The Sims 4 Island Living: Sulani

Rejuvenating the Island's Ecosystem via Conservationist Activities

The Sims 4 Island Living: Fully cleaned up environment
A fully improved shot of the Island of Mua Pel'am in Sulani from The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack. This island's ecology is negatively impacted by trash and poor policies. As a regular Sim or Conservationist you can clean it up. Click to Enlarge.

The Sims 4 Island Living includes an Island nation known as Sulani. The island is home to a refuge for wildlife, the Island of Mua Pel'am. Evidently, consumerism and pollution have begun to take hold on your arrival, as the island is quite polluted and in need of a Conservationist to clean things up. Note that both the system and fact that the new Career exists encourage you to play a Conservationist, but it's by no means impossible to clean up the Island while ignoring the new environmentally-conscious Career Track. After all, individuals can make a difference, right?

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The Sims 4 Island Living: Conservationists and Sulani's Environment

Learn about the Conservationist Career and cleaning up Sulani's Ecosystem. The island can be improved twice, for mostly visual effects but the new career is hands-on and offers various ways to make money.

How It Works

This leaf appears when you do something positive for the environment in The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack
A leaf symbol appears when you do something that was positive for the Island ecology.

Island Living features a points system of sorts that scores how polluted the island of Mua Pel'am is at the present time. Initially, it's set at the worst level so it's possible to beautify the island and make it a true paradise, live on a huge lot with no one else around in your own island paradise (heh). Don't get me wrong, the island is not a gunky hellhole at first but there are areas where pollution is present and obvious to the naked eye. There's also not much wildlife and not many flowers.

Improving The Environment

There is hardly any coral growing in this area in The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack

The coral reef recovered in The Sims 4 Island Living Expansion Pack
Coral before and after extensive Conservation efforts have been completed. This type of effect only appears on one largely uninhabited island in the Expansion, to be clear, but things you do elsewhere do have an effect on the Island of Mua Pel'am.

Certain actions you take will display a leaf over your Sim's heart, indicating they have made an impact on the island's health. The amount of actions you need to take to clean up the island vary dramatically based upon the points you receive for said action. Combing the beach for trash is useful, sure, but not as useful as stopping litterbugs. However it may be easier to pick up a lot of beach debris than stop litterbugs. All in all searching the beach at Mua Pel'am for larger debris is good for a regular Sim, but Conservationists have it made.

Cleanup and Environment Interaction Scores

Things All Sims Can Do For The Environment

  • Free Diving for Treasure (sometimes): 1
  • A Few Beach Cave Events: 1, but wholly unreliable
  • Digging for Trash (Comb Beach): 1
  • Scuba Diving (sometimes): 1
  • Clean Up Floating Piles, Ash Piles, and Seaweed: 1
  • Clean Up Sulfur Pile (Base of Volcano): 2
  • Clean Up Trash Pile: 3
  • Assault and Battery on a Litterbug: 3
  • Confront a Litterbug Peacefully: 4

Conservationist-Only Ecological Activites

  • Analyze Sample (Success Only): 1
  • Send Research Data: 1
  • Survey Invasive Species: 1
  • Write Conservation Article: 3
  • Enthuse about Conservation (Social): 1
  • Spread Conservation Awareness (Social): 1
  • Survey Snorkeling (Marine Biologist only): 5
  • Survey Ocean Floor (MB only): 5
  • Enthuse About Green Energy: 5
  • Enthuse About Eating Organic: 5
  • Write Conservation Article (Great Work): 10
  • Spray Invasive Species: 10
  • Create Environmental Regulation (EM only): 10
  • Shoot Nature Documentary: 10

So What Happens When I Clean Up Sulani?

The Sims 4 Island Living:
As the Island's Ecology improves, you'll get a notification like this. There's a seocnd one when it reaches the final rank.

