The Sims 4 Pet Sicknesses in Cats and Dogs

Veterinarian Diagnosis, Treatments, and Illnesses List

The Surgery Station in the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Pets Expansion
The Surgery Station seems to deliver faster diagnoses due to its in-depth scans. To compensate for this, it's rather expensive. Many illnesses can be cured at the exam table if your Veterinarian Skill is high enough.

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs includes the ability to run a vet clinic. Aside from managing the clinic and its employees, you must also treat animals for a variety of illnesses. Each one has its own set of symptoms and correct treatments. This guide lists all the various sicknesses pets can get, along with major symptoms to help you diagnose a disease.

Use Control+F if you have one or more of the symptoms already discovered and your browser will highlight those illnesses that have those symptoms. This is so that you can try to use fewer exams to discover the remaining symptoms. You can also sometimes rule things out without having all of the symptoms yet revealed and deliver treatment early, allowing you to get on to the next patient. Pay attention to how the animal looks, and the major symptoms may whittle it down to only one or two possible diseases. If you know the disease, use any of the correct treatments to cure the sick pet.

Cures for sicknesses in the Sims 4 Cats and Dogs Pets Expansion
Sometimes, the Cone of Shame is all you have available to cure the cat or dog.

If you're working on an animal, realize that if you have a low vet skill level you may not have the required ability to treat the disease properly from the exam table. Some require the surgery station to fix at low level, while shots unlock later that can fix them at the exam table. Incorrect treatments will have a thumbs down next to them, indicating that the treatment will not work. In cases where you can't help the animal because no correct cure exists for you, apply a cone of shame to cure the pet but realize the owner would be unhappy with the service you provided and will give your clinic a lower star rating. Still, it lets you move on to the next customer.

Look to the pet's appearance and behavior in-game to see major symptoms, this will help you narrow it down to a couple of diseases. Then check their eyes, nose etc. to determine which illness the animal has and treat them! As an example, if the animal presents the icy fur symptom and there are only 4 symptoms, it is either Ice Fur, Frost Fur Flu, Winterfest Fever or Frozen Mange. If the nose is also glowing, it's Winterfest Fever. If the animal has watery eyes, it's Frosty Fur Flu. This is just to get the diagnosis a little bit faster to help you serve a large volume of customers and stress the animal less, because each test causes stress and you use even more interactions having to calm them. You could eventually come to these conclusions running every test, but it can be a huge time saver.

Sicknesses, Symptoms, and Cures List

Sometimes the pet is healthy and the cure is a preventative shot - these visits count as checkups, I suppose. There's also a Fake Healthy situation, which requires a simple shot of fixitol - the only major issues you'll find are high temperature and excessive earwax.

