The Sims 4 Get to Work: Baking

Recipe List, Advice on Operating a Food Store

The Sims 4 Get to Work: Baking Skill Recipes
Get to Work's Baking Skill doesn't have many unlocks, but that doesn't make it profitable. It's a great skill when combined with retail and synergizes well with Cooking and Gourmet Cooking.

The Sims 4's Baking Skill comes with the Get to Work Expansion Pack. This Skill adds a huge number of new recipes to the game, which can be sold via the Expansion's retail features. This allows players to make bakeries and other food-selling stores, and with huge profit margins so long as you are always baking new goods. This guide to Baking will provide some general tips on running a bakery, with the recipes that are unlocked as you level it.

How to: Baking Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_baking x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4

At time of writing, the ideal mood for Baking is broken - it displays as blue but doesn't give additional skill XP. It is likely meant to be Inspired, ala the base game's cooking skills. However, effective level from the Muser bonus trait -- gained by selecting a Creativity Aspiration upon Sim creation -- do kick in when Inspired. This gives you a 4-level advantage when cooking a meal, meaning it is more likely to come out high quality. Thus, methods of getting Inspired, as well as the Creative Trait are recommended.

Skill Unlocks - Decorate
Leveling Baking allows only one special unlock - level 3 allows you to decorate cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, and cakes that come from this skill for $10 in order to improve their value by 50%. Be advised, however, that for anything much under $17 or so it is a loss. You break even on $20, but then can get more money back from selling it with the retail markup. Cakes from the regular cooking skill cannot be decorated, and the cakes from baking can't have candles. They're just not cross-compatible.

Moodlets from Meals
All foods here can provide at minimum a 4h +1 Happy Moodlet when baked to excellent quality. At level 6, with fudge bars from the oven and salmon croquettes from the cupcake factory you can get to +2/5h Moodlets. Level 8 and up foods can give a 6h +3 Happy Moodlet, so long as you maintain the excellent quality.

Sell to Local Bakery - Making Early Money
For leveling the Skill, I recommend the cupcake factory, because you are able to sell items to the local bakery for a profit in order to keep your Sim afloat. You cannot get the extra cash from decorating them this way, however. It's just the base value. Items higher level than 7 don't seem sellable, or at least only few are. Later on, when you're making excellent dishes and have access to the best recipes, you can move over to retail and make great money doing so. You can buy the Cupcake Factory via Buy Mode > Objects by Function > Appliances > Kitchen Appliances for $1200.

Retail Stores - Bakeries and Food
You can make money selling food in The Get to Work Expansion Pack. Get inspired, make excellent foods, decorate (where possible) and sell them. Players cannot run a restaurant, but do indeed have the ability to sell foods via special displays that come with the Expansion. There are two types here: refrigerated and vending. Both keep foods fresh a long time. The latter, however, lets you sell items without ringing customers up. You can then replace the items via buy mode, instead of restocking them to earn even more money.

Because of the restocking fees being 80% of the retail sell value, you should definitely cook a new food instead of using restock (in most cases, except in a pinch), then decorate when applicable. Putting the markup low (10%) may encourage many more sales and then let you ring up customers without interacting with them and use spare time to bake goods. Your employees may help with ringing up, as well. Employees are not necessary at all if you operate a store that sells foods via the vending machines only, but may be helpful in pitching sales and cleaning the store.

I suggest you look at this guide along with the homestyle/gourmet cooking guide to see the variety of foods you can make at higher level and select the most profitable types (those with the highest sell values, save ambrosia and voodoo doll cupcakes). Stock your store up, and rake in the cash. See also the Retail Guide.

Oven Recipes

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The Sims 4 Get to Work: Baking Recipes
Baking's recipes are sure to induce some mouth watering and rumbling stomachs among players, just by looking at the food names

These values are provided by Nutella on our Forum, who is a big help in filling in such information on the guide. Values listed are for Excellent quality dishes when sold retail at 25% markup. Some price fluctuation is expected as you level from 1-10, even with Excellent quality. Impeccable quality from Outdoor Retreat gives the same value. Be advised, the Marketable Reward DOES boost the value of baked/cooked goods, meaning you can earn even more than is listed here. Even better is that cookies, brownies, doughnuts and fudge-bar type items can be decorated, which raises their value a further 50%.

Note that all ingredients are Required, meaning you may get some serious use out of your gardening and fishing skills.

