The Sims 4 Seasons Weather

Precipitation, Storms, Hot, and Cold Weather Effects on Sims

A Sim is outside during a thunderstorm. Be careful, as Sims 4 seasons weather can kill your Sim.
Click to enlarge. A Sim is outside during a thunderstorm at Granite Falls in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack.

In the Sims 4 Seasons, the weather greatly impacts your Sims' moods both in and outside the home. Blizzards, major thunderstorms, and even thundersnow can happen in-game. Each world has its own weather. During the worst parts of the winter or summer, climate control is needed. Being too hot or soaking wet can kill a Sim's mood and punish their skill gains, make friendly interactions fail more often and generally keep them down. Things can get worse, too. High temperatures with cold weather clothes on (like a sweater) can outright kill a Sim. Let's look at some of the ways to deal with the Expansion's new natural dangers.

Weather Forecasts

The Sims 4 Seasons calendar shows you a weather forecast
The calendar is useful for planning around the weather in Seasons. It shows you a forecast seven days out.

Look to the bottom of your screen near the time controls to see the weather forecast for the present day. Near the phone, you can click the calendar to see the forecast 7 days out. I don't know yet how accurate it is, but I'm sure it's reliable more often than not. You may want to take these into consideration when planning outdoor events, or should you have a day off coming up and want to send your Sim fishing.

Weather By World List

The Sims 4 Seasons - Lightning strike in the forest
Lightning lights up Granite Falls forest.

In this section, I'm going to make some generalizations about weather in each world in The Sims 4 that give you an idea what to expect if you move into that neighborhood. Naturally, deviations can occur but we can look at which worlds are most likely to get snow, rain, heat waves, and thunderstorms for example. All worlds can be sunny or cloudy, partly cloudy, etc. but certain weather conditions are given extra weight. Thunderstorms happen late spring to early fall (more likely), while blizzards occur late fall to late winter/early spring. All readings are taken from the middle of the season. You can expect a transition from Summer to Fall in late Summer. Less scorchers, more hot/warm weather for example. The weights shift as you get further into the season. Here is the list of seasonal weather, broken down by time of year for all worlds that were released before pre-Seasons - I may or may not update this one.

Willow CreekCool or Warm, Cloudy or Sunny, RainyHeat Wave, Hot, Storms, SunnyCool or Warm, Sunny, Rain, CloudyCold, Freezing, Snow, Blizzard
Oasis SpringsHot or Warm, SunnyHeat Wave, SunnyHot or Warm, SunnyCool, Warm, Cloudy, Sunny
NewcrestCool, RainyHot, Warm, Heat Wave, StormsCool, Warm, Sunny, RainCold, Freezing, Snow, Blizzard
Brindleton Bay (Cats and Dogs)Cool, Sunny, Rain, CloudyWarm, Heat Wave, RainCool or Cold, Cloudy, RainCold, Freezing, Blizzard, Sunny
Forgotten Hollow (Vampires)Cool, Cloudy, RainyHeat Wave, Hot, Stormy, CloudyCool. Rain, CloudyCold, Freezing, Snow
San Myshuno (City Living)Cool or Warm, Rain, SunnyHot or Heat Wave, Sunny, Rain, StormsCool or Cold, Cloudy, RainFreezing, Cold, Blizzard, Cloudy
Windenburg (Get Together)Cool, Cloudy, SunnyHeat Wave, Hot, Warm, StormsCool, Rain, SunnyFreezing, Cold, Blizzard, Snow
Granite Falls (Vacation, Outdoor Retreat)Cool or Warm, Rain, SunnyHot or Heat WaveWarm or Cool, Snow, Rain, CloudySnow and Freezing, Cold, Cloudy
Selvadorada (Vacation, Jungle Adventure)Warm or Hot, RainHeat Wave, Hot, Warm, SunnySunny, Hot or Warm, RainWarm, Rainy

Climate Control, Heat and Cold

The Sims 4 Seasons thermostat lets you control heat and cold in the home
The thermostat and umbrella, both of which are useful when the weather is extreme.

Sim homes need climate control. Head to buy mode and go to the kitchen tab, then click the smoke detector to go to the alarms section. You can find a small thermostat to place on the wall there. When it's hot outside, set it to cool. When it's cold, set it to warm. Simple enough ,just like you do in reality. Know that Sims can do the opposite, and make the house hotter. This will absolutely kill someone if it's hot enough outside to cross the boundary from uncomfortable to extreme risk of death by heat stroke or hypothermia. You can tell which setting the thermostat is set to by the color of the ring. Know that this increases the bills of your household by at least 10%, so turn it back to normal when your Sims can tolerate the temperature.

The outdoor temperature goes from simple warm to hot and heatwave. Cold weather is cool, cold, and freezing. While it's uncomfortable to not be in proper clothing while experiencing cold or hot temperatures, it is potentially deadly to experience it with freezing or heatwave. Your Sims can be uncomfortable wearing warm clothing (sweaters/jackets) with it freezing but it's not as likely to kill them. In my testing, wearing default clothing that is not flagged as protective against heat/cold is as bad as wearing something specifically designed for the opposite type of weather. You must wear the appropriate outfit to avoid lethal heat or freezing..

