The Sims 4 Cottage Living Cheats

Help with All Animals, Cross Stitching and Treats

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Cheats
Despite having only one minor skill and no careers, Cottage Living still has some Cheats. As is tradition.

Cottage Living doesn't have tons of skills or careers, but it still has a lot of new cheats that you can use to help your Sims and their animals. Here I'll list out all the Cottage Living cheats so you can make the most of this new Sims 4 Expansion Pack.

How to Cheat

Press Control + Shift + C on your keyboard in order to open up a console in the top-left corner of your screen. This is where you type cheats. Players on console can push all four shoulder buttons at once to bring this up. For more details on cheating, see my How to Cheat and our main Cheats list.

Cow, Llama, and Chicken Cheats

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Cheats for Animal clothes
Cheats can give you instant access to animal clothes in Sims 4 Cottage Living.

Cows, Llamas and Chickens can all be shift-clicked. Just enable TestingCheats On and you'll be able to use them. Shift-clicking these animals gives a lot of options:

  • Create Wool in Inventory - Gives you each of the Llama wool types for crafting purposes.
  • Create all Feed Recipes - Provides one of each Animal Treat, allowing you to make Golden Chickens, Rainbow Cows, etc. If you want your Sim to know all the animal feed recipes use this. Using a treat will unlock the recipe for you.
  • Cheat Relationship - Does your Llama hate your guts? You can fix it with this. It might still resent you, it just won't be able to show it.
  • Unlock all Animal Homes - This option is related to how you must befriend Rabbits and Birds before you are able to purchase them on your home lot. This eliminates that barrier, letting you buy them right away.
  • Cheat Outcomes - Always fail or always succeed at animal-related socials.
  • Buy Animal Clothing - I believe this ties into the shop for the Creature Keeper NPC, who will let you purchase animal clothing if you are not cheating in Cottage Living. However, it seems to show all the clothes. I'd use this before using the next cheat, so you do not stuff up your inventory. You can always use testingcheats on and money (amount), rosebud ($1,000) or motherlode ($50,000) to get money in Sims 4.
  • Get all Animal Clothes - Does exactly what you'd expect.

Chicken Coops

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Cheats
If you want something like a Golden Chicken, use the treat cheats I listed and feed one. Now you know the recipe. Of course, you could just keep cheating more of them into your inventory.

Between the two types of animal buildings in Cottage Living, Chicken Coops have more cheats. They are as follows:

  • Create Hen in Coop - Produces a Chicken Hen in the coop.
  • Create Egg - instantly spawns an egg in the chicken coop. Was likely used to test the amounts of golden etc eggs made by hens and roosters.
  • Create Hatchable Egg - This will instantly spawn a hatchable egg in the coop so that you can incubate it to make a baby chick.
  • Get Special Upgrade Part - Coops and Animal Sheds can only be upgraded with parts earned from doing missions for the villagers (click errand in the social menu). This gives you parts that can be used to upgrade them while skipping the errands.

Animal Shed (for Large Livestock)

Much fewer cheats here, but still useful. If you don't have a coop.

  • Spawn Llama - Spawns a Llama!
  • Spawn Cow - You guessed it. These two can only be used if you do not already have an animal in the shed, as they can only house one. And this makes me sad.
  • Get Special Upgrade Part - Same as above. Skips errands to upgrade coops and animal sheds.

Birds & Rabbits

Wild Bird Trees can be shift-clicked to cheat relationship, create wool and change gardening help states among other things. You can also discover their gift preferences and enable the "take gift" cooldown.

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Cheats for Wild Rabbits
You can skip befriending animals in Cottage Living if you use cheats to unlock their homes in build/buy.

The main interesting bit for Wild Rabbit Homes is that you can call out a specific rabbit using the stump.

Cross-Stitching Skill

The Sims 4 Cottage Living Cheats for Cross-Stitching Skill
This is a unique way to cheat cross-stiching!

There's one more important way to cheat with Cross-Stitching. If you place one of the cross-stiching hoops in the world, preferably on a shelf, you can shift-click the object to unlock all cross-stitching patterns or even put ALL OF THE PATTERNS in your Sim's inventory!


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Joseph C Hillersays...

ty so much for these.


Thank you so much, your website is my go to you are amazing. Have an awesome day


Thank you so much for these! I’ve had such a hard time with a few aspects and this will help free me up from errands, etc, to actually enjoy my regular gameplay and LP again! You are awesome!

Rosie S.says...

Here is the Cross-Stitch skill cheat. Hope this helps.

stats.set_skill_level skill_CrossStitch 5

Ivet Kennedy Suárezsays...

thank you

Heather Smileysays...

Is there a cross-stitch skill cheat yet?

Tammy Colenatysays...

Thank You Carl for the awesome guides. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.


Kathy Schneidersays...

Did you forget to include the cheat skill for Cross-Stitching? I've looked for it but never found it. Is it a Major or Minor skill?

Laura CSsays...

I have minimal experience with understanding mods and scripts however I know anytime I need a cheat or want to learn about special features to unlock, I have come to rely upon In the event we are still here when sims5 releases, I look forward to continuing now as a patron. I know there will be fun mods to try. I look forward to being a part of this new community. I am grateful for all Carl does.


Is there any cheat to befriend the animals, at least the chickens? My hens hate my breadwinner sim ;w;

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