The Sims 4 Rocket Science

Mission Advice, Collectibles, and Ship Upgrades

The Sims 4 Rocket Science Skill
Rocket Science lets your Sim Build and Upgrade a Space Ship

The Rocket Science skill allows your Sim to go on choose-your-own-adventure style missions in space, often returning home with rewards like collectible alien species and space rocks. Rare plants like the Cow Plant and Orchids can be acquired from pursuing this skill, as well as both the Space Rocks and Alien Collections. Rocket Science goes naturally with the Astronaut Career Track, helping with its later-career daily task of going on space missions. Given the cost to start these adventures in space, taking a Career that rewards you for using it is wise. You will also get one of two unique Spacecraft for reaching a high level in the Career. Going on Space Missions while an Astronaut seems to expand the possible mission types, and it is likely Space Rangers and Interstellar Smugglers might have some different missions.

How to: Rocket Science Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_rocketscience x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Rocket Scientist - Astronaut
A Sim Astronaut

Getting Started as a Rocket Scientist
Your first Spaceship can be acquired under Buy Mode > Objects by Room > Outdoors > Outdoor Activities > Steampunk Flyamajig for $5,000. Note it costs another $1,000 to build it, and you will gain some levels in the process of building the ship. You are also able to ask other Sims to help you with this process, by starting the work and selecting 'Ask X to help with Rocket'. Building is preferable to reading a Skill Book for efficiency, but you could work on your Rocket Science skill with books until you are able to afford this big investment. Other Rocket Ships are unlocked via the two different branches of the Astronaut Career. There is not a lot of money to be made here; it's mainly a chance at getting some rare collectibles.

The Sims 4 Rocket Science
Crashing becomes less likely with Upgrades and Skill Levels

Rocket Science Skill Level Unlocks
Unlisted levels help you build and upgrade Rocket Ships faster, which is helpful when your ship crashes and you're forced to rebuild ($1000). It would seem that your upgrades are kept when the ship crashes, which is really good as that is a time-consuming process that is also very costly.

  • Level 1 - Upgrade Landing Stabilizers ($500) - reduces chance of a crash landing, which can destroy your ship, forcing you to rebuild it again.
  • Level 3 - Expand Fuel Storage Tank ($700) - Allows you to travel further, expanding your ship's ability to explore the cosmos. This likely aids in the variety of missions you will receive.
  • Level 5 - Improve Maneuvering Thrusters ($1000) - Traveling faster will improve your outcome in situations that require speed - outrunning other ships and even participating in races.
  • Level 6 - Expand Cargo Bay ($1300) - helps you out on Missions, as certain ones rely on you having enough room for something. It may also help you to bring home more space rocks and alien life.
  • Level 7 - Install Ion Cannon Defense System ($1750) - Helps with hostile encounters, allowing you the option to protect yourself on missions in space.
  • Level 9 - Install Automated Landing Computer ($2500) - Greatly reduces the odds your Spaceship is obliterated upon landing after a failed mission. This is an investment that will pay off in time if you plan to use the Rocket Ship heavily. Without these installed, I found only one mission (backwards in time one) that caused my Ship to crash.
  • Level 10 - Just says that you're now a Master Rocket Scientist. With Get to Work, you'll be able to upgrade the rocket to have a Wormhole Generator, which is one of the means of getting to Sixam.
The Sims 4 Rocket Science - Missions are like choose your own adventure texts
Missions are simple, but often hilarious

Mission Success and Failure
You will get a chance to try missions again and do different things. When you know what sends you home with no reward, you can avoid that option by trying again. When you know there was a chance for success, you can try again - particularly once you've got your Ship upgraded. Reading each mission will improve your chances of success, as many of them are logical. The text for these missions can be hilarious, so they're worth a read anyway! Some give no reward but a Moodlet, while all Missions give your Sim Rocket Science experience the entire time they're in space.

The Sims 4 Rocket Science allows you to complete Alien and Space Rock Collections
Alien and Space Rock Collectibles

Space Rock and Alien Life Collections
Rocket Science will reward you with two things for completing Collections. Space Rocks will give you an Orchid for your garden, which is a plant that is very hard to get otherwise, and completing the Alien Life Collection will give you a plaque for the wall. You will sometimes get these collectibles without anything in particular happening on a mission. Many rewards are random, though completing both of these collections should not be particularly challenging.

Space Rock Collection
Common Space RockCommon$95
Large Space RockUncommon$145
Uncommon Space RockUncommon$200
Unnaturally Large Space RockRare$275

All have an Environment rating of 3, aside from the Unnaturally Large Space Rock which scores a 5.

Alien Collection
Live Space PorcupineCommon$165
Dead Red CoralCommon$150
Dead Space PorcupineCommon$150
Dead Pink WhaleCommon$150
Dead Blue SlugCommon$150
Live Red CoralUncommon$165
Dead Space SquidUncommon$150
Live Pink WhaleUncommon$165
Live Space SquidRare$165
Live Blue SlugRare$165

All Live Specimen have an Environment rating of 3, while dead have a Confident Decor rating of 3.

The Sims 4 Rocket Science - landing the space ship
The Sims 4 Rocket Science - great view
The Sims 4 Rocket Science
The Ship can be seen if you turn your camera toward the sky.

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Comments (10)

Level ten gives you the ability of adding the wormhole generator. Perhaps consider adding that in?
This unlock need get To Work installed but you are quite right, it happens at L10 of the Rocket Science skill. Smile
I've been trying to do the rocket science cheat to get it all the way leveled and it's not working no matter what way I put it .

All the cheats have worked with all the other skills.
The rocket science cheat does not work , I've tried it every which way , I have tried the cheat with other skills and it worked. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Admin: I have just used this cheat successfully on a new sim. Make sure your game is patched and up to date. Have 'testingcheats on' on and the type in the cheat without any typos.

Stats.set_skill_level major_rocketscience 10

is there other ways to increase the rocket science skill?
Only ways are to read a skill book or to build a rocket.
Everytime I click my rocket ship to explore space my Sim waves with the thought bubble showing what appears to be the fuel tank that can be used as decor. I've upgraded this thing every which way to Sunday and still can't take off! What am I missing here?
You should be bale to fly the rocket ship with no upgrades and basically no rocket science skill. Sounds like a pathing issue. Are there some decorative items placed around your rocket? Did you place either the rocket or other items nearby with the MOO cheat?
"Turns out Nega-<sim name> is pretty cool!!" LaughLaughLaugh
How did you tilt the camera upward to take the picture of the overhead rocket? My camera will not tilt that high up.
Use the 'Tab' key.
Ahh! Outside of console mode. Thank you, this works well, now I can look up.
Rocket Science is now a mentorable skill ... if you have someone working on an upgrade, a sufficiently leveled Sim can mentor.
"Upgrade" is not available in the options when selecting my Flyamajig. It is abalable for my other sim who originally built it and it has only 2 upgrades complete. The sim that does not have the menu option is lvl 6 Rocketscience.

Also, This skill is boosted by being focused now as well.

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