The Sims 4 Video Gaming Skill Guide

Gaming Tournaments, Getting Focused, and Best Traits

The Sims 4 Video Gaming Skill
The Sims 4's Video Gaming Skill lets you earn Money in Tournaments

The Sims 4's Video Gaming Skill is a new means for Sims to make money off their gaming prowess. As you level up, new Tournament Options and games become available, each of which giving better payouts should you enter and win a Tournament. Each level of the Skill increases the likelihood of championship, as does being Very Focused. In this Guide to Video Gaming in The Sims 4, I'll give some tips to help you get the most of the Skill and other Skills that synergize well with it, so that you can win Tournaments as often as possible. Doing so will allow your Sim to live off their tournament winnings!

How to: Video Gaming Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_videogaming x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Good Traits and Aspirations for Video Gaming
Naturally, the Genius Trait comes to mind given it makes Sims capable of getting random Focused Moodlets. However, Cheerful and Good (if other Sims are in the House) may also do this indirectly, as Happy boosts Focused. The same can be said of Lazy, for these Sims will get better Moodlets for sitting in a comfy chair. The single best Trait for this is likely Geek, as it will give an occasional Happiness Boost when playing Games, while also giving your Sim lots of Whims related to gaming (especially if you're focusing hard on the Skill). You'll get Whims for using the Skill anyway, but Geek would definitely help. So, personally, I'd go with Geek, Genius, and Lazy. Computer Whiz is the Aspiration most directly tied to this Skill, but does require you to enter the Tech Guru Career. I'd go with the Gaming Career Branch for the Motion Gaming Mat. Still, that Career comes with great Rewards that give Focused Auras for use around the home, and will directly help you win those Gaming Tourneys!

Handiness upgrades help the Video Gaming Skill in The Sims 4
Handiness Upgrades can reduce the Breakdown chance of your Sim's Computer

Skill Synergies
First, the Handiness Skill is nearly essential when you'll be using Computers so much. You don't want to have to replace them at high cost, and you don't want the computer to break down during a Tournament. Upgrading to ECC Ram will let you see less breakdowns. This will also let your Sim upgrade the Graphics Card, which will make games more fun. The problem with this is that you will need a high level of Handiness (9) to upgrade Electronics. Still, it's worth the effort and your entire home can be upgraded with time.

Programming is another. When you can mod games, you make them more fun, resulting in the Sim getting an Epic Game Moodlet for +2 Happiness. This requires only a few minutes of play time, and will last a full 4 hours - longer than a Tournament. This makes it much easier to get Very Focused. On the upside, you can also occasionally hack while the Tournaments are on cooldown so that you get some extra Money from your time with the Computer. What makes this great is that Handiness and Programming both benefit from Focused!

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Sims 4 Computer
All you need to Learn Gaming is a Computer

Getting Started as a Gamer
The primary means of using this Skill is the Computer. It is the only device that gives you all the features. A cheap computer can play all games (unlike reality) and give you access to watch livestreaming, tournaments, and the games themselves. The Slablet (Tablet computer) is your other option, and it can be used on the go. It only features a few games and the ability to watch live streams and research game strategies. Lastly, the MotionMonitor Gaming Mat wil let your Sim play games physically, and enter into Tournaments that pay out better on the games it features. However, the best payouts are found on the Computer.

Getting Focused helps your Sim win Tournaments
Being Very Focused is Ideal for Competing in Tournaments

Getting Very Focused for Tournaments & Faster Skill Gains
Using an Easel while Focused can let you make Aura objects that will help your Sim get Focused (Mathematical Diagrams). Additionally, you should Browse Simipedia on the Computer. Listening to Music while you play games by clicking that Interaction first will give +1 to Happy and help you get the +8 total Happy/Focused to reach Very Focused. You may also buy a Focused Emotional Book and drink Pitch Black Tea from the Tea Brewer.

