The Sims 4 Flower Arranging

Scent Effects and Making Money as a Florist

The Sims 4 Seasons Flower Arranging Skill
The Flower Arranging Skill in The Sims 4 Seasons lets you make massive amounts of money whether you choose to grow flowers or not.

The Sims 4 Seasons features a new floral arranging skill that allows players to take their fresh flowers and turn them into arrangements. These arrangements can be used around the home as decorations, distributed as gifts, or turned into stock in a Get to Work Retail Business allowing you to run a florist shop.

How to: Flower Arranging Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level major_flowerarranging x (fill in 1-10) - we also have a full listing of Skill Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4


Video Guide: Planning and Running a Florist

The Sims 4 Video

This video guide covers a lot of new and old mechanics. You'll learn how to make masterpiece floral arrangements, plan ahead for the opening of a retail business that sells flowers, and finally be taught some tips that help you to make sales.

Getting Started

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The Sims 4 Seasons flower arrangement can be done with or without fresh ingredients
Uncheck 'Use Fresh Ingredients' if you'd like to preserve your flowers. You'll automatically buy any missing flowers, getting a discount if you have even some of the required flowers.

You can start floral arranging without taking the gardening career, though you'll certainly get some extra money by working at home as a florist after getting through the early gardening career levels. Simply purchase the Violets are Blue Flower Arranging Table from Study > Hobbies and Skills in Sort by Room (Buy Mode). Skill books are available as well and it's certainly encouraged here. You'll be losing money for the first few levels unless you have fresh flowers.

With each arrangement, you have the option of using fresh flowers. If the flowers themselves are decent quality it helps to increase the quality of the final product, while also saving you from having to buy them before you can craft the arrangement (this is done automatically). Remember to uncheck the 'Use Fresh Ingredients' box at the top left of the crafting menu if you do not want to use your stored flowers. Flowers can be in your Sim's inventory or stocked inside the flower arranging table by dragging them from the inventory.

Floral Arranging Skill Levels

The Sims 4 Seasons - add scents to flower arrangements to give powerful moodlets
Add scents to floral arrangements for some powerful effects, such as scent of life.

The ideal mood for flower arranging is Inspired. Being inspired will increase skill gains while also giving a better chance of good quality arrangements (so it seems, anyway). Here is what you unlock on each skill up. Be sure to read on below for some advice that might help you to avoid losing too much money while you're low level in flower arranging.

  • Level 1 - At the beginning, you can make arrangements with Tulips, Holly, Daisy, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, Bluebell, and Begonias.
  • Level 2 - Arrangements with Roses, Snapdragons, and Crocuses unlock
  • Level 3 - Additional arrangements can be made with Begonias, Dahlias, and Tulips. Scents from Snowdrop and Crocuses can be added to excellent-quality arrangements.
  • Level 4 - Arrangements with Snowdrops, Lilies, and Christmas Roses unlock. Scents from Daisies and Bluebells can be added to excellent-quality arrangements. Level 1 floral arrangements will get a quality boost.
  • Level 5 - Arrangements from Orchids and Birds of Paradise unlock. Excellent-quality arrangements can be scented from Roses and Dahlias. Level 2 floral arrangements get a quality boost.
  • Level 6 - Excellent-quality arrangements can be scented from Snapdragons and Chrysanthemums. Level 3 floral arrangements get a quality boost.
  • Level 7 - Excellent-quality arrangements can be scented from Tulips and Christmas Roses. Level 4 floral arrangements will be of higher quality.
  • Level 8 - Excellent-quality arrangements can now be scented with Begonias and Birds of Paradise. Level 5 floral arrangements will be of higher quality.
  • Level 9 - Excellent-quality arrangements can be scented from Lilies and Death Flowers.
  • Level 10 - Excellent-quality arrangements can be scented from Orchids.

Making Money as a Florist

The Sims 4 Seasons make money as a floral arranger
You can make great money as a floral arranger, even more so if you choose to open a retail shop.

Starting this skill, you're going to lose money if you don't have fresh flowers. Growing your own has a number of benefits, higher margins when you make pristine/excellent flowers and less risk of running yourself into the ground while you develop the trade. There are only 3 quality levels. Poor but fresh reduces the value by 33%, normal but pristine freshness adds 50% and excellent adds 100% to the base cost (more on that soon).

