The Sims 4 Get Famous: Celebrities

How to Become a Star: The Fame and Public Image Systems

An Actor in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion accepts an award.
A Star is Born. With Get Famous your Sims can become Celebrities.

The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack releases November 16, 2018 and will allow Sims to gain star power and become a celebrity. In this guide, we'll learn about the fame and public opinion features and how they impact gameplay. The fame system can have wide-reaching consequences depending on the perks you select, because boosts derived from fame can improve moods, relationships with other Sims, give exclusive perks, and provide bonus money for Sims crafting objects like paintings. The experience will differ slightly if a Sim is viewed positively or negatively by the public. This system is separate from the Actor career - fame is its own system, though naturally being an Actor is going to help in your quest for stardom.

Video Guide: How to Gain Fame

A guide to fame gains in the Get Famous Expansion. Includes good perks for helping your Sim to gain fame faster with fame perks.

Disable or Freeze Fame

For players who want the additions of this pack but may tire of the fame system, there is absolutely an option for you to disable it and freeze everyone's fame at its current level. This can be done on individual Sims using cheats: Control + Shift + C, testingcheats on shift-clicking a Sim and using the Public Image menu. It stops Sims gaining or losing any fame.

Becoming a Celebrity: Earning Fame Points

The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack: Fans Gather round a Celebrity
Fans go wild seeing a Celebrity in The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack

While the obvious activities like completing a commercial, film or TV spot will grant Sims a small amount of fame, it can also be acquired in numerous other ways. Nearly every skill and career has something associated with it, or at least a required skill that can be used to Get Famous. Interactions that contribute fame points will be marked with a star icon on the menu, though this doesn't tell the whole story.

The amounts of fame you gain from different activities varies wildly. It takes hundreds of points to gain the higher fame levels, so simply standing there posing for pictures won't do. Completing large tasks, like finishing a book or filming a movie are more likely to give large amounts of fame than low-ranking tasks. The earlier tasks are fantastic for getting you started, but you will need the more potent gains to truly make it to five-star celebrity in a Sim lifetime. I wanted to clear this up, because the game simply shows a +star symbol and the player is in the dark about just how much they gained, given the lack of progress meters (like we have which skills, which when hovered will show a percentage to next level).

Star Level

Sims becoming famous range in fame from one to five star celebrities. As star rank increases, new abilities unlock in the form of Fame Perks. Fame can be lost. When you gain no fame for a time, fame begins to decay. If you go long enough without gaining any fame, you will lose a rank, lose access to the fame perks in that tier, but points you may have spent on those inaccessible high ranking perks will be refunded to you if applicable. You never lose Perk Points, you don't regain them if you rank back up. You just may find yourself with no way to spend those points if you got to a high rank and drop all the way back down, because all perks would be locked.

While perk points are a great way to progress, ranks in fame also unlock new abilities!

Celebrity Ranks

  • Rank 1: Notable Newcomer - Unlock one Fame Perk and have a chance to develop one Fame Quirk
  • Rank 2: Rising Star - Access two more Fame Perks. You can now sign autographs (directly accessible on Sims you haven't met, found under friendly for those you have). Sims may reject your autograph. Pose for pictures is available by clicking on your Sim. This is a good way to gain a small amount of fame. Additionally, the Celebrity Meet and Greet can be found under the throw a social event menu on the phone. Fans are not required (you can only invite one). Sims will show up to meet your Celebrity.
  • Rank 3: B-Lister - You gain two additional Fame Points and "unlock" another Quirk slot. Paparazzi will begin to pursue your Sim in public (occasionally), and your Sim will now have genuine fans. Your Sim can now use the mirror to put on a Celebrity Disguise to go out in private. No Fame can be gained while in a celebrity disguise. Along with the Rank 3 Perks, the first Public Image perks unlock at this level should your reputation be high (or low) enough.
  • Rank 4: Proper Celebrity - Two additional Fame Perks are unlocked, but no new Quirks. Your Sim will begin to shine, though you can disable fame shine by clicking your Sim. Your Celebrity now has a unique walk style that can be disabled as well. You can Incite Cheers by clicking your Sim as well, prompting nearby Sims to... well, cheer.
  • Rank 5: Global Superstar - Three Fame Perks are unlocked, and two quirks. You've reached the top. Because you made it so far, your Sim's fame decay rate will drop, allowing them to maintain their Celebrity rank. Because of this accomplishment, you can never gain drop below B-Lister (Rank 3).