Well, the appearance of the Island I mentioned changes quite a bit. Trees grow more green (stage 2) and increase in density (stage 3). Corals grow (stage 3), more butterflies appear (stage 2+3), and there are exponentially more blossoming flowers (stage 2+3). In fact I didn't realize how drab the whole place looked until I did a before and after. The remainder of the islands are in a pristine state, so you can sort of ignore this ecological stuff if you want without it being of issue. You may even like the drab look better, you weirdo you. Either way there are cheats for that, but they do require TwistedMexi's AllCheats Mod to use. You can see the cheats on my page for Island Living Cheats and there is also a link to AllCheats in the section about the Island Conservation Narrative there.

Pictures of Changes in Island Living

The Sims 4 Island Living - The environment is not in great shape due to pollution
The Sims 4 Island Living - Partially recovered ecology
Sims 4 Island Living - Fully restored ecology

More to It

There's more to this system. A few events may happen when you've cleaned up the Island. Also, the island's resident Elementals may be more pleased with you if you've done enough to take care of the land. I'm going to get into that with other pages but will list the events here after a time. I don't want to spoil *everything* about the pack, just want to make people aware of systems that exist as the game isn't very direct about announcing this like StrangerVille was.

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A question about the Cleanup and Environment Interaction Scores: do you know the exact scores needed for each stage?

I ran into a bug with cleaning up piles (routing issues, my sim can never get to the piles on land), just wondering how long it'll take me to advance without doing the new career.
21st June 2019 9:04pm
Not sure on scores per stage but it takes about 100 points all up.
23rd June 2019 10:37pm
Points for "assault and battery on a litterbug." Is it bad that I laughed out loud at that? Unsure
23rd June 2019 8:12pm
where do I spray evasive species?
24th June 2019 1:49am
You have to be conservation level 3 to gain that interaction
25th June 2019 12:23pm
When this unlocks at L3 you click on a fishing sign to survey it, if you get a notification that there are invasive species to be sprayed there then you can click on that same fishing sign to spray.
25th June 2019 7:48pm
How and where do i find the litterbug? my sim is a level 10 Marine Biologist?
26th June 2019 7:00am
You will see a sim walking around Mua Pel'am with an '!" above their head. This is the litter bug. If you watch them they will drop piles of rubbish around the island or rummage in the bins and cause rubbish that way.
26th June 2019 5:57pm
Ohh cool I haven’t noticed, have been in the water a lot lol
27th June 2019 1:19am
Does anyone know if Mua Pel'am goes back to being polluted if not consistently looked after?
26th June 2019 10:01pm
No, it will always just remain static as whatever stage your sim is at of the clean up effort. So if you get bored of it and want to focus on something else, when you get back to the island it will be exactly the same as you left it.
27th June 2019 2:56am
I'm having a glitch cleaning up the two piles with the extinguisher live in your intro video at about 44 seconds in. I chose clean up, my sims uses the extinguisher but they dont go away, nothing happens. I even started a new game and it does the same thing. Not sure what the problem is. And yes I started conservation career. Is there a specific level needed for those two piles?
11th July 2019 2:05pm
No level needed, your sims can clean these piles even when not in the career. Save and close your game then delete the localthumbcache.package file found in your TheSims4 folder. Now open your game and try again.
11th July 2019 8:13pm
"I'm having a glitch cleaning up the two piles with the extinguisher... but they don't go away, nothing happens."
You have to clean each pile 3 times for it to disappear.
18th July 2019 11:12pm
Sounds like your save file has a bug sadly. This isn't occurring in my game so perhaps you might like to make a bug report about this. Make sure you've tested it again in a new save file with no cc and no mods.
EA Bug Forum
18th July 2019 11:50pm
I have a Conservationist Sim working in Willow Creek but I'm still doing the actions needed to improve the island - e.g prepare grant application and enthuse about conservation. However, I do not see the green leaf which is indicative for the island's improvement. To be clear, would I have to move my Sim out of Willow Creek and only do Conservationist activities in Sulani?
19th July 2019 12:18pm
You wouldn't need to live in Sulani but you would need to be doing those actions in Sulani. For one example, buy your sim a laptop, travel to Sulani bar, live drag laptop out and then prepare the grant there.
19th July 2019 6:45pm
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