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New - Celestial Crystal Crown Effects and Quirk Removal
New - Fame Quirks
New - Media Production
Fame Perks Guide
Becoming a Star: The Celebrity Fame System Explained
Actor Career in Get Famous
Acting Skill in Get Famous
Get Famous Cheats

For the first time, I'll be covering a new pack with not only text guides, but also video. Be sure to visit my Youtube Channel (Carl's The Sims Guides) and subscribe if you'd like to know when I release new content for Sims Expansions.

The Sims 4 Get Famous First Impressions

My first impressions of the Get Famous Expansion. Includes tips and ideas throughout, which will help you with the acting career, acting skill, and making your Sim a celebrity.

Get Famous Features

The Sims 4 Get Famous:
Getting a celebrity's autograph. Sims' autographs are worth more when they die. Autographs appear in your Sim's inventory and can be hung on a wall.

The Sims 4 Get Famous was released on November 16, 2018. This new pack focuses on adding means of making your Sims celebrities. It adds a lot of little features and two big ones. First, there's a celebrity system that ranks your Sim's fame and will allow access to exclusive areas in the new town of Del Sol Valley (based on Hollywood). The Expansion includes a large catalog of build mode items players can buy, with a large emphasis on high-end furniture and luxury items. Players can take part in their Sim's rise to fame in a new active career, playing an actor.

Video Summary of Features

Fame and Get Famous's Celebrity System

The Sims 4 Get Famous: Getting a fame point will help your Sim become a celebrity
Get enough fame points, and your Sim will rise in celebrity level. This is a core feature of Get Famous.

The Expansion's core feature is its Celebrity fame system (See Guide). Completing gigs as an actor, selling paintings, or performing comedy routines in front of a crowd can all give Sims a small amount of game. Children can also partake in the system, but not fully (they can reach 2-star Celebrity). They have their own drama club which will help them to get a head start in acting.

Video Guide: How to Gain Fame

A guide to fame gains in the Get Famous Expansion. Includes good perks for helping your Sim to gain fame faster with fame perks.

The Sims 4 Get Famous: Getting a celebrity's photograph
Sims go wild over Celebrities. Perhaps too wild. I hope they reduce the amount of fawning over celebs. My Sim even attempted to throw him tips when he played guitar. Let's not throw the rich dude money when we have $500 in the bank, Summer.

On each level up in celebrity rank, Sims will get perk points that can be spent. These tend to have a variety of effects, like giving you more fame gain for using skills, making mean interactions give you fame, launch your own brand, or giving them easy career advancement. Some require you to have either a positive or negative public image.

Click here to learn about the Get Famous Celebrity system on my Youtube channel. Subscribe if you like it!

As Sims gain fame, they'll reach a new star level. Upon reaching this new level, a quirk will be assigned. Sims who do certain actions are inclined toward certain quirks, maybe like drinking lots of juice from the bar. Sims can have negative quirks, and be known for their bad reputation. As you gain fame, you'll unlock perk points which can be spent to give your Celebrity bonuses, or access to exclusive clubs.

Public Image

The fame system also has a Public Image reputation system, which works somewhat like the character values in Parenthood and swings positive and negative. Being nice to fans and coworkers will likely earn you a good reputation, while mean socials and throwing a tantrum on set will decrease your reputation. Reputation is only gained/lost when other Sims can see you exhibiting your good or bad behavior. It appears that for both extremes, there are special benefits. A reputation can always be changed, but it will take effort.

Actor Career

The Sims 4 Get Famous: Actor Career Livestream Summary

A summary of the Sims 4 Get Famous livestream, detailing the Actor Career and new Acting Skill..

The Sims 4 Get Famous: Acting auditions
Acting auditions clearly state skill level requirements, so that you don't come unprepared.

Get Famous' active career is Actor. Players will take control as their budding star visits the movie or commercial set, but only after completing an audition and accepting the gig from their talent agency. There are a few different talent agencies to choose from, each with differing benefits. Players who take perks like established name will not have to undergo auditions in order to get a part, and thus may advance more swiftly in the actor career. It's presumed you can send your Sim to work autonomously, but that their performance may suffer. This is, of course, if the active career is similar to the Scientist, Doctor, and Detective careers in Get to Work.

Acting Skill

The Acting career also comes with an acting skill, which you'll level up to get new interactions and bonuses.

Media Production Skill

The Get Famous expansion surprisingly features a media production skill, letting Sims film with drones and traditional cameras to hone their craft. You can do vlogs and have your Sim edit the recordings to boost quality, gaining followers, fame, and residual income. Here is our text Guide to the Media Production Skill.

