The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff

Stuff Pack Features, Objects, and Clothing

By Mr. and Mrs. Flynn Arrowstarr

The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff pack is the sixth stuff pack released for The Sims 4.

Lost Garden of Healing

Lost Garden of Healing
In the Library, you will find a brand new community lot from Maxis called The Lost Garden of Healing. The garden showcases many of the new objects in Romantic Garden Stuff, including the Whispering Wishing Well and the Fountain of Gluteus Maximus.

Whispering Wishing Well

Whispering Wishing Well feature included in The Sims 4 Romantic Garden

The Whispering Wishing Well is a powerful object, capable of radically changing your Sims' lives for good or ill. The results are random but can be somewhat influenced by the well's mood:

Wishing Well Moods

Clicking on the well brings up the following menu:

  • Make a wish (all wishes cost $1 Simoleon)
  • Make an offering

If you have the Testing Cheats turned on, there are two more options when Shift-clicking on the well:

  • Force Outcomes
  • Turn Off/On Wish Cooldown

When presenting an offer to the well, your Sim can offer $100, $1,000 or $5,000 Simoleons. Making a larger offering can influence the well's mood to be more positive. When the well is Happy, the odds of a positive outcome are increased, but there is still no guarantee.

Clicking on Make a wish brings up the possible wishes your Sim can make. Some wishes are only available to certain age groups. See the table below the wish menu for more information.

  • Wish for Happiness
  • Wish for Romance
  • Wish for Simoleons
  • Wish for Skills
  • Wish for Youthful Vigor
  • Wish for Child
  • Wish for Better Grades
  • Wish for Promotion in X Career (where X is the Career your Sim is currently employed in)
  • Wish for Life

A Sim cannot make another wish for approximately 8 hours.

Once a wish is made, the well's eyes glow and the wish is fulfilled. The color of the glow signals the type of result the Sim receives. The table below contains a list of all the possible outcomes for each type of wish.

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Positive/Neutral Wish Results

Happiness (All) Always Sunny (Happy +2) for 4 hours. Additionally, all Happy moodlets last 24 hours longer. Forever Happy (Happy +1) for 24 hours. I AM HAPPY (Happy +1) for 24 hours. Afterward, the Sim experiences a Happiness Doesn't Last Forever (Sad +3) for 4 hours.
Romance (Teens, Adults) Your Sim will enter into a new happy relationship with a randomly generated Sim. Mystical Romance Tips (Flirty +3) for 4 hours. The Romance > Pick Up Line interaction is guaranteed to work on the next targeted Sim. Ultimate Flirt (Flirt +2) for 4 hours. Romantic interactions are more likely to succeed.
Simoleons (Teens, Adults) Won the Lottery (Happy +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim is showered with Simoleons, resulting in over $10,000 Simoleons added to your family's household worth. Fortunes Abound (Happy +1 for 4 hours. Your Sim receives a bunch of Simoleons, resulting in over $5,000 Simoleons added to your family's household worth. Learned Darkest Secrets (Inspired +2) for 4 hours. Additionally, your Sim can Blackmail a Sim for money (Mean ? Blackmail). Blackmailed Sims will become enemies with your Sim.
Skills (All) Universal Knowledge (Confident +3) for 4 hours. Your Sim is granted Level 10 in a randomly selected skill. Skill Learned (Confident +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim is granted between 1 and 4 levels in a randomly selected skill. The skill is chosen from the skills your Sim has not learned yet. Expedient Learning (Confident +1) for 4 hours. No skill granted, but your Sim will have quick learning for the duration of the moodlet.
Youthful Vigor (All) A Few Years Younger (Energized +2) for 4 hours. Resets your Sim back to the beginning of their current life stage. Extended Life (Energized +1) for 4 hours. Rolls back your current life stage a few days, extending your time before aging up. Feeling Young (Energized +1) for 4 hours. Put some extra pep in your step! Once over, the Sim experiences an Overtaxed Myself (Dazed +3) moodlet for 4 hours.
Child (Adults) Must have room in the household for a new Sim. Joys Of Children (Happy +2) for 4 hours. Happy day! A randomly generated Genius child Sim is added to your Sim's household. Adoption Pre-Approved (Happy +1) for 24 hours. Your Sim can adopt a child without paying any fees. Try For Baby (Flirty +1) for 4 hours. In the mood for romance? A Try for Baby interaction is almost guaranteed to result in a pregnancy.
Better Grades (Child, Teen) Your Sim immediately goes up one grade level (e.g. C > B). Your Sim's progress meter for raising a grade level is completely filled. Not What I Wished For (Angry +1) for 4 hours. Your Sim's progress in school is slowed, resulting in less progress gained from doing homework and other daily tasks.
Promotion (Teen, Adult) Triggers an instant promotion in your Sim's career. Fills your Sim's progress meter for getting a promotion is completely filled. Your Sim will receive a promotion on the next work day - depending on performance of daily tasks and meeting skill requirements. Not What I Wished For (Angry +1) for 4 hours. Your Sim receives a bonus check, but no career progress or promotion.
Life (Ghost) Miracle Revival (Happy +3) for 4 hours. Your Sim returns to the land of the living. Prevents life state altering events (e.g. becoming a ghost or aging up) from affecting the Sim for the duration of the moodlet. Ingredients Of Life (Inspired +1) for 4 hours. Your Sim doesn't get their wish, but does receive one of the ingredients needed to make Ambrosia. The Sim can also randomly receive a serving of Ambrosia with a corresponding Chance At Life moodlet (Happy +2) for 4 hours. Wish Not Granted (Sad +1) for 4 hours. "Your Sim isn't making it back to life just yet. Thanks for the Simoleon!" - Whispering Wishing Well

