The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff

Stuff Pack Features, Objects, and Clothing

By Mr. and Mrs. Flynn Arrowstarr

The outdoor television offered with the Stuff Pack. Click all pictures to get a more detailed view

The Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff is the fifth Stuff Pack for The Sims 4. Gather your Sims around the big screen TV, pop some popcorn and sit back to enjoy one of the ten new movies on offer. In addition to the new TVs and the Sugar Kane Popcorn Popper, the pack includes a number of new furniture and decorations and even a few new clothing items and hairstyles for your Sims to enjoy.

Projectotron Movie Screens

The main focus of the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack is the two Projectotron TV sets. There is an indoor wall-mounted TV and an outdoor freestanding TV set. Both take up six squares and each cost $2500. A couple of new interactions are added as well.

New Interactions

  • Watch Movie. - Select the movie you want your Sim to watch.
  • Watch Movie - Your Sim will pick a random movie to watch.
  • Watch Movie With. - Watch a movie with another Sim or group of Sims.

These options are also added to the normal TVs and are not exclusive to the Projectotron Movie Screens. Watching a complete movie will generate an Interesting Flick moodlet (Happiness +1) for 4 hours.

List of movies:
Collage Cram
Diamonds Are For Sims
Lost Dog's Journey Home
Moonlight Massacre III
Roaring Vice
Sims of the Dead
SuperKids: Cortex Catastrophie
Adventures of Spaceship Simulation
The Khlumzee Sisters

Sugar Kane Popcorn Popper

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The other main premium object included in the stuff pack is the Sugar Kane Popcorn Popper. Your Sims can pop up a small variety of the treat using the following interactions:
  • Cook Buttered Popcorn ($10)
  • Cook Kettle Corn ($15)
  • Cook Cheddar Popcorn ($20) - requires Cooking Level 7
  • Cook Caramel Corn ($25) - requires Cooking Level 7

Each serving gives a Pretty Tasty moodlet (Happiness +1) for 4 hours.

Build Mode Objects

Most of the new wall decorations. The collage in the middle comes in two pieces - an upper and lower set.
The new furniture. There's a decided tropical theme to the new objects.
The new tree in the set come decorated for a party!
Most of the new objects in the pack have a story about how it was found during a reality TV show.

Clothing and Hair

Guys get slightly more tops than the ladies, but fewer hairstyles.
The options for the ladies.
New Styled Rooms
A nice covered outdoor patio turned into a home movie theater.
A tropical themed dinette.
A similarly themed sitting room.

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