The Sims 4 Lot Traits

Effects of Traits for Base Game and City Living Apartments

The Sims 4 Lot Traits apply to apartments and houses
Apartments and houses can have up to three lot traits. Check the traits of the apartment before you move in, but know that you can change some of them. Certain traits are locked in, such as historical, quiet, and one of the best: serviced apartment.

Lot Traits are a new feature given to all players upon the release of the City Living Expansion Pack. City Living includes apartments that have unique lot traits, but the others are accessible with just the base game. With these traits, you can further customize your Sim's home or apartment and give them positive or negative effects. Some of them create random events, while others provide nearly permanent boosts that greatly impact gameplay. Since some of these these are available to all players, it is separate from the City Living Apartments Guide. Below you'll find a list all the lot traits, what they do, and how you can use them to your benefit.

How to Pick Lot Traits

The Sims 4 How to pick your own Lot Traits for apartment or house
You can pick traits for your lot by going into build mode and clicking the button in the upper-left corner.

Enter build mode by pressing F2. Now look to the upper left corner for the icon in the screenshot above. Click it, and a menu will come down showing all of the selectable lot traits. You can hover over an existing lot trait and remove it if you don't like it, assuming it is not one of the apartment traits that you cannot remove. Those are unique to various apartments (some appear only once, like Serviced Apartment and Good Fireplace). You may pick up to three, and are not required to have any at all if you don't want to use them. Some Lot Traits can cause a lot of emotion-shifting which some players find annoying, so click the X to take off the trait if it's bothering you.

Lot Traits for Apartments and Houses

If you do not see the lot trait you're looking for in the list below, it is one of the traits that you cannot select or remove. You can find the list of non-removable unique lot traits further down the page.

ImageLot Trait NameGame DescriptionWhat it Does
The Sims 4 Bracing Breezes Lot TraitBracing BreezesOodles of fresh air make for a bracing environment to exercise.A 50% boost to Athletic and Wellness Skill gains.
The Sims 4 Chef's Kitchen Lot TraitChef's KitchenFood prepared in this kitchen just seems to taste better and usually comes out better quality.When you initiate cooking, you get a +1 Inspired Chef's Kitchen moodlet that lasts 2 hours after you finish preparing the meal.
The Sims 4 Child's Play Lot TraitChild's PlayKids just seem to learn faster here.Children and Adults with the Childish Trait get a +1 Playful moodlet when using children's objects.
The Sims 4 Convival Lot TraitConvivalThe spacious but intimate feel makes it easier to practice Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief to your heart's content.+50% skill gains for Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief Skills
The Sims 4 CursedLot TraitCursedLots of things seem to go wrong in this apartmentThe game data tells me that Sims may pee themselves more often, food may spoil faster, fires are more likely to happen, death by exhaustion for elders, death by electrocution. Uncomfortable and stressed buffs may occur more as well. It's one nasty lot trait!
The Sims 4 Fast Internet Lot TraitFast InternetA great online connection helps out those looking to improve their Programming, Video Gaming, or Writing Skills.+50% boost to skill gains for Programming, Writing, and Video Gaming Skills
The Sims 4 Filthy Lot TraitFilthyFrom clogged sewers to grimy counters, this place seems to get dirty really quickly.Objects that can get dirty do so at double the usual rate.
The Sims 4 Gnomes Lot TraitGnomesBroken things just seem to get mended overnight. It's as if kindly Gnomes watch over the place...While Sims are sleeping, gnomes may appear late at night to fix any broken objects.
The Sims 4 Good Schools Lot TraitGood SchoolsThe local school is great! Kids seem to get high grades and usually do better at homework.I could not get the confidence moodlet the game indicated would occur, but a 25% chance is rather low - this just a side benefit. It does speed up high school and grade school progression for teens/kids, by around 30%. Evidently it only sometimes happens, though (like half the time they are at school).
