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The Sims 4 Rewards Store
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Rewards in Sims 4 Come in Two Types: Single-Use Potions and Permanent Traits

Satisfaction Points
Satisfaction Points are the Sims 4's Lifetime Happiness, where Rewards are like the Sims 3's Lifetime Rewards. Getting Satisfaction is something you should pursue day-to-day by completing your Sim's Whims and pursuing their Aspiration. Read both linked articles to learn more.

The first article provides a lot of tips on saving and clearing Whims, along with how Whims are generated. In short, the first Whim you see above the Sim's head is tied to emotional state and may change, while the other two are randomly generated based on what the Sim has been doing lately. You can elect to delete them at any time, and should make heavy use of this, so that you can pursue Whims that are related to what you'll already be doing with that Sim.

Potions vs Reward Traits
Reward Potions are one-time use, but may be transferred between Sims by dragging from the Inventory to the other Sim. In most cases, unless you have a lot of Satisfaction saved up, the Emotion-specific Potions aren't worth it. Their buffs not lasting very long is the main problem, so their use is very situational. You may occasionally help them get a promotion or Skill up faster using a Potion, but that is about it. Longer durations on these would change my mind, so I hope that Maxis might consider that in the future. Instant Hygiene, Fun, and the Moodlet Solver are exceptions. You are better off saving Satisfaction for the Trait type of Reward. The Satisfaction costs are higher, but the fact that these are permanent is what makes them appealing. Many of the effects are powerful and will change how you play that Sim. It's worth noting that you should use an Elder's Satisfaction to either purchase Potions of Youth to save them from old age or buy up lots of Potions to give to your younger Sims if you don't mind that Sim Dying.

Reward Trait & Satisfaction Cheats

I have a full list of reward trait cheats for The Sims 4 here. It includes nearly every form of trait including personality and bonus traits. We also have a guide to Cheat your Satisfaction Points or finish Aspirations early.