SicknessDifficultyMajor SymptomMinor SymptomsCure It With
Faking Healthyeasynonehigh temperature, excessive earwaxFixitol Treat at Exam Table, Extract Cuteness Surgery
HealthyeasynonenonePreventative Shot
Blazing TootsiesEasyHot FeetDry Eyes, High TemperatureParasite Killer Spray from Exam Table, Tum Tum Readjustment Surgery
Derpy DoggyEasyExtreme LethargySluggish Heartbeat, Inflamed CutenessAntifungal Spray at Exam Table, Refill Nose Surgery
FleasEasyFleas!NoneParasite Killer Spray at Exam Table, Unblock Chute Surgery
Ice FurEasyIcy FurLow Temperature, Overly Moist SkinAntiviral Payload Shot at Exam Table, Extract Excess Cuteness Surgery
Lava NoseEasyGlowing NoseRaspy Breathing, Sweet BreathOrgaic Disinfectant Spray at Exam Table, Refill Nose Surgery
Mild RepugnitisEasyMouth Moths, Uncontrollable Drooling, Stinky FurNoneParasite Killer Spray at Exam Table, Unblock Chute Surgery
Pristmatic Poop PlagueEasyRainbow PoopRapid Heartbeat, Sweet BreathMedicineX Pill at Exam Table, Unblock Chute Surgery
Swamp MouthEasyBarfingHigh Temperature, Uncontrollable DroolingEssence of Placebo at Treatment Table, Tum Tum Readjustment Surgery
Winterfest FeverEasyGlowing Nose, Icy FurLow TemperatureFixitol Treat at Exam Table, Unblock Chute Surgery
Woozy KittyitisEasyExtreme LethargySluggish Heartbeat, Inflamed CutenessEudemonia Concentrate at Exam Table, Extract Cuteness Surgery
Advanced LavanoseMediumGlowing Nose, Rainbow PoopRaspy Breathing, Sweet BreathFixitol Treat at Exam Table, Refill Nose Surgery
Advanced SwampmouthMediumBarfing, Uncontrollable DroolingLow Temperature, Excessively Wet NoseMedicineX at Exam Table
Frosty Fur FluMediumIcy FurLow Temperature, Overly Moist Skin, Watery EyesEssence of Placebo from Exam Table, Unblock Kibble Chute Blockage Surgery
Frozen MangeMediumIcy FurLow Temperature, Excessively Wet Nose, Stinky FurOrganic Disinfectant Spray from Exam Table, Refill Nose Surgery
Gilded Guts DisorderMediumGolden PoopWatery Eyes, Overly Moist Skin, Rapid HeartbeatEssence of Placebo at Exam Table, Tum Tum Readjustment Surgery
Magmafied OrgansMediumGlowing Nose, Hot FeetHigh Temperature, Rapid HeartbeatAntiviral Payload Shot at Exam Table, Refill Nose Surgery
Overheated SnifferGlowing Nose, Rainbow PoopDry Nose, High TemperatureAntifungal Treatment Spray at Exam Table, Lubricate Joints Surgery
PyrotoesMediumHot FeetDry Nose, High Temperature, Inflamed CutenessAntifungal Treatment Spray at Exam Table, Extract Cutness Surgery
RepugnitisMediumStinky Fur, Fleas, Mouth Moths, Uncontrollable DroolingNoneOrganic Disinfectant Spray at Treatment Table, Tum Tum Readjustment Surgery
SizzlepawMediumHot FeetDry Eyes, High Temperature, Raspy BreathingFixitol Treat at Exam Table, Unblock Chute Surgery
Squirrel FeverMediumUncontrollable Drooling, Extreme LethargySluggish Heartbeat, Ear InfectionFeelgood Serum at Exam Table, Extract Cuteness Surgery
Critical HotfootHardHot FeetDry Eyes, High Temperature, Raspy Breathing, Dry SkinAntiviral Payload at Exam Table, Lubricate Joint Surgery
Critical LavanoseHardGlowing Nose, Rainbow PoopRaspy Breathing, Sweet Breath, Ear InfectionEudemonia Concentrate at Exam Table, Refill Nose Surgery
Tundra HideHardIcy FurWatery Eyes, Excessively Wet Nose, Overly Moist Skin, Low TemperatureMedicineX Treatment at Exam Table, Lubricate Joint Surgery
Slurry FurHardIcy FurLow Temperature, Sweet Breath, Overly Moist Skin, Dry EyesTum Tum Readjustment Surgery
Shortnose FeverHardGlowing Nose, Rainbow PoopRaspy Breathing, Sour Breath, Dry EyesUnblock Chute Surgery
Super RepugnitisHardBarfing, Fleas, Mouth Moths, Stinky Fur, Uncontrollable Drooling (yikes!)NoneTum Tum Readjustment Surgery
Super Swamp MouthHardBarfing, Uncontrollable Drooling, Extreme LethargyOverly Moist Skin, Unstable TemperatureTum Tum Readjustment Surgery
Throbpaw DiseaseHardHot FeetDry Eyes, High Temperature, Sour Breath, Ear InfectionFeelgood Serum at Exam Table, Refill Nose Surgery

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can you sell the golden poop?
13th November 2017 4:48pm
Yes, I believe the SimGurus mentioned it in a live stream that it sells for 6,006 simoleans
which, when flipped, spells poop.
13th November 2017 6:23pm
I was watching Sim Supply play as a vet, and I noticed that every time he gave a healthy pet a preventative shot, the owner would get upset, emoting either a thumbs down or a broken heart, and sometimes cry.
Later, when he checked the reviews, it said his treatments were inaccurate.

Why might this be? Why are the owners upset that their pet is healthy?
28th November 2017 5:28pm
Couldn't say, Maybe James uses cc and mods? idk Maybe he should have treated the pet on the surgery machine? Without actually knowing exactly what the player was doing it is anyone's guess.
29th November 2017 4:50pm
Huh, my game has the same symptoms and treatment for "Tundra Hide" as you have for "Fierce Frosty Flu".

