The Sims 4 Violin

Skill Unlocks, Playing for Tips, and Licensed Songs

Playing Violin in The Sims 4
Playing a Violin in The Sims 4 can lead to decent Money and Romance

Violin is one of three musical instruments included in The Sims 4's Base Game, along with Guitar and Piano. All three are fairly similar. This Guide to Violin will teach you all about the abilities you unlock as you level the Skill and recommend some ideas to help you make more money by playing.

How to: Violin Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_violin x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Leveling the Skill and Ideal Mood
The Ideal Mood for Violin is Inspired. You can get Inspired by taking a Thoughtful Shower, Admiring Art (if an Art Lover), and randomly from the Creative Trait. I suggest you do take the Creative and Art Lover Traits so that you can easily get in the mood. At level 3, you will get the ability to Bow for Inspiration on the Violin, allowing you to gain some Skill Experience and get Inspired on demand.

To level efficiently, start with Practicing and later drag the Violin to your Sim's inventory to take it to the park or some other public venue once you are able to Play Concertos. At level 4, you will only get $8 Tips, but it beats gaining nothing while you wait on more impressive abilities from the Skill.

Songs unlock as you level the Violin Skill
Many Songs unlock as you level the Skill

Skill Level Unlocks
Here are the abilities you unlock as you level Violin. Players who enjoy string music will like listening to the songs Sims can play. There are four songs per genre.

  • Level 1 - Practice Violin
  • Level 2 - Research Violin on the Computer, Discuss Violinists with other Sims, and Appreciate Classical Music on Stereo
  • Level 3 - Bow for Inspiration Interaction on Violin. Can also Play Traditional Songs
  • Level 4 - Play Concerto, Play songs from Rock Genre.
  • Level 5 - Play Songs from the Country Genre
  • Level 6 - Play Songs from the Romantic Genre, Serenade other Sims (Romantic)
  • Level 7 - Can Play Songs from the Eastern Music Genre, Promise to Dedicate Songs to Sims (A Romantic Social Interaction), and Bring Sims to Tears with the Violin.
  • Level 8 - Can Write, Scrap, and Name Songs. May also Play Songs from the Swing Genre.
  • Level 9 - Can Play Classical Songs, License Songs at Mailbox
  • Level 10 - Can Play Songs from the Avant Garde Genre, and also Mentor Sims in Violin to help them learn the Skill quickly.
Playing for Tips with the Violin
Playing for Tips can earn Sims decent amounts of money at public venues

Playing for Tips
Whether your Sim is playing a particular song, or bringing a target Sim to tears with the Violin, when Sims hear you playing, there is a chance for a Tip. Tips are earned at $2 x Level - so at level 10, you'll get $20 Tips from Sims. These can add up when you have loads of Sims around, throwing them at you.

The best option for earning money is Play Concerto. This one gives the appropriate Tip amount, while if you're writing a song the Tips are only $2. The Concerto goes on as long as you allow it to (or your Sim is able to) so it's also the most hands-off way to make money with the skill. When your Sim stops playing a song, they're likely to have a crowd walk off before you can play another.

As suggested by Metro in the Guitar Skill Guide, it's a good idea to invite neighborhood Sims with you when you travel to a public venue with the intention of making some money. They are likely to hear your Sim and throw tips in, too, so you can widen your audience this way.

Bring a Sim to Tears
At level 7, you are able to Bring a Sim to Tears. They will get 'Gloomy Melody', a +2 Sad Moodlet for several hours after hearing your Sim play. This is a means of influencing Emotions, but not a great one. Maybe your Sim should console the other after the performance to help them build a relationship.

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Seranade with Violin
Seranading a Romantic Interest. Good thing Bob Pancakes isn't around!

Romance and the Violin
The Violin is one romantic instrument, and your Sim can win the heart of a Romantic Interest in two ways with the Skill. One is the ability to promise to dedicate a song, which is not always available for some reason - perhaps because my target for testing was the Married Eliza Pancakes. Second, once they are at the point of Romantic Interest, you can Seranade a Sim. This gives a big boost to romantic relations while also giving some Skill experience.

Mentoring for Musical Genius Aspiration
Mentoring Sims to complete the Musical Genius aspiration requires there to be Sims in your household. This means you can't finish unless there's someone else, as you're unable to put a violin in the hands of a townie and get them to play. This is a little off, and hopefully Maxis will tweak how this is done so that it is more friendly to single Sims. Otherwise, find a friend or significant other and invite them to move in. You can also Cheat to complete the aspiration with the aspirations.complete_current_milestone cheat if you do not wish to be forced to do this.

Writing and Licensing Songs via Violin in Sims 4
Writing and Licensing Songs earns daily Royalties

Writing Songs & Licensing Them for Cash
Licensed Songs can earn anywhere from $150 to $500 a day. To do this, Write a Song at level 8 in Violin. Once this long process is done, your Sim can click the Mailbox to License it. You'll get some cash immediately, with future payouts on each day at 10AM. Only one song from each instrument can be licensed at a time. Your best beat making money with music is to pursue the Entertainer Career and go with the Musician Branch. You'll learn Guitar, Piano and Violin and license songs from each. When the license runs out, simply put out another song for use by a radio station or some other entity. It's hard to finish licensing a song in one stretch since it takes 12 hours. To resume click the sheet music in your Sim's inventory.

There are five types of Songs that Sims can learn to write:

  • A Folksy Tune (Level 8)
  • A Jaunty Strain (Level 9)
  • A Sentimental Piece (Level 9
  • An Old World Piece (Level 10)
  • A Haunting Melody (Level 10)

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Comments (8)

My Sim is on Violin level 5. Thanks for this info
Jawped Joipedsays...
Do you have to reach level 8 in PIANO* to write PIANO* songs?
*Alternate: GUITAR, VIOLIN. Unsure Unsure
Is there a way to add your own songs ?
Not to the skill no. You can add your own songs to the radio station though.
Can kids learn violin?
Yes they can. They need the child's violin and then turn down your volume. Grin
Yes, if you're at the point that the child has reached level 10 creativity,and I believe completed the creative aspiration, as that is the only point that the child will gain points in adult creative skills. Aside from having to use a child violin, if a child plays the piano or draws without those prerequisites, they will only gain creative skill points.
Sad Every time I start to write a song it doesn't save when I finish and I have to start all over
And do you click ''write a song'' on the violin or do you do it from inventory?
Start a new song, and then get your sim to stop. There now should be a piece of sheet music in your sims inventory, click on that to continue writing that song.
(To start writing a new song click on the violin.)
It is always best to stop writing any new song after just beginning it to make sure the music appears in the inventory. If no new sheet music appears in the inventory then you know you have a problem/glitch.
How long do the songs royalties last?
I believe it is two sims weeks.
thank you it was helpful
Drew Webbsays...

My single sim would hire a violinist, and then mentor them in the violin. It’s quite easy.

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