Reward Trait List

PicRewardCostWhat Reward Does for Sims
Sims 4 Instant Fun Reward TraitInstant Fun100Fills the Fun Need to Maximum - this can be helpful after a day of working hard to get the Sim productive again, which is helpful both in working toward Promotions and general Sim life.
Sims 4 Instant Hygiene Reward TraitInstant Hygiene100Fills the Hygiene Need to Maximum - very helpful when at the gym and the Sim's mood tanks from being dirty, allowing them to remain Energized and continue the workout at times.
Sims 4 Confident Potion Reward TraitConfident Potion200Makes Sims Very Confident for 3 hours
Sims 4 Energized Potion Reward TraitEnergized Potion200Makes Sims Very Energized for 3 hours
Sims 4 Flirty Potion Reward TraitFlirty Potion200Makes Sims Very Flirty for 3 hours
Sims 4 Focused Potion Reward TraitFocused Potion200Makes Sims Very Focused for 3 hours
Sims 4 Happy Potion Reward TraitHappy Potion200Makes Sims Very Happy for 3 hours
Sims 4 Inspired Potion Reward TraitInspired Potion200Makes Sims Very Inspired for 3 hours
Sims 4 Sleep Replacement Reward TraitSleep Replacement400Fills the Energy Need to Maximum. I'd never use this - instead get the Moodlet Solver for 100 more to fill ALL needs!
Sims 4 Always Welcome Reward TraitAlways Welcome500Currently bugged as Sims do not react negatively to anything you do when visiting them. When fixed, Always Welcome will let your Sim sleep in others' beds when visiting another household, cook on their stoves, and stay late without the homeowner getting upset. This is usually something only available to Best Friends and Fiancees.
Sims 4 Cold Acclimation Reward Trait from SeasonsCold Acclimation500Requires The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion PackCold Acclimation can protect your Sim from death, but won't quite allow you to wear neutral clothing in freezing weather. What the trait does is change the Sim's temperature from -80 to -60 in freezing weather, or -60 to -40 when it's just 'Cold'. As you can see, in freezing temps the Sim would be under the effects of cold weather instead of enduring freezing temperatures like other Sims. These traits vary in usefulness depending on the world you live in, as some have very different weather.
Sims 4 Great Storyteller Reward TraitGreat Storyteller500Requires The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game PackSims with the Great Storyteller Reward are more likely to get the 'Told a Great Story' +1-2 Happy Moodlet for 4h after telling a story of any kind. This is particularly helpful for Group Stories, as these will be successful at helping move relationship bars of multiple Sims at once, and by quite a lot. It's worth noting that the target Sim will also be more likely to get a positive Moodlet from the type of story that was told - Funny making them playful, Fairy Tales making them Happy, etc.
Sims 4 Gym Rat Reward TraitGym Rat500Gym Rats do not experience the Hygiene decay other Sims get when exercising, while also enabling their Fun meter to build. It's a very helpful Reward when you are pursing a Career or Aspiration that requires the Fitness Skill.
Sims 4 Heat Acclimation  Reward Trait from SeasonsHeat Acclimation500Requires The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion PackLike Cold Acclimation, Heat Acclimation changes the Sim's temperature relative to the air around them. In extremely hot (burning) temperatures, they'll be experiencing 'hot'-level temperatures instead. This makes them uncomfortable, but much less likely to die. At the same time, hot won't effect them nearly as bad. These traits vary in usefulness depending on the world you live in, as some have very different weather.
Sims 4 Moodlet Solver Reward TraitMoodlet Solver500You can use this to remove all Negative Moodlets from your Sim, should you need to do this. There are times when Sims are so Angry or Embarrassed that they may die, and this is the best time to buy the reward and quickly drink the potion. Otherwise, there are ways to remove many negative Moodlets or else wait them out. Thus, Moodlet Solver is useful situationally. It's worth noting that this also fills all needs, so for only 100 Satisfaction more than Sleep Replacement, you can fix everything at once!
Sims 4 Observant Reward TraitObservant500Sims who are Observant merely need to meet another Sim to know all of their Traits. This can be very helpful in making friends, as Sims will react more positively to Socials tied to their interests and more negatively to those they dislike.
Sims 4 Reward TraitSpeed Cleaner500Speed Cleaners clean sinks, counters, toilets, and any other surfaces that get dirty five times faster than other Sims. This can be a great Trait for when your Sim has a large family, although Self-cleaning upgrades are helpful in that instance. You can't do anything about counters getting dirty from cooking, though!