Public Image

The Sims 4 Get Famous: A celebrity surrounded by Paparazzi
A Celebrity surrounded by Paparazzi

Being known is great, but are you the Tom Hanks of the Sims world or a Chris Brown? Public Image is a part of your celebrity, which starts at neutral. On the bad side, Sims can be bad, awful, or atrocious, while on the good side they can have a good, great, or pristine reputation for seven possible public image ranks. Devoting your Sim to a particular image direction can allow good or bad actions to accrue fame much faster.

Being infamous or having a good reputation will impact the perks you're able to select, though thankfully only in their specific categories (the majority are available based on star ranking alone). Good Sims may donate items from their home to further maintain their good standing with the public and make a fan very happy, while notorious Sims can host Lampoon parties and may even be cheered on for horrible behavior. You can maintain your image through actions or even ask your agent to run a story about you. Look to the bottom of the fame perks page to see the Positive/Negative reputation perks.

Celebrity Life

The Sims 4 Get Famous: Throwing Money
A Celebrity throwing money to show off wealth

Sims who reach B-list status will have paparazzi following them from time to time, but can also don a celebrity disguise so they can go out in public without being harassed. This will only further the need to maintain a good public image. Celebrities are known for their wealth, and plenty can be done with money in this pack. There are extremely expensive items that can be purchased for your home - such as floating sleep pod, but more notably a money vault! Sims can choose to store a sum in the vault and sleep or woohoo in the piles of cash. Strike a pose for a fan to get a photo or sign an autograph for an adoring fan. When your celebrity goes out, people are going to notice.

Celebrity Perks

As you gain fame points, you'll unlock access to star perks. These do a number of things (nearly two dozen are available). Perks have prerequisites (generally the ones below them on the menu) and require your celebrity to be of a certain star level.

Reading the descriptions of the perks, it's clear the early ones cater to certain playstyles. Sims who are taking on the new Media Production skill will want a Corporate Partnership so that their fame increases faster. They'll get access to new interactions/jobs as well with this perk. None of these perks appear to be basic +20% bonuses to skill gains. They all have a number of effects on your Sim, unlocking new interactions with other Sims, the phone, or boosting fame gains from specific activities.

Celebrity Quirks

As Celebrities begin to gain fame, they'll gradually accumulate quirks (up to four). Learn all about Fame Quirks in our Guide. These are neither chosen by the player nor assigned randomly, though you may be able to influence them. Quirks are assigned to Sims based upon recent activities and moods. They are not positive boosts, instead affecting behavior. For example a Sim may be a juice enthusiast, lose emotional control when sad or angry, attract more paparazzi, or even get a Stan (a stalker fan).

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Even though you have said acting isn't the only way to get famous can you get famous from the original careers like writer or painter or chef?
14th November 2018 4:22am
Yes, all careers/skills etc will allow you to become famous. But you have to manually direct your sim to gain Fame, it won't happen 'by accident'.
15th November 2018 6:44pm
How do we manually direct our sim towards fame though?
16th November 2018 11:13pm
You can gain fame by adding to your simstagram story (on phone or computer), streaming with a droid thing, acting in public or a social media profile (level 5 charisma needed to start one). I found when you become more famous you will have more things to do to gain fame like I can sing or play an instrument in public and gain fame now. Hope this helps! Smile
17th November 2018 10:37am
You will Absolutely earn fame by playing through other skills as usual. Painting is one of the fastest simply because of the direct correlation between earnings and its effect on fame. Sell paintings, publish books, license songs, all of these are major fame builders. - do none of them for a few Sim days... and you'll drop a fame level, sell another painting.. and you're back. :) (Want the $ from paintings but not the fame? Sell them within your inventory & vise versa- to get the fame from the new digital sketch pad, pull the paintings onto a wall, then sell.)