Also, the game spells it "Icy" fur, not "icey". Correcting that would make it easier to search.
29th November 2017 2:17pm
Thanks for pointing that out, sometimes in-game is different to the game coding.
29th November 2017 5:07pm
Loved the creativity of the names of illnesses. Grin
12th December 2017 12:22am
Do you randomly get overheated sniffer?
13th December 2017 6:13pm
All the pets illness are randomly generated by the game.
14th December 2017 3:56pm
how to prevent vomiting, pooping and urinating scattered in the clinic when pets come for treatment? Any perks points that we have to redeem for?
23rd December 2017 1:45pm
You cure these pets by taking them to the exam table or surgery table. That's the only way to stop them being sick...right. That's the whole point of the vet career, curing sick pets. To clean up the sickness and mess the ill pets make you can direct an employee to clean or use a family member or get the electronic cleaner.
To over come the negative moodlet that the pet owners get from their sick pets you need to have a very well decorated surgery waiting room. This is part of the game play strategy to getting a 5 star vet clinic rating.
23rd December 2017 5:07pm
I haven't seen the electronic cleaner, where can you find that?
23rd December 2017 11:28pm
Build/buy and search: Robot Vacuum or High End Robot Vacuum. This object came with the Cats and Dogs expansion pack.
25th December 2017 7:03pm
I can't seem to get the pet and owner to leave. I bill them and they pay but linger so I can't treat another patient. What am I doing wrong?
24th December 2017 6:35pm
Might be a glitch. Close your clinic, wait for them to leave or travel to another lot with your sim then travel back and reopen your clinic. Normally patients do linger for a short while after charging them but that shouldn't stop your vet sim from greeting the next patient.
25th December 2017 7:01pm
My cat got sick(Oh no!), and the diagnotic my sims got to is Projectile Repugnitis which seems to be Super Repugnitis.
6th May 2018 4:51pm
I didn't originally want to pay any attention to pets until the second generation but... There's a wild dog that used to come every week to fight a bush next to my house. After some time, it came with confussion signs and blabbering mucus, suddenly falling asleep... I checked on pet care, and it said it needs to go to a vet clinic.
I took it straight to the vet clinic, but the clinic's machine doesn't allow me to make an appointment to cure it. What can I do?
14th May 2018 6:46pm
Nothing really. It's one of the aspects of this expansion that I dislike. You could try to befriend the stray and ask it to join your household (adopt it) but chances are that it will join your household well. You can try using cheats to reset it (shift click) and then with testingcheats on 'make happy'. But often that doesn't cure the illness. In time the game will clean the pet up and the illness will go away so you can also just try to ignore it. It really is quite horrible having to see stray dogs or other household pets with that mucus foaming illness. :( Sometimes having the vet equipment on your home lot will allow you to practise curing pets and animals that you've invited in (for a visit) but your sim has to level up in vet skill and the game won't always allow you to practice on visiting pets.
14th May 2018 8:42pm
I give sick strays the Wellness Treat that you can buy at the Vet Clinic. Usually it clears up the visual symptoms of the illness, but I can't say 100% that they get cured since my sim isn't a Vet.
31st May 2018 11:29am
I haven't encountered the Faking Healthy in game or on any other websites? Huh
6th June 2018 5:55pm
I've had it a few times in my game. I can't remember the exact in-game title as it is a little different to the code. But the fixitol treatment cures it.
6th June 2018 6:35pm
Has anyone ever successfully had an employee use a surgery station? Mine never seem to use it, even with pets that require surgery to fix.
If this really is the case, it is a good tip to only buy one surgery station (that you will use personally) and enough tables for your employees to use.
25th July 2018 11:37pm
No, I keep the surgery station for my controlled sim which is the best way to get good results and a bit of extra profit.
27th July 2018 12:08am
Love the fleas one fleas obviously is the major septum not that funny though.....GrinGrinGrin
22nd December 2018 4:36pm
This might be a personal problem, but it's a problem nontheless. I belief there should be something in the green boxes, but they are completely empty. It's hard to tell what is a symptom and what a treatment. For me, there's nothing seperating them.
14th March 2019 8:02am
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