Bad Moods: Negative Wish Consequences

WishWell mood: NegativeWell mood: overwhelmingly negativeWell mood: Death
Happiness (All) Where Is My Happiness? (Angry +2) for 4 hours. The well is a fickle thing and plays favorites. Your Sim isn't one of the favorites at the moment. Leaking Happiness (Sad +3) for 4 hours. When your Sim is around other Sims they will be Sad, but the other Sims will be Happy at their misery. Can't Stop Laughing (Playful +99) for 4 hours. Laughter may be the best medicine, but beware an overdose! Your Sim will be in a manic playful state.
Romance (Teen, Adult) Helpless in Romance (Sad +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim is unsuccessful in most Romance interactions. Your Sim is entered into an Enemies with Benefits relationship with a randomly generated Sim. Your Sim is entered into a Soulmate Boyfriend/Girlfriend relationship with a randomly generated Ghost Sim.
Simoleons (Teen, Adult) Sadim Touch (Sad +1) for 4 hours. Your Sim loses under $500 Simoleons to the Well. Microtransactions! (Tense +3) for 4 hours. Your Sim spending habits in online games results in a loss of around $2,500 Simoleons. My Simoleons Burned Up! (Tense +99) for 4 hours. Your Sim's wealth catches fire, resulting in a loss of around $5,000 Simoleons.
Skills (All) Fogged Mind (Sad +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim will suffer from slow learning for the duration of the moodlet. Mind Numbed (Dazed +3) for 4 hours. Your Sim cannot make any progress learning skills for the duration of the moodlet. Lack of Talent (Embarrassed +99) for 4 hours. The well exposes one of your Sim's darkest fears, resulting in instant Mortification.
Youthful Vigor (All) Overflowing Vigor (Energized +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim should have the energy to finally run that Triathlon! Once over, the Sim experiences an Overtaxed Myself (Dazed +3) moodlet for 4 hours. Loss of Youth (Sad +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim ages to the next life stage (e.g. Young Adult ? Adult). If you're Sim is an Elder, nothing happens. Perpetual Youth (Sad +3) for 4 hours. Your Sim is turned into a Ghost. Not quite what you had in mind, is it?
Child (Adult) Must have room in the household for a new Sim. Temporary Infertility (Embarrassed +2) for 4 hours. During the moodlet, your Sim's attempts to Try for Baby is guaranteed to not work. "Joys" of Children (Angry +2) for 4 hours. Something happened and now an evil child has been added to your Sim family. Raising A Ghost (Sad +1) for 4 hours. Through a strange twist, the well delivers on the wish - a randomly generated Ghost child.
Grades (Child, Teen) I Wished For Better Grades! (Tense +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim's progress meter for going up a grade is completely emptied. Grades Dropped (Embarrassed +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim drops a full letter grade (e.g. B > C). No effect.
Promotion (Teen, Adult) Must have a job I Wished For The Promotion! (Tense +2) for 4 hours. The Sim's progress meter for a promotion is completely emptied. Your Sim is demoted a full level in their career. May also result in your Sim being fired from work (with appropriate moodlets for either outcome). Worked So Hard (Angry +99) for 4 hours. Your Sim is demoted a full level in their career, and may die from anger as a result of this moodlet.
Life (Ghost) Just A Ghost (Sad +2) for 4 hours. Your Sim almost makes it back to the mortal realm, but just can't quite cross back over. Accepted Fate (Happy +1) for 4 hours. Your Sim may not have returned to the land of the living, but at least they are at peace with it. No effect. Your Sim is still a Ghost.

Fountain of Gluteus Maximus

The Fountain of Gluteus Maximus is a rather large fountain dominating the center of the Lost Garden of Healing. Clicking on the fountain displays the following menu:

  • Add Soap (boosts Mischief skill)
  • Toss Coin ($1)
  • View
  • View Together
  • Sit
  • Sit Together
  • Turn Off
  • Turn On
  • Nap
  • Play In
  • Play In Together
  • Play With
  • Set Color and Intensity

Sims with the Kleptomaniac trait get an additional option to "Swipe Simoleons." Successful attempts will result in the addition of Simoleons to the Household Funds and an "Exhilarating Steal" (Energized +1) moodlet for 2 hours.

A new club activity is also included if you have the Get Together expansion installed. This activity is called "Play in Park Fountains" and can be selected when you create a club.

Baroque Music Channel

A new channel has been added to The Sims 4's radios and wall speakers called Baroque. The channel features a variety of music to put your Sims in the mood for romance.

Build Mode Objects

Objects included in The Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff
The pack contains a number of plants to decorate your home or your romantic garden spot.
Furniture in Romantic Garden for Sims 4
Some beautiful stone furniture and statues are included as well.
The Whispering Wishing Well and Fountain of Gluteus Maximus, along with a few other decorative items.

Clothing and Hair

Male clothing in Sims 4 Romantic Garden
Guys get a couple of fun outfits and a new hairstyle.
Female Clothing in Sims 4 Romantic Garden
The ladies get some more outfits. Children share a hairstyle and a shirt.

New Styled Rooms

There are five total styled rooms in the pack. The rooms are all outdoor garden locations and showcase all of the various items in the pack.

Styled Rooms in The Sims 4 RG Stuff Pack
The Fanciful Court once again showcases the Fountain of Gluteus Maximus along with some lovely columns and arches.
The Terrace of Promises is custom made for snuggling to the tinkling sound of the fountain and fragrant blooms.
For a more intimate hideaway, the Lush Wonderland is a perfect spot to enjoy the scenery and the company of your love.
For family outings, the Linage Parkland offers seating and monkey bars for the kids.
The Whispering Wishing Well presides over the Bottomless Desires. Do you dare tempt fate to make a wish?

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