There's also fame activities built into the city festivals. Fame is tucked Everywhere, and the higher your skills, the more interactions you'll find.
19th November 2018 4:13am
Just to let you know, my B-lister sim had a baby and her baby was born a b-lister. Hereditary fame!
17th November 2018 1:25pm
Reached my first Star level via doing space missions (the irony...)
Astronaut carreer have not provided any Fame yet - but rocketship do provide a steady Fame income...
Have not got any Quirks yet, despite drinking like horse (yup, looking towards juice addiction quirk). I even assembled drunkards-only club, gained hella lot of club points by getting stoned - still no quirk.
Managed to receive 1+ level of Positive image from only being molested... ahem... MOTIVATED by local gym's trainer a few times in a row. I. e. some actions may provide background Image gains/losses.
17th November 2018 1:38pm
Bianca S
Can sims have 'celebrity name's? My sim is named Jeremiah, but could he be known as 'Jay' once he becomes famous?
18th November 2018 7:12pm
Using cheats you can change your sims name in CAS anytime. Cheats Guide. Testingcheats on followed by cas.fulleditmode on
18th November 2018 9:59pm
I do wish there was an option for a "professional name" and or a nickname. My musician practices guitar in public in a kitty costume, it would be cool for people to know her as "Guitar Kitty" even though her real name isn't a secret.
25th November 2018 10:19pm
And my sim has now had a half alien boy. If nicknames were an option, I would definitely have him go by "Lil Boy Blue," but I'm not actually naming him that.
13th December 2018 12:36pm
Michele Fowler
My Sim has attained Global superstar status, has reached 5 stars but never obtained an award. He turns up at every ceremony but never gets a trophy. Is there a trick to get one.
3rd December 2018 9:10am
Sometimes saving and restarting your game can help with things like this. Helps to update all the data etc and seems to improve the odds.
3rd December 2018 6:23pm
Does anybody know if the Politician career causes you to gain fame?
5th December 2018 1:58pm
No skill or career (apart from the actor career) will cause your sim to gain Fame. You have to be directing your sim to do specific actions to gain Fame. Carl's video above has good tips on how to start and to continue to gain Fame points.
5th December 2018 2:18pm
Okay, thanks!
5th December 2018 2:19pm
Just going to work and coming home won't give you fame, but a lot of directly related activities do. Protesting and securing votes probably DO give you at least some fame, I haven't messed with the politician career since the expansion. My musician didn't get anything for going to work, but she did get quite a lot for her directly related activities like licensing her songs, and doing her daily practicing out in public.
6th December 2018 1:28pm
And all these actions are player driven, even the occasional chance cards that come up in the Business Career have two choices, one that will give Fame Points - the other that won't. This way at least, players who want to remain 'fame-free' are able to. It's good to see player-choice being a high priority for the devs.
6th December 2018 8:27pm
Right. I kind of assumed that doing her practicing in her own living room wouldn't earn fame, so getting out in public to practice was on purpose. I have an athlete who's still nobody, and his daily prep routine doesn't really offer a chance to earn fame- all he has to do is watch TV for a couple hours (study opponents). Unfortunately the cards that do pop up with fame opportunities have choices that would make him look like a jerk.
7th December 2018 1:36am
Even sims with modded third party traits and careers can gain fame points and quirks but those sims must be "manually guided" to do things that add fame points. Just my two-bits worth of comments.
7th December 2018 3:51am
I'm trying to make my sim famous through being a youtuber but despite uploading videos, selling paintings and other stuff that gives me fame, I'm stuck at just under the rank 2 of the celebrity track and cannot advanced past it no matter what I do. The bar is completely full but it just won't rollover to the next level.
18th December 2018 6:16am
If your sim is a child or teen rank 2 is as high as they can go. If your sim is a young adult or older then spam the phone interaction add to simstagram (I think it is called) over and over again and that will give you the boost. It seems that sometimes crossing those thresholds is difficult. Also remember that Fame slowly decreases over time so if you are not constantly working at it it will decline just enough to make crossing over seem impossible.
18th December 2018 3:20pm
How do you actually get celebrity star ranks??
27th December 2018 9:03am
The video entitled: 'How to Gain Fame' linked to in the guide above has some good tips. But there are many ways to gain fame, some as simple as completing a painting (painting skill) and then selling the finished painting for simoleons and Fame by clicking on it when completed, other ways involve going to work as an actor or any other career and waiting for chance cards and so on. Your sim can start gaining Fame Points by using their phone to 'Add to Simstagram Story' or Updating their 'Social Media Status' after they have 'created a Social media Profile' on a PC.
27th December 2018 4:58pm
Does the activities for the social media career in city living help a lot for getting fame since regular social media can help?
11th February 2019 1:45pm
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