Sims 4 Waterproof  Reward Trait from SeasonsWaterproof500Requires The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion PackWearing drenched clothing makes a Sim uncomfortable. You can change clothes once you reach shelter to make the negative moodlet go away. I rate this trait very low in usefulness until I determine an activity that causes Sims to get wet despite holding an umbrella. The animation when fishing shows no umbrella, but they're still protected against rain. The only time I can see it helping is when you're caught out in a thunderstorm and the umbrella breaks. This trait was not well thought out - but maybe Sims should get wet doing some manual activities outside, to up the challenge a bit and make rain an actual inconvenience.
Sims 4 Insta-Large Reward TraitInsta-Large750This will instantly make your Sim increase to around max body fat, putting on about 200 pounds. Doesn't seem to affect muscles. You may want this for storytelling purposes, but it's not very helpful gameplay-wise.
Sims 4 Insta-Lean Reward TraitInsta-Lean750Does the opposite of above, reducing a Sim to a trim weight fat-wise. Doesn't seem to affect muscles. For players whose Sims gain weight, this will be useful to quickly get them back to "healthy", although you can certainly accomplish the same with a treadmill and a bit of time.
Sims 4 Mentor Reward TraitMentor1,000Sims who reach level 10 in certain Skills (Painting, Fitness, Logic, Writing, Handiness, Instruments, Children's Creativity) may Mentor other Sims while they are actively working those Skills (like when at an Easel or Woodworking Table). The Skill Gains are enormous, with a Sim gaining Skill at least 4x faster than normal. This is an amazing perk for Dynasties and Legacies when the older Sims are able to teach the younger the Skills necessary to get promoted or simply advance in their chosen trade.
Sims 4 Morning Sim Reward TraitMorning Sim1,000The Morning Sim Trait gives 25% faster Skill gains from the hours of 5AM to 12PM. Depending on your Sim's Career schedule, you may prefer Night Owl. Both give a buff for the same number of hours - 7.
Sims 4 Night Owl Reward TraitNight Owl1,000Night Owls gain Skill 25% faster from the hours of 8PM to 3AM. Like Morning Sim, Night Owl is a great Trait when you plan your Sim's Skill gains around those hours.
Sims 4 Speed Reader Reward TraitSpeed Reader1,000Speed Readers can finish reading books twice as fast as normal. This does not help with reading Skill books and the experience they give, at least as far as my testing has shown. Two Sims side by side gained skill at roughly the same rate, with one a Speed Reader/Bookworm and the other regular. This Reward Trait simply makes reading books go by faster, meaning more Fun. This is helpful to Bookworms for replenishing that Need and may help them with Whims as well.
Sims 4 Storm Chaser  Reward Trait from SeasonsStorm ChaserRequires The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion PackStorm Chaser makes Sims happy when a storm is happening outside, with a +1 moodlet that lasts as long as the bad weather. They also love being in the thick of it, and get a +2 when there's a thunderstorm. Not super useful unless you do outdoor activities heavily, and may expose you to potential Death by Lightning.
Sims 4 Free Services Reward TraitFree Services1,500Take this Trait if your Sim will make heavy use of the game's services. This means free pizza and maid services, for as long as that Sim lives.
Sims 4 Marketable Reward TraitMarketable1,500Marketable Sims get a random boost to the value of things they craft that can be sold, such as Paintings and Woodworking Sculptures. It can go anywhere from 10% to triple the usual value, but averages out at double. This is one of the single best Traits for Painters, though it doesn't affect as many things as one would hope.
Sims 4 Potion of Youth Reward TraitPotion of Youth1,500The handy Potion of Youth is used in Ambrosia to bring Ghosts back to life. When used on a living Sim, it will reset their age to the beginning of the current life stage. If used at Young Adult, it will keep them young adult and give them more time until Adult, for example. Sims can be Immortal, barring any accidental deaths, with this Reward.
Sims 4 Stoves and Grills Master Reward TraitStoves and Grills Master1,500Requires The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game PackStoves and Grills Masters can cook food or brew Herbalism potions that give an additional +2 Moodlet for 6 hours, so long as it comes from a stove or grill! This is a great boost and will help Sims get Very Focused, Inspired, or just Very Happy! This is a great Reward Trait to pick for the household cook, assuming a Sim does that as a regular duty.