LevelRecipe NameCostRetail ValueIngredients
1Pre-Mixed Brownies$2$39
1Sugar Cookies$2$36
2Cereal Marshmallow Squares$2$46
2Oatmeal Cookies$2$48
2Fish Pie$2$54Bass, Trout, Perch, or Salmon
3Blueberry Bagel$3$61
3Peanut Butter Cookies$3$64
3Plain Bagels$3$59
3Whole Wheat Loaf$3$69
3Onion Bagel$3$58
3Fruit Pie$3$64Pear, Cherry, Strawberry, or Blackberry
4Cheesy Bread$4$74
4Sourdough Loaf$4$89
4Sweet Potato Pie$4$84Potato
4Everything Bagel$4$76Onion, Sage, Basil
5Potato Bread$5$114Potato
5Lemon Bars$5$106Lemon
5Spinach and Mushroom Quiche$5$90Spinach, Mushroom
5Carrot Bread$5$92Carrot
5Spinach and Onion Quiche$5$90Spinach, Onion
5Carrot Cake$5$99Carrot
6Fudge Bars$8$155
6Exotic Fruit Pie$8$120Any Exotic Fruit
6Shepard's Pie$8$128Carrot, Potato
7Bread Pudding$11$198
7Banana Bread$11$205Plantain
7Banana Cream Pie$11$209Plantain
8Rainbow Gelatin Cake$15$251Apple, Grapes, or Pear and Blackberry, Cherry, or Strawberry
8Artisan Herb Bread$15$300Sage or Basil
8Fruitcake$15$306Cherry, Grapes, Pear, or Strawberry and Apple or Blackberry
9Chocolate Souffle$22$341
9Lemon Meringue Pie$22$370Lemon
10Lava Bundt Cake$35$582Strawberry
10Cowplant Essence Meringue Pie$35$541Any Cowplant Essence. When consumed, it does not give you the moodlet the essence would have.

Cupcake Factory Recipes

The Sims 4 Get to Work: The Cupcake Factory lets you earn money by selling food
The Base Game's cupcake factory allows you to sell some foods made with it to the local bakery for profit

Note info above the previous table for info on pricing, and be sure to read about the retail section so that you understand how best to optimize your profits. A variety of new cupcake factory recipes unlock via Baking, but can also be discovered through the regular Homestyle Cooking Skill.

Most dishes made by the Cupcake Factory can also be sold to the local bakery store by clicking them, and this can produce a hefty profit. It's not as high as the retail sales value, but you don't have to manage a store. It's quick and easy money, though nowhere near what painting will get you.

LevelRecipe NameCostRetail ValueIngredients
1Plain Muffins$2$36
1Doughnut Holes$2$39
1Plain Doughnuts$2$35
2Cream Tarts$2$44
2Glazed Doughnuts$2$42
2Powdered Doughnuts$2$42
3Fruit Tarts$3$61Lemon, Apple, Cherry, or Strawberry
3Fruit Muffins$3$68Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry, or Apple
4Chocolate Doughnuts$4$85
4Mixed Fruit Tarts$4$76Lemon, Apple, Cherry, or Strawberry and Any Exotic Fruit
4Exotic Fruit Tarts$4$81Any Exotic Fruit
5Plain Scones$5$109
5Cream Filled Doughnuts$5$96
5Jelly Filled Doughnuts$5$106Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Apple, or Lemon
6Salmon Croquettes$8$135
6Fruit Scones$8$122Apple, Pear, Lemon, or Blueberry
7Soft Shell Crab Cake$11$208
8Chocolate Biscotti$15$269
9Bacon Wrapped Doughnuts$22$438
9Cereal Topped Doughnuts$362
9Creme Brulee$22$346
9Berry Macaroons$22$412
9Voodoo Doll Doughnuts$22$410Madame Zoe's Voodoo Doll
10Alien Fruit Tarts$35$688 UFO (Unidentified Fruit Object)

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Comments (12)

Balloon Monkeysays...
Thanks for this, I have been struggling to figure out why I can't make money with the bakery! And thank you so much for not charging money for your guides... you are awesome <3
Sean marshallsays...
ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked never thought there would be that much stuff in get to work!!! im getting sims now!! I have to wait a couple of hours
Admin: Have fun!
i really love your site, have got few questions to ask, can i create up to 18sims in CAS, and secondly, do i need to install sims 4 before sims 4 get to work.... Getting a system soon.
Admin: A max of 8 Sims can live in a single household.

