The Sims 4: Sentiments

Snowy Escape Brought a Free New Feature

The Sims 4 Sentiments
Sentiments are shown in their own section of the Sim Profiles, along with the new Lifestyles feature.

Sentiments are part of a free update to the Sims 4 base game in November, 2020. This new feature works with the Sim Profiles system to let you see how your Sim feels about experiences shared between them. This feature is fairly large even if it will mostly interact with the game's emotions and autonomy systems.

Sentiments: How it Works

Sims 4 Sentiments free base game patch
You can see Sentiments shared between your Sims by clicking the little book that appears during conversations.

Sentiments reflect how a Sim feels about another Sim in some experience they shared. Sentiments can be either positive or negative, and can change how your Sim behaves or give you various mood buffs when your Sim is around the Sim in question. Examples of Sentiments could be a romantic memory between lovers, a caring moment between a child and parent, or the bitterness of a divorce or cheating spouse.

Each Sim can have up to four Sentiments about another Sim, and these go both ways. Your Sim may feel differently than the other Sim about a shared experience. Sentiments come in varying strengths, with some lasting longer than others, but they all fade away over time. When your Sim has four sentiments about another Sim already, the game will decide to replace sentiments based on the strength of the one it's trying to add and if you have any weak or near-faded sentiments.

How to See Them: The Sim Profile

How to see the Sim Profile in Sims 4
How to see Sim Profiles. Also, you'll notice the glowing outline around two Sims. This means they have a new Sentiment you haven't yet seen.

While you can see Sentiments when your Sim is engaged with another in conversation, you can also go to the Relationships panel (Hotkey R) to see Sim portraits. When you click a Sim's picture you'll get the option to view Sim Profiles. This is a new feature that shows everything you know about a Sim, along with any Sentiments that are shared between them.

Sentiments List

The Sims 4 Base Game

Sentiments came out only for Snowy Escape and the Sims 4 base game. Because not everyone will buy that, I'm breaking sentiments into two sections. You can see the Snowy Escape-only Sentiments in the segment after this table. This lists the sentiments all players got for free. Unfortunately, Sentiments do not exist for any other Expansion except for Snowy Escape.

Sentiment NameTypeDescription
AdoringShort TermThis Sim wants the best for another and thinks they're so wonderful!
Awed by Lifesaving HeroLong TermThis Sim was saved from the clutches of death by another Sim.
Awkward After a Bad DateShort TermThis Sim went on a date that was excruciatingly bad. Not their best moment. Cue cringeworthy memories whenever they see the other Sim.
Ashamed of a Terrible PartyShort TermThis Sim cannoit believe how badly their party went. They worry that the other Sim must think they're no fun and probably never want to hang out again.
Betrayed by CheatingLong TermCheating soured this Sim's feelings about another, and being around them may bring back bad memories.
Bitter About BreakupShort TermThis Sim can't shake the resentment towards another about how their relationship ended. This Sim will be uncomfortable around them for a while.
Close After a Close CallShort TermThis Sim is endeared to another because they almost died.
Closer After a Fun PartyShort TermCelebrations have brought these Sims together, literally and emotionally. This Sim feels nice when spending time around other Sim due to those happy memories.
Closer from Happy MemoriesShort TermThis Sim feels close to the other Sim because of good times and happy memories they share.
Deeply ConnectedLong TermThis Sim has a powerful bond with the other Sim, and they're a source of strength and comfort to them.
Deeply in LoveLong TermSome romantic moments leave a powerful impression. This Sim will never forget how the other fell even deeper in love with them.
Deeply WoundedLong TermSome wounds take a long time to heal. Being around the other Sim brings up painful memories for this Sim.
Dejected About RejectionShort TermThis Sim doesn't necessarily blame the other for turning them down, but it's still going to feel bad to be around them.
Festering GrudgeLong TermThis Sim has a deep-seated grudge about another. This makes it harder to forget or forgive, so this Sim will feel unpleasant around them.
FuriousShort TermJust the sight of the other Sim gets on this Sim's nerves these days. They shouldn't dare show their face.
Furious About CheatingShort TermThis Sim can't believe the other Sim would do this to their relationship! Just the sight of them will remind them that they betrayed their trust and cheated on them.
Growing Closer from Quality TimeShort TermThis Sim appreciates that the other Sim makes time for them. Time spent together seems to bring them closer together.
Grudging After a FightShort TermThis Sim has unfinished business with another Sim. The conflict's unresolved and tensions are high, at least from this Sim's perspective!
GuiltyShort TermThis Sim feels bad about something that happened with the other Sim, but doesn't know how to make it right.
HeartbrokenShort TermLove hurts, as this Sim is reminded when they think about the other.
HurtShort TermThis Sim feels wrong by the other Sim, and being around them will remind this Sim of that pain.
ImpressedShort TermThis Sim is respected by
Infuriated About Canceling WeddingShort TermThe other Sim humiliated this Sim in front of everyone at the wedding! Sim may have a hard time keeping calm around them for a while.
Open-HeartedShort TermThis Sim feels close to a recent addition to the family and presents them a warm welcome.
Resentful About DivorceShort TermResentment leftover from the divorce means this Sim is likely to not feel comfortable around the former spouse.
SaddenedShort TermIt's disappointing to see a rift in a once-strong relationship. This Sim wishes things were different, and wonders if the other Sim feels the same way.
SmittenShort TermSim can't explain it, but they're really enamored with the other Sim and the sight of them makes this Sim's heart beat faster!

