The Sims 4 Seasons

Having Father Winter's Baby - Woohoo with Santa

The Sims 4 Seasons: Seducing Father Winter with Try for Baby to get a special reward
Seasons includes a reward for those who Try for Baby with Father Winter.

The Sims 4 Seasons features a Santa-like character known as Father Winter. When he visits for Winterfest, it's possible to seduce him and Try for Baby. It may take multiple years to succeed at Try for Baby if your Sim isn't very outgoing, but with preparation it's possible to do it in one night. There is a possibility of meeting Father Winter around town however this is the reliable way to make sure you're impregnated by the correct Sim. I've heard tell of a fake Father Winter - kind of dark if you consider the idea the impostor is out to capitalize on Sims trying to have a magical baby.

Video Guide

I've made a video guide for this including the traits I selected for my Sim, the way I approached this with only 3 days of prep time, and what happens after you've had the baby. View it below, go to the Try for Baby with Father Winter Watch Page or on My Sims 4 Guide Channel:

Preparing for Romance

The Sims 4 Seasons: Flirty paintings and sculptures can help to get Father Winter in the right mood
Get Father Winter in the (right) mood by using Flirty paintings or sculptures from handiness. Other options are available, but I focused on the base game.

Flirty Aura
Romantic socials work best when Sims are flirty, and more-so when they have mid to high Charisma skill. You can get by with one or the other but inducing a flirty mood greatly enhances your success rates. I went with Painting. Painters are able to get flirty ,then use the 'Paint Flirty Painting' option when they click the easel while in this mood. Once done, you will get a painting that has an extra option when you click it 'enable emotional aura'. Add these to the room with your Christmas Tree until it causes any Sim to get a moodlet providing at least +1 Flirty.

Beautifully Decorated
In addition to flirty, happy is desirable as it boosts Flirty and with enough happy moodlets you will get to 'Very Flirty' for both your Sim and Father Christmas. Purchase a few items that say at least Environment 4 or 5 when you view them in buy mode's decorations category. Make sure that when in that room your Sim gets the boost.

The Sims 4 Seasons: You must have a Fireplace for Father Winter to arrive
The game states that a fireplace is required for Father Winter to visit.

Fireplace: Getting Father Winter to Visit
First of all, you Require a Fireplace to get Father Winter to come. I suppose it's necessary anyway, the game says so but I didn't test it without. Regardless, it'll set you back about $800.

Celebrating Winterfest
This may also be required. Father Winter only visits households that are actively celebrating the holiday. Use Buy Mode > Decorations > Miscellaneous the day before Winterfest in order to buy a tree, present pile, and the decorations box that allows you to decorate your house. Make sure your house has the decorations applied via the box once you leave buy mode.

Sims must cook a grand meal, serve it, use festive socials and open presents to satisfy the holiday's requirements. It's really, really easy. Use the checklist at the top left of your screen to be certain that you are knocking them out. They also show tips for how to complete the requirements.

Try for Baby

The Sims 4 Seasons: Try for Baby with Father Winter
Try for Baby options only come up after romance has been developed. Strategically build up to it if you want to do this with Father Winter

Father Winter Comes!
When Father Winter arrives for Winterfest, you can begin with a brighten day social to make him happy. Move the conversation to your flirty room and begin with easy flirty socials (exchange numbers, flirt, etc.) and as the romantic relationship bar begins to fill switch to stronger ones like first kiss and massage, embrace. These all build the mood up to Steamy/Amorous Exchange which once over 2/3 full will allow you to select Try for Baby. It is a 100% chance of pregnancy if you can get Father Winter to agree to it. If you fail, you should have him as a contact so that you can try after the holiday, so don't give up!

The Sims 4 Seasons: getting pregnant with father winter's baby
Pregnant after Woohoo with Father Winter

Father Winter's Baby Reward Trait
The child of Father Winter gets a special reward trait, as named above. This reward trait boosts satisfaction gain by 50% for Whims, but not Aspiration milestones. This is still very good especially if you use it strategically. Even more insane when combined with a couple of childhood aspiration reward traits and the Scouting special trait that occurs if you make it to rank 5. This is definitely the most a child has been boosted in The Sims 4, and it carries over into adulthood. Note that you should focus on the childhood aspirations over scouting - scouting can be completed as a teen, but you no longer have access to the childhood aspirations at that point.

The Sims 4 Seasons: Father Winter's Baby Trait

Ask to Move In
You can also ask Father Winter to move into your household. I was really surprised about this one. He has $500,000 in the bank and comes with level 10 Handiness, Baking, and Parenting among other skills. He's the perfect stay-at-home parent!