As far as installing, Origin will handle all that. I think it installs Sims 4, then you go in and tell it to download each pack.
I made a carrot cake... can that not be decorated? Sad I'm trying to make a weeding cake so I can get gold for the wedding.
Here is a link to some tips that might help:

Help! How do I decorate baked goods?
I've tried a million times to use the baking cheat it will not work other cheats work for me but this one am I doing something wrong?
Mr Cooksays...
Try typing it in like this ---> stats.set_skill_level Major_Baking 10 it worked for my wife and I.
How do you hire employees
From memory you click on the cash register and a menu pops up.
So for some reason I am unable to decorate anything even though the option is there. When I select the "decorate" option, my sim waves his hand and a cloud shows up that shows the feet and an x like he can't get somewhere. He's doing this is his home. Must I open a bakery in order for them to be able to decorate cakes?
If you drag the dish one notch further out from the table/counter, so the dish comes closer to the sim, it works. :)
I am a level ten baker, cook and gourmet cook running a wildly successful bakery. I am wondering why my eclairs and turkey dinners are NORMAL quality. Even after I decorate my eclairs they are still normal quality. Everything else I make is excellent quality or impeccable. I was wondering if anyone else had run into this problem or knew how to improve the quality of my dishes. Thanks! I love your guide!!
Hi there is a bug currently with some types of restaurant food causing it to only be normal. I wonder if what you are describing is the same bug? The open bug report is here for you to go check.
If you are a level 10 cook aswell have you tried to garnish the Eclairs? I have the same problem with mine. They all come out "good"! I then saw and tried the option to "garnish" which raised the quality to "excellent". Once ANY of "Bake Pastries" are excellent quality they can be sold to the local bakery. From the Chocolate Biscotti to the Eclairs and sell between $400 and $600 though occasionally it drops lower. Once I have figured out how to sell the higher level pastries to the local bakery it seems the profits are equal if not higher than running a retail bakery. Grin
As playalot said, there is a known bug. Please check out the bug report and click, 'I have this problem too'. It helps prioritize more common problems for EA/Maxis to fix.

~Eloise and Joyce Tongue Grin
I am having a big problem where customers are ready to buy something and their blue bar above their head shimmers green and then doesn't change to the shopping cart.

Also I have a problem with customers wanting to buy something but they just wave their hands and the thought bubble indicates they can't reach it. I have tried all sorts of tables, side tables and the bakery display fridges, but nothing seems to be working. Are these problems both bugs, or could my game be corrupted? I am so confused!

Any help would be amazing! :D
The thought bubble indicates routing error so check that all the retail items have been placed cleanly and without using the building cheat MOO. Check that nothing placed on top of them is causing the issue or enlarged paintings/posters etc.
The customers not being able to be rung up sounds more like a bug. There isn't anything quite that specific in the Bug Reports but if you have any mods or cc take these out, delete the localthumbcache.package file from your The Sims 4 folder and test in a new game. If the customers can buy things just fine there then you know it is a mods/cc issue at least.
Thanks for getting back to me! Both issues only started happening once I bought the bakery, I had another store and things went smoothly.

Thanks for the help!!
If your bakery has a lot of sims crowding around the counters etc then other sims who want to buy often show that routing problem thought bubble too as they can't get to the item the game is pushing them to purchase. Often the best looking bakeries actually function the worst in-game. I downloaded a beautiful looking bakery yesterday and ended up stripping most of it bare as it was impractical for actual functional game play.
i cant work out how to get the food store so that i can purchase ingrediants. i have city living, get together and get to work. but i cant find a place to purchase ingrediants. PLEASE HELP!!
There is no food store in TS4. The ingredients you need for baking your sim can get from gardening. Some of those fruits you will be able to buy from the City Living Veggie Stall, some you can harvest from wild plants in the worlds and if you're lucky you may get the UFO fruit in the Spice Festival planters.
Guide to Gardening

hi! not sure if anyone will reply this :D

I was baking using cupcake machines but after i baked them a couple of times the option of selling to local bakeries just disappears and the issue is that my sim is a vampire.


What is the vending machine that you are talking about?? I can’t seem to find it!


Do you mean the Cupcake Factory? It is a skill item you can find in the Buy menu, search by name to find it.

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