Snowy Escape Sentiments

The following Sentiments require you to have the new Snowy Escape Expansion Pack for The Sims 4. You can see they put a good deal of work into making unique sentiments for that pack, but it'd have been nice for even a few across other packs. Systems like clubs are begging for this type of demonstration of closeness between Sims, along with adventures in the Jungle and maybe even Sims with Pets.

Sentiment NameTypeDescription
Bitter About a Terrible Mountain ClimbLong TermTo come so far, only to have to turn back! This Sim's trust in the other Sim has been shaken, and they blame them for that dangerous excursion that ended in disappointment and frustration.
Ashamed About a Terrible Mountain ClimbLong TermThis Sim led another Sim on an attempt to climb Mt. Komorebi, but it was a total failure and they were not they leader they thought they were. So close to the summit, yet so very far.
Bitter About HikingShort TermThis Sim is never going to trust the hiking judgment of the other Sim again, after a terrible hiking experience.
Bonded During Epic Mountain ClimbLong TermThis Sim and another shared an incredible adventure on Mt. Komorebi that forged a powerful bond between them.
Brought Together by Hot Pot MealShort TermThis Sim bonded with another Sim over some tasty ot pot. Nothing like a warm meal in your belly and good company to share it with.
Celebrated Together at the Festival of SnowShort TermThis Sim had a blast partying in the snow with the other Sim at the Festival of Snow. So much to celebrate, so much snow.
Close to a ConfidantShort TermWhen this Sim became Confidants with the other Sim, their bond deepened in strength. They have a truly Close-Knit friendship!
Comfortably Compatible LifestylesShort TermThis Sim found that sharing a Lifestyle with other Sim only deepened the attraction they feel.
Deeply Enamored in a Winter WonderlandLong TermThis Sim fell even more deeply in love with the other Sim on the enchanting snowy slopes of Mt. Komorebi
Didn't Receive Blessing at Festival of YouthShort TermThis Sim did not receive a blessing during the Festival of Youth, and it still stings. All the other kids got blessed, or so they think, anyway.
Disrespected at the Festival of LightShort TermThis Sim is enraged that the other Sim would go around flirting with others at the Festival of Light for all the world to see!
Enchanted from a Moment in the MountainsShort TermThis Sim's feelings for the other have really crystallized when they shared a romantic moment together, surrounded by the frozen beauty of Mt. Komorebi.
Failed at FriendshipShort TermThis Sim values keeping their friends close, but their friendship with the other Sim has frayed and unraveled.
First Kiss at the Festival of LightLong TermThis Sim and the other shared a first kiss at the Festival of Light, and the sparks of romance are still burning bright.
Fun at the Festival of YouthShort TermThis Sim celebrated at the Festival of Youth and they will treasure that memory with the other Sim.
Fun in the SnowShort TermA little fun in the snow is a reminder of the simple joys of life. This Sim wouldn't mind playing in the snow with the other Sim again sometime.
Made a Wish Together at the Festival of LightShort TermThis Sim and another Sim shared their hopes and dreams while making a wish together at the Festival of Light.
Mountain Mastery InspirationShort TermThis Sim admires the other Sim's skill on the mountain. With that kind of role model to motivate them, they might learn skills faster while the other Sim is around.
Neglected by a WorkaholicShort TermThis Sim blames the other Sim for always putting their work first and letting their relationship deteriorate.
No Mountain High Enough for this LoveLong TermThis Sim should have been more careful while climbing up Mt. Komorebi, because now they have fallen deeply in love! Where the other Sim goes, this Sim wants to go, too, and no mountain can get in the way of their love.
Opposite AttractedShort TermOpposites attract and this Sim has romantic feelings for the other Sim, even though they are very different.
Personal RiftShort TermThis Sim is a People Person, so the decline of their friendship with the other Sim is especially painful! It's hard not to take it personally...
Played Together at the Festival of SnowShort TermThis Sim had joyful memories of frozen fun with the other Sim at the Festival of Snow. That memorable experience will keep them feeling warmly toward the other Sim for a while!
Resentful about a Failed Mountain ClimbShort TermWhen the other Sim led an excursion to climb Mt. Komorebi, this Sim had high expectations. Their hopes were crushed and the summit remained out of reach.
Snowy Vacation MemoriesShort TermThis Sim has such fond memories of frolicking in the snow with the other Sim on vacation It was truly a memorable trip that has made them closer than before.
Unity in HikingShort TermHiking through thick and thin, this Sim has grown a new fondness for the other Sim with the memories they have made together.
Warmhearted from Relaxing TogetherShort TermThis Sim had a real heart-to-heart moment while relaxing in the water together. Heating up the body can help a Sim warm up to people!

