The Sims 4 Entertainer Career

Rewards for Musicians and Comedians

The Sims 4 Entertainer Career
The Entertainer Career lets you choose between Comedian and Musician

The Sims 4's Entertainer Career lets you choose between making your Sim a Comedian or Musician. You likely know which you'd want to choose based on the goals of your Sim, but I'll still highlight the benefits of each Career below and suggest some good Traits and Aspirations. Thankfully, the Career branches early and its early levels let you choose whether you want your Daily Task to be Writing Jokes or Practicing your Sim's Musical abilities, so you can get a head start in either Branch.

How to: Entertainer Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote entertainer - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4.

Here are the first four levels of the Career, and its requirements. The Ideal Mood is Inspired for 1-2, Playful for 3-4. Sims can get Inspired by taking a Thoughtful Shower, Playful by taking a bubble bath or watching the comedy channel on a television:

Entertainer Job Levels and Career Unlocks

Entertainer Career Levels 1-4

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
1Amateur Entertainer$23/hourMon-Fri, 9AM-5PM$184Write Jokes or Practice Music.Nothing
2Open Mic Seeker$36/hourFri-Tue, 5PM-11PM$216Write Jokes or Practice Music. Reach Level 2 Guitar or Violin$451, Porcu-Pro Business Card Holder
3C-Lister$40/hourThu-Mon, 5PM-11PM$240Write Jokes or Practice Music. Reach Level 2 Comedy.$541, Sim Idol Rug
4Opening Act$54/hourMon-Wed, Fri-Sat, 5PM-10PM$270Write Jokes or Practice Music. Reach Level 3 Comedy, Level 3 Guitar or Violin$595, Rock of Ages Retro Stereo
Entertainer Career Outfits in Sims 4 - Comedian and Musician
Career Uniforms: Musician on Left, Comedian on Right

Comedian Career

Comedian Career Rewards
Rewards for the Comedian Career Branch

The Comedian Career will see your Sim to honing their Comedy Skill and provide some perks you couldn't otherwise get. The Ideal Mood for Comedians is Playful, but strangely the rewards you receive are all Energizing Decor at time of writing. Still, even Playful Auras won't help while at work. What really helps is the Goofball Trait, as it will randomly trigger Sims a Playful buff. If your Household has Children, Childish can also help as they can get Playful by playing with Children. A big reason to follow this Career rather than doing Stand-Up Comedy is the extra earnings you'll get on Work Days. The best Aspiration for this Career is Joke Star, found under Popularity.

Note the level 9 Reward, which gives you the ability to Perform Comedy in Space. That's really what it does - get a Rocket, build it up with the Rocket Science Skill, and you can go off to the stars and earn $400 and an 8 hour Confident Moodlet (again, weird.). You cannot do this repeatedly, but must wait for the buff to disappear first, thus it can be done every 8 hours. Use mirror to raise your Charisma Skill after making your Sim brush their teeth to get Confident. This will boost Skill gains by a large percentage.

Comedian Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
5Jokesmith$67/hourSun-Mon, Thu-Fri, 2PM-8PM$402Write Jokes or Perform Routines. Reach Level 6 Comedy$937, I Otter Be a Star Pop Art, Try Out Material Social Interaction
6Solid Storyteller$115/hourThu-Fri, Sun, 5PM-12AM$805Write Jokes or Perform Routines. Reach Level 7 Comedy, Level 2 Charisma$1406, You've Got Talent Award
7Rising Comedian$172/hourTue, Thu-Fri, 5PM-12AM$1204Write Jokes or Perform Routines. Reach Level 8 Comedy, Level 4 Charisma$1688, Studio Equity Track Lighting Kit
8Roast Master$258/hourTue, Fri-Sat, 4PM-11PM$1806Write Jokes or Perform Routines. Reach Level 9 Comedy, Level 6 Charisma$2532, What a Star You Are Wall Mirror
9Stand Up Star$310/hourTue, Fri-Sat, 5PM-12AM$2170Write Jokes or Perform Routines. Reach Level 10 Comedy, Level 8 Charisma $4612, Perform Comedy in Space
10Show Stopper$474/hourTue, Fri-Sat, 5PM-11PM$2844Write Jokes or Perform Routines. Go to Work!$5534

Musician Career

Musician Career Rewards - Piano and Guitar, with Misc Items

The Musician Career will task your Sim with learning the Guitar or Violin, along with Piano. This Career's Rewards will help make your Sim inspired while at home, should you enable their Emotional Auras. You'll get an unique Guitar and Piano out the Rewards, so if your Sim is musically inclined, take this Career Branch.

The Ideal Mood for Musicians is Inspired. Select the Musical Genius Aspiration under Creativity to make the most of this Career, while also choosing the Music Lover and Creative Traits. Select between Guitar and Violin so that you can work to level only one of them, given the need to also master the Piano.