The Sims 4 Great Acoustics Lot TraitGreat AcousticsThe acoustics are perfect here! A great place for any musician to hone their skills.Boosts all musical instrument skill gains by 50%
The Sims 4 Great Soil Lot TraitGreat SoilGardening just seems to go really well here.Increases the speed that plants grow. Does effect planter boxes.
The Sims 4 Gremlins Lot TraitGremlinsStuff breaks here a lot. It's like there are tiny goblins who come out at night and smash things... but that's ridiculous, right?If Sims are sleeping, gremlins may come out at night and break objects that can be broken (and thus repaired by handiness).
The Sims 4 Grody Lot TraitGrodySims have a chance to get nauseous when eating, drinking, or using the bathroom.There is a 33% chance Sims get a nauseous moodlet when doing the actions described.
The Sims 4 Haunted Lot TraitHauntedLocals say this place is haunted. Pah! What do they know?Around 10:30PM, things may get creepy in this house, causing Sims to get a tense moodlet. Naturally, you'll see more ghosts in a haunted apartment.
The Sims 4 Home Studio Lot TraitHome StudioThe artsy vibe makes this a great place to be creative. Painting, Writing and Woodworking usually comes out better quality.It would seem that Sims are more likely to get artsy whims in a home with this lot trait. It also raises the effective skill level of Sims using related arts skills - this means that at level 3, you could be functioning like a level 7 in terms of putting out high quality objects.
The Sims 4 Homey Lot TraitHomeyThe homey vibe helps Sims quickly master the domestic arts of Cooking, Mixology, Handiness, and GardeningGives a +50% boost to skill gains for the Mixology, Cooking, Gardening, and Handiness Skills.
The Sims 4 Mean Vibe Lot TraitMean VibeThe Mean Vibe makes it easier to get other Sims angry with Mean or Mischief interactionsRandomly, when using mean or mischief interactions, Sims will get a long-lasting angry moodlet.
The Sims 4 Natural Light Lot TraitNatural LightThe quality of light here makes Painting and Photography much easier to master.The Natural Light Lot Trait provides a +50% boost to Handiness, Painting, and Photography.
The Sims 4 On Ley Line Lot TraitOn Ley LineFull of funky fertile earth energy, twins are born here more often than not.Does boost twin birth rates, but I'm unable to locate the percentage chance for that to happen.
The Sims 4 Party Place Lot TraitParty PlaceParties just seem to go well at this place! Meeting Social Event goals becomes much easier.This, along with Ley Lines, stumped me. I can be contacted at [email protected] if you can find all the details on this one. The description would entail it somehow lowers the requirements for parties.
The Sims 4 Penny Pixies Lot TraitPenny PixiesSims often find loose change around the place. It's like there's a secret money fairy or something.While cleaning, napping, rummaging and doing other interactions like that your Sim is very likely to come across some change in the form of a few Simoleons. This sometimes provides a happy moodlet for a brief time.
The Sims 4 Private Dwelling Lot TraitPrivate DwellingA home lot with this trait deters all but the most determined visitors (it has little effect on commercial venues).Modifies Sim behavior to make them less likely to visit. Good if you're annoyed by the frequency of visits!
The Sims 4 Quake Zone Lot TraitQuake ZoneOccasionally there's a minor tremble here. Probably nothing to worry about.Earthquakes may occur, causing Sims to panic with the tremors breaking objects around the home.
The Sims 4 Romantic Aura Lot TraitRomantic AuraRomantic Aura makes it easier to get other people in the mood for LURVE!When using romance interactions, a bonus flirty moodlet will sometimes come up.
The Sims 4 Science Lair Lot TraitScience LairThe secluded vibe means there's little to distract great minds from the study of Logic or Rocket Science.Improves skill gains by +50% for Logic and Rocket Science.
The Sims 4 Sunny Aspect Lot TraitSunny AspectThe beautiful scenery really makes this place uplifting. When the sun goes down, Sims may get Energized, Happy, or InspiredStarts at 6PM. The buff for Sims seems to last all night long, but it's randomly selected.

