The Sims 4 Get Famous: Celestial Crown

Effects of Crystals and Fame Quirk Removal with the Crown Object

The Celestial Crystal Crown in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion
Mounting a Crystal into the Celestial Crystal Crown in The Sims 4 Get Famous DLC.

An odd object included in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expanion Pack is the Celestial Crystal Crown. Its uses are many, for it takes the power of Collectible Crystals and amplifies them, producing magical effects. Crystals are found on the ground in the world's many neighborhoods and reliably at the end of Jungle Temples. You can also purchase common and uncommon crystals on the computer. Thanks to forum user mousef for helping us get around to playing with this object sooner.

How to Get the Crown in Buy Mode

What does the crystal crown do in Sims 4
Buy the Celestial Crown for $100. You'll need Crystals to take advantage of it. Otherwise, it's just a way to get Embarrassed. Personally, I would wear it everywhere.

The Celestial Crystal Crown is found in Objects by Room > Study > Indoor Activities for only $100. The price is low but you must factor in the use of crystals, which are not infinite unless you're buying the commons and uncommons.

Celestial Crystal Crown Video Guide

A guide to the Get Famous Expansion's Celestial Crystal Crown, which can be used to Remove Quirks or boost Fame gains..

The Sims 4 Video

How to Use It

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How to use the crystal crown in  Get Famous (Sims 4)
The crystal crown is fairly easy to use, but the effects of crystals are highly varied.

Click crystals in your Sim's inventory with the helmet either on or in their inventory, and you can select 'Mount crystal'. Wear the helmet by clicking it and selecting the appropriate command. Selecting your Sim, you can get a menu for the crystal or click it in the inventory to remove the helmet or remove a crystal.

When a crystal is socketed, the effects are immediate. Your Sim will get a boost to career or skill gains, or else their needs will be raised to max so long as the crystal lasts. Crystals tend to last about 4 hours total but it's clearly a powerful item.

Drawbacks: There is a caveat, however, in that your Sim will get a +1 Embarrassed moodlet for 4 hours upon wearing the helmet, "fashion faux pas". Not too bad if they're happy already ,but enough to ruin their performance if they are not. The Shameless reward for 2,000 Satisfaction will allow you to use the helmet without getting Embarrassed.


Crown Indicator Light

Mousing over Crystals in your Sim's inventory, you can see the current power level. They go high, medium, and low. When you are wearing the helmet, it also displays the same information via the lights on the side:

Crystal at high, medium, low, and broken state. When a crystal breaks, it will take a chunk out of one of your Sim's motives (bladder, hygiene, etc.)

Removing Quirks

When you have a rare crystal socketed and your Celebrity has a Quirk, you can use the crystal crown to remove it. This will sacrifice the rare crystal but the quirk slot will go back to blank. You'll get another quirk soon enough, but maybe one that doesn't bother you so much.

Crystal Effects

Note that when motives fill, they are simply set at 100. When the effect is removed, they'll go back part way to where they were before you used the filling effect. Use these effects to extend your Sim's active time and deal with needs later. Great for a quick performance if your needs are low and you're in a rush.

The Sims 4 Alabaster in Crystal CrownAlabasterCommonRemoves Tension
The Sims 4 Citrine in Crytal CrownCitrineCommonRemoves Boredom
The Sims 4 Emerald in Crytal CrownEmeraldCommonRemoves Embarrassment
The Sims 4 Orange Topaz in Crytal CrownOrange TopazCommonRemoves Sadness
The Sims 4 Peach in Crytal CrownPeachCommonFills a Sim's Bladder, Thirst (Vampire), or Water (PlantSims)
The Sims 4 Quartz in Crytal CrownQuartzCommonRemoves Uncomfortable Moodlets
The Sims 4 Rose in Crytal CrownRoseCommonRemoves Anger
The Sims 4 Ruby in Crytal CrownRubyCommonFills the Hygiene Need
The Sims 4 Sapphire in Crytal CrownSapphireCommonFills the Social Need
The Sims 4 Turquoise in Crytal CrownTurquoiseCommonRemoves Uncomfortable Moodlets
The Sims 4 Crandestine in Crytal CrownCrandestineCommonGet to Work. Fills all needs except Energy and Boosts Painting/Writing/Creativity gains. The skill gains are +50%!
The Sims 4 Nitelite in Crytal CrownNiteliteCommonGet to Work. Fills all needs except Energy. Give a Sim the Night Owl Trait (temporarily boosting skill gains during night time)
The Sims 4 Amazonite in Crytal CrownAmazoniteUncommonJungle Adventure. Boosts Archaeology for adults and mental skill gains for children. (+20% skill gains for duration)
The Sims 4 Amethyst in Crytal CrownAmethystUncommonFills the Hunger need. Boosts Logic for adults and Mental skill gains for Children. (+20% skill gains)
The Sims 4 Diamond in Crytal CrownDiamondUncommonFills the social need and boosts Fame gains by a whopping 50%! Put this on before completing a movie or other time consuming task, and remove it immediately afterward to preserve the crystal's energy
The Sims 4 Fire Opal in Crytal CrownFire OpalUncommonFills the Hygiene need and makes Friendly socials always successful.
The Sims 4 Hematite in Crytal CrownHematiteUncommonFills the fun need and boosts Career performance by DOUBLE ( but usually breaks during the shift).
The Sims 4 Shinolite in Crytal CrownShinoliteUncommonFills Bladder need (or Thirst/Water). Doubles the chance of finding other Crystals.
The Sims 4 Simanite in Crytal CrownSimaniteUncommonFills the social need and makes other Sims like you more.
The Sims 4 Alexandrite in Crytal CrownAlexandriteRareFills the hunger need and gives a temporary Mystical Sense trait (boosting treasure yield from chests)
The Sims 4 Jet in Crytal CrownJetRareFills all needs except Energy - also boosts Satisfaction gains from Whims by triple. Awesome.
The Sims 4 Jonquilyst in Crytal CrownJonquilystRareFills all needs except Energy. Also boosts Charisma skill gains for Adults and Social for Children by 50%.
The Sims 4 Plumbite in Crytal CrownPlumbiteRareFills all needs except Energy. Also boosts Athletic skill gains (motor for Children) by 50%.
The Sims 4 Rainborz in Crytal CrownRainborzRareFills all needs except Energy and periodically makes nearby Sims happy.

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This could be exploited with the cloning machine from get to work, using it to clone the crystals indefinitely. Thus, the crystal duration would be infinite, at least for practical purposes
i smell Thanos here. .
It's a bummer that the crown cannot be worn at the film studio location :(
Nice guide thx for ur hard work out there
This is like Lorenzo Cabot's artifact from Fallout 4Scared

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