Sims 4 Creative Visionary Reward TraitCreative Visionary2,000Sims with Creative Visionary have a 20% higher chance to Write Bestsellers and Paint Masterpieces. This is a very good Reward Trait for either of those pursuits. Combine this with Inspired, and your Sim will have a much higher than usual chance, which will raise income substantially - for a Painter, perhaps not as much as Marketable, given its consistent boost.
Sims 4 Entrepreneurial Reward TraitEntrepreneurial2,000The Entrepreneurial Reward Trait greatly boosts the rate the Career Performance bar moves. This means faster Promotions, so long as your Sim has also fulfilled the requirements.
Sims 4 Frugal Reward TraitFrugal2,000The Frugal Trait reduces Bills by 25%, making living in a large house or storing many expensive items much, much cheaper. Sims pay higher bills the more stuff they own (even in their inventories), with all values combined.
Sims 4 Heatproof Reward Trait from SeasonsHeatproof2,000Requires The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion packMakes your Sim completely impervious to the worst hot temperatures. Take this trait only under certain conditions, like if your world is particularly hot and you want to be outside lots during the late spring to early fall, or to make your Sim a God later in a game.
Sims 4 Iceproof Reward Trait from SeasonsIceproof2,000Requires The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion PackMakes your Sim completely impervious to the worst cold temperatures. Take this trait only under certain conditions, like if your world is particularly cold and you want to be outside a lot during late fall to early spring, or to make your Sim a God later in a game.
Sims 4 Incredibly Friendly Reward TraitIncredibly Friendly2,000Requires The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Game PackWith Incredibly Friendly, Sims will instantly gain about 30% of the Relationship Bar upon meeting a new Sim. This puts them just a few successful socials away from full-on Friends status, thus is quite powerful for making new Friends and any Aspirations related to popularity.
Sims 4 Independent Reward TraitIndependent2,000When a Sim is given the Independent Reward, their Social Need decays at half the usual rate. This is great for Loners!
Sims 4 Shameless Reward TraitShameless2,000Sims who are Shameless never suffer Embarrassment. This prevents one type of Emotional Death, and helps with certain things like avoiding romantic rejection.
Sims 4 Steel Bladder Reward TraitSteel Bladder2,000With Steel Bladder, a Sim's Bladder Need actually doesn't move at all under normal circumstances, despite the game's description. The only things that drain it are drinks, such as Coffee. Still, even Coffee drains it much slower. If you never use Coffee to gain Energy, Steel Bladder makes a Sim not even need a toilet!
Sims 4 Beguiling Reward TraitBeguiling2,500Beguiling is a super-powerful Trait for Romantic endeavors. This trait gives your Sim an interaction found under Romance, "Beguile", which gives a Sim a +60 Flirty Moodlet for 4 hours. That makes them Very Flirty, and also very easy to woo, and maybe even Woohoo!
Sims 4 Antiseptic Reward TraitAntiseptic3,000Sims who are Antiseptic have their Hygiene Need decay at half the normal rate. Showers are really helpful for Emotional buffs, but this means you can get the buffs even faster because the shower won't take as long.
Sims 4 Carefree Reward TraitCarefree3,000Makes Sims never get Tense. This means Writers won't get Writer's Block at any point (although that is rare at high level Writing). This should allow your Sim to Work Hard every day at work without fear of a Tense Moodlet, meaning they can get Promoted faster than normal - particularly because their Mood won't tank while working hard, which can cause that Work Tone to backfire.
Sims 4 Connections Reward TraitConnections3,000Sims with the Connections Reward start Careers at level 4, granting all Reward Objects from 1-3 as well. With this Reward Trait, you can jump around in different Careers and gather lots of those items and get Emotional Aura objects to help your Sim at home. It will, of course, help Sims get to level 10 faster as well, meaning they can get the higher level reward objects quickly, which is even better!
Sims 4 Fertile Reward TraitFertile3,000Fertile simply increases the chance of Twins and Triplets, if you're into the challenge that presents. It's helpful if you are after a family Aspiration, but is situational and depends entirely on your style of play how useful this trait can be.
Sims 4 Great Kisser Reward TraitGreat Kisser3,000For Sims with Great Kisser, Charisma is gained with Kisses. This isn't that useful in itself, but the success rate of Kisses is also much higher. Beguiling might be more useful as a Romantic Reward Trait, but both is even better.
Sims 4 Hardly Hungry Reward TraitHardly Hungry4,000This is one of the best Reward Traits, second to Never Weary. Cooking Food takes time out of a Sim's day, as well as eating it. The appropriately-priced Hardly Hungry makes Sims' Hunger need decay at half the normal rate.