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Comments (19)

Stories by Irishsays...

Perhaps this is a test run to see how well Sentiments are accepted in game play? I like the extra depth they add, personally, and hope they consider adding/expanding.


Any idea if they can be added via cheat?


I cant open my sims profiles - when i click on the button in the relationships panel nothing happens. Do you know why this might be?


You might not have any sentiments yet. Try playing and interacting with other Sims for a while and see if that solves the issue


I had this issue and it turned out to be a mod that caused it. try renaming your sims folder to something else and launch a completely vanilla game without mods. if it works you know it is a mod causing the issue with the sim profile.


By chance so you know what mod it is?


I was having trouble trying to figure out what mods would stop it (I've even gone through all my mods and updated them). I found out that trait mods are the fault for the bug, from Zerbu's Tumblr  they mention that "custom traits are broken with patch 1.68. Specifically, they cause the new Sim Profile UI to glitch up." And it's up to the modder to update them, but the reason why there is a bug is that "due to the UI not understanding 64-bit trait IDs, and the solution is to use 32-bit IDs instead. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of breaking compatibility with existing saved games and saved Sims in your library. If you already have Sims with custom traits, they will lose them and you’ll have to re-apply them."

So, long story short, if you have custom traits installed (I have Kuttoe's custom traits installed) they are why you might not be able to access sentiments.


Is there any way to get rid of a sentiment? My sims child has a festering grudge towards them that makes the child uncomfortable around that sim. It sucks bc that sim is the main caregiver for the children so it sucks that the child is so uncomfortable all the time!

Brian Zsays...

Me too! Kid is WAY too worked up about not getting a blessing at the Festival of Youth, and for some reason is upset with his father about it. And it's been nearly a week! It's ridiculous.


How long do sentiments last for? Long and short term don't really tell me much and I can't find clear answers anywhere else either. If I cant just get rid of a negative sentiment through cheats I'd like to at least know how long I'm stuck with it since the game doesn't tell me either!


It's hard to say as they seem to last differing amounts of time depending on what you do with your Sim and the other Sims that you share sentiments with. If you just chat then sentiments can last ages but if you actively play a game together or do some sort of event together then you can create a new sentiment fairly quickly like within a day.


Look at your sentiments, inside the circle, if it's fully green then it will last a while. It drops in level over time and then disappear.


Need more sentiments for other dlc and packs and not just snowy escape.


I have a kid who hates being around his mother, He has the “Festering grudge” sentiment connected with her so he is always tense or angry... does the mother have a way to reverse this feeling?


