The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff

Hot Tubs and other Stuff Pack Features

New Hot Tub in the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack
The Perfect Patio Stuff Pack gives players the ability to use Hot Tubs in The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff allows more options for outdoor decoration, while also introducing hot tubs to the game. These are something most players expected in the base game, however it is good that this stuff pack does not start at $20 but rather half that. The content here is not quite as huge as that offered in the first stuff pack, Luxury Party, but does indeed compete with past offerings in terms of objects and clothing. Here's what's in it.

Hot Tubs

Woohoo in a Hot Tub
Sims can Woohoo in Hot Tubs and also upgrade them with the Handiness Skill

Hot Tubs
Hot Tubs return in this stuff pack, though it's unclear as of now if they will be introduced to the game through other routes. For now it's the only way to have them in the game. Hot Tubs provide the perfect route for socializing when multiple Sims get in together, while also gradually replenishing the Hygiene need. Sims can be shoo'd from the hot tub if they're unwanted there. You can, as expected, Woohoo in the Hot Tub for a Flirty +2 Moodlet (typical Woohoo result), and Sims can 'skinny dip' together (and alone if that's their thing). There are three hot tub upgrades available if your Sim has the required Handiness Skill:

  • Add Aromatherapy Filter (Level 3) - Use one of four oils in the Hot Tub to help alleviate Sims' negative moodlets, while providing positive ones. See below.
  • Add Stereo (Level 5) - Adds a stereo to the Hot Tub, which you can find the option to listen to under the Stereo menu when you click it, but only while inside.
  • Make Unbreakable (Level 8) - Prevents the hot tub from breaking down. Essential if it will be used regularly, and prevents the fun being cut off during parties.

Hot Tub Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy can be used if your Sim has upgraded the Hot Tub. These give the following bonuses, and all are free to use once it's upgraded. The effects last 2-4 hours after leaving the hot tub (depending how long you stay) and the oils themselves will stay in effect for users of the hot tub until they're removed or changed.

  • Jasmine Oil - Provides a +2 Happy buff, while also helping to remove sad buffs.
  • Lemon Oil - Helps removed stressed buffs and provides a +2 Energized moodlet.
  • Peppermint Oil - Provides a +2 Playful buff, while helping to remove uncomfortable buffs.
  • Sage Oil - Gives Sims a +2 Focused buff, while helping to alleviate boredom.

Build Mode Objects

The other new hot tub and a new bar in the stuff pack
Click to enlarge. The other, more expensive hot tub and a new type of bar for Mixology. Note the floor stars, which give a +1 environment boost, much like a rug. Good for outdoor decorating to help keep Sims happy, while subtly glowing.
New Objects in the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack
Click to enlarge. The other 'stuff', different outdoor furniture that comes in a variety of colors. The chess pieces are actually floor lamps.
New Objects in the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack
Click to enlarge. More decor and furniture.

Clothing and Hair

Not much here, but they do offer a few good looks for lounging on the patio. Females get a bit more than males. It's possible I missed a thing or two.

New female outfits in the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack
Female outfits available in the stuff pack
New Objects and Clothing in the Perfect Patio Stuff Pack
Misc tops, bottoms, and hairstyles

New Styled Room

New Styled Room
This new secluded patio area found under styled rooms features some of the new objects, but could use a bar!

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how do u get the expansion pack?
7th July 2015 11:19pm
EA Origin, their download platform that you already have if you own the Sims 4. Most of the SIms 4 packs won't be sold in stores as far as I know.
8th July 2015 9:41am
i want to ask that the luxury party stuff got include swimming pool inside??? and also got include all the updates like the old pack (get to work, outdoor retreat & digital deluxe) ??Smile
19th July 2015 4:35am
The game got a free update several months back that gave everyone pools. All Expansions and Game Packs get updates along with the base game, depending upon the bugs that the Sims Studio fixes on each release.
21st July 2015 10:31am
I have just bought the perfect patio stuff on the sims 4 pc/Mac and it says I own the pack but i can't find any of the items I just payed for on my game??Unsure
23rd August 2015 3:01pm
You have to download the gamepacks just like you did with sims3. Once you have done this you will see the stuff in game.
11th September 2015 12:49pm
Here's a link to some information that will help you find your missing games.

My Origin Games Are Missing
18th January 2016 6:50pm
if i buy the sims 4 in stores instead of through origin, will i still be able to download origin households and get expansion packs.HuhHuhHuh
17th December 2015 10:36pm
Yes, I own the hard copy of the game and I can buy all expansions and such,
25th December 2015 5:15pm
It doesn't matter whether you purchase game content in-store or online. As when you purchase game content from a store or even online, you will get a game code for whatever Sims 4 content you've purchased. When you go install it Origin will help take care of that for you. Same goes for whatever other game content you purchase.
18th January 2016 7:16pm
I need an advice, when i try to download it, i always get an email that says " Not finished "
What do do?Unsure
20th January 2016 12:54pm
Btw its my bday SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile
20th January 2016 12:56pm
Happy Birthday! Grin
Let's get your game working! Try the following:
1. Quit the game.
2. Log out of Origin - *If exiting Origin isn't working, open Task manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) search for a file called ts4.exe. Click on it and select end process.
3. Run Cleaner and it's registry cleaner
4. Restart computer, and try downloading again.

Ccleaner - (Standard Edition is Free)
-- This helps clean up temporary files, internet cache files and other files that are left behind that are no longer being used.

How to use CCleaner to fix PC issues

If you don't understand any of this please post in our Technical Support section on the forum where we can help you further than just here in the comments section. Smile
Technical Support TS4
20th January 2016 2:25pm
When upgrading, will you be able to have all upgrades at once or will they be replaced if you choose another upgrade?
8th February 2016 6:25am
Upgrades in The Sims 4 stack. So you can eventually have them all as your sims handiness skill improves and unlocks the different upgrades. Smile
8th February 2016 3:23pm
My cheats aren't working now I have the pack is it different now I have them?Unsure
23rd April 2016 1:23pm
No, the cheats are global and work with everything. Maybe you are making a typo or are not in live mode when trying to apply the cheats?
Guide of How-To's scroll down to the link 'How to Turn on Testing Cheats' and that might give you some tips so you can figure out what is going wrong for you.
23rd April 2016 8:47pm
Ruth Galloway
I don't understand , can you have all expansion packs in one game.I don't understand , can you have all expansion packs in one game.Unsure
4th May 2016 10:41am
Yes, I have the base game and all the stuff packs, game packs and expansion packs released so far. They all are designed to work together with the base game.
4th May 2016 7:32pm
Ruth Galloway
What are mods and what do they do
4th May 2016 10:43am
Here is a link to the Guide on Mods and CC. Hopefully that should help to answer your questions. Smile
Guide To Mods and CC
4th May 2016 7:33pm
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