Musician Career Branch

RankJobWagesSchedule$/DayDaily Task & Promotion RequirementsReward for Promotion
5Jingle Jammer$67/hourSun-Mon, Thu-Fri, 2PM-8PM$402Play Instrument. Reach Level 2 Piano, Level 4 Guitar or Violin$937, A Single Rose
6Serious Musician$78/hourMon-Wed, Fri-Sat, 3PM-9PM$468Play Instrument. Reach Level 4 Piano, Level 5 Guitar or Violin$1165, Off the Charts Music Award
7Professional Pianist$87/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat, 2PM-9PM$609Play Instrument. Reach Level 6 Piano, Level 6 Guitar or Violin$1282, Classical Genius Antique Piano
8Symphonic String Player$130/hourMon-Tue, Thu-Sat, 2PM-9PM$910Play Instrument. Reach Level 8 Piano, Level 7 Guitar or Violin$1575
9Instrumental Wonder$208/hourTue-Sat, 2PM-9PM$1456Play Instrument. Reach Level 10 Piano, Level 8 Guitar or Violin$2272
10Concert Virtuoso$340/hourWed-Sat, 2PM-9PM$2380Play Instrument. Go to Work!$5089, Rock Legend Signed Guitar, New CAS Parts

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Comedian is a dangerous occupation, done to its full potential. I brought up two sims through childhood to young adult, childish and goofball traits, joke star aspiration. They got married and had a boy, my legacy child. Both died early as young adults from hysteria.
25th October 2015 10:49pm
I know, right. Playful is the most dangerous emotion for sure. Unsure I've had so many close calls with hysterical sims. Including one death at my sims own wedding. Poor guy. (His new spouse did manage to plea successfully for his life, but still!)
14th January 2016 8:01pm
Omg... Really??? ScaredScaredScared
1st January 2019 1:58pm
Yep, he had many Happy buffs so the one playful moodlet tipped him right over into Hysterical. Least my sims got to befriend grim I guess!
1st January 2019 5:26pm
Jason Hunter
What are the CAS parts specifically in rank 10 of the musician career?
21st January 2016 11:58pm
I don't know sorry. A google search didn't bring any new info either. I couldn't get the cheat to work to promote my sim to L10 as some of the cheats seem to not work after the Dec patch. If I find out I'll post back. Maybe try asking on the forum, somebody may have a sim who has maxed this career and so will know.
Misc. Help
22nd January 2016 7:22pm
River Melody
I've been having a bug where my sim can no longer write comedy routines. At first the long routines were not working, but now he can't write medium routines too! My other sims can and I have no idea how to fix it. Does anyone know what I can do? He's in the comedian branch
29th January 2016 2:17pm
There's a few things you can try: travel away from the lot with everyone in your household and back, restart your PC, delete cache files, repair your game. If it is still not working correctly you can try making your sim quit his job and retake it then test. If this works then save your game, if not quit without saving so that your sim is still at the same level of his career as there is no point to taking a hit if you don't need to. If you are still having problems feel free to post in the forum.
Deleting Cache Files
Repairing Game
Misc. Help - Forum Page
29th January 2016 5:34pm
anonymous 24
Can we create music band in sims 4?
17th February 2016 1:28am
We can not currently form bands in The Sims 4
17th February 2016 3:04pm
Can sims be famous on sims 4?
8th May 2016 8:23am
Not really. If you have the Get Together expansion pack they can belong to a 'popular' club which makes it so that other sims might cheer on seeing them or look at them and react in a positive manner. It also gives a slight positive boost to any new friendships on introduction.
8th May 2016 9:18pm
I found taking the Art Lover Trait in lieu of the Music Lover trait is advantageous in the Musician's career , as it gives you inspiration (who needs happiness :)). Thought I'd give myself a challenge, start that career at $0, ended up not being much of a challenge. Just went to the back of the museum, got $50 of collectable, went to museum got all inspired, and started painting at the Museum easel. There's a piano, toilet, sink, benches to nap on (6 naps for a sleep), hop over to the gym for an inspirational shower. Gave my Sim the Snob trait, as trying to make them playful is difficult. Again painting to the rescue, make one playful painting, keep it, enable it, rinse and repeat. As I gave my Sim the Art Lovers trait she just Admired a few of those, and was playful little snob.

So the whole experience taught me a lot, but ended up being an easy challenge I set.
16th June 2016 1:55pm
Bessie the first picture of the entertainer career uniforms., i think u got it switched. comedian uniform is the pink one while musicians wear the violet uniform
25th November 2016 9:09am
I think generally career outfits can be a bit buggy. I've had a sim go right through the musician branch in his swim wear! Huh Laugh
25th November 2016 3:41pm
Hi! My sim's level is 5 (musician) so i'm sent to the lounges but there is no one in the lounge except my sim playing alone having no one to chat with ._. Am i the only one ?
16th August 2017 3:12pm
You could have him travel with other sims when the travel sims menu comes up. If you add sims to his group them they might stay at the venue while he plays or whatever.
17th August 2017 7:37pm
With the entertainer job, can my sim become an actor/actress with any other packages?
15th September 2017 7:28pm
If your asking is there any active 'entertainer/rock star' career... nope. Only the base game entertainer career currently.
17th September 2017 1:27am
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