When you begin, try to stick with lower level flowers unless you have money to burn. There are 5 'skill levels' to the flowers and you'll notice that at level 4 in Flower Arranging skill you get a boost to your level 1 flowers. Stick with level 1 flowers even if you unlock more, because you're still much more likely to make normal/excellent until you get the extra boosts to quality for the other arrangements. These are obviously marked in the crafting interface and you can even sort by skill level. This is to slow the cash burn early on and be more likely to produce a profit.

Quality, Masterpieces, and Freshness - Making Money with Floral Arrangements

Flowers that are very fresh are 'Pristine' and go to normal, then rot. Being rotten tanks the value of the flowers. The drop to normal comes 24-48 hours after you first craft the flowers. Pristine freshness gives a 33% boost to value but changes to 50% for higher qualities. To get the final value of flowers, first the value is multiplied by the actual quality level (poor - 50%, normal - 100%, and excellent 200%). So $100 flowers become $200 if excellent. However they should also be pristine freshness, so get another 33% boost (200 * 1.33) for $266. So we've raised our $100 flowers by 166% profit margin. Amazing right? However there is another factor - they can also be a Masterpiece starting at level 7, and this is where this skill goes to utterly broken at high levels.

Because of the way the game calculates all this, adding bonuses in a multiplicative manner, it results in insane values. It only takes about 90 minutes to make an arrangement. If it comes out a masterpiece, it is 2-3x the base value with quality taken into account, then multiplied by 1.5 for freshness. To give you some idea - a crocus is $34. It comes out excellent, it is now $68. Now the value is multiplied by any random number between 2 to 3. So, our crocus is now worth 136 to 204. With freshness, it's $204-$306. for a $34 investment. Sounds reasonable, but it gets more absurd when you consider it's still 90 minutes to make an $800 arrangement. These will come out in the $5000 to 6000 range for effectively $4,000 an hour. This is before you put a markup on it at your retail shop. Give it's already broken it's probably good that marketable does not seem to have an effect on flower arrangements.

If you put bluebells scent on the flowers, they won't rot so the urgency to sell them goes away. This is a good thing, but one thing about running a flower shop would be you need to sacrifice some of your inventory to wilting. So you need to harvest and make the correct amount to sell each day and toss some of it. With enough bluebells, you can stock up the store with $2,000 to $6,000 flowers at a high markup and leave each day when you make a sale.

Scents - Special Interactions with Arrangements

The Sims 4 Seasons - The scent of life gives immortality
The Scent of Life can be used to make your Sims immortal, barring any accidents of course. The Scent of Death can be used to make a Sim an elder, or make an elder die.

An arrangement must come out excellent quality in order to be scented. Once scented, you can click the arrangement to do a special interaction with it - often giving a moodlet, but sometimes with other effects. There are no auras as far as I can tell. Scents do not seem to boost value, though one scent (bluebell) can be helpful to selling flowers in retail. Most other cases of using flowers to make money would involve you selling them as soon as they're made, so rotting and freshness is a non-issue. To add a scent, click the flower while it's still on the work station. You can drag an arrangement back to the table if you forgot to add a scent.