Sims 4 Professional Slacker Reward TraitProfessional Slacker4,000As the game description says, Professional Slackers never get demoted or fired from their Job. This means you can miss work without consuming vacation days, any time you like. It may take more time to get Promoted, but your Slacker can enjoy their life and go in for the pay when they need it.
Sims 4 Savant Reward TraitSavant4,000Savant increases Skill gains by 25%, even more effective when your Sim is in the Ideal Mood. This stacks with Morning Sim and Night Owl, although I would not take Savant early on. I'd rather have Never Weary, as more time in the day is more time for Skilling, period, and raising Skills is not all that Sims do! This one is a bit overpriced, in my opinion.
Sims 4 Seldom Sleepy Reward Trait from the base gameSeldom Sleepy4,000This is a good trait that will make your Sim's energy deplete at exactly half the normal rate, giving you more time for activities. However bear in mind it is completely overridden by a later trait (Never Weary). Still, I'd rather grab this earlier to help me complete more aspirations and have more time in between shifts with a career Sim.
Sims 4 Super Green Thumb Reward TraitSuper Green Thumb4,000After a Super Green Thumb interacts with a Plant, it will stay watered longer, get less bugs, and an increased growth rate. This means you will harvest more from your Gardening efforts and not need to interact with Plants as often. This doesn't affect Evolution rate or growth of Weeds, however.
Sims 4 Money Tree Reward Trait from SeasonsMoney Tree5,000Requires The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack for Money TreeGives you a Money Tree seed ( Money Fruit, which may bug out and fail to count toward the Plant Collection List). Money Trees are like all other plants and can be evolved over time to a higher quality level. The tree takes at least 4-5 days to grow but is always in-season. Money trees can spit out thousands of dollars quickly. Enough that if you buy one of these, you'll never worry about money again. They can be duplicated by putting the money tree into the family inventory when there is 'fruit' on it. The extra seeds will be plantable. If you don't want to cheat, however, you can always buy another one for another 5,000 Satisfaction as this reward is repeatable.
Sims 4 Needs No One Reward Trait from the base gameNeeds No One5,000This reward, available with the base game, makes your Sim no longer require socialization. At all. The bar won't decay. Compared to others it is not as useful, but is good for later. My reasoning for saying this is that it just doesn't take much time out of a Sim's day to handle the social need when compared to eating, sleeping, and maybe showering.
Sims 4 Re-Traiting Potion Reward Trait from the base gameRe-Traiting Potion5,000A repeatable reward that gives you a potion that, when drunk, will reset your Sim's traits allowing you to pick three new ones. It's a great reward if you want to change your Sim's focus or shake up their personality to better suit the times.
Sims 4 Forever Fresh Reward Trait from base gameForever Fresh8,000The hygiene need no longer decays. You will miss out on decent shower moodlets, though you can still 'take a brisk shower' to get energized if you like. It won't take as long as if your Sim was completely filthy. My advice is to save up for one of the other high-tiers and take it first... one of the two below. The purpose of locking needs in place is to be efficient and cut time-consuming activities from the agenda. Showering is not nearly as much of a time sink as eating or sleeping.
Sims 4 Forever Full Reward Trait from vanillaForever Full10,000Take Forever Full and your Sim's hunger need will no longer decay. You will miss meal moodlets, but other things can replace them. I don't know if eating while having this trait might make a Sim gain weight. Let us know in the comments! Regardless, your Sim shouldn't be cooking unless there are others that need to eat. Cooking/eating is much less efficient than other means of getting positive moodlets.
The Never Weary Reward Trait from The Sims 4 base gameNever Weary10,000Sleeping is the king of time-wasters, and Never Weary means what it says. Your Sim's energy motive will no longer decay at all. No more sleeping for 6-8 straight hours, but you will not get a moodlet should you have nothing to do and choose to sleep a couple of hours. It doesn't matter though. This is one of the best possible traits to take due to how much time it will save every day. None of the others that lock a motive come close to this reward, and it's hands down one of the strongest picks. With the Never Weary reward, steel bladder and antiseptic you'll save loads of time.