Skill Level Unlocks
As you level the Skill, your Sim will get better and better at gaming while also unlocking the following skill features:

  • Level 1 - Play Sims Forever and Blicblock
  • Level 2 - Debate Game Strategy Interaction, Play Incredible Sports Game on Computer
  • Level 3 - Enter Novice Game Tournaments
  • Level 4 - MySims Go! Game
  • Level 5 - Research Advanced Game Strategy on Computer, Impress with Video Game Prowess Interaction
  • Level 6 - Play The R.E.F.U.G.E. Game, Enter Professional Gaming Tournaments
  • Level 7 - Watch Gaming Livestream, Gossip about Video Gaming Pros Interaction
  • Level 8 - Make Fun of Noobs
  • Level 9 - Play Road Rival Alpha Game
  • Level 10 - Hillock II Game
Sims 4 Video Gaming Skill Social Interactions
Gaming Interactions don't do much, but can help make Friends

The Debate Game Strategy and Latest Games, along with Gossip about Gaming Pros Interactions will not give your Sim a moodlet. They're merely there to help your Sim make friends with other Gamers. Watching Livestreams and Researching Advanced Game Strategy on Computers will not give a Focused Moodlet. Those are meant to raise your Sim's gaming skill level a little faster than playing, and both are on a cooldown of a few hours. None of these are very impressive, but are side bonuses to leveling the skill. Let's get on to the good stuff! Something unrelated to Skill unlocks - if your Sims' household has two Motion Gaming Mats, they can play together! (Thanks Lindsay!)

Motion Gaming Mats can be used for Tournaments
Computers, but also Motion Gaming Mats, may be used for Tournaments

Gaming Tournaments
Game Tournaments are first unlocked at level 3, when you can enter Novice Tourneys. These offer fairly low payouts, but do increase based on the investment and the level of the game. The same is said of Professional Tournaments at level 6. These are much harder to win, but when your Sim is level 10 and Very Focused, you have a good chance of winning. Each game has a cost to enter on Novice, but all Professional Tournaments are $100 and scale in difficulty based on when the game unlocked. It's much easier to win at Blicblock than Hillock II, because there is more competition for a higher payout. There is a 4 hour cooldown after the Tournament is over. If your computer breaks during a Tournament, you can enter another since you didn't finish. Each game has an associated hidden Skill, and your Sim will get better as they play each of them. Spend time on the best paying games and you'll greatly improve your odds of winning! thanks to DarkWalker for sharing the info and Ciosa suggesting I add it to the Guide.

Payouts for Professional Tournaments can be huge. I did not bother to get all the placements for Novice Tournaments, but took down all the prizes you can win for Pro Tourneys on the Computer.

Professional Game Tournament Winnings
Game TitleFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place
Sims Forever$660$440$220
Incredible Sports$836$550$275
MySims Go!$1212$816$408
The R.E.F.U.G.E.$2054$1378$689
Road Rival Alpha$3833$2550$1275
Hillock II$4995$3330$1665

Gaming Tournaments played on the Motion Gaming mat give out anywhere from double to 25% more than the normal game. The best game to play for Tournaments on the gaming mat is Maniac Matchums, when it unlocks later in your gaming skill progression. You can win $3465 for first there, while R.E.F.U.G.E. pays only $2618. Blicblock is the biggest leap, giving Sims a $920 payout.

Overall, this Skill is all about the Tournaments and the chance at winning money by using your Sim's gaming Skills. As you can see through the table above, Hillock II can give gobs of money if you're able to win consistently. Find new means of helping your Sim stay Focused, by viewing my Emotions Guide.

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Laugh i really want to know how to download it oooooooooooooooooooooooooh
Carl has a guide page on packs. if you scroll down you will find a section all about how to install them. Smile
Do you mean that Computer whiz is most directly related? Nerd brain doesn't have anything to do with gaming or the tech guru profession. Thanks for the article!!!
Thanks for catching the mistake, will notify Carl for correction.
The Nerd Trait actually makes your sim more attracted to games, so technicly, your wrong.
I love it
I want to play it
I've been getting 19,000+ from professional Hillock II tournaments(each). It started at 14,000 and went up to 19, almost 20,000. Only bonus I guess I would have is Webmaster.
SmileHow do I Install the sims 4!!!!
You can purchase The Sims 4 through the Origin Client which you will need to download onto your computer. Once purchased, The Sims 4 is easily downloaded etc and then accessible in your Origin Game Library for you to play.
Installing Origin
eu queria muito jogar mas vou me cadastrar agora sera que consigoSmile
Foxfire Infernosays...
I don't know if this was a bug or what, but I started a new game last night, and when using the Slablet to watch a video game livestream, my Video Gaming skill absolutely SKYROCKETED. I went from 1 to 2 in maybe five minutes of real time.Scared
Probably by design, the early levels of a skill do tend to increase faster than the higher levels.

I heard somewhere you can earn money (lots of it) by livestreaming while videogaming... is there any more information about this? I think I heard it somewhere on your forums but I forget where now.


This was the case with the Base Game but has been changed in a patch. Originally sims could make insane amounts of cash when live streaming a game but now instead Sims gain a large number of followers.

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