Sims who are overheating or freezing and on the verge of death should let you know very well, and you should also get notifications. Sims begin to turn blue or sweat profusely. They also get a +99 uncomfortable moodlet if the experience is going to be lethal. It seems like you have a couple of hours from there, at most, so seek shelter straight away. Even in a home without a thermostat, it's better than being exposed. You need the thermostat to prevent Sims from being uncomfortable in their own homes.

Rain and Thunderstorms

The Sims 4 Seasons umbrella
Using an umbrella is a no-brainer. Finding them is a little annoying. They're in misc appliances. I suggest you simply search for umbrella in the text box.

The first thing you should know about dealing with rain is that you can purchase an umbrella rack. Where is it? In the misc appliances section of buy mode. Why? I have no idea. You can also search 'Umbrella' to find the stand. Once you have one, your Sim will use it automatically when they go outside. I think that once it's equipped, you'll have it on you forever so long as you don't click the stand and pick 'put away umbrella'. You can close an umbrella by clicking your Sim, though they may sometimes (hopefully) do it on their own.

Thunderstorms can be deadly as well as stressful. Using an umbrella will not protect you, but so far doesn't seem to make you a larger target. The umbrella is also likely to break in a heavy thunderstorm. Being indoors is the only real protection, so I'd advise you to do so unless you like your Sims being extremely stressed and want to roll the dice on if the lightning should kill them.

Blizzards and Snow

Snow can be fun, and isn't a big deal so long as Sims are in warm clothing and it's not freezing. Blizzard conditions however, are like strong thunderstorms. There's nothing you can do to protect your Sim from being extremely uncomfortable. Temperature may be separate from blizzard conditions but it appears blizzards are always freezing.

Weather Machine

Seasons features a weather machine that allows Sims to control the weather and change the season. Click to learn more.

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How do I protect my outdoor electronics from breaking up when it's raining?
23rd June 2018 7:18pm
Build a roof over them.
23rd June 2018 9:11pm
Is there a cheat so I can decorate my apartment with Christmas decorations?
23rd June 2018 9:54pm
You can use the decorations box and put up whatever you want to but they should also be available in b/b mode.
23rd June 2018 10:04pm
My skill cheats and friend cheats dosent work? how do i make them work?
I use the " testingcheats true or on" it dosent work
24th June 2018 10:43am
Patch: UPDATE: 06/19/2018 - PC / Mac has broken all skill cheats. It is a known and reported bug. All we can do is wait for QA to patch a fix. relationship cheats still work but you have to be using the correct cheat: Relationship cheats at bottom of this Guide (click)
24th June 2018 6:47pm
I'm pretty sure it broke all of the buff cheats too. I can't reset sims' moods anymore either. Hopefully they fix it soon.
25th June 2018 2:59pm
Yes, many cheats were rendered useless.
25th June 2018 5:14pm
J Young
Are vampires supposed to be immune to weather, or is that a glitch? During freezing or hot days, human Sims will show up in season-appropriate clothes but vampires will show up in everyday wear.
25th June 2018 9:54am
I don't know but my vampires are doing the same thing. Also on Sunny days my vampires without the Sun Resistance Power are not getting burned, this is probably by design I imagine.
25th June 2018 5:12pm
J Young
I wish they’d make a clearer distinction between day and night I.e, a moon icon and “clear skies” instead of simply “sunny”
26th June 2018 8:44am
Just thought I'd mention that Newcrest can have thunderstorms in spring, not just rain.
25th June 2018 12:33pm
All worlds can experience all the weather types.
25th June 2018 5:13pm
Have you looked at the weather in Magnolia Promenade? Just wondering what it might be. Thanks, you do great stuff!
26th June 2018 3:40pm
You may want to update the table for Brindleton Bay. My farming family just had a summer of back to back storms.
26th June 2018 5:33pm
As Carl says in the guide these are generalizations about weather type in each world. Every world can experience every weather type with a few exceptions like Oasis Springs and the Jungle.
27th June 2018 11:28pm
A few exceptions … in Oasis Springs... meaning... it shouldn't rain there? It does. I tried to have my sim hang out with a friend there, thinking it'd be sunny and nice.. it was pouring and storming when he got there and his friend never did show up. This was during mid Autumn. Just a little heads up ;)
29th June 2018 12:15pm
Yes it can rain in Oasis Springs but snow will not settle, same as the jungle. Smile
30th June 2018 8:44pm
Yeah... in Brindleton Bay, it only stops raining when it starts snowing. You're going to need the weather device to make the place tolerable.
28th March 2019 1:19am
Do you know if pets also perish due to weather? My cat wants to play with us while we have a snowball fight but I don’t want him to die
12th July 2018 12:28am
Pets can only die of old age so when the get too cold etc they will run off inside.
12th July 2018 5:34pm
Oh ok thank god!
20th July 2018 11:11pm
Are vampires inmune to weather or they can die?
12th July 2018 3:24am
Vampires are immune to cold weather but they can still get wet, struck by lightning etc.
12th July 2018 5:31pm
What are the weathers for the office sites from Get to Work? Please post table if possible.
17th July 2018 7:18pm
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