That sums up The Sims 4's Reward Traits and their mechanics. This list is fully up-to-date as of the Seasons Expansion Pack. If you have anything to add, email carl at and I may add it to the Reward you describe, assuming it's a tip plenty of people would want to know about!

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Hi Carl, is there any way to take away or delete the traits you bought?, for example if I want my sim to not have to fertility trait anymore?
12th August 2015 12:18am
I'm not Carl, but I'll answer. There's not any way that I'm aware of, sorry.
20th August 2015 8:08pm
testingcheats on

traits.remove_trait entrepreneurial

I'm finding entrepreneurial doing the opposite to what it is supposed to do. This is the cheat to remove it from the selected sim.
25th August 2015 3:09am
Traits.remove_trait fertility
3rd May 2017 9:51pm
This may be a stupid question but I purchased the Fertile trait and I don't see it on my Sim Character. Do I need to apply it somewhere? TIA!
14th August 2015 8:29pm
Fertile does normally show up on the list. Have you been using CAS full edit mode? I've heard that can erase traits.
20th August 2015 8:11pm
Hey do you know how to open the reward trait bar? i know i sound stupid but i keep searching it and i can't find how Unsure
20th September 2015 5:32am
bottom right - press the hexagon thingy - press the present and vwala! Tongue
28th December 2015 3:37am
KatiePlays, I first Started Playing The Sims, then Sims 2 and was totally addicted. Now, I have a computer that I can get back into playing again and this Guide is ONE of the BEST, EVER! I've been reading through different hints and tips and I came across Your post from Sept. 20, 2015. I just wanted to tell You to Don't Ever feel like Your question is Stupid, because I didn't know what and where it was either! I'm sure we are not the only two people either. Carl, Thank You for All of Your Excellent Tips, Tricks, and Advice and Thanks to Everyone Else's feedback also. My Father, Used to say: "The Stupidest Question, is The Question You Didn't Ask!"
2nd July 2018 9:15am
So can I purchase all of these traits and they all work, sorry if it's a silly question I'm new to the game.
28th October 2015 3:13pm
Yes, all of them should work if you buy them all Smile
15th November 2015 2:04am
I've purchased many potions and not once have they worked.
13th January 2018 3:49pm
No idea and with the little info you've given me it would be sheer guess work! Do you use mods? Are they all compatible with the game build your playing on? Have you cleared your caches recently? All I can say is all potions are working in my mod free game.
13th January 2018 9:35pm
Did you drink the potions? They show up in your Sims' personal inventory.
17th July 2018 10:38am
Hoshi Sasayaku
Be for warned about getting "Connections" as it will not give you the rewards for those career levels you skipped. I did not know this and even with using the demote cheat it will not let me get those rewards.
It is a curent game bug, hopefully it will be fixed soon by the developers but I suspect it is probably a low priority. The reward still, however allows your sim to begin their career at level 4 so it is just the career rewards from levels 1-3 that are not applied along with the money bonus from these early levels too.
30th April 2017 2:48pm
Is it possible for multiple sims to get Frugal and have no bills?
6th December 2015 6:13am
Frugal does stack, but it is not possible to get no bills. With 8 sims (maxed) in the household all with frugal, you will get probably around 90% discount off your bills.
3rd January 2016 10:26am
Your bills will be reduced to precisely (1/2)^ n, where n is the the number of Sims with Frugal; Let's take a couple of examples
n | §5,000 | §10,000
0 | §5,000 | §15,000
1 | §2,500 | §7,500
2 | §1,250 | §3,750
3 | §675 | §1,875
4 | §338 | §938
5 | §169 | §469
6 | §85 | §235
7 | §43 | §118
8 | §22 | §59

P.S. Sims has too few graphs. Consider this my open letter to the dev team to add more graphs!
6th July 2016 2:25am
How does the Observant reward trait work? I got it for my Sim, but when my Sim meets someone new, their traits aren't all displayed right away. Thanks!
25th December 2015 8:39pm
It should work as soon as you have introduced your sim. Try another friendly social but usually it only takes being introduced.
2nd January 2016 10:06pm
What the heck is the icon for the "independent" trait supposed to be?? I can only think that it looks like a broken paintbrush or something, it's driving me crazy.
13th April 2016 10:24pm
I thought it was supposed to be an eagle.
14th April 2016 4:28pm
Its a guy with his feet against the wall, isn't it? Unsure
27th May 2016 2:55am
I thought it was a vacuum Tongue
15th July 2016 3:51pm
Mad I bought a reward potion worth 3000 reward points and now I can't find it! It charged me for it but it's not in my sims inventory. Any ideas what could have happened? Crying
26th April 2016 2:24am
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