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People loved my sitemap for The Sims 3, because it helped them to discover content found throughout that huge site. Because this has been requested a few times in the past year, I'm making the same thing for The Sims 4. This list of guides will also give me a place to share miscellaneous content I write, such as the guide about the talking toilet from City Living. I'd really like to do more content like that, but it's difficult to give it a place within the site structure. So while this will help some readers, it'll also help yours truly to get a bit more creative with content.

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The list is a hierarchy of directories, much like the main site. If you're looking for the skills list, you'd head toward S based off the top level. If I haven't written a guide yet, it's unlinked but listed in order to help people see what is available with various expansions and stuff packs. Miscellaneous help articles are found at the bottom.

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Hello. Is it okay if I copy the whole The Sims 4 folder? Or there would be some problem?
21st June 2018 2:19pm
If you are meaning to make a back-up, sure. I have one complete back-up on a pen drive like that. There are other ways to make back ups etc so these How-To posts on our forum may be of some use to you: How-To's (click)
21st June 2018 6:48pm
Yes i mean back up. Thank you so much
22nd June 2018 1:17pm
Georgette Clegg
I remember in Sims 3 we could get rid of the blurring when the sims were in the bath or on the toilet. Is something like that available in Sims 4?
21st August 2018 3:08am
Options Menu>Game Options>Uncheck Post Processing Effects
21st August 2018 9:57pm
Nicole Finch
your guides are super helpful thank you
29th September 2018 12:03am
Hi --- I can't sign into Carl's forum Shocked. I tried, but my computer gave me this message when I pressed log in. How do I fix it so I can log in again? Thanks a lot!
The page isn’t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.
30th September 2018 10:22am
Hey Coolsim. Sounds like you need to reset cookies or clear your browser cache. I'm not aware of any technical problems with the site right now. If it doesn't work, email me at [email protected]
1st October 2018 8:21pm
Michaele Desmond
I'm trying to get into build mode but it won't let me because it says "You cannot do this while a Sim is aging up", but I have no Sim even close to being ready to age up. How do I fix this? I can't even save my game because of it.
4th October 2018 9:32am
Sadly this is a known bug. There is a huge bug report on it here (click). Sometimes you can work around the bug by saving, quitting then deleting the localthumbcache.package file and then on entering the game again play a family you haven't played before. Bake a cake and click on it to manually age up one of these 'new' sims. This doesn't always work but good luck. If you can't solve the issue you will need to move your current saves folder out onto yr desk top and clear the cache again and then start a brand new game. My advice is to not play any old saves as this bug can transfer to other saves. Tip: always quit the game and never quit to main menu as this is when bugs can spread between save files.
4th October 2018 8:28pm
What do health potions and emotion potions do? There's no article on potions
6th October 2018 9:45pm
They don't seem to do anything at all, which is why there is no guide to them. They are primarily made on the children's science table - The Junior Wizards Starter Set. The Health potion can also caught while fishing and when consumed restores a sims hunger. A sim can get the uncomfortable moodlet or the Smooth Sipping +1 happy 4hrs from it.
7th October 2018 8:00pm
Sarah Schnee
Actually, potions made by children will give the emotion they had while creating if it is a good emotion potion. My child sim has to make multiple potions for the wiz kid aspiration and was confident (from completing homework) and drinking it gave a confident +1 for 4 hours from the potion. Another potion was made while the child was focused and drinking gave focused +1 for 4 hours. Otherwise, the sim could get an uncomfortable +1 for 4 hours because it was poorly made. Health potions do give what was mentioned earlier.
18th June 2019 11:56am
Right, so they don't really do anything unique. Your sim can already access potions for certain emotions which we have covered in our Emotions Section.
18th June 2019 7:45pm
johnny jolie
This site is everything!!!!!!
27th December 2018 8:38am
Was wondering how to find Millie Bobby Brown?
29th January 2019 7:39pm
Love this site!
15th March 2019 10:38am
Felicity Fitzpatrick
Please write a guide on graduation etc
25th May 2019 12:45am
There is no graduation in TS4. Sims simply age up and so leave high school and then either get a career or earn money through a skill.
25th May 2019 11:44pm
Wondering if there's somewhere showing all locked clothing, and how to unlock it? I recently saw an NPC in a dress that was transparent, except for opaque panels over the important bits. I can't find it in CAS, so my guess is it must be a reward item, but I have no idea for what.
25th May 2019 1:13am
Ok, nevermind I found it. There's a dress from Seasons which looks radically different, depending on what swatches you look at.
25th May 2019 1:52am
Sarah Schnee
Is there a guide to get all the achievements in game? Some are easy (maxing skills or careers) but I cannot seem to get a couple of these and the description does not help very much. The ones I'm struggling with now are "channel surfer", "basketcase", all the social/social event related ones (3 first kisses in a single social event, get a gold medal on 8 different social events, get a silver medal on 5 different social events, be BFFs with 6 NPCs, and woohoo 50 unique NPCs), and all the "legacy" type ones (10 generations, 10 generations in 10 households, 100 generations, 26 generations, etc) and I can't find a guide on these things.
18th June 2019 11:49am
Sarah Schnee
I just got the channel surfer one because my sim upgraded the TV and radio to give more channels and stations. Still need help on all others though
18th June 2019 12:01pm
We don't have a guide on how to do them as the description usually holds enough clues, the Basket Case is have a Sim get in and out of all primary emotional states within 24 Sim hours. So you could use potions for some of them but remember that 'fine' as also needed. You could also use emotional paintings if you have a sim with the ability to craft these unlocked. The others you mention, well, you just need to hold a party for example and have 3 kisses and so on. The legacy ones take a lot of game play, you'll need to play the same household for many generations before they will unlock. So the achievements are very literal, most of them you literally just need to do what the descriptor says. Also the achievement unlocks are per game every time you start a new game save file the achievements will reset. But you can play multiple families (households) within that same game save file to help you with unlocking them all.
18th June 2019 7:43pm
Sarah Schnee
What are the primary emotional states? I have sims that can do potions and paintings, but I don't know which emotions are the "primary" ones. Also, I've tried to do the social ones but I'm never able to complete before time runs out. The legacy ones are difficult because I'm not entirely sure what is considered a generation as my more active household has (in sim genealogy) 10 generations but the achievement says 8/10 still. This could be because I have 8 sims in my household but idk.
18th June 2019 10:21pm
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