The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack

Gameplay Additions and Features

The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack
Relaxing at the Spa is the central theme of this Game Pack, and players get many little ways to help their Sim pursue a relaxed life

The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack released July 14, 2015. This pack's central theme is the spa and the typical features of a spa - massages, yoga, incense, mud baths, and the sauna. All these features are accessible when visiting the new spa venue, or by purchasing objects and using them from your Sim's home. The Pack comes with several Spa Venues you can select from, and will prompt you to place one of these in a neighborhood when you first start the game with the pack installed. Of course, you can also now search the gallery for spas that you can download from other players.

The Sims 4 Spa Day Video Review and Gameplay Guide

A review of gameplay features included in the Spa Day game pack. Includes heavy information on the wellness skill and its many abilities.

New Spa Venue in The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack
Click to Enlarge. The default Spa Venue has all the services you need. Use others that came with the pack or download new venues from the Sims 4 Gallery

Total Object/CAS Additions & Spa Venue
The Spa Venue contains all the services you'll need in order to give your Sims a relaxing day. They are easily placed from hitting escape > Manage Worlds. The Perfect Balance Spa includes every type of new service available, so is the top pick.

The Pack comes with a whopping 122 build/buy mode objects and 55 CAS items, some of which will be pictured below. Compare this to any pack released before, and you can see this as a massive value if you're been a player who regularly buys Sims addons. This for $20 vs a couple of sets at the Sims 3 store. Ouch!

Wellness Activities

Wellness Skill
A major feature of this Game Pack is the Wellness Skill. The Skill determines your Sim's proficiency at Meditation, Yoga, and giving Massages. Practicing these three arts all level the skill, which gives you powerful happy and emotional moodlets to help your Sim get through a tough day. Having a Sim who can give great massages in the household is a major boon to every member of the family. It'll also save you on paying for spa services! To top things off, the skill offers a few unique recipes and social interactions that can benefit target Sims.

The following sections on Meditation, Yoga, and Massage are all covered on the Wellness Skill guide, but I am repeating them verbatim. Why? Even if a Sim does not master Wellness, they will receive massages from the Spa and get those benefits, and also benefit from taking a Yoga class to get a long-lasting Moodlet. Meditation is much more specific to Sims who are going to master the Skill, however.

Meditation is one of the less useful abilities in Spa Day, but it's still a cool gameplay addition.
Meditation can freeze needs, keep some moodlets from decaying, and allow a Sim to teleport at high level.

The Meditation ability levels Wellness, and allows Sims to occasionally get a moodlet for their efforts. Meditation is an activity you can use anywhere, but free stools are available at the default Spa. Simply buy a meditation stool from Buy Mode and have your Sim put it in their inventory. Needs can be frozen while meditating, and some moodlets will not decay right away. These things only pop up when your Sim begins to levitate during a meditation session. Once your Sim is high level, they are able to teleport at any time, to any area that is accessible via walking. Their mastery of wellness means they don't have to sit and meditate for hours to do this, they can just drop into a meditative trance and zip across the neighborhood to collect some frogs. It's situational given the lack of an open world, but when useful it is a real time saver given how much time can pass when going to an fro.

Yoga is a key feature of Spa Day
Yoga provides a powerful combination of weight loss, muscle building, and great moodlets to help a Sim get through a tough day.

Yoga is a form of exercise and thus helps Sims get into shape. It will both reduce body fat and add some muscle, and is highly effective at these things. A Yoga session takes about an hour and a half, but will give Sims an 8 hour moodlet for a solo session, 12 hours for a class. Yoga classes are $110, and sometimes 'fail' as in, leave your Sim sore, but do this a few times and they'll never fail again. Here's info on the moodlets you receive from the three types of Yoga classes:

Yoga RoutineTaking ClassSolo Routine
Brain Boosting12h +2 Inspired Moodlet8h +1 Inspired
Energy Centering12h +2 Energized Moodlet8h +1 Energized
Mind Concentrating12h +2 Focused Moodlet8h +1 Focused

Learn more about Meditation and Yoga Massage in the Wellness Skill Guide. These things are not exclusive to Sims who will practice the skill, but those topics are best covered in that guide.

