The Sims 4 Mixology Skill

Drink List, Snaggle Fuster, Effects, and Bartending

Bartending via Mixology in The Sims 4
Bartending in the Sims 4

The Sims 4's Mixology Skill lets your Sim make a variety of Drinks. This Guide will highlight the Skill's unlocks and what some of the Drinks do for your Sim. Most of them do the same thing - give a Happy Moodlet. However, a couple of them are quite special and helpful - particularly Snaggle Fuster. Overall, leveling Mixology will help you to level other Skills thanks to its emotion-specific drinks.

How to: Mixology Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_bartending x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

One of the Rarest, Most Powerful Recipes: Snaggle Fluster & Mixology

A guide to getting and using Snaggle Fluster in The Sims 4. This mixology recipe is one of the rarest abilities in the game, because getting it is an extremely specific process and Mixology is not a super commonly-used ability.

The Sims 4 Video

Getting Started
You can purchase a Bar from Buy Mode > Sort by Room > Kitchen or read a Skill Book to begin learning to be a Bartender. You may also head to the Night Club in Willow Creek and use the Bar there. Tending Bar will give you experience very slowly compared to making Drinks on your own, and you won't earn much money doing so. Drinks can be sold from the inventory for a profit, substantial enough to earn a living. At level 6, you can stop making drinks repeatedly to level the Skill and instead focus on Practicing Bar Tricks. This will give you much faster Skill Experience.

Mixology as a Career and Moneymaker
Mixology drinks can be dragged to the Sim's inventory and sold for a profit at higher level. At first, they will sell for less than the cost to make them. You'll earn more as your level rises, and drink values can be influenced by the Marketable trait. So, the skill can stand alone as a money-maker. Thanks to SWolfie on our forum for making me aware of this.

In order to get the most out of this Skill, you may want to take on the Culinary Career and take the Mixologist branch. Additionally, you'll want to take the Master Mixologist Aspiration. Unfortunately the Career is one of the lowest paying in the game, however it gives the opportunity to make Snaggle Fuster (read more below) so it's worth trying to get.

Completing Master Mixologist will give you the ability to give Sims any of the positive Emotions for 4h at the cost of $1000 a pop. They can be great once your Sim is rich, but you'll need to search for other means of making money in your Household to get to that point. The Tricks are kind of entertaining to watch, as Sims learn and make mistakes only to eventually nail them, but it's a Skill that feels like a missed opportunity.

The Mixologist's Bottle Stack Trick
The Bottle Stack Trick - that deserves a Tip, but won't get you one

Mixology Skill Unlocks
Leveling up Mixology primarily unlocks new Drink Recipes, but does offer some special unlocks as your Sim progresses. The quality of drinks will rise, and along with levels, result in you earning more from drinks you make. Here are the various tricks, socials, and special abilities that becoming a better bartender will give to your Sim:

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Tricks are special animations and nothing more
Sims learn Tricks as they level Mixology and become better Bartenders

  • Level 2 - Behind the Back Trick, Talk About Drink Making
  • Level 4 - Juggle Trick, Drinks give stronger Moodlets (sometimes gives +2 Happy)
  • Level 5 - Mixing a Drink gives your Bartender the Talented Tender Moodlet (4h +1 Confident)
  • Level 6 - Can Practice Bar Tricks, allowing your Sim to get Inspired on demand
  • Level 7 - Bottle Stack Trick, Drinks give stronger Moodlets (seems a more reliable +2 Happy)
  • Level 8 - Can Share Mixology Secrets with other Sims
  • Level 9 - Bottle Fireball Trick
  • Level 10 - Can Freshen Drinks (resetting spoil timer) and gets the Mix Master Moodlet after making Drinks

Snaggle Fuster
Snaggle Fuster is a special drink that was brought to my attention by Playalot on our Forum. DarkWalker explained that this drink comes from an Opportunity that comes in the Mixology Career, possibly only at Level 9. When you get the opportunity Mythical Drink Guide, buy the guide and sometimes it will provide you the Recipe. Being confident may help it be more likely the recipe than a scam (random outcome). You should stay in that job until this opportunity comes up and with the right outcome if you want to be able to make this powerful drink. It gives a 3h moodlet that lets Sims learn Skills super fast - as in, many times faster than usual. It's well worth the wait, so avoid finishing the promotion requirements for level 10 Mixology Career if you want it. This Drink costs only $50 to make, and turns the skill into a truly potent ally for Sims gaining levels in other skills. You can make many and carry them around to drink when skilling.

