The Sims 4: Juice Fizzing

Create Juices in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack

Juice Fizzing in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle
Juice Fizzing is a skill in Eco Lifestyle for The Sims 4.

Juice Fizzing is a new skill in the Eco Lifestyle expansion pack, along with Fabrication. For gardeners, it's a great way to make use of the produce from your garden and turn it into something a bit more profitable (in some cases). Juices are also useful for establishing a particular mood on your Sim. You can, of course, make money with this skill.

How to: Juice Fizzing Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now set your skill level with stats.set_skill_level minor_juicefizzing x (fill in 1-5, as this is a minor skill). We also have a full listing of Sims 4 Cheats and a master list of Cheats in The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

Juice Fizzing Skill Unlocks

At level 3 juice fizzing, your Sim can make seltzer.
At rank 3 juice fizzing, you earn the ability to make Seltzers which can come in a 12-pack.

You unlock the following abilities as you level the Juice Fizzing skill:

  • Level 1 - Use the Juice Fizzer
  • Level 2 - You can now experiment with herbs, flowers, and soybeans.
  • Level 3 - This level unlocks the ability to make Seltzers. You'll see this as an alternate option after you've loaded the fizzer.
  • Level 4 - This lets you give others Juice Fizzing tips and unlocks the ability to send off juice for Fizz Enthusiasts for evaluation.
  • Level 5 - This gives the Affizionado reward trait and unlocks the ability to craft Grimbucha using Death Flowers at the Juice Fizzer.

How To

Juice Fizzing Machine in Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle
The Juice Fizzing machine will be your friend, because you can do something else while the juice brews.

Juice Fizzing requires a Juice Fizzing Station found in Activities and Skills' Creative category. They cost only $735, so it's quite easy to get started. If you don't have any produce, you could also buy seed packets to get a start on the skill while other plants grow.

Making Juice, Seltzer and Kombucha

Load 1 or 2 fruits into the Fizzer, then use a separate option to Start Fizzing. This seems to have changed as at one point it required 5 to get a 6-pack. I am unable to see any benefit to using more than 2, but I'll happily correct this if evidence that is not anecdotal comes up via comments or some other means. As you level this skill, you will unlock new options at the juice fizzer. While at first apple might only let you make fizzy juice, by level 3 you will be able to make Seltzer instead, which comes in 12 packs.

When you use the Fizzing Station, you can actually walk away. It takes about 2 or 2.5 hours for the juice to be done fizzing. A nice little touch is, the screen is actually a progress bar so you are able to tell how much longer it'll be by how full the screen has become.

Juice Fizzing Recipes and Special Effects

A six pack and 12 pack in juice fizzing skill
A Six-Pack and a Twelve-Pack in Eco Lifestyle

Because Juice Fizzing has so many potential outcomes, I'm going to focus on the recipes by the mood they give. Aside from any special recipes, it's worth noting that for fruits, you'll get regular fizzy juice. For flowers, you'll get Kombucha. Many vegetable-like produce will result in Suspicious Fizz. I'll break down any recipes with unique effects even if it's just an animation. Here are the primary drinks that you can use to influence your Sim's mood.

Important: The effects of drinking Juice vary, but a near universal thing is that drinking 1 bottle gives you a small effect. Drink bottles #2 and #3 give extended power to the moodlets you'll receive. The 4th bottle will knock your wimpy Sim on their butt and put them out. Please Juice responsibly.

Mood TypeFrom Ingredients:
HappyApple, Coconut, Dragonfruit, Grow Fruit, Honey, U.F.O.
ConfidentBlackberry, Elderberry, Plantain
Energized (Kombucha)Basil, Fireleaf, Parsley, Sage
FlirtyPineapple, Pomegranate, Strawberries
FocusedBird of Paradise, Bluebells, Chamomile, Christmas Rose, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Dahlia, Fang Flower, Holly, Lily, Orchid, Rose, Tulip, Wolfsbane
Focused (Kombucha)Bird of Paradise, Bluebells, Chamomile, Christmas Rose, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Dahlia, Fang Flower, Holly, Lily, Orchid, Rose, Snapdragon, Snow Drops, Tulips, Wolfsbane
InspiredLemons, Pears, Quill Fruit
PlayfulCherry, Grapes, Huckleberry

A special thank you to Brian_Z on our Forum who had compiled a list that helped me to fill in several blanks without pursuing the extra ingredients.

Suspicious Fizz

Juice recipe effects in Eco Lifestyle
Various Juice Recipes do different things. Many just influence mood, but a few have side benefits.

Many things not on this list, such as vegetables, will produce suspicious fizz. There are three ranks of this, based on how much of the suspicious fizz you drink. Your Sim will eventually start vomiting. Certain drinks may start you at a higher rank, but they all lead to the same place.