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You don't necessarily have to wait for Father Winter it show up on Winterfest. I found him wandering around near the park in Brindleton Bay about 2 weeks prior. By the way, "Father Winter" is merely his Career title. His real name is Clement Frost (at least in my game. It may vary from save to save since he can be added to households and become unemployed in the process.)
15th August 2018 3:28am
By the way, if the Father Winter's Baby Trait, boosts Whim Satisfaction, that really has nothing to do with the Scouting Aptitude Trait or the Childhood Aspiration Traits since those boost Skill gain. That whole paragraph about the Trait boosts is pointless and a bit misleading.
15th August 2018 3:34am
Carl was inferring that by stacking these rewards together gaining sims satisfactions points becomes very easy, which will enable you to purchase reward traits more quickly.
15th August 2018 10:55pm
Just me
Thanks a lot for another great guide (and gameplay inspiration)! Do someone know if I need the parenthood DLC or will I get the trait even without it? Thanks in advance.
17th August 2018 6:53am
All you will need to access the game play features with Father Winter is the Sims 4 base game and the expansion DLC 'Seasons'.
17th August 2018 9:13pm
Just me
Great! Thank you!
18th August 2018 5:00am
Ok near as I can tell my first attempt to comment got lost in the void. Anyway, if you haven't got a fireplace-- my latest game, the house was too small and there was no place to put one-- Father Winter will just walk in the front door. I have had my female sims seduce him and have fun, though actually trying to have his baby never occurred to me. After Winterfest is over, he has called them and asked for a date. I haven't tried inviting him over, or asking him for a date though.
20th August 2018 2:43pm
You do NOT need to be actively celebrating Winterfest, nor do you need the fireplace. Father Winter shows up no matter what.
4th September 2018 11:58pm
There seems to be a little confusion about this as the Father Winter that roams the world is often not the same sim that appears during Winter fest to distribute presents etc. I'm not sure if the roaming-around-the-world Father Winter actually gives the 'special' trait to any of his offspring.
If you have cancelled Winterfest for your actively played household then you should not be getting visits from Father Winter so I'm not sure why that seems to have happened in your game.
5th September 2018 5:13am
My current game has been going for a while, long enough that my couple that started as room mates have a teenager together. This most recent Winterfest, Father Winter had a new name, and the family didn't know him. I checked my relationships tab, and Clement Frost is alive and well... and married to Malcolm Landgraab! Didn't see that one coming...
28th September 2018 12:54am
Another Winterfest, another new Father Winter, although "last year's" Father Winter is alive and does not seem to have married anyone. I guess if Clement Frost stops being Father Winter, the game picks a random male elder each time Winterfest comes around.
7th November 2018 2:26pm
Jesse Roberge
Father Winter came to my house without a fireplace, around 1AM. Because Father winter comes into your home un-invited, If your door is locked, he becomes trapped inside. Then you have all the time in the world to BFF and/or romance Santa Claus (Father Winter, Clement Frost).

You can trap other sims if they come inside un-invited via unlocked door and then lock the door while they are inside the house, I've done this by accident with an old fart sim.
14th October 2018 10:07am
Speaking of trapped sims, I've had a couple different homes downloaded from the gallery that have buggy doors. Visitors walk in, turn around, and knock on the inside of the door. The Welcome Wagon got stuck for a day and a half, and finally followed one of my sims out the door as they went to work.
7th November 2018 2:31pm
This made me laugh so hard I needed my inhaler. The mental image is too perfect.
2nd February 2019 12:12am
.. Tried it.. and neither twins had the trait despite them dating without ever marrying or the sim moving in.. So.. Here's the cheat to get it;
traits.equip_trait FatherWinterBaby
29th October 2018 12:48pm
if you have wicked whims and mc command center then you can do this very easily
go to the mail box and summon the sim "Clement Frost" (aka santa) and make sure your sims pregnancy percentage is 100% or at least high enough and do the deed with santa and your sim will be pregnant
I just did it with my sim and it worked
17th November 2018 3:56pm
After Get Famous update, my sims with father winter baby's trait are automatically gone. why this is happen?
21st November 2018 1:22am
Not may want to test without mods and cc and if it is still happening make an EA Bug Report on the issue. The most recent patch UPDATE: 11/20/2018 - PC/Mac: / should have fixed all the Father Winter baby issues.
21st November 2018 6:46pm
My sim is married and has a ugly son by father winter. Father winter cheeks are huge and puffy and passed to the kid.
Anyway my question is can father winter naturally die of old age? He's 93 in my game and still going strong.
If I divorce him will he return as the true father winter?
3rd January 2019 6:50am
No, once you have had Father Winter in a played household he looses the special traits that make him the NPC. As soon as you play Father Winter actively the game spawns in another NPC Father Winter to take his place.
4th January 2019 7:12pm
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