The Spa Day Pack includes massages
The Stone Massage provides a massive 24h +1 Happy Moodlet for $300, but the Deep Tissue Massage gives the same for $180 - save your money. If your Sim is skilled in Wellness, they can do this for others while at home, free of charge!

Getting a massage from a masseuse and a Sim skilled in Wellness have the same result, unlike with Yoga, which encourages taking classes. Massages seem to raise the Social need, since your Sim is getting personal attention from another Sim. They don't, however, raise Fun. There are two types of massages available in the Spa Day Game Pack - those from the massage table, and the hand/foot massages available from the massage chair. Purchasing either of these for your own home is a wise investment should you have the money, because Sims not skilled in Massage will still give great Moodlets to their friends and family by simply trying. Levelling Wellness unlocks the full suite of massage types.

Note that none of these stack, and using a new one will overwrite the previous Moodlet. Just get the one you want from the get-go. You are, however, able to stack hand/foot massages with the massage table massages. These take about 80 Sim minutes to complete. Massages your Sim gives to others are free of charge.

Massage Table Massages

  • Swedish Massage ($120) - +1 12h Happy Moodlet
  • Deep Tissue Massage ($180) - +1 24h Happy Moodlet
  • Sports Massage ($230) - +1 12h Energized Moodlet
  • Stone Massage ($300) - +1 24h Happy Moodlet
  • Lavender Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Focused Moodlet
  • Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Inspired Moodlet
  • Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Confident Moodlet
  • Mint and Rosemary Aromatherapy ($140) - +1 12h Energized Moodlet
  • Fertility Massage (Female Only, $380) - +1 12h Happy Moodlet, increased likelihood of twins/triplets.

Hand/Foot Massages
These take about 40 minutes to complete. Click a massage chair in the Spa or buy one for home to get the option to purchase/give a massage. As stated above, these do stack with the above massages. You can have 1 hand, 1 foot, and 1 body massage Moodlet active at once. Go for a body massage, then get a foot massage is probably the best route to take in order to maintain your moodlets and leave the Spa with enough time left to accomplish something significant.

  • Low Wellness Skill Hand Massage - +1 4h Happy Moodlet
  • High Wellness/Masseuse Hand Massage - $40 from Masseuse. +2 4h Happy Moodlet
  • Low Wellnes Skill Foot Massage - +2 6h Happy Moodlet
  • High Wellness/Masseuse Foot Massage - $40 from Masseuse. +3 6h Happy Moodlet
Death from Overheating in a Sauna
Death from overheating in a sauna occurs within a couple of hours. It is not meant to be used for a long time. If your Sim gets the uncomfortable moodlet, they're in danger and you'd best get out. That is a sign you stayed in too long. Use it to ease sore muscles and socialize a bit, then leave before this happens.

Sauna Use & Death
Being in a Sauna will gradually raise your Sim's Fun and Social needs (if occupied with another Sim) and provide a Moodlet that grows the longer they stay. It's a nice place for them too Woohoo The sauna's effects peaks at +3 Happy but it is a boost that will disappear if you stay in too long. Once Sims have been inside for about 90 minutes, the heat will start to really get to them and the positive +3 Happy Moodlet will disappear. This is the point where they're no longer having fun, where the sauna's effects vanish, and when you know the discomfort is coming in the form of an 8 hour Uncomfortable moodlet. At this stage, they are at risk for Death and you'd best get them out of the steam room immediately. Further exposure with the moodlet on them will kill the Sim. They will often leave automatically, but if tied up in conversation they may not exit autonomously and this results in death.

A mud bath in the Spa Day Game Pack
Mud baths offer a confident moodlet, but you can also use soaks to get a variety of extra Moodlets.