Honey gives you the exact same immunity to cold and heat that its raw ingredient does, making you immune to averse effects from the weather in the Seasons Expansion Pack.


A darker variety of Kambucha, Grimbucha is made with Death Flowers. This gives increasing sadness when you drink more of it, up to +4 Sad. A hidden benefit of this drink is it makes your Sim deathproof, much like the effect from Realm of Magic.

Best Ingredients for Making Money

Making money with juice fizzing.
Use multiple Juice Fizzing machines if you can afford it. Pop 2 in each and go around grabbing them when the first one is done. You'll make gobs of money.

Several items are listed as making more money when you brew with them. The highest tier are the Orchid, Dragon Fruit, and U.F.O. fruit. The next tier are not as impressive a multiplier but still far beyond others. This one includes grow fruit, fang flowers, and (POSSIBLY) faux meat from the meat wall. Additionally, Pomegranate gets a nice bonus and is the most accessible of the items listed here as they can be caught fishing.

You can make plenty of money without these extremely rare plants, thankfully. This is because the Marketable reward trait does work with Juice Fizzing. Stick it out until rank 5 and you'll get huge multipliers with that in combination with the occasional masterpiece. The best part being you can actually have multiple juice fizzing stations. That's pretty wild. I think you could operate 15 or so based on how long it takes a Sim to walk. You cannot queue the interactions but you can use load ingredients 1x on each one down the line and let time pass. You can then go back to the first and prepare to collect from your money printing machines. Just need a garden that is capable of supporting this nonsense.

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Comments (10)



Brian Zsays...

One you forgot, is soy beans. It makes something called Tofizz, which apparently is super bland. So bland, that it fact removes the moodlets from drinking other fizzes. If you're in the Freelance Fabricator career, you'll get a lot of requests for Tofizz. For some reason.


I was so disappointed that I could not kill someone with Grimbucha. It doesn't even make the sim pass out after 4 of them. I am shocked to read it makes them death proof... I guess that's only while the moodlet is in effect? Cause I did manage to kill the guy later

I tried to discover if plant quality affects the quality of juice, but I don't see an effect. I also have tried to experiment to see if different quantities of ingredient produced different quality outcomes, but didn't see a correlation there either.

Additionally, since some juice outcomes are "Masterpieces" I purchased the Creative Visionary trait (which says it applies specifically to painting and writing) -- it did not seem to make a difference. Neither did the "Marketable" trait seem to raise my prices, although maybe it did a small amount?

I did have tons of fun playing with the juicer and I love that you can walk away as it brews. A 12 pack of Dragonfruit selzer sold on the selling table at 300% has made up to 25k for me. It's super OP and doesn't make sense when you compare it to the money made doing fabrication (where skill doesn't seem to increase quality or price, and the fabricator is always failing and breaking) or candle making (which doesn't even make you back the ingredient money and takes FOREVER? The pricing on candles seems tuned wrong). They really should have let you walk away from the candle maker while the thing hardens! And upgrade the fabricator to unbreakable.


I have found the candle maker useful as a way to increase the fabricator skill without getting constantly spit out by the fabricator - if your Sim doesn't have the maker skill, the fabricator's abuse when they're at a low level makes them real grouchy. The candlemaker is also usable by children, which is handy if you're not opposed to some child labor. But I already had a supply of the raw ingredients.

I made okay money when candle making with the freelance career, and I've read that others did really well marking the candles up on the market table, but I haven't tried that yet.

I can't believe it hadn't occurred to me though - you're right, it's silly you can't walk away while the candle hardens. I somehow forgot how candles are actually made.


I was really disappointed that kava root didn't make something that gave you dazed mood as it does when you make it the kava bowl. Great addition to the game but I think it still needs some tweaking.


Awesome content as always! I recently discovered that you can make plasma fruit juices and they will fill a vampire's thirst need a little bit.


Nice! Thanks for the tip.


Just noticed loading the max amount of ingredients makes the price to produce the drink cheaper. It's more expensive to fizz if you only load in one or two.


Being very inspired is the ideal mood.


Is it not possible to use multiple fizzers at the same time, any tricks or anything to get around it?

Brian Zsays...

I see your question was a long time ago, but, yes you can use multiple fizzers at once. Load ingredients, start fizzing, load the next machine, start it, do it as many times as you have fizzers available. You DO need to stay on the lot while they run. If you travel, they will pause while you are gone. But while I was experimenting with fizzing, I would often start my home machine, go to the maker's space lot and start up both machines there, wait for them to finish, then come home. The home machine wouldn't be done yet, but it would resume as soon as I got home.


Do you know if the quality of the ingredient matters? For example, how does a normal quality apple differ from a nice or better quality apple for juice fizzing?


Using a bizzare fruit (from strangerville) gives you "Bizzare Juice" with the description "THIS FIZZ FEELS STRANGE" in the usual warped text. It makes your sim possessed

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