)

This machine is such a savior! After playing through 2 week long seasons of Spring and Summer with very few to almost no sunny days I gave in and changed the weather to clear skies! Finally I had my bright cheerful game back again!
Yeestus the delutussays...

Lol mine is set to four weeks because I grow lots of dragon fruit and death flower.


I have Seasons disabled these days, hate the way the plants and grass etc goes brown and ugly in Winter. Either that I or have it set to Summer and then cheat the other seasons away to get back to the beginning of summer again.

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