More Get Famous Guides

Becoming a Star: The Celebrity Fame System Explained

New Aspiration & Trait

The Sims 4 Get Famous: An actor does a children's show
An actor does a children's show. Surely not a world famous celebrity, but on their way!

Get Famous features two new Aspirations for Sims. World Famous Celebrity's goal is to achieve maximum fame and be known all around the Sims world. Master Actors will seek to max out the acting skill and career. I'll update this when I learn of the reward traits for these two, but for now I'm relieved there are new goals for Sims to pursue as we have not had enough Aspirations in previous packs. Two is not many, but it's something. Only one new trait comes with the pack - Self-Absorbed. This will make a Sim crave attention and gives them a tense debuff when they haven't had enough recently. This will be a good one for Celebrities who want to be surrounded by paparazzi.

Lot Traits

Three new lot traits are present in the Expansion. Get Famous adds two public lot traits that will determine how many celebrities will visit the lot. Hottest Spot in town will see more high level celebrities appear, while Up and Coming Hotspot also attracts increased attention. Celebrity Home is meant for residential lots. Sims who actually live in the home will get a mood boost, while flagging this home as a celebrity home for a non-celeb will result in the 'poseur' moodlet coming up, implying the Sim is a wannabe.

Latest Get Famous Guides

New - Celestial Crystal Crown Effects and Quirk Removal
New - Fame Quirks
New - Media Production
Fame Perks Guide
Becoming a Star: The Celebrity Fame System Explained
Actor Career in Get Famous
Acting Skill in Get Famous
Get Famous Cheats

Pictures of Get Famous

I clipped the following pictures from the trailer.

Click to Enlarge Them

The Sims 4 Get Famous: A bouncer watches for Sims trying to sneak in.
A bouncer watches for low celebrity Sims trying to sneak into the party.
The Sims 4 Get Famous: A celebrity surrounded by Paparazzi
A Celebrity surrounded by Paparazzi
The Sims 4 Get Famous
Children's Shows are one of the genres actors can take part in.
The Sims 4 Get Famous: The new town in the expansion
The new town of Del Sol Valley at night
The Sims 4 Get Famous: an actor in costume
An actor in costume and make-up.
The Sims 4 Get Famous: A Sim getting makeup before filming
A Sim getting make-up before filming begins.
The Sims 4 Get Famous: A cowgirl and cowboy
A Cowgirl and Cowboy Butt...
The Sims 4 Get Famous: Picture of the new town of del sol valley The Sims 4 Get Famous new neighborhood del sol valley
More of the new Neighborhood of Del Sol Valley
The Sims 4 Get Famous: Fans in awe of a celebrity
Fans line up to see a celebrity
The Sims 4 Get Famous: A mansion in del sol valley
A Mansion in Del Sol Valley
The Sims 4 Get Famous actors on the movie set The Sims 4 Get Famous more of the movie set
On the Movie Set
The Sims 4 Get Famous: A Star
A Star
The Sims 4 Get Famous: Paparazzi
The Sims 4 Get Famous pirate movie set and costumes
Pirate movie set and costumes
The Sims 4 Get Famous: Sci fi movie set and costumes
Sci-fi movie set and costumes
The Sims 4 Get Famous: shooting a commercial
Shooting a Commercial
The Sims 4 Get Famous: Throwing Money
Throwing money to show off wealth
An Actor in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion accepts an award.
An Actor accepting an award - players will be able to control actors on the set to help them succeed and grow famous.

Reveal Trailer

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John Thomas Lamb
sees I can make commercials