Scent FlowerBlessing NameWhat it Does
SnowdropSeasonsGives a +2 Inspired Moodlet (Wisp Watcher) when you click the flowers and select watch wisps.
CrocusBee-FriendingProduces a calming effect on bee hives. The area of effect is 6 full large squares in range (the bold white lines seen in build mode). If you can count from the location of the flowers, and come up with less than or equal to 6 it will be inside the effective area.
DaisyJoyGet a +2 happy Joy and Sunshine moodlet when you select the flowers and click 'joy and sunshine'. Given as a gift, the recipient gets this same moodlet.
BluebellTimelessnessSlows the rotting process, letting plants maintain 'Pristine' freshness longer. It may stop it, but I don't want to make false claims until I know for sure. This is very helpful to keeping your stock fresh when you're running a flower shop with Get to Work's retail feature.
RoseRomanceClick 'fill with passion' to get a +2 2 hour flirty moodlet (floral passion). Gives the same moodlet when given as a gift.
DahliaMourningClick the flower and select 'weep from beauty' to give a Sim a +3 sad moodlet, making them very sad. The flowers do the same to the recipient when given as a gift.
SnapdragonDisrespectEvidently snapdragon is some big insult? Regardless, it will give some insulting option when you click the plant. These give a +2 angry moodlet for 2 hours. The recipient will get the same. Get into a fight, get insulting, and give them these to set them over the edge.
ChrysanthemumFriendshipGives a +2 happy moodlet for 2 hours. Giving it as a gift gives the same result.
TulipFaithfulGives a +2 happy moodlet for 2 hours.
Christmas Rose (Rare Flower)SlumberClick 'feeling drowsy' on the flower, and if it's on a table the Sim should head to bed. On the floor, they may go to sleep right there. This puts a Sim into stasis. Their needs will stay full, but they can sleep for a very long time (maybe forever) until canceled. When they wake up from this hibernation, their needs will need filled so it's not a magic bullet but may be useful for some storytelling or gameplay purposes, like if you have a Sim you want to crash out so you can do super speed 3.
Begonia (Rare Flower)CursedGiven as a gift, Begonias give a 24h +3 dazed moodlet (Cursed gift) to the recipient.
Bird of Paradise (Rare Flower)MagnificenceGives a +2 Confident moodlet when you click 'Be Magnificent'. May do the same when given as a gift. How anti-climactic.
Lily (Rare Flower)CreativityGives a +2 inspired moodlet (Inspirational Flowers) when you click creative skill inspiration.
Death Flower (Rare Flower)DeathDoesn't have any options when you click it, but give this as a gift and the recipient will age up. Do this to an elder, and you'll get the expected result.
Orchid (Rare Flower)LifeGives the 'Inhale Life Essence' interaction with the flower (and may do this when given as a gift). Resets a Sim's age to the beginning of the current stage, or at least adds a few days to their life.

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Comments (12)

Begonia is 'Cursed'
Can an arrangement be scented multiple times? I'm tempted to try making an arrangement whose condition rotting is slowed down but also calms bees.
I don' think this is possible, shame though, it would have been good to make some scents timeless and their effect.
Does anyone know where I can actually find Dahlias so that I can plant them? I can't find a reference to it anywhere on the internet lol.
Dahlias don't grow in the wild so you will have to get them from seed packets. Carl has all the plants listed here in his Gardening Guide and has a chart with a brief explanation of where to find or get each plant type.
Julie Anna Meyerssays...

I used the Christmas Rose with my Aurora and she stayed asleep for days!

Also too, has anyone else noticed that wonkiness of how birds of paradise are growing? They never sprout and yes, I have them outside in the summer to grow lol.
Yes, there is now about a 1/600 % chance of getting the desired harvestable type from a spliced plant so the chances are super low. Maybe try your hand at spam-opening seed packets as least you know you'll eventually get one for sure. Guide to Gardening Scroll down for chart that lists where plants can be found
Does the marketable and creative visionary trait work on flower arrangements?
Great question! I'll get back to you on that one soon :)
Jennifer 5581says...
What is the best mood for a florist, or does it matter? I was guessing inspired or focused.. but would like to know for sure.. thanks!!
For a sim who is trying to make the best possible flower arrangement Very Inspired is best but you'll need good or better (if possible) quality flowers as well.

do the flowers die once you put them in an arrangement??


The arrangements spoil after a time unless you bluebells scent on the flowers and an arrangement must be of Excellent quality or higher to be able to apply a scent.


I don't know when this was changed, but the Bonsai tree, which says in its tooltip that it only gives gardening xp, actually also gives Flower Arranging xp. That makes it by far the best way to get started on this skill. It's extremely fast, avoids the monetary loss of early level bouquets, and even cross-trains a related skill at the same time. It's definitely worth at least a mention on here.


It changed when Seasons was launched


I don't have Seasons (just Base Game and Parenthood), but my Sim recently earned a level in flower arranging from the Bonsai plant. Wonder which patch caused this and if it can be useful without the flower arranging table...

Dona Gretasays...

When you gift someone a flower arrangement, scented with tulip, they can't perform romantic interactions on your sim anymore. I don't know for how long and I don't how if it can be reversed.


Can the Death Flower be given to a child or teen to age them up to teen/YA?


It is the floral arrangement scented with a Death Flower then given as a gift that brings death /or aging up, not just a death flower. And yes, it works when given to a teen but I haven't tried it with a child but it should work.


Just a question... Does Holly have an effect? While I know you can use it.. I don't know if anything happens and if so; what? (And I love your site. Its my 'go to' for both sims 3 and sims 4).

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