The Sims 4 Snowy Escape

Mountain Climb & Mt. Komorebi Summit

Climbing the Mountain in Sims 4 Snowy Escape's Mt. Komorebi
Climbing the Mountain involves Fitness and Rock Climbing Skills

Snowy Escape Guides

The Sims 4 Snowy Escape features a new type of event players can throw: the Mountain Excursion. This allows players to plan an expedition to Mt. Komorebi's summit. While not particularly challenging, there is some advice I can give that will help to keep your Sims safe and increase your chances of getting a gold on the event.

Prepare to Climb

Planning an Excursion
Planning the Excursion event to climb the mountain.

In order to summit Mt. Komorebi, you explicitly require each Sim to have level 6 Rock Climbing, because the final wall is so high. Therefore, your expedition leader and any Sims that come with you should already be trained in Rock Climbing Skill.

Because starting the event will make you start at the Onsen on Mt. Komorebi, you need to first purchase Climbing Gear using a computer. Find this in the Order menu. Each kit costs $450 Simoleons. These actually feature a durability system, so using one for a very long time will require you to purchase new climbing gear or else be using inferior equipment.


At the Bits and Baubles vending machine, your Sims can purchase insect repellents and creams to heal any wounds from attacks. If you like, you can check the boards you use to hike to see a wildlife report. This will tell you which creatures are more likely to attack your Sims while climbing the mountain.

How to Climb Mt. Komorebi

Move on to the next section of the mountain climb
Get every Sim in range of the signs and you can move on to the next part of the climb.

Use your Sim's phone and select the Mountain Excursion social event. Your Sim will be the leader, and you must select at least one other Sim in order to do this. It's more than a little annoying you cannot simply go to the top by yourself but this is treated more as a mini game rather than some serious test of survival.

Equipment Checks & Objectives

You can sleep in a tent to recover from injuries.
Tents can be used for sleeping off injuries and other bad moodlets.

Equipping your Sims' climbing gear and checking the other Sims' readiness are one of several objectives you'll have on your way to the top. Assuming you want a gold, doing these simple things before heading out will give you progress without taking up precious time when you're on the mountain. I say 'precious' mainly because you might have good weather, and have that weather change the longer you're on the mountain.

While on the mountain, you might find tents and 'pee bushes' to relieve your Sims in. Keep an eye out for berries you can pick. If you don't get lucky, you might need a tent of your own which can be placed from the inventory to give your Sims shelter from a blizzard. Rock Climbing skill features protein and energy bars at high levels that can be made. See Rock Climbing Guide for recipes.

Actually Climbing & Injuries

The final wall for the climb up mt. komorebi
The final wall is about 2x the height of the normal walls, so you'll know it when you see it. It's the final hurdle before you get to the cave, so you can tell the wall I'm talking about.

When your Sim falls while climbing, they can be injured. Climbing while injured not only increases the risk of failure, but can lead to a Sim's Death. Climbing Courageously is fast, but it should not be used on the big walls unless your Sim has high fitness.

Both Fitness and Rock Climbing factor into how well your Sim will do while climbing. Injuries and bad weather increase the risk of a fall. Climbing gear improves your odds. So, if your Sim is not injured, has climbing gear, and you use climb cautiously or normally, you'll be more likely to succeed.

The final wall requires your Sims have level 6 Rock Climbing skill and is the one instance where a Sim can die due to the great height of a fall. It's likely you'll get injured the first time, with a second attempt being deadly.

The Cave

Sims can woohoo in the cave up on Mt. Komorebi, and you can explore it for collectibles.

Rewards & Finishing the Excursion

While the majority of your progress in climbing Mt. Komorebi comes from the 'move on' and getting to the final stage, you can do 5-10 of the objectives that come up (your choice) to help to guarantee a gold on the event which gives you a better reward trait and plaque.

The Mountaineer Reward traits (3 ranks) reflect the status you achieved when climbing Komorebi. On future excursions, you'll have better success at rock climbing and in other outdoor activities.

The final 'stage' of the excursion features the summit, which has a lot you can build on. It's nice up here above the clouds and builders will no doubt make some beautiful pictures from this location.


I'm not talking about the type that attack you, but rather the type that end your excursion despite you not completing it. I had a dumb TV Season Premiere holiday come up that killed my excursion and forced me to start over. I'm just putting it out there that you're not alone if this happens, and when it happens late in the excursion it can be incredibly frustrating.

Snowy Escape Guides

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Comments (9)


There are two caves. One at the final stage, to the left by a pear tree below the summit. There is a second cave on the second to last stage which has been consistently blocked, with numerous actions grayed out. Any tips or tricks to access?


I don't think they let pregnant sims be part of a climbing party. My pregnant sim is not coming up as an option for either member or leader and she is in her first trimester.


Pleeease can someone help! My sim won't ride to the top of the mountain. They just do that thing when they wave and the footprints come up in a little bubble above their head but with an added red thing. It's ridiculously annoying as it's stopping me from doing the excursion and hiking! Any ideas why it may be doing this? I've repaired the game, removed all mods and nothing is working.

Brian Zsays...

I don't know, but maybe a party member is already committed to climbing the lane you clicked on? Your other party members automatically make their way up. And your sim will try to climb the particular spot where you clicked. That's all I can think of.

Brian Zsays...

At level 6, when I examined the final climb, it told me I don't have enough skill to climb it. But you do have the option to attempt to climb, and my sims made it up. I did have them wear gear, chalk their hands, and stretch first.


Has anyone tested vampires and witches for this climb, as uninvolved participants?

I feel like, with their ability to just bat or broom to a location, they'd be great to bring along, if you want to 'solo' it, but need to bring everyone to progress.


I literally can't do the climb, I start it and it kicks me to the world's then I tried to play my sim again and it kicked me back to the world menu.


I'm having the exact same problem. I plan the event, pick excursion, the people I want to do it with, and then location says generic, so I hit next.... then it takes me to worlds, so I select the park & only option is to visit, so I select that & then it just goes to the loading screen and never loads... all I can do is shut down the whole game


The same thing is happening to me. I even undid all my mods to see if that was the issue and I still get the generic option. Can anyone help?


i have the same problem :( did u solve i need help


it's a bug with the vampires pack. the best way is to disable the pack and try again. hope they fix it soon :/


I cannot go climbing because after I select the social event, the game is just loading and loading until I have to force quit it. Any advice?


The most recent bug I’ve encountered won’t even allow me to start the excursion. When I plan the social event it glitches or something and I’m stuck in an infinite loop of choose a household to play.


Are ghosts not able to climb the mountain? My sim is level 10 in rock climbing and the event window won't let her select herself as excursion leader.

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