I'm gonna make Billy Mays.
25th October 2018 1:59pm
I wonder if there's an option to not partake in becoming a celebrity at all.. i somewhat like my sims not being famous haha.
13th November 2018 12:05pm
There is. Fame can be disabled (for all Sims, who will stop gaining it), and Sims can 'leave the spotlight' if they have gained ranks, returning to obscruity.
15th November 2018 10:31am
Lucifer Amadeus
There is. You can 'Quit Fame' in Fame Perk UI.
15th November 2018 3:31pm
what happens when all of the famous sims die in future generations? will new npc's become famous on their own? or will the world be kind of dead again? please answer
16th November 2018 9:30pm
asking this because this is what would stop me from buying it. with "get together" this happened to me. it was great in the begining. the paragons club with 5 people along with the other filled up clubs. When they died, the clubs all had like 1 person left who was the leader and I had no reason to join the club unless I wanted to take it over.
16th November 2018 9:37pm
I dn't knw
17th November 2018 5:00am
As far as I can see, the game generates new celebrities as needed. Seen a number of rather random people with Fame around after got first game year passed (thus some of existing Stars sorta died due to old age).
I even managed to get Patchy the Scarecrow with 1 star Fame level somehow. No idea _how_ and _why_ he tries to be _that_ popular though.
17th November 2018 1:28pm
lol thank you so much
18th November 2018 8:59pm
The game will auto generate more celebs depending on your Game Option settings but you can always make your own (or download from Gallery) and place them in houses, mark them as unplayed and go back to playing with your own sims again.
17th November 2018 2:56pm
ok thank you !
18th November 2018 9:00pm
Hey, the media production cheat is actually stats.set_skill_level Minor_Media 5
Hopefully this helps! Smile
17th November 2018 8:21am
Thank you, there seems to be some confusion over this cheat!
18th November 2018 10:01pm
Legit, 2 of my Thanksgiving Gnomes that showed up at my house had 2 star celebrity. SMH, even my lawn ornaments are more famous than me!
19th November 2018 4:20pm
If your sim blows their attempt to introduce themselves to a celebrity, stay in the conversation with them, especially if more sims show up. My sim tried to introduce herself to a B-lister but just did a fangirl shriek. A paparazzi and some other fans showed up, and a normal conversation started. My sim started getting little ticks of friendship, and before very long at all, clicking the celebrity brought up the normal acquaintance pie menu, instead of the starstruck nitwit menu. What happened after that requires some mods...
20th November 2018 12:40pm
D'oh! You use the mirror a lot when trying to increase acting skill, so basically as soon as my sim earned her first star she got the Vain Street quirk, and looks at herself in the mirror constantly, and gets tense if she doesn't>
21st November 2018 2:06pm
If you use the mirror that unlocks at L4 Acting Skill then this doesn't seem to happen. Not much comfort for skilling at lower levels though! Get Famous Acting Skill Guide
21st November 2018 6:54pm
Before Get Famous came out I already had a musician at lvl 5 in her career, already maxed instruments and charisma- second generation sim, had that stuff maxed before adulthood. She BREEZED through to 5 star fame. When she gets mobbed in public, once I'm bored with them, I start using Piper to mess with them. She'll have what looks like a well dressed zombie horde shuffling away, dead tired, dressed in their formal outfits, driven off by "Etude of Egress."
25th November 2018 12:57pm
This is quite brilliant!
25th November 2018 2:49pm
My musician got a text saying I had gotten caught cheating on my partner, and I got some negative public image from it. Thing is, she has completed both Friend of the World, and Serial Romantic. So, she has boyfriends all over the place, and their relationships never decay over time. So I guess this will happen every time I'm spotted having fun with anyone, at least until all those BF's die of old age-- I have immortality traits from a mod, but you could also keep buying potions forever even without any mods.
5th December 2018 2:42pm
I kind of wish there was some sort of "upstaged" reaction built in for celebrities. Such as when you encounter a celebrity ineptly sawing away at a violin, and you pull your own out and play much better. Also, situations where a lower level celebrity is hanging out, with regular sims doing their starstruck nitwit reactions and not being able to interact normally, and a bigger celebrity shows up. One of my household members had a 2-star celebrity call and come over-- apparently they spawn with random friendships already-- and as everybody was awkwardly trying to get friendly with her, the family's oldest daughter (5 stars) dropped in unannounced, cheerfully giving out hugs and greetings. Completely random event, but the timing was perfect!
12th December 2018 12:36am
Cool! Imma make Scooby-Doo gang and the Hex Girls!!
19th December 2018 10:24pm
My sim is level10 acting but I haven’t seen French Court costume/hair/makeup yet - any idea how to unlock?
22nd December 2018 11:08pm
It will be unlocked, just have to read the descriptions of the available gigs and choose it when it comes up. I can't remember exactly what the descriptor says but it should be pretty obvious in comparison to say a sci-fi themed gig. :)
23rd December 2018 7:53pm
Just wondering if anyone has seen Baby Ariel out in the world? You can find her house on the map, looks like it isn't a set location though. In 2 separate saved games, her house is in Oasis Springs in one and San Myshuno in the other. I never see her out in public, though I have visited her house. Conversations always start with the nobody talking to a 4-star celebrity, don't know how to act awkwardness, but then SHE starts talking to your sim, and apparently she has the perk for instant friendships because suddenly you're 60% friendly and can use the normal interaction choices.
26th December 2018 2:06am
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