Mixology Drinks List

Sims 4 Mixology Drink Recipes
Drinks look appealing, though they do little for Sims

Here's the full list of Drink Recipes available to Sims, along with the huge costs. Basically, once you're a level 10 Mixologist, if you want your Sim to get the Moodlet from drinking (which is typically +1/2 Happy) then you should simply make something like Juice on the Rocks. All in all, it's kind of realistic as far as drinking goes - the same effect, no matter the drink.

Sell Drinks by dragging them from the bar to the sell icon in your Sim's inventory. You can actually sell them after your Sim has finished drinking it, as well. Values listed are the highest possible on most, with level 10 bartending and the best bar to boost quality. Taking the Marketable Reward will further boost these values.

The Sims 4 Mixology Drink Recipes

LvlDrink NameCostSellDrink Effects & Special Notes
1Alien Juice$150$675Requires Astronaut Career Level 8 (Smuggler Branch). Gives a random positive moodlet, like Focused or Energized.
1Flaming Zesty Salt$18$75Requires Up All Night DLC. Gives Sims a 4h +1 Confident Moodlet
1Juice on the Rocks$10$36Regular Drink
1Space Energy Drink$100$675Requires Astronaut Career Level 8 (Space Ranger Branch). Makes Sims Energized
1Sweet and Spicy$10$36Regular Drink
1Prose and Pop$80$309Requires Sim to be Inspired. Makes Sims Inspired for 4h
1Cupid Juice$10$84Requires Sim to be Flirty. Makes Sims Flirty for 4h
1Amygdelight$100$489Can be made when a Sim is Focused. Gives a 4h +2 Focused Moodlet that also grants a boost to effective skill level in video gaming, rocket science, logic, and programming with faster skill gains in those as well!
2Boiler Room$10$84Requires Sim to be Angry.
2Buffalo Wing Tea$15$63Requires Up All Night DLC. Regular Drink
2Tang and Zing$15$63Regular Drink
2Wrench$15$63Regular Drink
3Ridgeport$18$75Regular Drink
3Zebra Fizz$18$75Requires Up All Night DLC. Regular Drink
4Dim and Gusty$20$57Regular Drink
4Sea of Fire$80$267Requires Up All Night DLC.
5Salty Llama$22$99Regular Drink
5Sim's Special$22$99Requires Sim to reach level 6 Cooking Career (Mixologist Branch). Regular Drink
6Sea Splash$25$123Regular Drink
7Love Potion #4$75$294Requires Sim to be Flirty. Makes Sims Flirty for 4h.
7Sour Punch$30$156Regular Drink
8Hot and Smoky$125$468Requires Up All Night DLC. Gives Sims a +2 Confident Moodlet for 4h when drunk.
8Silent Film$35$183Regular Drink
9Simsmapolitan$40$255Regular Drink
10Snaggle Fuster$50$363Makes Sims Snaggle Flustered, giving a massive boost to Skill gains for 3h.
10Granny Smash$50$363Regular Drink
10Shadow Realm$250$580This drink, which requires a Death Flower to make, does nothing special for normal Sims. However, when given to the Grim Reaper when a dead Sim has caused him to visit, Shadow Realm is reported to allow the deceased Sim to be brought back to life. Since the Death Flower could accomplish this on its own, Shadow Realm doesn't seem all that special.
10Sunset Valley$50$363Regular Drink
10Confident Potion$1000$144Requires Potion Master Reward Trait from Master Mixologist Aspiration completion. Gives Sims +100 Confident Moodlet for 4h.
10Energized Potion$1000$144Requires Potion Master Reward Trait from Master Mixologist Aspiration completion. Gives Sims +100 Energized Moodlet for 4h.
10Flirty Potion$1000$144Requires Potion Master Reward Trait from Master Mixologist Aspiration completion. Gives Sims +100 Flirty Moodlet for 4h.
10Focused Potion$1000$144Requires Potion Master Reward Trait from Master Mixologist Aspiration completion. Gives Sims +100 Focused Moodlet for 4h.
10Happy Potion$1000$144Requires Potion Master Reward Trait from Master Mixologist Aspiration completion. Gives Sims +100 Happy Moodlet for 4h.
10Inspired Potion$1000$144Requires Potion Master Reward Trait from Master Mixologist Aspiration completion. Gives Sims +100 Inspired Moodlet for 4h.