I honestly hate them. I have a parent that disciplined one of their children after they did something bad and they gained the hurt sentiment. I accepted it after I found out it’s a short term one cause it was quite annoying, she couldn’t feed him or anything without him being sad. After a few days it turned into a deeply hurt sentiment and now I’m even more annoyed because he’s gonna have a birthday while he’s upset??? Like he’s a TODDLER.


So ever since I did the Neighbourhood Brawl I have 2 coworkers who make my sim "Tense" because evidently they are holding a grudge. Every time my sim goes to work (Doctor track) he is TENSE and I am sick of this stupid emotion. Neighbourhood brawl is an in-game event! Why are these NPCs holding a grudge? I've tried talking to them to no avail. How do I rectify this "grudge"?


Your best bet is to ask this co worker to your home lot after work, or to some other lot and then spend some time playing a game with them or doing some activity. It seems creating a positive sentiment is the easiest way to 'remove' a negative one through 'doing' something with the other sim as opposed to just chatting


Is there a way to add a sentiment. My sims had deep connection together and my game crashed and now they don't have it anymore. Is there a cheat code to add a sentiment for your sim?


Do sentiments work on already established relationships? You know, if I updated my game and decided to play through a previous save file with like two sims who despise each other, could I get something like Festering Grudge?


You should be able to, try it and see. Make a back up copy or simply Save As and rename the save file to another name that way you'll always have your old game to go back to.


I can't stand the new sentiment feature. It has caused a big problem in my game. I've had a perfectly function triad relationship going for almost 6 months now. A married couple and their girlfriend, all three have the player trait to remove jealousy and it's been fine. Now the sentiments are ruining it. The wife saw the husband kiss their girlfriend and now she has a "betrayed" sentiment towards them, the husband saw the wife kiss the girlfriend and he got the "wounded" sentiment. I can’t get rid of either one because they're "long term" effects which is great


I really like the idea of sentiments, it adds something more to the game except my sim's husband has a festering grudge against his wife and I really don't know what happened lol


Here's how to fix this terrible mess. Testing cheats true, then... for example... modifyrelationship firstname lastname firstname2 lastname2 100 sentimentTrack_Adoring_LT_lifesaver if you want to remove a sentiment you can put -100 instead. Hope this helps. Thanks to Jovan Jovic for this info which has saved my game! I spend more time fixing the game than playing happily!


thank you sooooo much it worked on my toddler that was the most annoying sentiment ever ive never had them be issues till now, funny that it would say life saver at the end haha!


I created my grandparents in the SIMS, in an attempt to make their life more like a fairytale. Now my grandfather has a festering grudge and is in the same bad relationship they had in real life. How do you fix grudges?

Admin: Just have to keep trying to have pleasant friendly socials until the negative sentiment either changes or goes away.

Is there a way to disable sentiments?? My sim is getting attacked by everyone who comes over. They'll be laughing one minute and going down in the dust the next. It's insane! My sim has been in like 4 fights and I just made him last night.. and he's a creative, singer, music lover. No mean traits on him.


No way to disable sentiments but perhaps it is a Holiday that is causing the fights? I haven't seen sentiments causing fights before. If you have Seasons, perhaps it was the 'Battle Royale' 'holiday' day?


Anyone notice since this last update that sims are falling in love all over the place? I have married sims flirting non stop, and getting in romantic relationships during a single conversation! I just started playing one of my townies and she has four romantic interests and 2 soul mates! No she does not have the romance aspiration!


Do you have get famous? they can become instant besties or lovebirds instantly with that reward! Make sure it's not enabled. Also, do you have your long term lovers flagged as no affairs allowed? a certain mod can fix all this. It's the most used and loved mod in the game. Just fine tue them all to show no affairs allowed and make sure it's now get famous causing this. I learned the hard way!


i think new sentiments were added with cottage living! when you give a gift to a sim, both sims get sentiments like “a jamtasic gift” or “canned love” or something like that!!! i cant remember the exact names. i think they’re short term sentiments!!


these sentiments assume that your sim gave the other sim a canned good, but i haven’t ever given a canned good as a gift, but the same jam-related wording is used!


I hate sentiments so much. They always ruin my game. My parent sims obviously want to comfort their sad toddler. But then it gives the toddler hurt and festering grudge sentiments towards the parents. I wish there was a toggle to turn them off.

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