New Bathing Soaks and Mud Baths
Baths have got an upgrade with this Game Pack as well, and it affects all tubs. Not just the one added via the pack. Mud baths cost $60 and give a 12h +2 Confident Moodlet, at the cost of lowering your Sim's hygiene. Here are the aromatherapy bath scents you can use, along with their cost. You cannot stack bath moodlets, so choose the one you want. If Mud Bath's confident is needed, use that then a regular bath to top off hygiene if needed, so you don't overwrite the Moodlet.

  • Lavender Foam ($30) - 8h +2 Happy Moodlet
  • Citrus Soak ($30) - 8h +2 Focused Moodlet
  • Milk, Honey, and Oatmeal Soak ($30) - 8h +2 Happy Moodlet
  • Muscle Relaxing Soak ($30) - +2 8h Energized Moodlet
  • Rose Petals ($30) - +2 8h Flirty Moodlet
Incense in Spa Day
Incense provides a passive moodlet, so long as a Sim is nearby. They can provide 6 types of Moodlets.

Incense burners can be bought for the home, and is available for use (at a small cost) in most Spa Venues. Good for while skilling, combined with Music, as you can smell the incense and listen to music while doing something else, like Painting. This is a good addition to the game, just be warned that they CAN cause fires, so try not to let them burn if you're not using them.

Incense burns for 2 hours and has a flat cost of $20 per activation. Here are the moodlets you get from each Incense type:

  • Evocative Lemon - Inspired +1
  • Invigorating Cinnamon - Energized +1
  • Peaceful Patchouli - Happy +1
  • Romantic Sandalwood - Flirty +1
  • Sharpening Saffron - Focused +1
  • Soothing Sage - Relieves Tension Moodlets, +1 Happpy

Incense should automatically kick in if your Sim is nearby, but may not. In that case, you can click the burner and select Smell. The range on incense is rather small. Plan to be able to used it about 4 'big' buy mode squares away. So set it close to where you'll be skilling or doing something else that would benefit from incense.

Aquariums in the Spa Day Game Pack
Click to Enlarge. Two new Aquariums are featured, and Sims can stock them with caught fish or elect to buy fish for the tanks to automatically stock them. The pack includes 3 new types of fish.

Aquariums & New Fish
The Spa Day Game Pack comes with two new aquariums that can be used to stock fish your Sim has caught. Each can hold up to 5 fish, and the fish do not require feeding. It's a great way to keep a prize catch alive. You're able to click 'open' to take fish out, and may pay to fully stock the Aquarium for $150. At the aquarium, you can purchase three new fish types that come with the game pack and are part of the Fishing collection. These fish may be caught by using the Fishing skill, and are available in Sylvan Glade and the stream at Oasis Springs park.

  • Cichlid - $30 to stock, common fish
  • Discus - $40 to stock, uncommon fish
  • Exotic Goldfish - $45 to stock, uncommon fish

You can't sell the fish for much, they're bought at a price much higher than their value. For example, my discus was able to be sold for $14 after taking it from the aquarium and placing in my Sim's inventory.

New Hair and Clothes

Robes Sims can wear

This is but a selection of what the stuff pack offers. Probably two dozen items were left out, this is just a sampling of the more distinct new styles:


Some of the female tops and bottoms in Spa Day
Female Tops and Bottoms


Some of the male tops/bottoms


Male and female hair in Spa Day
Male and Female Hair Styles

My Overall Opinion
This pack is better than any yet released in terms of value - the amount of content is enormous for the price tag, though we do not get all we desire such as the ability to run our own Spas and having new Traits and Aspirations included with it. Thankfully, the objects, skill, and CAS items make up for this omission and I've told a developer that we would like more Traits and Aspirations with our packs in the future. The best part is that most of these features can be used from home, so significantly contribute to the gameplay of The Sims 4. I do recommend it, even if the Spa thing isn't for you. The Moodlets are great, long-lasting, and the Wellness Skill is very useful for Sims and those around them.