Unique Lot Traits

The following are unique to apartments in The Sims 4 City Living's San Myshuno. Because of their nature, you cannot remove them. Some are great, so there's no reason to want to.

  • Great View - When within viewing range of a window, Sims gain a positive moodlet. Building with this in mind can be to your benefit.
  • Historical - There's a plaque on the wall that cannot be removed by any means. Inspecting this plaque inspires Sims to greatness, like the plate's namesake. The moodlet is brief, however.
  • Lively Neighbors - Take notice of this trait, it means that neighbors will party more often which can lead to frustrations at night, as they jam music that wakes your Sim.
  • Needs TLC - The apartment is a great place to practice handiness skills! Causes random problems like roaches and power outages.
  • Quiet - Reduces the likelihood that Sims in neighboring apartments will annoy your Sim and their family.
  • Romantic Fireplace - When within range of this apartment's fireplace, get a flirty moodlet.
  • Serviced Apartment - A Maid will come to clean your apartment Monday through Friday at 9am, free of charge. The price is already included in the rent.

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Is there anywhere were I can get the quake zone trait in more detail? Maybe even watch a ytube video about it?
5th November 2016 11:41am
Your best bet would be to pop the trait onto your sims lot and experience it that way. All traits can easily be removed in build mode if you do not like them. Smile
Other than that maybe just google and see what you come up with. There isn't much more that can be said about it really, the screen shakes and your sim will react and get a moodlet.
5th November 2016 5:42pm
The camera shakes when there's an earthquake, and your sims sometimes get a Tense seismophobia moodlet. (Or not if they're Carefree)
16th September 2017 1:45pm
Hey I wonder if there's a cheat to be able to remove those "special" lot traits, I'm in a Needs TLC apartment which was fun when my sim was a bit poorer etc but I've fully upgraded the house and things still break + rat and cockroaches still spawn but I really like that apartment I just wanna get rid of that trait.
5th November 2016 11:06pm
Maybe a modder will come up with a solution for that but no one has so far, early days though I guess seeing as City Living has only been out for a week.
6th November 2016 4:27pm
If you press bulldoze lot, yes it deletes all rooms and items in the lot it does also remove all traits. Grin i hope this works
31st December 2016 8:36am
I'm jealous! I have a few traits but nothing ever happens eg no gremlins and no roaches or rats
7th November 2016 5:39am
I'm pretty sure you'll only gets the rats or roaches to show up if your lot has the 'Needs TLC' trait which is only on certain apartments & can't be added or removed. As far as the gremlins, as long as you put that trait on the lot, I would expect you to notice before too much time passes (though they come out at night only & your sims must be sleeping).
7th November 2016 6:30am
All sims in the household must be asleep at midnight for the gremlins to come out
16th September 2017 1:47pm
Anyone have any idea how I can move a cockroach spawner? I am using a redesigned apartment from the gallery and there is a cockroach and a bad odor spawner right under two walls. Which means every time it generates roaches or bad odors, I have to go into build mode and remove the wall, go back to play mode, take care of the problem and then put my walls back. I really love this apt, but this is getting old...
22nd November 2016 11:41pm
I had exactly the same problem with my apartment! Moving the wall was driving me a little demented!
There is a mod that allows you to place these spawners on any lot and a link to the debug enabler mod/cheat that allows you to destroy them. I have not had a chance to play around with this so use them at your own risk!!! Make a back up of your save first. Smile
CL Apartment Problems for Regular Lots
23rd November 2016 5:59pm
I just launched the game for the first time since this update and I can only see 8 available traits for my house.
Are most of them from DLC, do they unlock or is it just a glitch?
24th November 2016 7:07am
Yes, only some were patched in for free. The rest are available with the DLC expansion pack City Living.
25th November 2016 4:08pm
I have the TLC trait on my lot a special one and my electric box broke I had my sim fix it cause the landlord won't. The power went off for him to fix it, he fixed it and now the power won't come back on it's been off for 4 sim days!
7th December 2016 3:50pm
Travel away from the apartment lot and back. That normally is enough to fix it. You may also need to click on the lights and turn them all back on.
8th December 2016 6:10pm
Are you going to include a section on apartment neighbors?
25th December 2016 1:15pm
I'm not sure what might be written in a guide. Unsure Basically you can knock on their door and they will come out to talk or you can travel to their apartment and visit just like any other lot. The only other function is the noise aspect but seeing all you do is ignore them or bang on the neighbors door and angrily complain it doesn't really need a guide. I do like the neighbors in apartments, they are done pretty well and give a nice city-life kind of feel to the game.
26th December 2016 4:58am
Some information regarding the Cursed and Gremlins lot traits - I have been playing a house with both of these traits, as well as Needs TLC, to experience some really tough Lot Traits. I hope this information helps someone else looking to try these out.
Cursed causes debuffs similar to those caused if a Sim is targeted by a Voodoo Doll: +2 Dazed and +2 Angry are the two that appear most frequently. I find that they usually appear when the Sim returns to the home lot after travelling elsewhere, or when loading into the lot.
Gremlins is very severe - 'Stuff breaks here a lot' is an understatement. From what I have experienced, the damage happens overnight (between 12am and 2am most frequently), and only if all Sims on the lot are asleep. You do not see the Gremlins, but they break everything that can be broken, all at once. Everything. Fantastic if you want to level your Handiness Skill, but otherwise, can become incredibly stressful. A list of the items on my lot that would all simultaneously break: Computer, TV, Game Console, Radio, Fridge, Dishwasher, Kitchen Sink, Stove, Tea Brewer, Toilet, Bathroom Sink, Shower, Bath. I have had the Gremlins visit 2 or 3 nights in a row, as long as everyone was sleeping, and even if some items are still broken, they will break everything you fixed. I had no idea how bad this trait would be when I decided to use it, and I am still testing. I want to see if the Gremlins will break items with the Unbreakable upgrade.
Again, I hope this information is helpful.
2nd March 2017 11:12am
Wow. I just got the EP a few days ago, I'm really digging it. Especially these lot traits. Now I know what they do and what don't. I can't wait for a mod that lets me to put on more than 3 lot traits, they're not enough. Laugh
Well done, Carl. Cool
25th July 2017 4:25am
Here here. I've been trying to find a mod, but no luck so far. It really gets old having to switch out lot traits all the time depending on what your sims are doing.
16th September 2017 1:53pm
I've found putting someone who works nights in a gremlins lot (i had a criminal in there) meant i had far fewer breakdowns.
Just had a new sim move in, two repairmen have died fixing items while my sim was asleep within days of each other.
I'm trying to combine a gremlins and a gnomes lot trait now to see what will happen!
5th September 2017 8:40pm
Gnomes will fix everything gremlins break, so your sim(s) will just have a lot of mopping in the morning, nothing else
16th September 2017 1:51pm
Jenny Bisbee
My daughter is trying to get the on ley line trait and I'm not understanding where to get it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
4th January 2018 10:38pm
Some lot traits came with certain expansion pack. If you can't see them in the menu picker when in build mode then you won't have the expansion pack it came with. I think ley line came with City Living or perhaps Vampires. So many lot traits have been added now I really can't remember which pack added what!
5th January 2018 3:46pm
I've heard that once your sim is good friends with another sim, they can give them an apartment key. For the sake of creating a mod, is there an "apartment key" object? I need to copy the tuning file from the apartment key to apply it to a custom object.
13th May 2018 6:50pm
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