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Comments (14)

Actually the bars can be found under the category with dinner tables and chairs.
And it is too bad that you can't really make money on bartending. I haven't been able to earn a single simoleon by bartending in a bar or night club.
Why is ther just "love potion #4" why number 4? Unsure
It's probably a reference to the song Love Potion #9.
Holly Hartwicksays...
It's likely a play on their old gag from previous games "Love Potion #8.5" which IS a spoof on "Love Potion #9" (The song, the movie, or both... who can say?)
Uh, sea of fire is not exclusive to up all night- i don't have any expansion packs (except i have limited-edition and the holiday stuff), but my sim can still make the sea of fire drink
If you have the digital deluxe version, this came with Up All Night, so chances are that you actually do have it.
how can I level up o bartending skill
Just buy a bar in build mode and start making drinks
I've noticed that drinks my sims make no longer show the quality, name of drink, etc when I hover over them. Is that a bug or do drinks no longer have different qualities?
You have a bug. If you hover over them, you should see the name and quality.
Could also be some outdated CC or a Mod that needs updating. I play with CC in one save folder and I have the same issue. In my CC clear folder I do not.
I have a drink called "Luna Special" showing up. Any information? It didn't show up until after mastering the skill but it says it was available since level 5.
Admin: I take it Luna is the name of your sim, so this is her signature drink that unlocks at L6 of the Culinary career, Mixology branch.
Some times my cheat panel won't open. Why does that happen?
Not sure just from your post but maybe it is because you are not in live mode? Or maybe you haven't pressed Control+Shift+C all at the same time?

There is also a program called Gyazo that can cause issues.
Forum Post that talks about this.
Sad i tought if a sim were to drink the alien juice they would become an alien lol.
Under "Mixology as a Career and Moneymaker," the guide says, "Mixology drinks can be dragged to the Sim's inventory and sold for a profit at higher level... You'll earn more as your level rises, and drink values can be influenced by the Marketable trait." Do you mean the Marketable Reward? I don't know of a Marketable trait.

But then, under "Sell Drinks," the guide says "Values listed are the highest possible on most, with level 10 bartending and the best bar to boost quality. Taking the Marketable Reward will NOT boost these values."

These two paragraphs seem to be saying opposite things. Does the Marketable reward help with drink value or not? Thanks.
Good point. The answer is I don't know right now as I'd have to go test this in-game. My hunch is that the Marketable Reward Trait does not influence the price of mixology drinks when you sell them but quality and higher levels of the skill will. This guide was initially written in 2014 when the game first launched and as you can imagine a lot has changed since then. That being said... we'll get onto correcting this asap.
This is an underrated skill. Amygdalight and Snaggle Fluster are two of the best consumables and useful to almost every Sim.
Agree. I was one of the first people to discover the snagglefluster back when it was base game. It was infinitely useful. Every single household that I played had at least one mixologist!
In my opinion, the list is not complete, as stated in the guide. There are drinks related to other skills missing. Well, at least one: the Protein Shake. You mention it in the Fitness skill guide - but noh here. Smile
There are a few drinks relating to other skills not mentioned specifically in this guide, like the Vigorator etc, however these are all the main ones that your sim will encounter while trying to level up mixology. Mentioning all the drinks that Get Together introduced would also not really be that useful.
It would have been useful to add to the list the information on snaggle fuster about needing a recipe.
As the guide says: When you get the opportunity Mythical Drink Guide, buy the guide and sometimes it will provide you the Recipe. So Carl has explained that Snaggle Fluster is a special work opportunity that requires a)to be a positive outcome and b)the purchase of a recipe. Smile
I don't understand what it means by 'work opportunity?' How to I get that to pop up?
Andi, a 'work opportunity' is a text pop-up event that occurs when a sim is in a career. Often it involves taking a chance as you won't always know the outcome as these various outcomes are often RNG generated. In the case of the Snaggle Fluster work opportunity your sim needs to be in the Culinary Career, Mixology Branch at Level 9 of the career but with level 10 mixology skill. This Forum post from 2014 when The Sims 4 first launched explains about the drink and how to get it. Now note, this is a four year old forum post and as The Sims 4 is a Live Service, everything in that post may not be 100% accurate, but it's close enough that it will give you some more background info on this mixology drink.
Thanks! I actually took a week in game of work to avoid promotion while I waited for a reply and the very next day I went back I got it! When I bought it, it appeared in drinks I could make without having to read it or anything. Very helpful; much appreciated.
Cool! Glad you were able to get it and yeah, it's an ability to make the snagglefluster (recipe unlock) not an actual in-game object Smile
Mrs Tragic Clownsays...

Level 9 Mixology Career Question. Is Liquid Gold the opportunity where you get the Mythical Drink Guide? Not a lot of information online regarding opportunities and outcomes so I'm wondering do you get this Special drink by completing the Liquid Gold Opportunity. Thx in advance I just got to lvl 9 in that Career.

Bill angry old billsays...

I wish u damn show how to sell. No inventory sell icon here. Why no picture? Zero help other than it’s possible. I’ve dragged a drink everywhere.

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