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Omg... It's release is on my Birthday :O
So hyped!
8th July 2015 9:27am
Happy Birthday!
14th July 2015 10:41am
SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
15th July 2015 5:36am
1st October 2015 3:24am
SmileSmileSmile my birthdays the day before
19th November 2015 12:00pm
and you posted this pn my birthday happy birthday to me and you (even though im so late)
3rd June 2017 1:22pm
very, very cool
8th July 2015 8:11pm
maybe it's because the given info is just too little for now, but this pack sounds too boring Huh i hope there would be more to it once the pack is released. things like owning and managing a spa venue...
I agree with you that incorporation with Get to Work would be brilliant. I'm sure most things from EPs will end up sellable via retail, but actually managing a spa would be wonderful. I wish they would ensure compatibility with all other packs, but realize it would make the game much more complex and require a lot of coding. Most of the stuff in Sims 3 wasn't connected at all.

I'm sure there is a lot more to it, at least in terms of objects and such, that produce a better value than the key elements I've listed. The price points for these things are definitely better this time around, I'll say that. $20 for this vs a stuff pack that I wouldn't buy during TS3...

Overall, I know that I'll be pleased with it just because of how much of it will work in a normal game without any travel. More ways to make Sims happy is always welcome, and meditation sounds great.
11th July 2015 7:44pm
I'm so excited to start building my own spas! I wonder what kind of awesome creations will be on the gallery for this new venue Grin
12th July 2015 6:55am
I bet there are already dozens of great ones available on the gallery :)
16th July 2015 6:54pm
14th July 2015 7:11am
Can you get a job at the spa?
19th August 2015 8:38pm
I'll have this in a couple of hours when it releases (usually by 1-2PM EST) and start coverage right away with the Wellness Skill. Once that is done, I'll be at the PC a few hours to perhaps answer questions for folks who are interested in how something works in the pack.
14th July 2015 10:41am
I can't find it on the origin store Sad
It's out now :) Players can buy it here to help support our site. Thanks in advance for those of you who do. We do not get any of your info, just credit for the sale.
14th July 2015 1:19pm
uhhhh can you work at the spa? Laugh
14th July 2015 5:53pm
Unfortunately, no, you can't
14th July 2015 6:52pm
Did not see more than one design for the pre-made venues and was a bit disappointed to note there was no sauna in it and no massage area. However, all the items available are super awesome and will fit in nicely in my mansion. Will check again for more styles of venue. So far I have yet to be disappointed in any of the new things EA has given us. It's made Sims4 extremely enjoyable to play.
14th July 2015 6:16pm
Hrm, the first venue it offered me to place when I'd first started the game was 'Perfect Balance Spa', and it included everything you need to be happy at the Spa. All features were there, though I understand there are some other lots that offer specific things like massages.
14th July 2015 6:53pm
I was really hoping a new career path would be added Smile
14th July 2015 6:54pm
That, along with aspirations and traits. We should get the last two in every pack in my opinion.
16th July 2015 6:53pm
It would be fun to own a spa (retail venue).
15th July 2015 7:02pm
Yeah I agree, but understand why they didn't go through a lot of effort to link the two packs. Some will only buy one and not the other. But, really, Get to Work is excellent and anyone who can afford it and likes Sims 4 should jump in.
16th July 2015 6:53pm
I want to update this, but got sick on the second day of coverage. I'll be back to write about the pack a bit more once I'm better. Hopefully that is just a day or two. I want to list all moodlets you get from massages and incense. Also, we'll have a complete summary of the additions with some pictures of all the objects you get. This game pack is huge! Like 120+ items total, including clothing. 84 in buy mode alone.
16th July 2015 6:51pm
And now the page is vastly improved. Thanks for your patience, folks. I'm really happy with Spa Day and love how easy it is to incorporate these features into everyday Sim life. Good stuff, and a quality pack.
17th July 2015 1:06pm
Under the Bathing soaks heading, you forgot to put the name Rose Petals down for the +2 8h Flirty Moodlet.
18th July 2015 1:08am
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